Sunday, October 22, 2017

Let us Drink from the Quenching Waters of that Forever Flowing Fountain Within.

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It's getting to crunch time my friends! Here is the most amazing event I have encountered in many a day. The town of Dickinson, Texas is forcing its residents to “sign ze papers", stating that they will not engage in any boycotts of Israel or they will get no funds for Hurricane Harvey relief. This is apparently in reference to a recent Texas law that requires all contractors to certify that they are not participating in any boycott of Israel. Just a few days ago the ACLU filed suit on behalf of a Kansas high school math teacher who is being forced to sign an agreement that she will not participate in any boycotts against Israel in order to attend a teacher training program. WTF?

Are there boycotts taking place in Texas or Kansas? This I do not know, nor have I heard of any upticks in anti Israel boycotts going on at the moment. I may just be missing all of it but my sense is that something is going on outside the general sight-line. It could be that these are only examples of what has been taking place around the country for some while now and they are simply coming to our attention at this time. What I think is that these reverse Kabbalah creatures are reading the future through their own invisible sources and they see trouble up ahead. As you well know, this is a great apocalypse and 'they' feature big time into what is on the way.

The Zio-Satanic Atheist Communists ran into a large setback when the modern day reincarnation of Elizabeth Bathory, Hillary Clinton was denied the presidency, throwing a monkey wrench into their continuing push to turn America into a godless den of depravity under the rule of Communism, which they created something under two hundred years ago and then first instituted through the Bolshevik Revolution, where they murdered tens of millions of Russian Christians, which was possibly the greatest mass murder spree of all time ...that possibly might have been eclipsed by the Maoist regime in China. Whatever the case, they were both expressions of Communism. Lovely system eh? They are hoping to pull off the same type of exercise here in America.

A very disturbing piece of news just hit the airwaves concerning the Satanist, George Soros, one of the main hydra heads of the Rothschild Satanic Empire. Quite obviously he is about to unleash a holocaust of financed mayhem in some number of locations. He's come a long way since he made his first billion shorting the English pound. He did it in one day. Now he's worth over 20 billion. That's a lot of money when your intention is to destabilize cultures and governments around the world. He'd have not been able to do what he did were he not fronting, as J.P. Morgan once did (might still) for the Rothschilds.

Okay... my friends, we know that there is a handful of Satanic acolytes who are separately and in union, seeking to create disunity and legalized perversity around the planet. They seem to be very powerful and also in the driver's seat. For some, whose faith in the ineffable is not what it should be, they are very scary creatures who do not only appear on Halloween imitating icons of evil. They are icons of evil. For whatever the reason may be. I laugh at them. I had the good fortune to be thrown into literal hellholes where horrible events and conditions were earmarked for my experience. I saw first hand and under the worst of conditions what the power of the ineffable could accomplish. I later saw it again where what had never happened before, happened and then... has not happened since. I've seen similar miraculous results take place and where I also had to suffer accordingly, all... all... for the purpose of demonstration. By this time, NO ONE can tell me the ineffable is not real, or that the ineffable does not come to the aid of a friend, or that there is any situation where the ineffable cannot absolutely triumph, over and over and over again. Much Love, Lord Ineffable!!!

Sure, there were dark times. There were periods where dark times were all I knew of weather. Metaphorically I was living in Iceland in the winter. There is no darkness where the ineffable does not shine! God is real and can be depended upon in all places and times, period. You can believe or disbelieve as you wish. That is your affair. My affair is a love affair with the eternal lover and author of all good things. I wish and hope and pray with all the force I can muster or channel that any one of you and all of you might have the warm and endless love and embrace of the everlasting God and all it takes... all it takes is to believe that you already in possession of this. Simply know it is your birthright and has nothing to do with whether you deserve it or not; “for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of god” There is none of us that are worthy... all our “righteousness is as filthy rags.”

The whole of this life and your experience of it hinges on only one thing. Do you accept that God is real or do you think you are real and everything that surrounds you is there for your enjoyment, even when neither are real? You are only real insofar as the light of the living god illuminates and defines you. If you are defining yourself you are in Grimm's Brother's territory. Those elder fairy tales were not sweetness and light. Grimm is a compelling irony.

“If God is for me who can be against me?” “Greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world.” That works for me. You are what you tell yourself you are, as least in your own mind; 'as a man thinketh'. I don't want to be whatever it is that I might imagine myself to be. I don't know what the best expression of that might be. I want to be what the ineffable imagines me to be and as far as concerns the ineffable, for the ineffable, to imagine is to manifest. To see it is to make it real. There are and have been some pretty competent magicians on this plane and they are graded in ability according to how quickly they can precipitate their creation into form. They are also graded according to degree of difficulty in the act being performed. The ineffable has NO degree of difficulty. Everything for the ineffable is effortless. Why would you work for anyone else?

Sure, IBM has a pension plan and contacts in government can facilitate you being so rich you don't need a pension plan but by comparison with the ineffable? Don't make me laugh.

It's always the world my friends. Sometimes you are here and sometimes you are not. You are always coming or going. As soon as you come here you start going. As soon as you are gone, arrangements are being made for your return, in some form, in some location. There are exceptions to this and that is what interests me. If I could have the world and all that was in it, I still wouldn't like it here; not with what I know about other locations, where I can spend my time in closer proximity to the divine. That is what I personally want and nothing else and everything else put together doesn't come close. If you have ever experienced the love of the ineffable then you will hunger without respite until it is yours again and you will hunger without respite until that is all there is to you and what you experience.

I've said it here before and I will say it again, “Lord, let me sit in the furthermost reach of your kingdom, right there at the border but... where your light still reaches and I will be content. Your presence is all things to me and even the smallest part is of greater value than all the things of the world that are, or have been or will ever be all put together. Let me sit there on the margins where few others would choose to be and I will be content forever.

If you have ever experienced the presence of God, even for a moment, then nothing else will ever measure up again. Everywhere you might go cannot provide a reasonable facsimile. Everything else that you might experience is dwarfed by comparison. Anything you might possess is a poor imitation of a third world knockoff of an original that itself is crap with a European name on it and cannot be compared to the unutterable and indefinable sweetness of that which is the divine. The nectar of the divine, called by some ambrosia and some soma and some by other names (and by me as 'love'), is the thirst quenching waters from that forever flowing fountain within, that draws its substance from an immeasurable ocean of wonder and delight; an endless soul refreshing eternity of youth, ever renewing itself out of the deathless love of the creator for its children, which it created in the first place, to shower with love and blessings beyond description, should the creation only choose to recognize and love the source of its ability to exist in the first place. The ineffable is a 'willing' slave to love. Imagine what the result is when you love the ineffable. Imagine at your leisure, you will never, ever, come close to the truth of it.

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Brian Crossland said...

Thank you.
God bless you Vis.

Ginnie said...

With this post you need never utter another put the cap on your capitol and the corner on the stone.
I have never heard you so clear....yes you are a prophet of prophets...for no profit!!!
I am proud to have been on this planet at this time to hear these words uttered by you!
A fuckin men!

Ginnie said...

PS...I have always boycotted Israel. I never buy anything that has a kosher tax on it!
Been doing it since the 70's.
Most people aren't aware of kosher tax....are they?

Anonymous said...

.. “Lord, let me sit in the furthermost reach of your kingdom, right there at the border but... where your light still reaches and I will be content..."

Amazing to read that. I've often thought I'd rather live in God's Trailer Park or in a hut made of sticks on the fringes of God's Heaven than in any Hollywood mansion or castle built for an earthly Lord.


Swooning Grace said...

Dear Monsieur Les Visible,

I have equal love for the Ineffable and recently wrote about "as a man thinketh" myself! Aah, how nice to be on the same wavelength as other such devoted souls. My efforts may pale in comparison to Les Visible, but anyone interested can go to:

May all those in love with the Ineffable be supported and bring light into the darkness.




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