Thursday, December 01, 2022

"We All have The Right to Find The Truth on Our Own Terms, Even if It Turns Out to be The Monster Behind Door Number-5."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I've heard it said that the next world war is due to come in the early 2030s or around 2037. I can't remember why I am supposed to believe there is some actual authority in that claim. I've seen it bandied here and abouts... got nothing much out of it. My God! I hear all kinds of things; mostly stuff and nonsense with alternating layers of boooolshit! Like some kind of Oreo cookie lasagna. I'll leave the ingredients to your imagination.

I suspect that Big Trouble is on-the-menu sooner than that. Maybe it's tied in to The Great Reset which had a due date around 2030-something. However... now there's big trouble in Zero-COVID China, and... The Great Reset people are having trouble with their main template for worldwide totalitarianism. Also... since the word Globalist is now anti-Semitic, Kanye probably should have been having dinner with Elon instead of The Donald. Milo Yankalotofit says he set the whole thing up to make The Donald look bad.

You're probably familiar with Milo, he used to be gay but now he's not, along with a lot of other things he used to be that he no longer has the use of. He's kinda like Ben Shapiro after the Estrogen treatments and couple's therapy for short man's disease.

People are flipping out all over, and delusions-of-grandeur seems to be the new pandemic. Now... everyone is not only more important than they thought they were. They are more important than anyone else thought they were either, even though no one else is thinking about them. Next year's cellphones are coming with a mirror-finish screen so everyone can see who they are really talking to.

It continually astounds me... the extent to which so many people are taking themselves so seriously. There are now millions and millions of talking heads... running on and on, without pause about... less than nothing. We are resident in The Age of The Influencer, and people will say and do ANYTHING to get you to pay attention to them now. Clickbaiting is the latest form of masturbating and everyone is on The Alphabet government payroll.

I made sure to NEVER monetize myself. As soon as that happens... you can no longer tell the truth or you will be demonetized. As soon as I get a job, I can lose it, just as soon as I say something that the people... who used to work for Twitter... don't like.

I don't know who they are... not all of them... and maybe not even most of them; those people who think they control The World. They are the puppeteers who pull the strings on everyone... or so they think. Once they were only juggling 3 balls at a time and playing with themselves (and each other... probably) during break time. Now they are juggling more balls than they know about, and getting tangled up in the controller strings of their puppets... until the whole charade is about to tumble to the ground is... going... to... tumble... actually. ♫ It's just a matter of time ♫, as Brook Benton used to sing.

In... just... the... last... few... years... this selfie-world... this look-at-me world has become a tent-revival of farce and boooolshit sprinkled over a Disney float! People are hopping up and down like randy goats... pissing themselves in a delirium of unrequited desire to be a celebrity... to be on the short-list... to sit at the high tables with the thousand dollar bottles of 50-dollar vodka, and the underage Ukrainian transsexuals, and assorted glitterati. Soon it will be New York City everywhere!

The people who think they are in charge... are determined to foment a national race war... a whole new kind of color revolution... where they incite the most ignorant block of stooges and cannon fodder from each race to go at each other. It is classic divide-and-conquer. What is really means is that The Bankers have gotten into all kinds of trouble while running the currency presses, and they need for the whole thing to go bottoms-up to save their miserable skins... to save them from the rage of the populace. On that account, they WILL fail.

It simply astounds me... what I see every day... what I hear about... as Mr. Apocalypse blithely tip-toes through the Belladonna and Venus Flytrap plants... across the mined lawns, and on to the false patios and pool-houses that surround the Citadel of Evil... the House of the Living Dead... where Mammon and his retainers live. ♫ It's only a matter of time ♫

In the same fashion that Russia is about to settle ZATO's proxy-Ukrainian hash, Mr. Apocalypse is going to be turning the spotlight of truth toward every portal of darkness and shine it on The Real Faces... the faces behind the faces, behind the faces. They are going to be exposed to the eyes of The World, and... there will be no hiding place.

Remember Tipper Gore? Remember how hot-under-the-collar she was about the lyrics in rock songs? It's something... it really is... to see what they have ALL adapted to in the years since then. The stench of hypocrisy is enough to make a buzzard retch. Remember all the times The World was supposed to end, and then it didn't end? Remember when Pedophilia was a no-no instead of a go-go?

ALL OF THIS came out of The Gay Marriage Act. None of this was here before, in the form it is now... before our first gay president opened the floodgates of perversity. None of this was here. Now they want you to eat bugs and watch nutjobs bugger their pets on reality TV... or maybe you don't know what kind of videos are running around Out There these days?

No... I don't watch that sort of thing, BUT... millions of people do. The top porn in parts of The Middle and Far East is humans having sex with animals; at least that's what the search engines indicate. It's a runaway catastrophe on the way to a dark destiny... indeed.

I understand that not everyone is attracted to the same things, and I don't consider it my business to tell people how to live. I have my own ideas about that, and they are the fruit of a protracted suffering on my part, BUT... everyone has the right to find the truth on their own terms, even if it turns out to be the monster behind door number 5.

I don't think every member of a certain demographic is evil. My own experiences expose the fallacies in that perspective. God raised me up among people of all kinds... AND put me in the debt of representatives of EVERY CREED AND COLOR over the course of this lifetime. I have also been able to mark the peculiarities and differences in each as well. It is a sticky wicket to even see... much less remark upon... the evils that some men do... and among whom these evils are most representative.

It just so happens that in Times of Material Darkness some of us get more unhinged than others. People who might be practically luminous in times preceding... are much less luminous now... because of predispositions and inherent attractions that are easily enjoyed and acquired in times such as these.

Every race has certain distinguishing characteristics, only a fool or a dumbass would say otherwise; mostly to appease those who wish it not to be true. Ah... but, it... is... true... nonetheless. I take everyone as I find them, by the evidence given in my experience of them. Things do not become so because you wish them to be so. They are what they are... though... I have found... it is best to keep one's own counsel on certain matters.

It just so happens that the biggest fabrication in history has allowed a group of people to get away with murder and worse for... far... too... long; to claim an undeserved victim status by which to victimize everyone else. To cry out in pain when they strike you. It just so happens that 9/11 was NOT done by someone named Bin Laden. Certain perspectives widely disseminated about these and other events are lies. They are lies and I am compelled to call them out.

I do not mean ill or harm to anyone. It is not in my nature to be so, BUT... I cannot pretend that something is so, which is not so. The Truth comes with heavy responsibilities. This is why so few will cohabit with truth. Lip service you will find aplenty, but stalwart defenders of what is good... and noble... and decent... AND TRUE... are becoming harder and harder to find.

I have found a new way to discuss... what so many refuse to see... out of fear of the censure it brings. I now know how to talk about anything without mentioning who or what it is, BUT... the reader has no trouble knowing who it is... grasping the meaning of it. Meaning... if the shoe fits... and so forth. Not much has changed since the days of Jesus the Christ, even if they got all the dates and players wrong, and... they... did... the message is true, and it has been true since the dawn of time.

End Transmission.......

I apologize for writing a Petri Dish when it was supposed to be an Origami. This happens a lot. I never know what's going to be written until it's been written. The good news is that is happens at all of the blogs.

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Monday, November 28, 2022

"There are All Kinds of Visuals. There is A Soundtrack, Even if It is Only Conversation or The Wind that Carries It."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It's odd how the mostly fabricated Crass Media is the focal point in The Hive Mind for what is happening in The World. There will come a big kerfuffle about something, and then... it just fades away until they want you paying attention to it again. Take... for instance... the oil cutoff for Western Europe over ZATO's relentless encroachment on Russia. I don't know where the fossil fuel is coming from this winter. I don't hear about people freezing in their homes.

Then... there's the World War 3 precursor in Ukraine... I know from more honest and informed sources that Russia is pounding the Ukraine's infrastructure back into The Stone Age; not a word. COVID, AKA... The Common Cold, AKA... The Seasonal Flu... has dropped off the news ticker cause Congress got switched Republican.

I see evidence of various levels of impairment in more rarefied social settings. Celebrities, who... under the promise of gain... have spun more and more off their center... while intoxicated by the imagined splendor... of their own celebrity... are starting to fall down drunk... in some subconscious alleyway of The Backdoor Mind.

Some of them are drifting in and out of consciousness in public settings, like mercenary sports figure O.J. Beckham. Others are going The Freak Circus route, like Kanye West. The Rap Subculture has turned into a multiple-shooter video game. Transhumanism is the new Shamanism, by way of Cliff Notes for Dummies.

The difficult art of The Moment... in reference to what just got said above... is to be able to distinguish between what actually happened, and what was staged for purpose of distraction and fascination. The Shapeshifters and The Smoke and Mirrors Gang are doing a puppet show in your head. They are coming at it directly through electronic media, AND... they are coming at you indirectly through telepathic invasion and subliminal programming.

The Jesus was Transgender bullshit from The Tavistock educated... Trinity College... pederast-theologian yadda-yadda's was a staged event. The Balenciaga... bondage Teddy bears for pedo-mind programming... among the easily intrigued... was also staged. The Kanye Trump spectacle was also staged. You don't just stop by a former president's home... while trailing two uninvited guests, one... of... whom... is something of a radical Christian Right... alleged holocaust fraud expose... Gen-Z guy called Nick Fuentes.

I don't know who he is, but I am largely out-of-the-loop when it comes to Influencers because I AM ALREADY under-the-influence, if you catch my drift.

IT'S... ALL... STAGED!!! Even when it's extemporaneous... it's still... taking... place... on... a... stage.

I don't know anything about Archons or Annunaki. I've seen the reptile underlords but they are not what all these people making bank off of them have been saying they are. They are almost entirely relegated to a certain bandwidth of activity, and only come into play when people go looking to play with them; the same way people will engage in demonic rites OR demonic behavior and wind up Possessed thereby. It's... not... accidental.

Park rangers say that over 90% of the victims of rattlesnake bites, were... messing... with... them... prior... to... getting... bit.

God gives you EVERYTHING you ask him for. You should not be upset with God for his indulgence of your whims. A master once materialized an entire palace for his disciple because it had been on his wish list and the master was just getting it out of the way. Since the disciple had no continuing interest in this materialized palace, they didn't stay long. It had been a passing thought... some temporary desire in the disciple's mind... BUT... for reasons that escape me, it had to go into demonstration mode.

A magic show is being performed before your eyes. There are all kinds of visuals. There is a soundtrack... even if it is only conversation... or The Wind that carries it. You can touch it; it feels real. You can smell it. Sometimes you like that, and... sometimes you don't. You can taste it, and... the same alternatives apply. Attraction and Aversion are constants (and contestants) in The Separated Mind. You are bound there... in that endlessly playing loop of attractions and aversions until... you... are... not.

Certain mercenary-minded sociopaths saw that they could make a pretty penny manipulating your attractions and aversions. They ALSO saw that they could rule over you thereby. Here's The Deal; The Real Deal. The Supernal Kingdom and The Infernal Kingdom are set apart the way that Heaven begins where your feet touch The Earth. Think of it as a dial of increments that turn from green to red. Depending on whether you are (metaphorically speaking- (grin)) in The Green or in The Red... on that depends whether you are being guided or corrected by The Invisibles.

Angels and Devils have specific job descriptions, AND they cover EVERYTHING that gets done and does not get done on The Manifest Plane. Turn The Dial one way and it gets less and less substantial. Turn it the other way and it gets more and more substantial. The effect of Time... changes as you turn The Dial. Its weight diminishes or increases.

You know about Gravity. At least you know what someone told you about Gravity. There are all sorts of gravitational variations... different ways in which Gravity expresses itself. There is one form of Gravity which is Karmic Gravity. You notice it when things press down on your mind... on your being.

Saturn has to do with Karma... and crystallization... and manifestation in form... and limitation. Jupiter has to do with expansion... and authority... and a number of things, BUT... I don't like to get into intricacies. I'm not a watchmaker or a jeweler. I understand intricacy, I just don't have any great love for it. Intricacy is the province of those who like argument. I don't argue. I have nothing to argue about. I am convinced with a Certitude that is also The Foundation Stone of Existence. I don't operate in The Land of Yeah... But.

It's a magic show at your expense. It is kind of how Debt operates. Debt is a form of material slavery. Debt is the hamster on the treadmill. I have one debt ONLY and that I joyfully repay along the shining courses of eternity... where and whither I am bid. It is not so much a debt, since my account has been closed by the proper authority. It is more like a commission... more of an unquenchable passion to serve in a most dispassionate fashion.

It's how I get Schrodinger's cat to use the litter box. It's how all enigmas... riddles... and mysteries are unraveled and dispensed with. It's kind of how you can be in two places at once and nowhere at all. It's a conscious force whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere. This came into the uncommon parlance by the same fellow who created Pascal's Wager.

The Truth is hiding in plain sight and also cannot be seen. It is... and it isn't. It never was. It never will be. It always is. It's like understanding the meaning of an echo.

What did you say that caused the echo? This is the question you should ask yourself because... you... are... living... in... it. People don't want to hear about it. Even when they tell you they want to hear about it, they... don't... want... to... hear... about... it. Since they have no idea of its value, they are most afraid of its cost. NO... COST... IS... TOO... GREAT. Nothing of what it costs is worth keeping around... to begin with, AND... the cost? The cost is what stands between you and it... to begin with.

Just as Fear is the main inhibitor of Love.

You can have it all... piece by piece... as it fades from view OR... you can have it all at once... forever. It is what vaporizes the sense of Time... and Gravity... and Limitation... and everything that makes life a ritual of continuous suffering. Disease... Old Age... and Death can ONLY operate within certain parameters. It would behoove the sincerely curious to investigate that aspect of The Dynamic.

I can say these things over, and over, and over, BUT... it's like The Voices in The Wind. They come and go and come again. These same things have been said since God said, “Let there be Light!” They will be said until God turns out the light. He does both of these things over, and over, and over again. It seems to amuse him. I have found that the best possible thing you can be is; a... friend... of... God. If you persist, you will find out what I mean.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

"The Power of God and The Power of Cosmic Change CANNOT Be Opposed by Anyone. They are Simply Worn Away."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Money is a most amusing utility. We have to have something of value in order to exchange services... and drive a common economy. Barter is too complex and cumbersome, though it can definitely be the occasional option. Politics and religion are supposed to keep the action orderly. I guess you can see how that has worked out. Yeah... money...

I never cared about money and my life reflected that. (grin) Now... I REALLY don't care about money and so it is no problem at all, especially when not wanting anything is factored in. Sometimes I do a little better... and sometimes I do a little worse. It balances out, AND... not worrying about it greases the skids so... that... life... proceeds... smoothly. The idea that there are bumps in the road is an illusion. There are simply things and conditions you haven't adjusted to yet. It can be effortless and it can be difficult.

Once you let go of everything, inside AND outside of you, your conflicts disappear. I can attest to this because it's been going on here for a while now, and... I notice the trends and patterns. I note the consistency of events. The proof is in the putting or... is it pudding? Isn't that what THEY (whomever) say? There's no... arguing... with... a... consistency... of... similar results.

What I am saying, in a roundabout way... cause that's the only way to say it, is... when money is no longer a problem in your mind... it is no longer a problem in your life. When you no longer carry rage and aggression, YOU... NO... LONGER... ENCOUNTER... THEM! When you are no longer causing pain, you are no longer feeling pain; however... it can take a while for your past actions to be resolved UNLESS you get some Grace. Get a loan from God's Spiritual Bank.

God is a negotiator. God makes loans. God is glad to exchange Grace for service. In my heart, I am certain of God's Grace... because... God... KNOWS... I... am... good... for... it; “put it on my tab.” (grin)

Let me tell you a great feature about Karma... the kind of Karma you get when you are consistently doing the right thing. You start to build up capital. You build up reserves. When you really have earned a whole lotta credits= credit, you can have people's troubles put on your account. You can go around radiating healing... transforming lives as you go, and no one the wiser... cause you are up-the-road by that time.

This may not appeal to everyone. It does appeal to me.

This is what Jesus the Christ did. He offered to all that would come with him that they would be able to do as he had done. They would be able even to do greater things; “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” If you emulate The Divine then The Divine will act through you. The... problem... for... most... people is that they don't want to live it every minute. They got other things in mind. They are part-time lovers.

Of course, it is hard at first, but it gets easier to the extent of your commitment and persistence.

If someone were to ask me... “visible, what would you say are the most important things a person can do to make their life beautiful and brilliant beyond imagining?” I would say... “Besides loving God? Hmm... I would say... having invisible friends.”

You get these friends as the result of your behavior, and ALWAYS... as a result of the degree of your love for God. You are being watched all the time. Get that through your head because it is ABSOLUTELY true. The Lower End AND The Higher End are both watching you through their invisible agents.

Now... God took me into darkness for periods of time. I was never alone though. I always knew God was there. This consistency of belief is best expressed in another piece of Christian scripture; “Faith is THE SUBSTANCE of things unseen.”

Possibly you have been made to wander in darkness also... for a time, for... whatever... the... reason. That shouldn't be an issue now... unless you are into Guilt and Regret. Fuck that noise! Like I said... God is very much into arranging your affairs... if you will go to work for him. He's hiring!!! He's hiring all the time, but not that many people are willing to do the work.

Like I keep saying, God is REAL. It's up to you if he's far off or close by. That God is or is not real IS... NOT... A... MATTER... FOR... DISPUTE. Fools can argue about it the live-long day. I won't be around for that. What stuns me is how glaringly apparent the evidence is of God being REAL... and yet... many cannot see it. They... believe... in... something... else.

There is The Negative Side and The Positive Side to your being. You want to have the polarities in the right relationship. Otherwise... you will go through life with your head up your ass. The Power of Positive Thinking... this is something I embrace with no reserve. LOOK... AT... THE... SUN!!!!!!! Could it be any more obvious and apparent??? What the Hell is wrong with you people?

Well... if that's the way you see it, I'm not going to contend with you. I'm not with that department of law enforcement. I just follow Heaven's and Nature's laws, and then The Laws serve my best interests, just as they would yours, should... you... be... so... inclined.

Why do corporations and governments and religions all bend the knee to devolution now, which is another name for Evil? Why are they all rolling in The Murk with this trans-humanism, gender-stupid thing? Why are they pandering... every single one of them... to The Baser Instincts?

From where come these hysterias? These political and social divides and antagonisms? Climate Change? Everything is going to extremes BECAUSE... people are looking for something that, cannot... be... found... where they are looking. So they press further and further into the density... pressure... and heat... of the darkness-

AND? It's... still... not... there~! Meanwhile... The Awakening progresses. You can run but you cannot hide from it. You cannot hide from The Awakening OR Mr. Apocalypse. Resist as it pleases you to; resistance is futile. The Power of God and The Power of Cosmic Change CANNOT be opposed by anyone at any time.

“Bend and you need not break.” Lao Tzu said that. He's one of my biggest heroes... EVER. I intend to meet him. I am certain he is still around. Sometimes The World is relatively sane, and... sometimes it is bonkers-bat-shit. People believe there is safety in numbers. How did that work out in Soviet Russia? During The Great Cultural Revolution?

When people abandon themselves to licentious living they cease to be free and a dark lord becomes their master. When the pursuit of comfort makes the search for wisdom seem perverse... you are in for much worse. When you become a slave to your appetites, you cease to be your own master. You are then reflexively enslaved by a harsh taskmaster who is your own lower nature. Oh well... maybe it will be over soon. Right; keep telling yourself that.

God is REAL. You need look no further than within, AND... you can see him in the living... conscious... rays of The Sun, who is the seat of Love and Vitality on The Manifest Plane. Let The Divine renew your mind... rejuvenate you... revitalize you... restore you to yourself. Awaken from this bad dream of a bent Materialism in search of The New Sodom and Gomorrah. That is where Materialism INEVITABLY is headed. It ALWAYS flows toward the lowest common denominator, which is an entropic swamp. I (do not) regret to decline the offer. I will go another way.

The Dark Splendor is so tempting... the fantastic hypnotic attraction of the lights! How the winged insects flock to the light where the lizards wait. Those who do not burn are eaten. In a literal cautionary tale where everything is eating something else, I pray that Heaven shall dine on me.

Yes... it is going to get much more rowdy and seemingly out-of-control. Look at where it came from. Look at where it is, and... you can get a good idea of where it is headed.

God is REAL!!!

End Transmission.......

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Friday, November 18, 2022

"Try to Remember... EVERYONE is Living in A World of Their Mind's Creation. Refine and Elevate your Aspirations."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

All manifest life comes from The Sun. We are composed of elements of The Sun, and we are fed, directly and indirectly by The Sun. If we are truly fortunate, AND deserving... we go to The Sun when we pass from here. Otherwise... and... as it is in most cases, we go to the wardrobe department of The Moon upon departure OR... to a place of penance if... so... required... by the soul involved.

In very rare instances, one proceeds further on into the lightning... whose flash indicates The Presence of God. One might then move directly to Brahmaloka. Of course... each tradition will experience these features in a manner consistent with their esoteric teachings. Good luck finding any physical evidence of these. They are revealed and transmitted through The Intuition.

Keep in mind that EVERYTHING you encounter on The Manifest Plane... is a reflection of their prototypes on The Higher Planes. Everything you see here, came into form through the process of precipitation, AND... in nearly every case... something gets lost in the transition/translation. This is how there come to be arguments between the teachings of different traditions that, are... ALL... based... on... the... same... thing.

There's one truth. You can accommodate to this or not... most don't, AND... suffer accordingly.

If you are earnestly and sincerely seeking God, IT... WILL... COME... TO... GOD'S... ATTENTION... via his witnesses that are everywhere present. You can count on this. You can trust this to be so, and this is the source of all great Faith/Shraddha... as it appears in those in whom it has been developed or discovered. If you are real... serious... and sincere about your quest, GOD... WILL... KNOW... OF... IT.

Given that... it doesn't matter what gets thrown at you. It all becomes child's play, for God is also experiencing it with you, and no harm comes to the true lovers of God.

All that we imagine to be the threats... fears... and worries of this life are nothing more than cosmic nudges to center us in the presence of The Eternal. It ONLY hurts if you resist your liberation. ALL of your suffering is generated by your attractions and aversions interacting. Cut... the... whole... damn... thing... loose! Freedom's origin is in... detachment; detachment from any and all things that confine and imprison us in The Penitentiary of The Mind. What is a penitent?

What do so many words... that we use to explain The World around us... really mean? It is our thoughts and intentions that give meaning to the words we use. This is what separates the real Truthtellers from those fashioning an incomplete... inconsistent... or simply wrong perception of it. It is why ten people can say the same thing, using basically the same words, and ONLY one of them will... ring... true. I've directly experienced this on many occasions; so... do... we... all, whether we are paying attention or not.

We might not recognize that it is happening... because most of us are usually not paying attention to things like this. Most people are paying attention to their appetites and possessions; what they have, and... what they are after. It is how certain criminal minds can pick your pockets while you are looking right at them, and... not... seeing... it... happen. Look at all the people who got sucked into FTX by word of mouth and their own greed.

No one who is free of these base hungers gets injured by these scams.

You will note the recent intensification of events involving a specific group of people engaged in flimflamming the public. This is all a part of the continuous efforts of Mr. Apocalypse. He is exposing the crimes and criminals previously concealed from The Public Eye. The Awakening is taking care of exposing what was previously concealed from The Public Mind. It's all part of a long and protracted agenda across centuries of time. The Solar Logos has a keen and far-seeing eye. Much of what we read and hear about, concerning ongoing world transitions of long ago... and of the moment... often make no sense to us. They make perfect sense to The Solar Logos.

As we evolve we become ever more and more like that which we emulate and aspire to. This road can lead in ANY direction that The Imagination is able to envision. It can make you a microcosmic version of The Sun... in perfect resonance with The Greater Sun, which is... itself... a lesser version of a still Greater Sun; and beyond that? Who knows? It can also take you to depths previously unfathomed, and awful torments that are considered pleasures by The Cenobites. You can go ANYWHERE from here.

The Golden Harmony of Being sits directly central to the poles of pain and pleasure, both of these have... extremes, and finally they touch... out of sight... and out of mind. You will surely be out of your mind before you get to the end of either one.

You become what you love. This is why people are switching their sexes from life to life, depending on their level of being unconscious. It is of CRITICAL importance for you to discover Real Love... Higher Love. Otherwise, you are on a treadmill of suffering, doing The Dance of Sisyphus.

As you raise the level of your affection, you become ever more capable of a greater love. Loving God is the be-all and end-all of all love. Any love not directed at God is not feeding God and it... will... result... in... starving... you. This is the nature of Impersonal Love; to look upon all things with the same love, knowing they are all extensions of Sunlight... frozen sunlight... sunlight crystallized into temporary form.

Yes... but from where does The Sun get its light? And where does that light get its light from? Mehmet Karagoz... a great magician of some centuries past, though he is likely still around... said (and I'm paraphrasing) “when you come to the limits of what you can imagine as being the source of it all, you must imagine further, and then further still beyond that.” As the Buddhists say... Gate! Gate! Paragate!!!

Look... you can stay here as long as you like. Nobody is going to make you leave. You can get on an endless loop... where everyone you know plays every role there is in your life, one after the other... in one life after another... until the end of time, and then come back and start it all over again. There are some who do. There are some whose work it is to assist in the production and maintenance of The Manifest. There are also those who... simply have a taste for it.

What lobsters, hyenas, jackals, and buzzards eat does not taste bad to them, unless one happens to be in one of those punishment zones. I know you might have seen some of what Hieronymus Bosch, Dante, and others have seen or imagined. I know some of you were tortured by tales of Hell... woven out of the twisted dreams of sexual degenerates... posing as celibates, via the Christian religion. However... if you want a fuller understanding with a closer proximity to truth, I suggest you study in The Buddhist tradition, which, by... the... way... is an offshoot of Hinduism.

In more enlightened times, The Sun is the true altar of human worship. Of course... The Sun is only a channel for Light that comes from a higher vibratory state, BUT... that is as far as most people can see... even on a good day... while they are in particular stages of their evolution, so... traditional religions will always be based on a lesser, BUT... more visible personification.

In an altered state, which did not require any added chemistry on my part, I went to visit The Sun, not that long ago, and noted certain conditions. Everything that was different from anything else that was there... was composed of denser or less dense sunlight. The Lord of The Sun himself... wore a helmet almost identical to that of the Trojan and Greek warriors. Everything was shades of golden. There was a table there, which I sat at and it was a different shade of gold than was The Lord of The Sun, and his armor was also various other shades of gold.

His helmet had a red-gold Mohawk (best way to describe it) that flowed over the top of it, in upright flaming tassels. Like I said, much like that of a Trojan warrior. Achilles wore something very similar, though he was a Greek. The fiery atmosphere of the place was invigorating, and also a tad unsettling because of the intensity, BUT... the prevailing force of Love that permeated everything that was present... held a state of calm and vibrant serenity beyond my capacity to describe.

Now... of course, I know there will be those who doubt the ability of anyone to travel anywhere in The Mind at the speed of thought. HOWEVER... we have a vast historical record of people doing all kinds of things UNDER... THE... AEGIS... OF... HEAVEN, and sometimes by inscrutable means. We are only limited by self-imposed limitations. You want to be like The Sun? Go for it! If you want to be like anyone or anything... simply love and emulate them. The personal aspect in any of us CAN BE incredibly flexible and fluid... as is the case, most often, with children.

This is why The Key to Existence is Love, and most specifically, Love... for... God... because this affinity of mind causes you to... resonate... with... and become like God, and at the speed at which you are capable of dropping everything else... getting rid of the ballast in your balloon... tossing your troubles into the all-forgetting sea... letting go of what ails you... tripping the light fantastic, out of the company of the vain and sarcastic... into The True World of which this one is only a poor copy, and... in some cases a... very... poor... copy.

Try to remember that EVERYONE is living in a world of their mind's creation, accentuated by the fire of their desire. Refine and Elevate your Aspirations. Find someone or something more sublime and beautiful than you presently represent- and... grow into their likeness. You have all the time in the world, and life after life in which to fulfill it; “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

"Nothing Else is Needed but God, and Everything Else is Just A Come-On for What Is Not God. Neti... Neti..."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I know that the whole gender-bending, fake science garbage that turns stupidity into an oracle... is a Satanic effort delivered by infernal agency... through the collective human subconscious. I know that the whole pandemic thing was a Scamdemic to frighten the public into taking a genocidal hot-shot vaccine, courtesy of The Usual Suspects. I know that the last two American elections were stolen. This last election is just a greater proof of the truth of the previous election.

I know that God is real and that it doesn't matter what the deluded shitheels (heh heh; spell check wanted to substitute shekels for shitheels) get up to. I know that no matter what appearances indicate, everything is going according to divine plan. I know that angels guard the righteous, and I know that only God knows who the righteous are.

I know that those who imagine they are the ones visiting all these ills on humanity are doing it for their own diabolical entertainment. I know that they delight in the performance of Evil upon their fellows. I know they do it for the sheer exultation they experience. I also know that they are only Karmic Mediums for righting the scales in the long march to perfect balance and perfect justice. I know existence is an endless game of Cops and Robbers, and... you play at your own risk; “Blessed are The Peacemakers for they shall be called The Sons of Gods.” I know what that means.

I know that a great tribulation is going to come upon the residents of Earth fairly soon. It is coming sooner than one might expect by outward appearances. The fact that certain forces were able to steal the election a second time in a row... after scamming the gullible into COVID-Fear... by those who used The Panic to bring the mail-in ballots to town is a simple progression. There are simple progressions that a normal mind should be able to follow were they not so distracted by fun and games... the things they hunger for... that twirling carrot at the end of a stick.

I know this tribulation is coming because of those who WILL... NOT... HEAR. Those who will not hear must feel. This tribulation, like the mythical Passover... will be reverse-engineered to catch them coming AND going.

I know this sounds all Biblical and such. It is not my fault that the Law of Cyclicity is to be found in ALL holy books. This is another reason tribulation is coming... because of the proud and scornful who WILL... NOT... HEAR. There are many warnings, and they increase in severity as the changes continue. When it is clear to Heaven that warnings will not reach those to whom they apply, well... let me again say what Mikhail Aivanhov said;

“When God comes to wake you up, he first... gently... shakes your shoulder. If you do not awaken, he will... again... shake your shoulder, though much harder than before. If you still do not awaken, God picks up a 2X4.”

I imagine that is not strictly verbatim, BUT... I didn't leave anything out.

I know there are separated minds out there saying, “I thought you didn't know?” I have explained this a great many times, but those who choose not to hear or to understand... have no intention of understanding no matter how many times I say it. Long ago now, I understood the nature and intention of trolls. They are an ancient tradition. Still... new readers come here every day.

It is true that I do not know. It is also true that almost no one else does either. This I know, and I've had it confirmed by an unimpeachable source more than once. In my mind, I know nothing because my mind is empty nearly all the time. This I have accomplished after a very long period of application, through various disciplines and austerities; not all of them by choice. My mind is also empty because my master emptied it for me.

Since that time, anything I know flows into my mind when I need to know it. I reject nearly all incoming flights from the congested telepathic airwaves of thoughts flying in all directions, AND which account for what you see of action and conversation in this world. I also don't know because I must rid myself of assumptions... generally accepted viewpoints... fables and fantasies... and so on. The True World, when you enter it... is far more remarkable than any fable or fantasy.

Ideas flow... they come and go... in the minds of everyone. When the voices in your head encourage you to do bad things, and you do bad things, that is Possession. One way or the other, you... are... going... to... be... possessed. You might as well have some say in who or what it is that possesses you. Would you not agree with that?

I choose to be possessed by angels... angels are possessed by God. That other side of things... the carnal side... is also God, but not the aspect I choose to interact with. That side doesn't have anything I want. I know this because I have tried it out. I have searched it out. The World has nothing for me. I pretty much knew that coming in, BUT... I had to have my nose rubbed in it BECAUSE... it can be just as much a problem if you are too pure... the same as if you are too profane. If you get all cleaned up and enjoy it too much, you'll get muddied up so you don't put on airs; “for all have sinned and come short of The Glory of God.”

That is why Humility is so important. Guru Bawa used to say, “I am an ant-man.” He's keeping it in perspective. Now... this guy was lit up like he was an actual lantern from Heaven. He glowed in the dark, so... to... speak... heh heh. He shined, BUT... he did not want to lose the awareness of where the light was actually coming from. This is one of those errors you do not want to make. This is why one who is wise will ALWAYS remind themselves of The Greater Grandeur of God, lest... Heaven... has... to... remind... them.

It is okay to say I know in a moment of convinced certitude. I KNOW that God is real. I live in intimate contact with him all day long. Yes... I am sure many others have said that, and there will always be those who don't believe it no... matter... who... it... was... that... said... it. Let me just say that God went to a great effort to CONVINCE me of his presence, and he didn't let up on palpable teachings (that's a nicer way to put it than “those who will not hear must feel”) until fairly recently.

You have to know... going in... that this is what you want BECAUSE it will prove out to cost everything else. It is the most precious of possessions (speaking of possession). Nothing else is needed in all The Universe of Perpetuating Unity, AND... everything else is just a come-on for what it's not. Neti... Neti.

Hard times are coming for soft people. They are coming for hard people too.. Think of a weapon that ONLY kills certain life forms. Think of it as like a ray. As you know... a ray radiates. If your composition is not specific to this specific ray, it will pass-over you... or thru you... or around you. It will only be employed in specific locations. It is surgical in its precision.

I asked God a couple of nights ago... through one of The Step-Down Transformers, also known as angels... or agents of Heaven, why he let this whole thing keep happening and getting worse and worse, and... once... again, he told me that he has to bring it to a place where no one can miss the ironic truth of their situation. He is not... just exposing the evil doers to The World. He is also exposing them to themselves. This is going to happen in a big way, AND a small way, depending on how big or small you think you are; I am much less than an ant-man, much less.

One of the beautiful things about Truth is that once you see it, you... never... forget... it, and you hunger for it afterward like a teenage boy does his sweetheart. When your passion is incandescent to that point. When you forget... about... everything... else, it will come to you again. You lose it to know the value of it, and depending on how real it was (and is) is how bad you want it again. It is kinda like a junkie and his fix, BUT... in a good way.

So... I don't care all that much about The World or what anyone thinks about me. It's irrelevant. I ONLY care what Heaven thinks. I'd like to make that the only company I keep, BUT... it doesn't work that way. As long as there is work to do here, God will need hands to accomplish it. Conversely, The Devil has work for idle hands.

God intends to keep harm from The Righteous. It's one of God's duties that he has commissioned himself to fulfill. Trials come and go. Yes... this is so, BUT... one is also carried through them like Desiderata.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, November 10, 2022

"This is The Temporary in Search of The Eternal. It Cannot Be Found in The Transitory Realm of Endless Change."

Foo Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I can imagine... well, actually... I can feel... a great disappointment traveling across this country, and resounding in every place around The World where there are still pockets of sanity in residence. Perhaps it is best if I recall my own experience. It might help with the point I hope to convey.

I could not escape a temporary state of sorrow when it became apparent to me that the criminals who hijacked the last election... also hijacked this one. They couldn't outright steal the critical percentages in both houses of Congress. There was too much outrage in the land. What they did was to repeat themselves in the places where it was least likely that any justice might come of it; in places where the machine politics were strong enough to push aside any annoying outrage on the part of the public seeing through it. They could arrange the balance to their best advantage.

This was more easily facilitated on the coasts, with the exception of Florida. I'm not going to get into details. That is the province of others who like that sort of minutiae. I'm more big picture, and even if I'm looking at some specific aspect, I still go big picture on it; the way you use two fingers on a cellphone to increase the size of an image. Heh heh... No! I don't do that. I have... seen... it... done.

I was regularly tossing off the shadows that were looking to nestle in the corners of my mind when Heaven stepped into the frame and cleared it all up for me. I LOVE IT when God does that, and it is now more immediate than it ever was before, and... more than I ever expected to get.

“Listen up, Visible. You can't let appearances get you down. How is it you can so ably communicate this to others and bypass it yourself? Whatever you write is as much for yourself as it is for anyone else. It works like that as a process. 'Know thyself' is self-psychoanalysis. The Voice of Heaven reverberates on the sounding board of The Mind... and uses your own facilities to communicate with you. That's why it sometimes sounds like you are talking to yourself... because you are.

“Heaven speaks in the language of angels. It is not the same as the one you are using, at... this... time. It is processed through your mind... seemingly by magical agency... using your present state of awareness as the vehicle. Everyone is talking to themselves and ALSO to everyone else.

“I told you years ago in Italy what I had in mind for returning balance to human affairs. I asked you if you knew just how clever and ingenious I can be when I need to be. You said you did, but I told you, you... did... not. (laughter). I told you that I was going to show up right in the midst of them and pull their pants down in front of The World. Nothing... has... changed on that account, Visible. Nothing has changed.

“In order to bring conditions to the needed state, it is necessary that the confidence... arrogance... and imperious disregard being exhibited by the miscreants be... at... an... all... time... high. I don't really want to push them off the stage. I will if I have to, BUT... it is more pleasing to me if they get tangled in each other's feet... and their own feet, and tumble off on their own. You might have noticed me doing this with celebrities in recent times.

“You are going to notice many people of influence dying soon. It's one of the ways I get the word out in the sectors where it applies. Don't let appearances sink your spirits. They are just appearances, and... for the most part... of late, I'm letting Alphonse and Gaston handle it on their own. Heh heh... Fetterman is a nice touch, yeah? Let's wait and see a bit. You might be pleasantly surprised.

“I've told you, there is no need for concern on your part about anything. I... will... handle... what... you... let... me... handle. Following that, it's pretty much zippity-do-dah for you. It is not only The Mind that needs to be reined in, BUT... also The Imagination. Rightly employed, The Imagination is Heaven itself, once it is suitably trained. Don't let The Outside influence The Inside. Appearances lie.

It is a delicate art, getting The World back in balance when it has gone out of wack. This requires my showing up in person because no one knows all the ins and outs like I do. I've sent some of my people on ahead and I will be with you shortly; shortly meaning according to my sense of time. Just keep doing what you're doing, and... I will do the same. Oh... finally... you never know when your sense of time and my sense of time are in the same time frame.”

There was more to it. There ALWAYS is. Some of it would get lost in the translation, and some of it just doesn't make it out. That was most of it.

I've gone on about God being everything. He is all the angels and devils, as... they... APPEAR... to... be... in terms of the office they fill. God is the rocks and streams, the mountains and the seas, space and all that fills and PRECEDES it. For the purpose of God's Fun and Games, he varies the whole mélange and miscellany. He makes a Me, a You, and an Everybody Else, to include in the everything else. This is supremely difficult for The Mind to process in its... separated... state.

It is necessary for The Divine to take you through every stage of the procedure of Self-realization. You don't... you can't... accomplish this on your own. Those who insist on doing so... playing The Invictus Card... get whatever sequencing in The Purpose of Demonstration pleases Heaven. The Lords of Karma are also God, as are the Elohim or The Rishis OR... whatever you are calling them. The Heavenly Hierarchy, which are ALL representations of The Divine... are there to add color and drama to the spiraling magic of existence.

This last eclipse initiates a period of profound change.

Angels... Devils... appear as one... and then the other... depending on where you are on The Dial. Here's something to think about; Red is passion... Green is Love... Blue is The Intuition. Oh... there's more. There's a fine detail to the mosaic of existence. It's also... all one, and you don't ever NEED to know more than that, BUT... heh heh... generally we do, and often to our dismay.

I know... I know... there are a bunch of agitated sorts running around and screaming, “What about The Children!!!” “What about all the injustice!!!” What about the marginalized communities!!!” Yeah... that sort of thing. There is no injustice and life... most certainly... does not have the appearance of being fair.

Nature has no intention of being fair. On the plus side of ANY question you might have about how this might impact on you... you can have anything you want. You can do anything you want, just so long as you are okay with whatever the cost of it amounts to.

If you want to go to Heaven, you can head in that direction RIGHT... NOW! If you want to go to Hell, you can do that also. ANYWHERE you want to go... simply head in that direction. Do you fear famine? Don't waste food. Do you fear disease? Don't break Nature's Laws. Do you fear poverty? Don't be cheap. Do you fear assault? Don't be a bully. Whatever you want you must dispense. Hand out and pass around whatever it is you want in return. It's really simple. The only thing that complicates it is your mind, when... you... are... trying... to... get... around... the... rules.

You want to live in The Kingdom of God? Carry it with you wherever you go. Do you want the company of angels? Behave in a fashion that is attractive to them. They will be inexorably drawn to you. In this matter, I... know... what... I... am... talking... about.

In the scheme of things, I know very little. Of The Wisdom of Heaven, I possess a fragment of a fragment of a fragment, BUT... I have seen a few things that clarify certain cosmic questions that have plagued the human mind for a very long time. Become as a child, and God will willingly educate you. Be a know-it-all and you are on your own.

Either you can accept that God and his Kingdom are real or you cannot. There are a great many lines on The Dial that indicate where anyone is. You believe a little. You believe more than a little. You believe a lot. “According to your faith is it done unto you.”

This is all a passing of empty phenomena, and... it... does... not... need... to... include... you. These are ghost riders moving in the mountain mists. This is the temporary in search of the eternal, that... cannot be found in the transitory realm of endless change. Relax and surrender into what is more lasting. Whatever you like you become like... Om... Ah-men... Amon... it's all the same. Krishna and Christ... are just a different way to understand the same thing. Emulate Heaven and you will become Heaven.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, November 07, 2022

"You Can't Speak Your Mind... or Hold a Sane Opinion. The Doors of Perversity have Been Blown Off Their Hinges."

Foo Dog Poet Transmitting.......

One of these days, most of the people fighting for these rights and those rights, are going to find out they were on the other side of the argument in their last life. They're going to find out their skin was another color last time or the time before that... or the time before that; that they were a woman and not a man, a man and not a woman... last time or the time before that.

Whatever they are all agitated about, they were MOST LIKELY the agitator of it... at the time OR... they stood by and did nothing and now they are forced to do what they did not do. When you make a mess... you are required to come back and clean it up.

They are going to find at... some... point... that a feature of their own being is recording everything they do and programming the blowback for it in... times... to... come. They are going to find that they are living in the persistent echo of experiences gone by, and... now returning. They are going to learn, The Essentials of Life, and then they can continue in Wisdom and Understanding, or... they can go back to sleep.

A true awakening opens the door to a higher passage. It gives a boost and a tank of gas, and depending on one's capacity... is how long it may last, BUT... you have to pitch in. You have to want it like you wanted all those other things you've gotten and discarded, cause... that's... how... you... got... them.

A true awakening makes something apparent and palpable where... before it was unknown or wrapped in a confusion of terms you got from listening to conversations between people who... did... not... know... what... they... were... talking... about.

The World traffics in rumors and lies. That is the currency in The World of Appearances. These appearances are the fashions of seasonal change, dancing... on... their... way... out. They are the glorifications of the temporary. They are Mortality and Death dancing under the stars, but... not... with... them; there are degrees of timelessness, just as there are penalties for wasted time, if... only... in... the... form... of... regret.

How's that poem go? “The saddest words of tongue and pen are these four words; it might have been?” I'm paraphrasing. One might say that everything I say is paraphrasing. I might say that myself. The wisest and most profound words have already been spoken; the job remains... for those of us so engaged... to continue in the tradition of truth unveiled... in the glorious mimicry of those who have gone before, and... most especially The One who is truth itself.

I watched something that I call, “House of The Drag Queens.” It's a Game of Thrones offshoot. I regret having done so. It was a loathsome piece of weasel shit. Halfway through it they replaced the elfin and gamine little anime character (with the cute little button nose) who played the king's daughter... with a transsexual. Then they proceeded to graphically film IT having a couple of bloody screaming births... proving... I suppose... that men can give birth to physical children, at least through the medium of film. Of course, they've also featured Godzilla fighting King Kong too. The actors name is Emma D'Arcy, and... you can do the research on your own.

This first season is a twisted odyssey of incest and other scenarios that you might see in a Gehenna-based soap opera. The writing is execrable and pandering. The plot is a kind of Frankenstein monster... a patchwork of body parts that didn't fit where they were previously used, and which all got cobbled together with bubble gum and fishing wire in hopes that it would float, and... given the toxicity of the water, it might do just that; Kon-Tiki it was not.

In my opinion... it needed more polyester and less Styrofoam, but... that's just me and my still functioning mind. I can't speak for others. I will say that I haven't had this much fun since The Black Plague.

About five episodes in, I thought, hmm... this isn't so bad. Then it turned on a dime and people appeared with no backstory. It was as if someone cut 20 minutes out of a movie and just continued on like... moving right along... nothing to see here; on that they were correct. There was nothing to see there.

Then there were the strange colors of actors that would have... in reality... not evolved into separate albino-black variants. The black side all has Marie Antoinette hair-do's by way of Jamaica. It made no damn sense. It was a forced worldview that could not be seen by normal eyes. The eyes would have to go out of focus or be obscured in some way in order for these disorderly patterns to manifest. It's like watching a horror movie through your peripheral vision. I've got nothing against parity between the races. Stupid comes in every color, as does all that is pleasant and abhorrent. I was very fortunate to grow up with children of every race from the giddy-up. I do have something against being deceived and lied to. I do know that official history is a load of crap. I'm not angry or agitated about it. I just find my way around it to the heart of the matter, and that... is ALWAYS there to be found, if... you... go... looking.

Lady Nature takes the love that God sends her and weaves it into beauty. Their endless interaction accounts for all that we are inspired by and attracted to. Parts of it are left unfinished and that is our job to weave the components into beauty also... to wrest poetry from the prison cells of the heart. Some call it Evil. I call it building materials in an unfinished work. Once God seals the door through which The Darkness speaks, I will hear only the angels of light... by God's Grace.

I must digress with a concern here; I can see where it might eventually be a problem in perception for some of the readers. I do not use a cellphone. This has made people who want to talk to me... unhappy. Recently... a good friend wanted to speak to me. I told him to put it into an email, BUT... he wants what he wants. The World itself... should know by now, that wanting something from me is no guarantee of the getting. I have my reasons for not using a cellphone. I have had to use them in earlier times, either because of work or the lack of internet.

I seek to cast no aspersions on those who can't live without them and who I see, mindlessly playing with them the way a simian plays with his privates, ALL... DAY... LONG. I can't say what it is... YET... that holds The World in such an inflexible grip of fascination. It does not... and will not... hold me. So... as a matter of principle... as a matter of health... and as a matter of general inclination... I don't use cellphones.

I have a cellphone. It is for emergency calls from one person. It is seldom charged and when my friend is abroad in The World, I will charge it for that. I have had people asking for my address and other particulars. I am easily reached through email, and that is your only recourse. This is all new of late. In previous years my doors were open to anyone; if I happened to have any doors.

I am owned and operated by a particular force, and this is how it is for the moment. That could change at any time. HOWEVER... until it does, there is no future in getting angry with me over the failure to bend me to your will. My physical father could not do that. The Military could not do that. The Justice system could not do that. Life has been unable to do that. No one has been able to do that. ONLY God tells me what to do. Otherwise... am I not a slave to something or someone else?

I see what is going on in The World today, with so many people being held in a looping confinement due to their Hostages to Fortune, whether by relatives or immediate family... one's job... one's social networks... The Powers that Think they Are... religions... AND ALWAYS... whatever it is that the prisoner wants... and that the desire for... also imprisons them in. People can't speak their mind or hold a sane opinion now that The Doors of Perversity have been blown off their hinges.

I am sorry that I am not more accessible. No! Sorry. I misspoke. I am not sorry, but I am unable to comply at this time. I am also unable to engage in chit-chat. I don't like chit-chat, trivia, tedious surface concerns of countless kinds of pedestrian annoyances, and the attendant conversation.

I honestly... and sincerely... mean no offense, BUT... I know how that works. Even if I did spend all my time trying, and... I... do... not, I couldn't please everyone, nor do I care to. I say this in advance of changes pending in The Event Horizon. This changes nothing already in place. It speaks to coming times.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, November 02, 2022

"I Think It's Best if You Can Get Out of Town BEFORE People Realize You Did Something Nice for Them."

Foo Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There is always more to people than meets the eye, though... The Intuition can be flawless. When someone becomes a big cheese in The World OR becomes the richest man in The World, AND when that richest man buys the virtual town square. There's more to the story. When that man calls in the ADL and other Satanic organizations to advise him on what the rules should be for... Freedom of Speech... there is DEFINITELY more to the story. Then... when that same man comes out on Halloween with Baphomet on his Hell armor and an upside-down cross, he's not just being edgy and cool; there's more to the story.

When he's making cars that lack a consistent power source and screwing people over battery replacement, there's more to the story. When he's one of the main proponents of Trans-Humanism, the new-age atheism of people that look into the future with no regard for the past... there is definitely more to the story... and he skates by so fine... and nothing can tarnish him... and there's more to the story.

The richest men in The World have more money now than most countries. The money they use is printed out of thin air and is backed by the credibility and ignorance of those taken to the cleaners in the process. Whenever you can get a whole lot of people to believe in a system... or promises for the future... or Banker Wars for banker profit, sold as a virtuous necessity... or a bridge and tunnel lottery by way of Ponzi... whatever... it... is... becomes real for the people that believe in it. It doesn't really become real. It becomes real... in... their... heads.

In this world of the moment, seemingly puppeteered by Musk, Gates, Bezos, and a consortium of lesser henchmen, we have a shrine built to the stool sample God of Materialism. All of these guys made their money selling you something, AND... in just about every case, they sold the sizzle... not the steak. Behind these men are the real workers of darkness. They are magicians. Both The Light and The Darkness have magicians that work within the bandwidth of the power they employ. BOTH of them draw from the same reservoir because there... is... only... one... source... of... power.

Where they differ is the manner in which they employ it, AND that... is what defines them and their magic. On the one hand, the power is channeled selflessly. On the other hand, it is channeled for self-interest. Those who channel it selflessly are considered to be simple-minded. It is hard to see the point of what they do in the context of Material Culture. Conversely... being adept at manipulating The World for personal gain is considered wise and savvy. It gives one the aura of a suave and urbane gentleman of The World... for a time.

Human history goes through periods. Humanity is growing life by life toward an incomprehensible and glorious destiny, but... most people seem to want to take millions of years, and even millions and millions of lives here in The Vale of Suffering. Not everyone does this. Some of us run far in advance of the rest... like scouts... adventurers... seekers after knowledge... even misanthropes. Eventually, you acquire a magic bag from which you dispense blessings or curses.

We are in one of the rare cusp periods of human history, and... it ALWAYS contains an apocalypse. Apocalypses are like hurricanes. They come with different levels of power. Category One is nowhere near as intense as Category 5. With apocalypses there are more than 5 categories and they are constructed according to how many cosmic clock gears come into union with one another for a particular period of time. As you SHOULD be able to see... this is one of the really big ones, given the teeming billions massed here for what... they... do... not... know.

The money is not real. The hoopla and spectacle are not real. They are simply props in the magic show; ♫ Frog went a-courting and he did go, uh-huh. Frog went a-courting and he did go, uh-huh. Frog went a-courting and he did go, to The Land of Snakes for The Magic Show, uh-huh ♫ I don't suppose I have to elaborate on the curious relationship between frogs and snakes?

An apocalypse is a more intense sequencing of The Purpose of Demonstration, in that it involves a much larger number of players than usual... in more ironic, iconic, and lasting expressions than is usually the case. The Archetypes get engaged more dramatically than usual, and they also transform their appearance and presentation for the necessities of the coming new age. I'll tell you just what a big deal it all is. Even The Avatar puts in an appearance... and institutes the life lessons and overall mindset for the stages of consciousness that are going to be coming into play.

There are terrifying aspects to the whole construction. When you measure the general level of consciousness, according to the general level of aspiration... the forms of entertainment... the degrees of excess and... perversity, integrating into the general flow, you get a general sense that all... is... not... well. In a general sense... all is not well. This is the purpose to which Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening are directed; will they wake up in time? Will it go right by them? Will they survive the transitions? Will they find Clarity or Confusion? Tune in next week.

Something got really big when they figured out what to do with all those Ones and Zeros. That extrapolated out into the sciences that study life through the microscope, and the crazy algorithms went wild! Because of the prevailing self-interest in these Times of Material Darkness, the research is all skewered toward Gain of Research... for personal gain and profit. The Higher Mind is excluded and... eventually... somewhere DOWN the road... catastrophe and cataclysm await. It's INEVITABLE when you head in that direction.

It's the Tower of Babel/Babylon template. Not everyone is going to that end of town on the day the earthquake hits. (metaphorically speaking). Not everyone is in the club when the fire breaks out and the exits are blocked. Not everyone is on that plane, or that ship... when plane and ship go down. Not everyone is living on the coast when the tsunami hits. Individual and collective destinies abound, BUT... I will tell you this; God takes care of his friends. He loves the ones who stay with him in up times and down times. It guarantees he will be around when either side calls.

I don't know what you got from all those books you read. I don't know what you took away from all those lectures you attended, up close or after-the-fact. I don't know what your parents told you, or what you found out on your own. I know what I found out. I found out... directly... that God is real. In all of existence... there is no finer, nor more lasting experience than that.

You can have all the identities, philosophies and perspectives to be found... in the big Halloween footlocker of theatrical props. You can have anything you imagine... at some point... but there is nothing... nothing that has been or is or will be that compares to the discovery of The Presence of God. You won't find him with a microscope or a telescope. You CANNOT find him in anything external to you because that is only a part of it... and bears no resemblance to the whole of it. You can see him in others, but you can ONLY find him within. Everything else is The Carnal Mind... posing... capering about... making faces and trying on outfits.

God appears as the essence of every experience, prior to the experience. God is what remains when all else fades away. God is the eternal constant and the joker in the deck. He is neither good nor bad. He is beyond that, and understanding God means that you must go beyond that too. Some think they achieve this by doing terrible things to others. This is part of the mindset that believes you can kill the ego or that they can do anything they want because nothing... is... real, and everything... is... permitted. This is true, as... far... as... it... goes.

You can do ANYTHING. You will have to pay the freight, but... you can do it. You can plunge your hand into a fire, but... there will be consequences.

These Masters of The Universe with their endless bags of gold and funny money... imagine that they are SPECIAL. Heh heh... whoosh! And it's gone. That is the nature of The World; it comes... and it goes. You wanted it so bad, and... you got it, and then... it... got... you. Then... it left you holding the empty bag or the smoking gun. There is ALWAYS a moral to The Story. There is always a reason for The Purpose of Demonstration. I think it's best if you can get out of town BEFORE people realize you did something nice for them.

On that note...

End Transmission.......

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Friday, October 28, 2022

"For The Grand Denouement... The Sun Will Shine... and Zipitty-Do-Dah Will Dance with Bluebirds on His Shoulder."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Surely the reader has noted the curious nature of these times? All manner of seemingly disassociated events are weaving themselves into patterns... in... search... of... a... trend. Was Paul Pelosi attacked or did he fall down the stairs drunk? They're saying he was attacked by someone who broke in and beat him with a hammer. One of the SNL cast members got socked with brass knuckles in NY... and there are a number of other... related happenings to... celebrities.

Remote-controlled Climate Crazies are acting up. Life is not imitating art. Life is going after art, but... it's the wrong art. All of the shit art, which is promoted and purchased by the same people causing most of The World's problems is the art that needs to become a burnt offering.

Brawls at sporting events are now commonplace. The crazy sidewalk violence is orchestrated. Everything going on is being orchestrated by brutal minds in search of The Purpose of Demonstration, AND... they are going to be finding it.

Dark forces are loose in the human mind at the carnal level. They have been driven out of the invisible into the manifest. They WILL be attended to by the same force that drove them out of their hidey-holes.

Twitter has changed hands and The Communist Insurgency has been dealt a grievous blow. Kanye West is now a poster boy for everything he said being true. I am much astonished by this, given the level of his fame and the paucity of his talent... his superficial interests are strangely juxtaposed by the right instincts. It's an odd combination. God is working in mysterious ways again, and anyone who doubts the power of those Kanye has called out, is witnessing... that... power... at... work, FOR... The Purpose of Demonstration.

I'm pretty sure he went to Skechers to make a point, given... who... owns... Skechers.

It behooves one to pay attention to the multi-pronged and widespread performances presently GOING DOWN... and exposing the manipulators of The Hive Mind. A great struggle is taking place below AND above The Radar. This struggle is also happening within the minds of those so engaged in it. The stress!!! The tension!!! The drama!!! The exposition of exposures... is now before the eyes of an awakening world.

There are light-workers hidden in the warrens of darkness. They await the call to go incandescent. Not everyone is who they seem to be... oh no, my precious! Now... in this apocalypse... the masks are coming off. whether they will... or not. Those not graciously removed will... be... removed... by... whatever... force... is... necessary.

I realize that all of this is happening on so many fronts that it may be very difficult to grasp the thing entire. In all the cities... and states... and countries... from the tiniest example of a single soul... to a cast of millions... in concentrated flow... those in shared karma have gathered for The Grand Denouement. The Sun will shine and zipitty-do-dah will dance with bluebirds on his shoulder, as... the... years... fall... away. In other climes, there will be heavy weather indeed.

Were it in my hands, perhaps I would save everyone, BUT... what do you make of those who... will... not... be... saved, and have devoted their life (lives) to harming others? I am not wise enough to know who to save and who to destroy, BUT... I do know the one who does. He will keep me in my department, and I will do what is apportioned to me. He WILL... TAKE... CARE... OF... EVERYTHING... ELSE!

I have a process that I SEEK to employ whenever the tempering fire is pressing down upon my head... when confusion appears... when fear jumps out of a closet... just as I have turned away, AND... that is to let go completely... to surrender utterly... to rely on The Ineffable at every turn, regardless. Then... what do you know? It passes me by as if it were a brief overflight to see if I would engage. No! I will not engage.

Do you not know that God has absolute control, right down to the trembling of every single leaf of grass in the passing wind... to the precise placement of every grain of sand, sculpted and tossed by invisible hands... to every particle of SEEMING matter... animate or still? I... assure... you... that... this... is... so!!!

Where the doubt... and confusion come from is... The Separated Mind. The Mind separates when The Persona departs from The Higher Self... or operates in SEEMING conflict with it. This is an illusion, of course, because there... is... only... one... mind. Depending on the errors and willful malice... performed by ANYONE... in their resistance to The Divine, on that depends the degree of your SEEMING separation from The Loving Unity of The Almighty.

Some may hate God, BUT... God does not hate them. When one commits what is sometimes called sin... or missing the mark, that sin is committed upon themselves, appearing to be someone else. There... is... no... someone... else. Is that hard to compute? It happens to be true. It is our separated minds that sees difference in one another. What seems to be difference... is only yourself at another stage of your being... further back... further ahead... all are on the same spiral staircase. Don't... piss... over... the... railing.

Massive change is pressing to the surface of The Hive Mind. Change is forcing its way through the weakest links... through breaks in the fence... and wall... that surrounds it all... in... your... head.

Actus... non... facit... reum... nisi... mens... sit... rea... is a remarkable statement. It also happens to be true, in the relative sense, even if ignorance is no excuse of the law. I don't wish to be pretentious... so I try to keep The Latin low-key and on a shelf somewhere, BUT... sometimes it is the most appropriate thing one can say... and comes from a time when there was a greater intelligence AND courage to be found. We're just coming out of a protracted dark age, and some will not go gentle into that dark night, and some won't have to as they have chosen instead to dance in The Light.

The human imagination is not capable of visualizing the power and majesty of The Avatar. I can assure you of this. Imagine some storybook character come to life and walking among us... who has only to point or gesture and whatever it is... is transformed into living... conscious... light... or anything he pleases. Imagine one who is simultaneously in every mind and is present in every movement... of every kind.

We exist... for the most part... with an invisibly present authority that cannot be apprehended by the senses. Every couple of thousand years, this authority becomes visible for a short period of time. Usually... the case is... that most people miss it, and it is only over the course of long periods of time that the message of that authority pervades all life, the way the ripples from a stone encompass the surface of a lake, and humanity is raised a few more steps up the staircase.

This time... it could be that this authority appears in every mind in a palpable fashion... and each of us is caused to experience according to what we are... in reflection. What do you see when you look into the mirror? Who is it that is looking into the mirror? You can't hide from the thoughts inside your mind, and people often go mad trying to. The Avatar is the Higher Self of all life. How does one handle the unexpected visitor? I suggest being warm and gracious. (grin)

The critical hours of these difficult days go by. Legendary monsters brood at the bottom of the sea. Titans chained beneath the Earth... rattle their shackles... and roar against the force that restrains them. Wraiths howl upon the winds... shapeshifting and clawing at the barriers that protect the surface mind. Fortunate are they who are anchored in The Light. They will survive this darkest night... out of which is born the dawning of the age to come.

It's all some new form of chattering about what cannot be put into words. It will be followed by yet more ages out of mind... age after age has come and gone, and... where do we find ourselves now? Results will surely vary.

End Transmission.......

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