Thursday, December 01, 2022

"We All have The Right to Find The Truth on Our Own Terms, Even if It Turns Out to be The Monster Behind Door Number-5."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I've heard it said that the next world war is due to come in the early 2030s or around 2037. I can't remember why I am supposed to believe there is some actual authority in that claim. I've seen it bandied here and abouts... got nothing much out of it. My God! I hear all kinds of things; mostly stuff and nonsense with alternating layers of boooolshit! Like some kind of Oreo cookie lasagna. I'll leave the ingredients to your imagination.

I suspect that Big Trouble is on-the-menu sooner than that. Maybe it's tied in to The Great Reset which had a due date around 2030-something. However... now there's big trouble in Zero-COVID China, and... The Great Reset people are having trouble with their main template for worldwide totalitarianism. Also... since the word Globalist is now anti-Semitic, Kanye probably should have been having dinner with Elon instead of The Donald. Milo Yankalotofit says he set the whole thing up to make The Donald look bad.

You're probably familiar with Milo, he used to be gay but now he's not, along with a lot of other things he used to be that he no longer has the use of. He's kinda like Ben Shapiro after the Estrogen treatments and couple's therapy for short man's disease.

People are flipping out all over, and delusions-of-grandeur seems to be the new pandemic. Now... everyone is not only more important than they thought they were. They are more important than anyone else thought they were either, even though no one else is thinking about them. Next year's cellphones are coming with a mirror-finish screen so everyone can see who they are really talking to.

It continually astounds me... the extent to which so many people are taking themselves so seriously. There are now millions and millions of talking heads... running on and on, without pause about... less than nothing. We are resident in The Age of The Influencer, and people will say and do ANYTHING to get you to pay attention to them now. Clickbaiting is the latest form of masturbating and everyone is on The Alphabet government payroll.

I made sure to NEVER monetize myself. As soon as that happens... you can no longer tell the truth or you will be demonetized. As soon as I get a job, I can lose it, just as soon as I say something that the people... who used to work for Twitter... don't like.

I don't know who they are... not all of them... and maybe not even most of them; those people who think they control The World. They are the puppeteers who pull the strings on everyone... or so they think. Once they were only juggling 3 balls at a time and playing with themselves (and each other... probably) during break time. Now they are juggling more balls than they know about, and getting tangled up in the controller strings of their puppets... until the whole charade is about to tumble to the ground is... going... to... tumble... actually. ♫ It's just a matter of time ♫, as Brook Benton used to sing.

In... just... the... last... few... years... this selfie-world... this look-at-me world has become a tent-revival of farce and boooolshit sprinkled over a Disney float! People are hopping up and down like randy goats... pissing themselves in a delirium of unrequited desire to be a celebrity... to be on the short-list... to sit at the high tables with the thousand dollar bottles of 50-dollar vodka, and the underage Ukrainian transsexuals, and assorted glitterati. Soon it will be New York City everywhere!

The people who think they are in charge... are determined to foment a national race war... a whole new kind of color revolution... where they incite the most ignorant block of stooges and cannon fodder from each race to go at each other. It is classic divide-and-conquer. What is really means is that The Bankers have gotten into all kinds of trouble while running the currency presses, and they need for the whole thing to go bottoms-up to save their miserable skins... to save them from the rage of the populace. On that account, they WILL fail.

It simply astounds me... what I see every day... what I hear about... as Mr. Apocalypse blithely tip-toes through the Belladonna and Venus Flytrap plants... across the mined lawns, and on to the false patios and pool-houses that surround the Citadel of Evil... the House of the Living Dead... where Mammon and his retainers live. ♫ It's only a matter of time ♫

In the same fashion that Russia is about to settle ZATO's proxy-Ukrainian hash, Mr. Apocalypse is going to be turning the spotlight of truth toward every portal of darkness and shine it on The Real Faces... the faces behind the faces, behind the faces. They are going to be exposed to the eyes of The World, and... there will be no hiding place.

Remember Tipper Gore? Remember how hot-under-the-collar she was about the lyrics in rock songs? It's something... it really is... to see what they have ALL adapted to in the years since then. The stench of hypocrisy is enough to make a buzzard retch. Remember all the times The World was supposed to end, and then it didn't end? Remember when Pedophilia was a no-no instead of a go-go?

ALL OF THIS came out of The Gay Marriage Act. None of this was here before, in the form it is now... before our first gay president opened the floodgates of perversity. None of this was here. Now they want you to eat bugs and watch nutjobs bugger their pets on reality TV... or maybe you don't know what kind of videos are running around Out There these days?

No... I don't watch that sort of thing, BUT... millions of people do. The top porn in parts of The Middle and Far East is humans having sex with animals; at least that's what the search engines indicate. It's a runaway catastrophe on the way to a dark destiny... indeed.

I understand that not everyone is attracted to the same things, and I don't consider it my business to tell people how to live. I have my own ideas about that, and they are the fruit of a protracted suffering on my part, BUT... everyone has the right to find the truth on their own terms, even if it turns out to be the monster behind door number 5.

I don't think every member of a certain demographic is evil. My own experiences expose the fallacies in that perspective. God raised me up among people of all kinds... AND put me in the debt of representatives of EVERY CREED AND COLOR over the course of this lifetime. I have also been able to mark the peculiarities and differences in each as well. It is a sticky wicket to even see... much less remark upon... the evils that some men do... and among whom these evils are most representative.

It just so happens that in Times of Material Darkness some of us get more unhinged than others. People who might be practically luminous in times preceding... are much less luminous now... because of predispositions and inherent attractions that are easily enjoyed and acquired in times such as these.

Every race has certain distinguishing characteristics, only a fool or a dumbass would say otherwise; mostly to appease those who wish it not to be true. Ah... but, it... is... true... nonetheless. I take everyone as I find them, by the evidence given in my experience of them. Things do not become so because you wish them to be so. They are what they are... though... I have found... it is best to keep one's own counsel on certain matters.

It just so happens that the biggest fabrication in history has allowed a group of people to get away with murder and worse for... far... too... long; to claim an undeserved victim status by which to victimize everyone else. To cry out in pain when they strike you. It just so happens that 9/11 was NOT done by someone named Bin Laden. Certain perspectives widely disseminated about these and other events are lies. They are lies and I am compelled to call them out.

I do not mean ill or harm to anyone. It is not in my nature to be so, BUT... I cannot pretend that something is so, which is not so. The Truth comes with heavy responsibilities. This is why so few will cohabit with truth. Lip service you will find aplenty, but stalwart defenders of what is good... and noble... and decent... AND TRUE... are becoming harder and harder to find.

I have found a new way to discuss... what so many refuse to see... out of fear of the censure it brings. I now know how to talk about anything without mentioning who or what it is, BUT... the reader has no trouble knowing who it is... grasping the meaning of it. Meaning... if the shoe fits... and so forth. Not much has changed since the days of Jesus the Christ, even if they got all the dates and players wrong, and... they... did... the message is true, and it has been true since the dawn of time.

End Transmission.......

I apologize for writing a Petri Dish when it was supposed to be an Origami. This happens a lot. I never know what's going to be written until it's been written. The good news is that is happens at all of the blogs.

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Missing Munich said...


Another true work of word art. Thank you!

Greetings all around!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

2030? I don't think anything we have today will be in one piece in two years from the news I read.

Wonder how those Hawaiian volcanoes are doin'? With any luck, we get a 300 foot wave from that. Me thinks the hill I live on is low enough to get wiped by that. Just hope it happens on a day off.

Nostrils to the sky.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"So Many People in The Upper Registers of Fat City are Up To No Good and... are About To Get Called Out on It."

Gregory said...

"We are resident in The Age of The Influencer, and people will say and do ANYTHING to get you to pay attention to them now. "


[Clears throat, begins singing scales.] Me me me me me.

oldmaninthedesert said...

A breath of fresh air you are in this sea of service to self folks Les,thank you brother for Being.

Visible said...

Well, thank you, but I am a mere facilitator. I am also in the desert. It's an easier place for the body at a more advanced age. Heh Heh, today is one of those rare days of overcast and casual rain.



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