Tuesday, December 06, 2022

"God Comes to Us Cloaked in Human Form. He APPEARS Differently in The East than He Does in The West."

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I want you to let the intuitive feature come awake in your mind for just a little while this morning (or whatever time you run across this). That's how you get The Intuition to act in you; you... allow... it... to. How much do you know about your body... really? If you are like most people you know almost nothing, in any comprehensive sense. If you are a doctor or a scientist, you know less... than... nothing because most of what you know is wrong. You were taught by people who also knew less than nothing.

Keep in mind that this is only one of your bodies; your physical body. It is your anchor on The Material Plane. It is what makes you appear to be present here. According to certain traditions you have 6 more bodies, each of them finer that the one following; in terms of materialization. Some say you have only 3. Some say you have more than 7. Those are the ones that subdivide certain bodies for purposes of complexity.

Did you know that you have two brains? I don't mean the parts of The Mind or the parts of the... brain... in... your... head. I am not talking about Steve Martin's situation. I am talking about the brain in your head, and the brain in your Solar Plexus.

I should point out, right at the beginning, that the brain in your head was created by the brain in your Solar Plexus. The brain in your head is a much more recent affair. The brain in an ant is more organized than the human brain because it has been around longer. EVERYTHING is subject to the evolutionary spiral. Most people are caught on the treadmill of the evolutionary spiral. They don't know how to accelerate... how to hothouse their evolution. So... it takes a really long time to get from one state to the next.

Never forget, “Success is speedy for the energetic.” This was said by Lord Krishna, who is The Supreme Personality of God... The Supreme Enjoyer, and whether you call him... Christ or Kris(t)na doesn't matter. He hears you nonetheless... unless it is self-serving nonsense. He has angels that filter those requests and routes them to a different department. In India, Christ is called Lord Ishvara. He is the highest manifestation of the absolute reality. That would also be called The Primary Emanation of God which is personalized for... this... plane.

In other words, God comes to us cloaked in human form. He appears differently in The East than he does in The West. The basic appearance of human life... in either location... 'presents' differently, BUT... they... are... the... same. This was 'presented' to me in vivid detail during my first Kundalini uprising. Yes... I have digressed over the last couple of paragraphs. I have good reason for this.

The brain in your head has Gray Matter on the outside and White Matter on the inside. The brain in your Solar Plexus has White Matter on the outside, and Gray Matter on the inside. What you think is your heart is just your physical heart. Your spiritual heart... your real heart... is your Solar Plexus.

With Gray Matter, we think and with White Matter, we feel. Think about that when you find the time.

Your brain (the one in your head) more often gets you into trouble through wrong thinking. It is your heart that knows what is actually going on, and is also The Seat of The Intuition; your real heart, that is. The one in your SOLAR Plexus.

That which is called The Abdominal Brain by some, views existence through a portal of Feeling. The brain in your head operates with Thought, through the process of Thinking.

The brain in your Solar Plexus is in connection with every cell in your body. It is what (can) restore... revitalize and rejuvenate you entirely. We go counter to our own healing through our embrace of Material Culture.

Material Culture is a kind of delayed-action quicksand. It has vapors and mists that are similar to what you see in a swamp. In Material Culture... these vapors and mists are the substance of dreams, which are the currency of Material Culture. It is what everyone commonly agrees to have value that makes anything real or symbolic (like money) into a kind of currency.

The Sun is the source of vitality in The World. It is the source of all life. This would be a dead planet without it. Yes... it feeds you through all the produce and animal life you survive on, BUT... you can get the nutrition DIRECTLY through The Sun, if... you... know... how. One way is through the absorption of Prana... or vital life force... through a breathing process associated with The Solar Plexus, which controls respiration to begin with, BUT... we are talking about something more here; something more than just breathing.

Then there is the matter of feeding-through-the-skin. You have pores... or portals all over your body. Each is like a vagina. You can take the vital life force of The Sun in through the pores of your body, if... you... know... how.

Is this where I tell you that for only 99 or 999 dollars a month you can get my full course of DVDs and books... and bumper stickers... and coffee cups... that carry the pithy sayings... of my new twist... on an old scam? NO! You cannot get it from me, BUT... you can get it from The Sun, who is actually trying to tell you how to, every... single... day.

I've given you a few salient details and, if... you... care... enough... to... you can find out more about it all by asking in the right circles; like outside somewhere... in a meadow... in a forest... by a seashore... in any place where Lady Nature has created a location, you can ask there.

You will actually be asking within, but a fuller understanding of that comes later. We automatically think outside of ourselves... we project, but it's all happening inside of us. This is why we try to find it in someone else. It... doesn't... work... that... way.

A true spiritual teacher is not trying to get you to sit in front of him and live your life through a proxy relationship. He is showing you what you can do if you do what he does. If it works, and you can do what he or she can do, then he or she is a bonafide source of practical (and Divine Luminous) wisdom.

Otherwise... he or she is a vampire feeding on you. There are plenty of them around these days. Look in The New Age supermarkets and you will see what I mean. Anytime... ANY TIME you see MONEY attached to Truth, IT... IS... NOT... TRUTH.

Yes... someone has to pay the publishers and someone has to pay the whole economy that becomes a self-perpetuating strip mall somewhere, ESPECIALLY once they have the teacher out of the way and the disciples can take over. I saw this up close and personal at the ashram of a true saint.

Money... will... take... care... of... itself. Repeat after me, MONEY will take care of itself! You do not have to pursue money, money WILL follow you; as your integrity grows... you become more and more a form of money yourself. You ARE the coin of the realm. If you are The Genuine Article, you do not have to concern yourself with money. This is what Christ meant when he said, “I am The Way, The Truth AND The Life... and no man comes unto The Father save by me.”

He was telling you he was The Money. The REAL Money. This is one of the most misunderstood sayings in The New Testament and it has been one of the primary foundation stones of Christian Fascism in The Temporal Church. “See... here's the deal. It's our way or the highway.”

ACTUALLY... Christ was talking about his presence as The Universal Soul of Humanity... that soul of which all souls are parts or replicants... WITHIN US. He wasn't talking about the dictates of a physical church but The Adytum that you and I are, right... this... moment. That is why he said, “In my Father's House are many mansions. If it were not true, I would not have told you so.”

Krishna said something very similar, “as men approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.” Wow! I mean... Wow! When that statement... and any of the others... RESOUND within you in their palpable timelessness... through The Solar Plexus... you are then... one with The Sun. You are resonant with that light... that is the portal to a greater light... that cannot be seen with mortal eyes. You will be given the senses you need for the plane you are on.

White Matter... Gray Matter... Inside and Outside. What we call our brain is a kind of periscope that The Solar Plexus sent up to view and ruminate upon The World... over the course of a very long time. You can and should use the brain in your head for all the tasks it is useful for, BUT... it should take its guidance from a deeper and more informed location.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This post confirms a thing or two to me and my psychic twin who I shall never meet in person (or should I say 'in nose'?) on this midden heap of a planet, that we already knew.

We will always get what we need. After all, we are on a mission from Snorfles.


Anonymous said...

The reason Islam is the greatest revolution in human consciousness was it was for the first time, saying you can directly worship God. No need for any guru or priest or messiah or human form of God.

Ever since I fully rejected all Hindu forms of thought, especially vaisnavism (Krishna bhakti), and accepted Islam, I've been feeling more peace. Islam is literally the answer to most problems, including the Jewish debt based banking system.

Max Rocka said...

“If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.”

Marcus Aurelius

Anonymous said...

I suppose there are two worlds. This one and God’s . This one is beyond saving , The more I read the headlines or even the small items in the news, the more I am convinced that a great many people have lost their minds or more likely sold their souls .Yeah, so maybe some of us are waking up but by God half the population is bat shit crazy and possessed. Don’t know how long the One in control is going to let this go on. To me it is a frustration because I live here for now. Day after day theres is a small uncovering of BS and exposure but the bad guys are way ahead . Leaps and bounds ahead of any decency that may be left among the minority. Venting ? Yes, I dont have your fortitude Visible.. I;m getting pissed of and impatient with these demons . Their smug lies and hypocrisy and they always win. They hate US and all goodness. The whole thing is heartbreaking.

Anonymous said...

Very happy to run across this post today. For a while I've been "communicating" with my solar plexus. As I'm falling asleep I ask it yes or no questions about sources of anxiety, and it responds with clarity and emotional tone (rising and falling sensations with degrees of intensity). I've had enough uncannily accurate responses (which were not what I expected) that I'm quite convinced it's like a radio for "external" communication. You can't ask for fame and fortune, but you can ask for guidance, confidence and second opinions.

Visible said...

Change is coming. It is hard to see. It also seems to be the wrong kind of change in the beginning. Hold on a little longer. We are only here for a short time, though it may seem long. Krishna says in The Gita that no one who has thought of God and aspired, even for a little while, is lost. They will leave here and go somewhere good for years and years and be reborn into a family where their previous divine urge will be reawakened. I believe it is in chapter 6 about Meditation.

We forget ourselves when we love The Divine. When you can completely forget yourself your suffering ends.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"They ADMINISTER Conditions and Events at Their Level of Existence... Whether It Is Brighter or Darker There."



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