Friday, December 09, 2022

"The Sun is A Constant and Living Example of What We Might Become IF... We... Turn... Our Hearts and Mind to It."

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I am starting to see Mr. Apocalypse everywhere. Headline after headline announces his presence... but no one actually sees him. He's got that behind-the-scenes... man-about-town thing down. “No, I did not see him but he was just here.” He's like Spring. He's like blossoms and green sprigs. Suddenly they are there, but you do not see them emerge. This is the way Cosmic Change arrives as well.

If you take a snapshot of an event you only get one frame of the action. This does not tell you why it happened, and it does not tell you when it will end. Time... and events... move under a mysterious power, and... everywhere you go, there are people trying to stop something... with any one of a variety of methods OR... start something from a host of motivations that are frequently unknown to their originator. What do they say? Shit happens.

In recent days... possibly empowered by yet another stolen election... ominous signs are appearing. A new COVID rumor has been fabricated in Mexico. Maybe it's a continuation of the Fast and Furious agenda; a partnership between The Cartels and The American Crime Junta. They are calling it 'nightmare.' It wasn't capitalized for... some... reason, possibly in order to appeal to the proletariat.

Do you know why so many privileged types and filthy rich capitalists are so into Communism? They've seen what you can get away with when the public has no options to protest.

Yes... I am seeing these signs everywhere. The mechanisms of control are in the hands of lunatics. I speak of government... electronic media... organized religion... and entertainment. They are becoming more and more unhinged. They are saying and doing things that... well... you never expected it to go this far. Oh sure... your garden variety paranoids were always meth-heads on a mission, but now? Now even their most outrageous hallucinations are up and walking around in the burning cities.

How is it that the cities are burning? From whence comes the fire and the heat? It is Desire. It is the collected Desire of millions... rubbing against one another in pursuit of The Objects of Desire. It is Gain of Function chemically... altered... insanity. It's in The Water. It's in The Air... the poisoned elementals are agitated and generating their own heat. It's in The Earth. It is not in The Fire. The Fire is consuming it... but... there are many kinds of fire. Some burn from the outside in. some burn from the inside out.

The Alchemy of Materialism has its own quintessence. Anything you need to know about someone can be discovered in their excretions. On the subtler planes, we ALL emanate. The Sun emanates. From many... their excretions and emanations are foul, be they gross or subtle. It speaks to what they have made of themselves. The relative foulness of our excretions and emanations is directly connected to the degree of our Materialism.

Materialism is a mental illness of the most egregious order. It is typified by the ability to see from only one inflexible perspective. Fundamentalism is religious materialism. The Material Plane is the crystallization of the excretions and emanations from the invisible planes of being. In other words, Materialism is The Shit we have made out of The World by our manner of seeing it. OR... I might add... it is The Gold we have forged by our manner of conceiving it.

You turn to shit or you turn to gold. There is no need for one to stink so badly after they die. That is the fruit of the corruptions of carnality. In times of light, there is a preponderance of luminous beings. As the focus of human attention becomes more and more pedestrian, the luminosity is dimmed, and the darkness is materialized.

If you direct your attention to The Sun. Letting The Sun... more and more... shine more and more upon your thoughts, over time... you will become... more and more like The Sun. The Sun is a constant and living example of what we might become if we turn our hearts and mind to it.

I sit in The Sun's light several times a day and let his honey pour over and into me. I tune my pitch into a harmony with his resonance. I know that all of existence is MUSIC of a harmonious or discordant nature, and each of these receives the reward that attends them.

Some people think that John Cage was an artist merely for pushing the envelope beyond recognition. Some people think Matisse was an artist. Some people think Sartre was worth reading. Some people think the book, "Ulysses", was an entertaining and enlightening experience. As Matisse moved inexorably to departure, he came up with his final opus, The Cutout. He misread the ironic message of that inspiration. It was a reminder that he should be what is cut out, and so... it happened... as it does to all of them and their works.

I could go on and on about all the Marxist poofs and phonies who litter The World with their useless masturbations. I don't dislike the ones mentioned more than the MUCH LARGER numbers, I have not mentioned. I've actually read Freud and most of the others... for as long as it took for me to realize they were totally full of shit and only talking about themselves through the whole of their wasted lives. Once... you... encounter... The... Real... Thing, you are never again seduced by counterfeits.

Some of you think one or more of these people had something worthwhile to offer life because you have invested some portion of yourself in them so you will have something to talk about at some white wine and cheese affair. You are immediately offended that I... a nobody... have the temerity to strike out at these legends of bold creation.

You will note that I seldom if ever mention these folks. What's the point? Leave people to find their own way. Is that it? I thank God I was not left to find my own way through this decaying museum of the dead and forgotten, except in those mausoleums where The Usual Suspects hold them up as icons; one more stool sample deity... for the worship of The Separated Mind and what it gets up to.

I made these observations today for a particular reason. That reason is that there is no reason to mention any of these people. Why should I contend with shadows or create enmity toward that which I pay no attention to in the first place? There is no point in railing at The World for being unfair and celebrating those who deserve only ignominy, which... will... come in due time.

Certain people will read what is written here and miss the point entirely. They will be offended that I have had the temerity to besmirch the Gods created to represent their own pretensions. Every city has a ruler that squats over it, and its excrescence and emanations determine the sights and sounds... and smells of the place. If they want altars like MOMA... and Broadway, let them have what they want. This is what Heaven says, “Let them have what they think they want... and let us see if they want it afterward.”

Meanwhile... the much larger populations of The World want what you have and do... not... want... to... share. Materialism is the origin of the dog-eat-dog mentality.

The Sun does not play favorites. There is no human art or artistic creations... IN ANY MEDIUM... that approaches what Heaven... and The Sun create every... single... day. We generate offal. They generate Light. It does not have to be this way but Materialism and the worship of Materialism have led to it. No artist who claims to be an atheist is an artist, except in the minds of self-fellating imitators who want a piece of the action.

Here is what I say, EVERY TIME I go to the bathroom; “Divine Mother... by your grace, all negative personality defects, all personal shortcomings, all pain, and suffering are now permanently eliminated from my being and are replaced by your divine qualities. Archangel Gabriel is completing the Operation of The Sun in me, and making me a fit habitation for angels to dwell in. Thank you, Mother.”

Every time I eat. Every... time... I... eat... anything; even if it is a rare piece of chocolate or a cookie, I say some permutation of... “Lord God Almighty... Divine Mother... Members of The Angelic and Devic Realm, and The Brotherhood, please join me. Please dine with me, and bless and transform this substance into your divine living substance and let it transform me into your likeness that I may be in resonance with Heaven and in harmony with all life.” The prayer routinely varies but is always along the same lines.

Eventually... what I eliminate and emanate will become like the rays of The Sun's light. I will bathe in The Light and I will radiate light. I will subsist on light. I will... be... living... conscious... light. That is my focus of attention. It will not change until it is done. There is no alternative to that. It is what it is. I know surely and certainly that this will come to pass because it has the whole of my heart... and mind... and soul... placed upon it.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Anonymous said...

Brother, would I love to hear the comments that won't be
submitted on this one.

There's quite a bit to digest here, Visible. I wish you had written
it on a Friday. I'll just read the last paragraph a few more times
and try to get on with...OMG it is Friday...


Leesa said...

Les, I love those prayers you state to accompany
elimination and ingestion...Noice!!!

I have also reverse mirrored a prayer
on our rain water filter jug (printed sticker)

"The eternal power of the universe has
gathered itself, to create a world with
pure and grand harmony"

This was a suggestion from Dr Emoto
Hidden messages in Water book
Seeing as we are 85% water, it may give
a clue to what most of humanity has
not been paying attention to.... 'Divine Resonance'
I'm no saint. Daily, I go out of whack with a shit
attitude for 5 mins, then re-calibrate with gratitude...
It's a work in progress, fer sure, fer sure.
It doesn't help when you've had materialistic prat
family that stayed with you for a time
I understand it was a beautiful
'Purpose of Demonstration'

When I was in my 20's, in the 90's,
ex-hub used to say constantly, 'It's a dog eat dog
world out there, you either do the fucking,
or be fucked'
I always thought it was a crass thing to say,
but just had to witness.. His physigionomy? face
became grotesquely ugly as 2 more decades
went by (eyes popping out of his head)
Look what the man maketh, from what he thinketh!!
Too bad,so sad
Succinct and precise post, thank you
Love Leesa

Anonymous said...

enjoyed your great post and the comments. i look forward to your writings every day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis,

I have been reading your thoughts for months and enjoying all of them;
like fresh lemonade after a desert hike. Your prayers are so sweet and satvic.
I will try that! Sometime years ago, the sun and his light became a personal reality
to me. And I already knew He was Helios the Logos. Thank you for helping everyone
to see, feel and know the great reality.

Anonymous said...

"So unless we can stop generating karma there is no escape for us from the material world."

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"People are Confused by Religion Because The Priest-Class uses CONTRIVED Doctrine and Dogma to Control Them."



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