Thursday, December 22, 2022

"Without It... The Experience is Empty OR Lacking Somehow. Hell is The Absence of Love and The Cathedral of Fear."

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Well... here we are the day after Real Christmas. The Other Christmas is having a hard time of it in recent years... as the commercial aspect overwhelms the spiritual intention of it. You should ask yourself; “Why do I celebrate this event?” Right there you should know if it is Christmas for you... or... reruns of The Shopping Network.

Time is a funny thing. It has various stages of weight, so... it involves a lot of the nature of Gravity. The Spirit... by definition... is weightless. Time is relevant only where forms are temporary and passing... where growth and decay are featured entertainers. The best part of being here is the knowledge that I am just passing through. This isn't my sort of place. Cold Mountain is more my kind of place, in... a... place... like... this.

However... we have our duties and engagements. We have our debts until we run out of debts or understand that we don't have to have debts if we put our affairs in the hands of The Angels of God. They are known for sorting out human shit a lot more effectively than humans do OR... humans would not have nearly so much shit.

So... things like Time... and Gravity... Vibrating Space... water running downhill, and tides coming and going; all the variations of color... and sound... and texture... that makes up the experiences of The Material World... are forces that follow the patterns of their nature. They represent laws in The Natural World, BUT... ALL... laws... that exist in the manifest are based on higher laws, which are understood by few, and... most... of... us... are completely unaware of them, and look at that whole field of inquiry as pointless; AND... WHERE'S... THE... MONEY!?!

People with little understanding of value do not realize that Spiritual Gold is easily converted into Material Gold, BUT it... does... not... work... the... other... way... round. Personally, I am far more wealthy than mere billionaires. Not only do I surpass them in wealth but I also have riches and curiosities that they deeply desire, and which they forfeited when they went with the carnal action.

What I have is next to nothing by comparison with those I aspire to emulate, and they have less than nothing compared with The Sun. So... those of us in this fellowship... are collectively unified in seeking to emulate The Sun. Heh heh... well that's simple enough.

One important issue that could set dominoes tumbling across the country is the Kari Lake trial. According to courtroom observers, she has been making her case so powerfully that Reason dictates she should win and become governor. If she does... then all those other close elections in places where the evidence indicated what should have happened did not happen... are going to follow her lead.

If... inexplicably... the court should rule against her; from what I hear... it will be profound evidence of fraud and rather quickly find its way to the highest court in the land; not really the highest court, but you know what I mean.

Just as Lady Nature is rumbling beneath the surface and making her dragons restless, the same is happening in human affairs around The World, to... each... in... their... own... fashion, and according to their destiny... according to The Will... and also... to... The Grace of God, if all else fails.

This is a Grand Apocalypse. The sheer number of flesh-bound souls should tell you that something of great import is happening here. Mr. Apocalypse is the persona of a cosmic archetype who works in tandem with The Spirit of Awakening. The one reveals and informs... the other illustrates and explains.

All of these players and forces are specialized permutations of The Will of God, expressing in a specific fashion for... The Purpose of Demonstration. God is in the theater and you are on stage. His eyes are the Cameras of Karma, according to his most excellent judgment and Mercy. You exist within him. He is aware of EVERYTHING concerning you. He is intimately and consciously connected to every aspect of your being. Most of us... in Times of Material Darkness... are not intimately and consciously connected to him.

For those of us who are intimately and consciously connected, the wonder and delight of life NEVER gets old and is renewed in every moment. It is a state of perpetual renewal. It is Regenerated Innocence. The kind you get when you... become... as... a... little... child. It's not that complicated. It ONLY becomes complicated when your mind runs around arranging it, AND... since your mind does not know where everything goes... and is simply personalizing it... it goes in the wrong places and you forget where you put it.



“Down Boy!”

AND... live in Joy and Content as the result. It might seem to be a large undertaking... initially... when it appears you might be missing out on a lot. You ARE NOT missing out on anything worth having because only... one... thing... is... worth... having, and it is that one thing that makes anything else enjoyable. Without it... the experience is empty or lacking somehow. Hell is the absence of love and The Cathedral of Fear.

Yesterday, AshkeNAZI Boy went to Congress to demand financing and weapons to contest the landscape against Russia. Russia... I suspect... is going to roll through Ukraine with little difficulty BEFORE the new weapons arrive. All this saber rattling is a gesture of impotence in the face of far superior and better-organized force.

The Rulers that Think They Are... find themselves in a sticky situation. They have ruined their economy and desperately need war to balance the books. They have been working with The Killer Vaccines to reduce the population, AND they have been up to all sorts of nasty behavior and it is all being exposed. They have to do something quick, BUT... will it work? Will they risk blowing themselves up if they blow everyone else up? These are the people who are too fat and rich to dare to die.

Fortunately for all of us, the matter is not in the hands of the people who think the matter is in their hands. They are merely examples of love-gone-wrong for the study of future generations.

Century by century, men and women... who previously dreamed of being rich and powerful, get to be rich and powerful. It is a Karmic-Assembly-Line kind of thing and you have to wait your turn. Sometimes one must live many lives in order to afford what they are after, and then many more once they are done. Then The Cosmic Chessmaster arranges all the players according to a Karma matching system, AND... it's on with The Show. It is convenient that so many are willing to engage in stupid and ruinous behavior in order to look like that is not what they are doing.

The whole of it is a demonstration of mass insanity. Sometimes it gets really raucous, and sometimes it is quieter, for... periods... of... time. It's biorhythmic. It goes up and down and in and out. It's part of the cosmic sex act that is manifest existence. You wouldn't have any manifest existence without it. It comes down to so many clumsy and insincere lovers... groping animated manikins in their minds.

This is why the presence of sleaze and pornography are warning signs of troubled times in The Event Horizon. When Babylon rises, the Four Horsemen are activated. I trust that The Grace of God will prevail over the abominations of the few, and spare those who have no association with them. Unfortunately... a large mass of the population is willing to go... along... for... the... ride. People who didn't commit the crimes can wind up on Death Row via... guilt by association; “as above, so below.”

Let us remember that this time of festival is a celebration of The Birth of The Light. If you are fortunate, you might get invited to the gathering on The Higher Planes where it is reenacted and celebrated every year. Yes... there are all kinds of other locations that do not resemble this one. That's the good news and the bad news.

Nothing is stronger or more powerful than The Conscious Light of God, whose incomparable splendor is accessible for The Sincere. Angels are standing by.


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Mr. Enoch Burke, Mountjoy Prison North Circular Road, Dublin 7, D07 YC97, Ireland

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Anonymous said...

Thank you and a very Merry Christmas to you too!


Missing Munich said...

Dear Visible,

thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the beautiful writings over this year and previous ones. It's good for the soul and helps figure things out.

Merry Christmas all around!!

Missing Munich

Anonymous said...

greeting vis
a mmmmmmmmmmerry christmas to you!
thank you;]
tymeflyz the links post @gabis malformed.

M - said...

A belated Happy Yule to one and all...although the Winter Solstice kicks off a grand 12 DAYS of yuletide cheer, so I guess I'm not too late in my blessings.

May the longest night of the year
Fill you with Merriment and Magick
For all the days to come.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The whole of the wrong side of history is under the sword of Damocles. Happy Cosmic New Year, and Merry Christmas again. Nostrils to the sky.

Visible said...

Well... those links are gone. I put some new ones up

Visible said...

Thank you, Timeflyz!

Gregory said...

May the Lord bless you and keep you all in the throes of joy this glorious holiday season.

May his face shine upon you and give you peace.

Thank you all each and everyone for being exactly who you are.

And Nostrils to the Sky!

PS: This has become my new anthem, as if sung by God to each of us. My Christmas gift to share with you.

Anonymous said...

A few days ago, someone sent a post about having some cool dreams with Mr. Visible
(from the Dec. 19th post) which was interesting, because i’ve had a few with Mr. Visible too. Though not quite as interesting, & except for one that was sort of awkward, they were pretty pleasant encounters, i’m glad to say.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to Mr. Visible, who provides us all with the impact & comfort of his words and Merry Christmas to everyone else who comes here to read them.

Also, sweet dreams to all and to all a good life.


Guy Reid-Brown said...

I just copied this to the clipboard and then a friend whatsapped, so I sent them it straight away - it's so good -

'It is Regenerated Innocence. The kind you get when you... become... as... a... little... child. It's not that complicated. It ONLY becomes complicated when your mind runs around arranging it, AND... since your mind does not know where everything goes... and is simply personalizing it... it goes in the wrong places and you forget where you put it.'


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The World is Glamour + Fascination, Trending Toward Possession, in Patterns of Addiction... to... Form."



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