Monday, January 09, 2023

"They Deceive Themselves. They Steal from Themselves; Forget Themselves... They are Adrift in a World of Strangers."

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The sudden and... very large chorus line for the desirability... efficiency... and religious ecstasy of The Killer Vaccines... composed of scientists... and medical (snicker) professionals... public functionaries from mid-level Muppet management ranks... all the way to the microcephalic Zippy the Pinheads... at the uptown Golden Corrals... in government and finance... is very much like the researchers... authors... and academics who insist on there having been gas chambers in concentration camps.

There was one, that I know of, that got built in 1949... a few years after the war ended, and then the next war became an inflammation somewhere else. That's what happens with tension and stress in The World, which eventually turns into armed conflict... in some new location; it migrates. Eventually... like collective hive-mind insanity... it spreads around the globe.

They are not unlike the people who bought the pope's argument about The Sun rotating around the Earth or the numerous shared delusions running amok... worldwide... in these wild and crazy times. Never before... have so many people been so crazy... in so many different ways. The inflammation is now... almost... planet-wide. Try to think of somewhere... harmonious and habitable... where you could just pack up and go to now... and get away... to somewhere... where all of what is coming... or already here... won't touch down where you are... in relatively short order.

I used to think of Australia and New Zealand as my go-to getaway zones. I imagine there are still parts where you can find tranquility, but... the spirit of The Road-warriors is crystallizing in those places. I don't know what to say about Europe. I am sure it is very different from what I knew... when I was there... seven years since.

There are places that are too cold and too hot. There are language and culture barriers, unless you are a cool and collected customer... or rich... or magical... or connected.

It's the connection that's broken now. Puppetmasters are at work fomenting class, color, and gender wars. The fact is that they are terrified. They have even become spokes-bots for causes that include their own destruction in the itinerary. Never have I seen so many slithering... sidewinding... and duplicitous characters as I see now.

Sometimes... it seems that practically everyone is now in-on-the-con. What was once human is now... routinely... dropping down onto all fours. Many are dressing up like the animals they rather wish they were, to satiate the animal hungers that drive them.

Don't get me started on Stupid. Stupid is now an Olympic competition. In the future... when you see someone with a t-shirt that says, “I'm with Stupid,” it will mean they are fans of that team, which will be playing in coliseums. Idiocracy was prophecy.

I was watching The NFL yesterday, and you would have thought that the man struck down by The Killer Vaccine... on national TV last Monday... was one of the most celebrated people on Earth. EVERYWHERE were t-shirts saying, “I love Damar!” All the coaches and staff on the sidelines were wearing these shirts. The message was flashing on the large stadium TV screens, AT... EVERY... GAME! “Damar... Damar... Damar!” People in the stands, AT... EVERY... GAME, all had signs of various sizes about... (drum-roll) Damar!

The newscasters were all talking about his wonderful recovery. Such an outpouring of this kind I had NEVER seen before. Pretty much everyone, whose... paycheck... depended... on... it... was doing the Magnificent Magpie Mumble. It's similar to voguing, but you do it with your face. Liars often do this to distract you. It's part of the pickpocket's art, and... whether the theft is an object... an emotion... or the theft of your time. They are still stealing from you.

The whole material world is stealing from you all the time. Why... it eventually... eats you right up!

So... The people who manufacture The Killer Vaccines are part of a powerful consortium. They have their hooks into nearly everyone by this time, and hardly anyone is unaffected by their vile activities. It's a bleak prospect... depending on your perspective... AND... most especially... depending on what you depend on. Everywhere now... you can see... people competing with one another for the right to lie to you. The pushing and shoving before The Altar of Celebrity is... impressive.

“Damar!!! Damar!!! Damar!!!” (a division of Mopar) This is the latest strategy from the people who make The Killer Vaccines, and... yes, they do think you are that stupid. However... more have dropped dead since... for the same reason. More are going to be dropping dead or... resurrected (like Damar) for a minimal and marginal survival afterwards... to be barely going on... until the life force peters out into the swallowing sands.

J.J. Watt just had to retire because of atrial fibrillation (look it up). You don't see that in the articles. I wonder why?

It is a sad affair. One could trouble their hearts and minds deeply... by thinking overlong about it. It is what it is, but... it IS NOT what people believe it to be. Oh no... my precious. What can your fearfulness accomplish? What can all your thinking and feeling about it do? This is intended to be one of the major life lessons to be had... here in the opening of The Aquarian Age.

People refuse to see. People refuse to accept. Materialism has taught them if they make enough noise about it... they can have it. Of course... they will soon be making noise about something else... whining about this, and complaining about that, taking them about as far as their fearfulness and all their thinking and feeling has already. THE SPIRIT INFORMS MATTER! That is what happens. It is an endless progression of Involution and Evolution. It involves and it evolves. Thinking about that might reap some lasting insights.

As soon as I finish whatever this is, I will go and sit before The Altar of The Sun, from which proceeds the daily teachings of Heaven. I will not be getting into arguments about Advaita and Dvaita; both of which also go on endlessly, and both of which are real, in... their... own... context. People can argue and speculate to their heart's content. What they cannot do is involve me in any of it. I... have... better... things... to... do.

In crowded rooms and solitary cells... people argue with others and with themselves. It has continued from generation to generation, endlessly generating and regenerating tedious arguments about nothing at all... or about something other than what the argument appears to be about. They direct their animosities against others at a distance and others close by. They rage and they seethe... and it goes on... and on... and on... and on. What has any of that got to do with me?

I live in a sanctuary. I can sense the arguments and the conflicts at a distance, but... I am not drawn to them. You have to be drawn to them. You have to have an interest in it; how did you get to that part of town anyway? You must have had an interest... an attraction. I am attracted to The Sun. I am attracted to what speaks to me through the medium of The Sun, AND... there are singular refinements of consciousness behind that... and behind that??? Well... I do not know and it does not matter. Some will argue about this, but... they will not argue with me.

And yes... before someone feels compelled to sub-divide the matter. Yes... The Sun is both within and outside of me.

Before The Altar of The Sun... all arguments cease. You ONLY argue with yourself. I don't care that it looks like another person is arguing with you. You... are... arguing... with... yourself. You are in conflict with yourself, and... lost in a hall of mirrors... lost in a carnival... whose dimensions are unknown to you. You are in a dream.

I see what's going on. Since there is no desire for gain on my part, I can see the hucksters and hypnotists at work. They are deceiving themselves. They are stealing from themselves. They have forgotten themselves and are adrift in a world of strangers. When will they awaken? How many lifetimes await?

Ahead is The Carrot... and behind them is The Stick. Cease craving! Stop wanting! Stop being driven by appetite and desire and... desire their absence. Turn down the flame! Still The Reactive Mind! How many times have you heard that you... are... what... you... seek? Why does that continue to remain a puzzle?

Brazil is not an anomaly. Awakening ALWAYS trends toward Revolution. Like Jihad... it depends on how and where you apply it. As an internal mechanism, it can lead to liberation... as an external dynamic it... will... lead... to... destruction. It's like a screwdriver; do you stab yourself with it or do you dismantle your prison cell? I'm going to go hear what The Sun has to say about it.

End Transmission.......

I love Damar Fever! And then???

Some links can be found at GAB=

Some excerpts from Cold Mountain=

“I climb the road to Cold Mountain,
The road to Cold Mountain that never ends.
The valleys are long and strewn with stones;
The streams broad and banked with thick grass.
Moss is slippery, though no rain has fallen;
Pines sigh, but it isn't the wind.
Who can break from the snares of the world
And sit with me among the white clouds?

Story on story of wonderful hills and streams,
Their blue-green haze locked in clouds!
Mists brush my thin cap with moisture,'
Dew wets my coat of plaited straw.
On my feet I wear pilgrim's sandals,
My hand holds a stick of old rattan.
Though I look down again on the dusty world,
What is that land of dreams to me?

Wonderful, this road to Cold Mountain
Yet there's no sign of horse or carriage.
In winding valleys too tortuous to trace,
On crags piled who knows how high,
A thousand different grasses weep with dew
And pines hum together in the wind.
Now it is that, straying from the path,
You... ask... your... shadow, "What way from here?"


Anonymous said...

I thought I was awake but I realize of late I was only half awake. Now Everything I see on TV is a scam, a lie. The only one I see ever talking truth is Tucker Carlson. I stopped tuning in to everyone and I mean everyone else. And now, though Tucker speaks a truth I find I cannot even listen to the him anymore because it is too painful ..too painful to know that (as you say) most people DO NOT WANT TO WAKE UP.
The irony is I am finding more and more peace though still somewhat disturbed by the fools and liars and those who lick the boots of the powers that be ad nauseam. anyway. Glad you are back. You reaffirm my conviction ( even though I dont need affirmation anymore because too deny what is happening is beyond ridiculous) and it is a tremendous relief to be among like minded people least I begin to doubt my own sanity. Cheers and keep up the good work and hard work. It is very much appreciated.

Wild Wonka Matrix said...

A warning from LV means it is about time to head for the Waldganger exits.
Too bad my ace boon has a Yankee wifey who is all about money.
Simple minds gravitate towards muh money and just love their slave chains.
Stop wanting is one of the most important Visibilisms besides the Purpose of Demonstration.
P-O-D gets me through and stops me from doing stupid things in the heat of emotion.
Getting energetic with it LV to stop all the wanting.
Thank you.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Once You Get to The Top of Holy Mountain, You... Can... See... All... The... Other... Paths... That Also Led There."

TotofromOz said...

I had wondered why I was drawn body & soul to the sun in recent years. Thought it was just a plasma ball, or something like that. Overcast days have long depressed me & put me out of action, but when the sun shines, the whole day, whether situated inside or outside, comes alive with meaning, motivation & life for me. Letting us know about the sun being an actual entity & that you yourself interact with it / him / her, I have been taking real inspiration from that..thank you!!! I've needed that awareness & perspective & am running with it. In that new practice now, I know its just an embryonic stage, but its a blessed start, so again...THANK YOU & love & blessings to you:)

Ty said...

American deep state is in for a wake up call:

Russia sends hypersonic missiles to NATO countries shores, within range of US capitol: Medvedev (

999 times out of 1000 it is America sending warships to the shores of China, Russia, you name it. This is a game changer. Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, said quote:

"The main New Year's gift with the ammunition of the Tsirkon missiles went to the shores of NATO countries yesterday. Their range of 1,000 km with hypersound at Mach 9 and the ability to use any charge with a guarantee to overcome any anti-aircraft defence. Let it stand somewhere 100 miles [160.93 km – ed.] away from the shore, closer to the Potomac River [the river near the US capital – ed.]. So rejoice! [The frigate – ed.] will bring anyone who poses a direct threat to Russia and our allies to their senses."

One day later:

Rebel Republican GOPers DEMANDS HUGE CUT In War Spending!

FBI & CIA To Be INVESTIGATED By Republican Congress!

jx said...

Got same dilemma few years ago with nz and australia in cards and after much thought..
Honestly it doesn't matter where we are as long as we have angels caring for us, surely it is sad to watch whole world decaying but it wasn't intact to begin with so death and rebirth is unavoidable now, death is painful affair but birth is a joy and chance for doing it all better
Hope this time we won't allow those usurpers to hypnotize us into submission, they had their run and it stinks worst than fermented tofu, we can easily do a whole heaven better than we did till now cause our true nature is being good not slaves of sick entities.
And i hope we will



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