Monday, January 30, 2023

"The Stars in The Sky Show The Divine Orchestrations of The Purpose of Demonstration and... What is to Come."

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The Sun operates at a number of different frequencies at the same time. As your awareness is raised, you come into a harmonic resonance with the higher frequencies... where The Sanctuary is to be found. Think of it as similar to the relative depths in the ocean and the variations of life forms. We are changed and affected AT... THE...LEVEL where we meet it; wherever that might be.

I have not yet seen anyone who has looked into who it is that is teaching these rainbow-headed, gender-stupid... porcine lumps of unexercised flesh... that call themselves teachers. Where and how are these spiritual infants getting their training? Some group or another is behind programming these clueless souls and teaching them how to mislead the youth, while they are in search of a millstone to wear around their necks... for when they are tossed into the deepest part of the sea.

Who is shaping and forming these bizarre caricatures of a human being?

OBSERVE!!! You see the obvious shadow-dwellers... flitting about in the ruins... like the creatures of the night that rise up out of the rocks on Venice Beach. I have seen them, but where are the matching ranks of those rising to The Sun? All we see are those circling The Moon. It is because of MEDIA. It is MEDIA who adds the coloration and the slant to the general perspective. That... is... not... all... there... is... to... see. In fact... most of that is not even to be seen at all.

Harmony... is a balance between the polarities... neither attracted nor repelled. At ease with yourself and all life external to you... abiding at The Center... not being spun off The Disk. Indifferent to the character of those passing... not triggering them in any way... not being triggered... not radiating fear or aggression... at ease... deeply at ease... seeming almost not to exist... so very still. Not making a ruckus to draw the predators. The years flow around you like ocean waves... beyond your notice... because you are swimming in finer seas.

If those who wallow in the external squalor of their projecting minds only knew of that sweeter cleaner land. Of course, you have to be sweeter and cleaner to enter in there yourself. You have to taste good to the right diners. When the stink of animal deaths... and rage against your fellows is not excreting from your pores, the animal mind does not smell the fear on you... that they mistake for anger.

I do not mean to disparage meat-eaters. Guru Bawa said some people are meant to eat meat in times like these. I don't know why it came out that way. Perhaps it was not me talking. That is often the case.

For days now... Crass Media... especially Fox has been fanning the flames. Hysterically bleating about Tennessee burning... the nation even... because some black cops beat up a black fellow, and... he died. It coulda been the vaccine that killed him. He was saying he couldn't breathe. Remember when no matter what someone really died of it was always COVID? Now... no matter how many people die from The Killer Vaccines, it is never The Killer Vaccines.

All this considered, surely you know that the whole transgenderism thing is a government operation? Just like The Killer Vaccines. Now... it goes without saying that the government... whatever temporal version you mention, is controlled by industrialists who are controlled by bankers... who... are controlled by the dark agencies which flourish in dark times.

This has been the case for some while. Whoever prints the money controls the economy. This is why they kill heads of state who interfere with their control of it. It goes back a long way. There are legacies and orders that conspire to shape The World as they desire to see it. For some reason... eventually... they ALWAYS fail in their schemes.

Where does that leave us? The irresistible truth is that God... WILL... sort... it... out. So, the wise man inclines to The Will of Heaven. The stars in the sky show the orchestrations of The Purpose of Demonstration and what it portends. Few can read the signs, and... even fewer understand what they are reading.

However smart you think you are. However powerful you may be for a short while. It is inevitable that you will be humbled in some way... at some time... before The Throne of God. Better make your peace NOW... and come to an understanding... BEFORE there are reasons to demonstrate on you; “though Heaven prefers no man. The wise man prefers Heaven.”

Let me digress for a moment; when a country is on the road to having its collective will shattered... and its unity destroyed by diversity... sexual perversity becomes commonplace. Does anyone expect a rainbow diversity army to win a war? Will they launch sponge-cake grenades? Send in The Ballerinas!”

“What? What? No! Not The Ballerinas; anything but that.” How about Drag Queen... special forces … stealth sappers... dressed as nuns with rubber shillelaghs that double as sexual insertables? The moral fiber is shredded and we are not talking about 6-pack abs.

It's Materialism. Materialism turns bone to jelly. Materialism unleashes an army of Pillsbury Dough-boys, and Michelin Men dressed as women. It is a nation that is too lazy to get off the couch. The Whale is the new pinup boy in Little Obesity's' bedroom.

The bodies pressed together and moving at speed, create friction. Fiction creates heat, and so... the cities of The World burn. In Times of Material Darkness, the flame of Desire engulfs the rational mind, and you wind up with smoking mirrors.

The Sun is ruled by a unity of mind... and purpose. When the separated are brought together in unity... they generate Light.

No matter what level one is at, there are basic routines we engage in every day... sometimes every minute. Of these... breath is the most critical. Next is water... then food. We also eliminate waste... we procreate... and we sleep. You... would think; certainly I do... that there was a spiritual aspect to each of these activities. One might think... if they give it a greater consideration... that one should do all of these... CONSCIOUSLY. (grin) what! Sleeping too, Visible?

In some cases... letting go would be a factor... BUT... in ALL CASES... Gratitude should be a main factor and be present in The Mind while so engaged. How often do you see people expressing Gratitude when involved in these activities? How often do you see people in public engaging in Gratefulness? It is a key and essential part of a successful existence.

The objective of tantra is not Karma Sutra Land. It is hosting The Supreme Enjoyer. One offers each experience to The Indwelling, AND... one eventually becomes The Indwelling in microcosm; which we were... originally... before... we... got... lost. In a way, after a fashion, you do reach The Blessed Spheres by taking a back seat to God experiencing and enjoying existence through you. You cease to interfere with your own good fortune.

Understand... this might involve considerable time... in devotion to this pattern of The Renunciation of The Personality... so that the external part of you can come forth and dance in perfect symmetry with Time. Be prayerful, AND... most importantly... be Grateful. Gratitude reaches Heaven like a prayer.

It has taken me a long time to integrate Gratitude and Devotion into everything I do. The Mind is a wild monkey and... MUST BE BROUGHT TO HEEL. One must have a commanding grip on The Reins of The Wild Horses of The Senses. Most people do not have an interest in this direction because of The Dark Splendor... The Lights of Materialism that glitter like The World's largest chandelier, before their mesmerized eyes.

Strive with indomitable focus to... break... the... enchantment. Never give up... unless you are like me. I told Guru Bawa that I wanted to surrender. He gave me a bemused look and said, “Not you! You do not surrender. You fight... and fight... and fight... and then you surrender.” Heh heh.

Well... time will tell and we will see.

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“There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a road, and it leads to the very heart of the Universe. I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inward only, and closes fast behind the neophyte for evermore. There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer; there is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through; there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount. For those who win onwards there is reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity; for those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come.” H.P.B.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I am grateful I have been contemptuous of the ways of the world since before adolescence. It made life a lot easier to walk the contrary path. NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!

Green comet allegedly closest to Earth on Imbolc. February 1, for those who do not know. I won't be lookin' for it. Would probably miss it, anyway.

Wouldn't it be a trip to ride that puppy?

Clown Horns of Jericho said...

Food to eat and clothes to wear while being most grateful.
I've seen shooting stars several times the past few years, usually while praying for FUSA and asking for guidance.
One may have pointed the direction to escape the Circus Circus of the gaslit and buffet blitzkrieger Jonestown democracy COV-LARP world.
Gill Bates is butthurt about being called a fatty with one tweet showing a fit older man in a compare and contrast with the eugenicist.
Gill prattled on about the last laugh due to his mind being uploaded to the cloud (clod?) borg.
How ironic the no experimental gene therapy for me tennis player winning it all while the Finnish ice skater honking clown horns demonstration was going on.
Who knows why worldlings get so easily programmed and never figure out how overrated it all is.
I'm sure the personal demonstration will be purposeful and the only way out is through.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"EVERYTHING that is Necessary for a Culture to Flourish is Being Systematically, Dishonored, Demeaned, and Destroyed."



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