Tuesday, January 17, 2023

"Another Sun Appeared... Which Radiated The Nectar of Immortality... Pouring Its Honeyed Light upon The Soul."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

All sorts of rumblings above The Earth... in syncopation... perhaps... with the rumblings below it. First they say Klaus Schwab is sick, and Davos this, and Davos that. They then say Soros is sick and won't be doing-Davos. Then we hear that Gates pulled out of Davos. There's no argument that they are sick in a way no mortal hand can heal. Some... or all of them will or... maybe... will not... attend the fellatial-splendor that is Davos; bringing The World to its knees... willingly or unwillingly.

Often... when you hear news that appears unfavorable about the people under discussion, it's a movable front. The intention is to distract the attention away from something else that was going on just before they had to create the distraction. One thing we do know is that all sorts of luminaries- of the false light variety- will not be attending this year. Rumors have it that it is about COVID. However, since they created it in the first place, I don't see that.

What might the truth be? Of course... it is Hal Turner. If he said the sky was blue I would have to go and see if that were so.

The Fear has come into the zones of privilege and it grows stronger by the hour.

We know they don't take the same vaccines as the rest of the people they duped into taking them. That goes contrary to the purpose of the vaccines to begin with, which was to kill people they seduced or frightened into getting the vaccine(s).

A number of heads of state and rakshasas... masquerading as yakshas... are not in attendance at Davos this year. Back in the darkness behind the place that all the Davos gremlins came out of, there is this sense... or so I am told... there is this sense that Davos and the WEF are simply... by increments... fading away. Interest is shifting. It's to be expected in a world that is constantly shifting and changing. This does not suit the shapeshifters that came up with the idea behind Davos and WEF... to begin with.

It has always suited the world shapers and world reavers, who are possessed and driven by atavistic hungers to HAVE... IT... ALL... that they could bend the lives and the destinies of others to their will. They never... no... they never realize the whole affair was created for The Purpose of Demonstration so that Heaven could watch and see what happens... and help where help is sought, and hinder... as needs be, and... which is how it ALWAYS goes and why none of them EVER control The World.

They make the angels weep and they make God clap his hands and laugh when he's in his sky-box. That angels would weep and God would laugh... when angels are simply an extension of the Will of God... without the means to resist or disobey... unless he makes them... is one of those conundrums. It's a metaphysical riddle. It either makes perfect sense or it makes no sense at all; especially if you are carnally inclined. Let's imagine someone saying; “if I have to explain it then you won't understand it."

The way I see it, the WEF... and Davos... happen when those driven by infernal forces are so confident of the final outcome that they can just strut and preen about and you can like it... or else. Once The World gets to a particular state of Materialism, the insanity virus (for which there is no vaccine) begins to operate at every stratum of human interaction.

People going nuts in the streets and supermarkets are mere reflections of people going mad in boardrooms and penthouses. They don't know they are crazy. Usually, they don't. Crazy people most often do not know they are crazy. It makes perfect sense to them, whatever it is that they get up to, AND... when the chorus entire... has all gone mad in their own fashion... cacophony becomes the soundtrack of life. RAP and electronica... trance music... are all on the doorstep of complete incoherence.

Materialism presses and DRIVES the hedonist and sybarite into an ever greater and wilder abandon; “alas... the night was thine, Cynara.” The thrill in anything exists according to a Bell Curve of diminishing returns. It's like drinking. Three drinks put you about as good as it gets. After that... it is all downhill.

The spiritual sunlight of God is ABSOLUTELY necessary to the continuance of life. Without that sunlight there would be no life, as... we... know... it.

Remember how Gollum came to hate The Sun? Then he began to hate The Moon as well? Goblins... trolls and the like... Morlocks and kindred spirits, all live in the dark places of The Earth. It is a place of half-life. This happens to humanity as a whole also... in Times of Material Darkness. The shift downwards comes surreptitiously. You don't notice it because the mind is fixed on whatever lure is attracting it further down.

You can think of up and down in terms of your own body. One world exists above the belt-line and another exists below it. There is another world below the one below the belt-line where flight-or-fight exist. There are worlds upon worlds going upward from the belt-line, but... in Times of Material Darkness, they don't see as much traffic. Most everything is going on below the heart-line.

At certain points in time, there comes an infusion... suffusion... distribution of force. (call it what you like) It is the higher octave of ordinary sunlight; although there is nothing ordinary about sunlight. It is true-gold in liquid form. However... there are higher concentrations of this force; masters... sages and saints... they all bathe in it. It... sustains them... entirely in certain cases.

This is one of those times and that force is bearing down on The Hive Mind with a GROWING intensity. It accounts for all the insanity we were talking about earlier. It ALL depends on how you respond to it. It can grind you into powder and it can light you up like a perpetual Christmas tree. There are many other states on The Dial... depending on what you tune to OR... if you even bother to tune.

I feel a great sorrow for those who resist the pulse of the incoming wave of cosmic change. They will be ground under. There is no nicer way to put it. It's not much different from what happens most of the time anyway. Is it? Everywhere people are ground down by the complexities of living. Rarely is one seen to reside above it. Often they are invisible to the hoi poloi, even though they hide among them, when... cause... is... given... to.

The greatest sorrow for me is the certainty of what is missed... when one is sucked into the thresher of Materialism. This force bears many wonderful blessings not often seen over The Usual Course of events. It is as if another sun appeared in the heavens... which radiated the nectar of immortality... that pours like honeyed light upon the soul. This is a real thing, BUT... you have to be open to it. If you are not open... how will it get in?

The heavens opened in Kalifornia and it rained... and rained... and rained... and then? It all washed out to sea. This is because they never built those reservoirs they were supposed to build. Oh well. I'm sure there's a parallel here, but... people are free to draw their own conclusions.

The whole globalist thing just won't hold together. They had a nice run-up to total failure. For a while, it looked like they had a lock on it. There was so much other twinkly shit to occupy people's senses and their captive minds; it got easier and easier to pick their pockets. It got so that they well on convinced themselves of success... and so they trotted themselves out on The World Stage... doing The Dance of Fait Accompli; a Bowel Movement in Unaccompanied Minor.

Yes... they introduced themselves in The Media and on Social Media and they are going to fly OVER The World... in their private jets... with their plans of austerity for the rest of us. It won't be happening.

Greta Pieface is going to wind up in a deli-case where they display curiosities of times gone by. It might likely be in The Smithsonian.

Why did I say deli-case? Well... something will come along and consume her at some point. Something is going to consume ALL... OF... US. Isn't it nice to have a choice in the matter of... who... or what does the consuming? It's a big deal for me.

They continue to drop dead from The Killer Vaccines. Sooner or later... the odds guarantee it... it's going to happen in front of the whole world. It did this in a smaller way with, “we love you... Delmar!” I'm talking about something much more global. I'm talking about multiple incidents. This too shall pass.

End Transmission.......

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Some excerpts from Cold Mountain

“Few are the priests who can compare with me!”
Fools all shower him with praise,
While wise men clap their hands in mirth.
This hoax! This phantom flower of the air!
How could he escape from birth and death?
Better to understand nothing at all,
To sit still and quiet the ills of the mind.

The clear water sparkles like crystal,
You can see through it easily, right to the bottom.
My mind is free from every thought,
Nothing in the myriad realms can move it.
Since it cannot be wantonly roused,
Forever and forever it will stay unchanged.
When you have learned to know in this way,
You will know there is no inside or out!'"

In my house there is a cave
And in the cave is nothing at all
It is Pure and wonderfully empty,
Resplendent, with a light like the sun.
A meal of greens will do for this old body,
A ragged coat will cover this phantom form.
Let a thousand saints appear before me
l have the Buddha of Heavenly Truth!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Supermarkets seem filled with unaware zombies these days. LEAD, FOLLOW OR GET OUTTA THE FECKIN' WAY YA FLUFFIN' GIT. THAT, OR DIE ALREADY AND PUT A DENT IN RENT AND TRAFFIC! Sheesh! Inconsiderate, mingin' tossers. WHY DOES 5 MINUTES WORTH OF ACTIVITY HAVE TO TAKE 20 MINUTES?! SAME GRIPE ABOUT VIDEOS. YOU CAN TELL IT TO ME IN 2 SENTENCES, AND YOU SPEND 10 MINUTES ON IT! There are videos and podcasts I rarely listen to anymore, if at all because of this.


Then on a lighter note, bein' not of the hive mind, and goin' left when all else goes right, I am a bit less inconvenienced than most by current circumstances. I almost feel I've been planning my whole life for this period in time, and kept my obligations to an absolute minimum which makes this time statistically smooth sailin'. OK, I just gotta throw in a NEENER-NEENER to the daft twats who play the mortal flotsam games they were programmed to play!

It hasn't rained enough yet in kalipornia. Oroville dam still hasn't breeched. Maybe next week?

The pieface e-mailed me this morn'. No idea what it said. I deleted it without lookin'. Dayam that thang is SHORT!

NOSTRILS TO THE SKY! My favourite Druid (Levi, Celtic Seer) expects this to be an interestin' Spring. We shall see.

0 said...

"They make the angels weep and they make God clap his hands and laugh when he's in his sky-box. That angels would weep and God would laugh... when angels are simply an extension of the Will of God... without the means to resist or disobey... unless he makes them... is one of those conundrums."

Ain't it funny how its always a matter of perspective at SCALE!

The smaller the perceptive circle one draws for oneself the more one limits what can be accounted for, while going in the opposite direction allows for one to take on volume and increase awareness to scales that can be seen beyond time.

I was watching the Series called Foundation on Apple+ streaming and theres a line in there from some religious lady about how people can go on infinitely evolving and changing, and shes right, but they are always changing from this to that or that to this, and never be-come Greater than they are, and by greater I mean in total volumetric understanding.

The lady in the program said something about Souls, which was talked over by the voice in my head that noted that "Souls are forged in iterations of form for the duration of a Context".

The context has to exist apart from self for an iteration of form for a period of experience to be had. How many times does ones soul go thru such? Kinda reminds me of the assertions of Phylos in the book Tale of Two Planets, that each iteration is like a Pearl on a thread with the thread being the soul and each pearl darkened becoming lighter as one grows with each iteration of form. Unless one becomes aware of them all how can one bring them in-phase in the now to be-come the culmination of all those iterations that happened prior?

I dunno, but I've been Searching for greater understanding all my life so will continue and see where it leads. Guess I'll see what shakes out.

Gene/Bellerian1 (note the new blogger name, had to clean up and delete the old handle and then realized I couldn't comment on things running on blogger so had to create a new handle and here I am.)

0 said...

Did you see this? It cracked me up.


robert said...

Thank you Visible!

Shining on in invisible immanence!

There was so much other twinkly shit to occupy people's senses and their captive minds; it got easier and easier to pick their pockets. It got so that they well on convinced themselves of success... and so they trotted themselves out on The World Stage... doing The Dance of Fait Accompli; a Bowel Movement in Unaccompanied Minor.

Deliciously deft spotlight on the wicked!

Can such high humor be lassoed by calling it wicked humor?

Or is the expression "wicked humor" no more than envy from the wicked, wishing they could wield that sword?

A phrase used by the pathetic targets of the sword of truth to disparage all wielders?

As long as we can distinguish demonic derision from leavening, liberating humor.

Feeding off the pain of others, reveling in cruelty does not liberate the indulger but wraps their shroud ever tighter.

Since the hijacking of all mass mind media, most so-called comedians are no more than gloom leaders for the endarkened zombies to stroke their forked ego without shame or consciousness.

A belly laugh demands the helium of hilarity:
A burst of liberating insight, confirming the real invisible over the illusory visible projection

We laugh at ourselves with profit whenever we get the allegory and see all the way through our own knot of delusion and then cut through it like Alexander!

Is there a solution to the mystery, the seeming paradox from our low dimensional perspective?

As anti-life intentions are laughed out of the reach of those intent on violating heaven, by a joyful roar of divine derision?

The guardian angels, charged with the mission to reach out a welcoming hand to everyone those drowning in darkness, from the nearness of only one dimensional vibration above physical manifestation, feel the loss and weep when any shrinking soul wriggles out of the hand holding them from falling into the abyss.

The One, serene in the Center, viewing the Entirety, sees the vast liberation releasing joy against the relatively tiny count of those whose beachheads in reality will be washed into permanent oblivion by their own choices.

Our human hearts do better releasing our pain by seeing the whole truth than by grafting ourselves to the spectacle of a dying culture that was always a death cult anyway!

When we can no longer stand ourselves wallowing in the mire, we get moving toward unconditional welcome home.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"Seek The Current of Love that Weaves thru Chaos, and Runs from Outer Darkness All The Way to The Inner Light."

Strider said...

Fragmented fixations are features from migraines, seizures, and a stroke five years ago.
Furious focus formed after a foray into the ICU where God was present during the darkest hour.
The willingness to disobey and rebel was always present but the vision was more intense after that time and I try to bear crosses with good cheer no matter what insults earthlings hurl.
The FEW of the WEF are James Bond SPECTRE wannabe clowns with delusions of world conquering grandeur because the bought and paid for governments of the world work for them and not us.
Long March comrades such as Warburg, Rockefeller and others said there will be technocratic unelected apparatchik government by any means necessary.
Firewalls placed by God say no and the arrogance and hubris, God put those there for the revealing.

Visible said...

Well said.



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