Thursday, January 12, 2023

"Fat and Sleek as Seals and Just as Musically Gifted. It's a Chorus of Joan Rivers Clones Clapping Their Flippers."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

During the reign of America's first gay president... certain lifestyles and sexual behaviors... previously tolerated -more or less- and housed in sections of town; as is generally the case with alternative life choices; often the result of kindred spirits seeking to live in proximity, for the purpose of access to each other, and to grant an aura of protection within certain neighborhood boundaries... started to be written into law. The laws sought to include every kink imaginable as protected activities, AND... what started out as granting the permission for same-sex marriage... turned into... well... you see what it has turned into.

This is the reason that it is now so difficult to manage or police evil doings in formerly peaceful... sane... and normal locations. You can't do this and you can't say that BECAUSE it might mean this and it might mean that and protected demographics might... feel... threatened. It is a condition they create, every time they want something more.

This is an old scam that has been in use for centuries by a certain group of people who play the victim so that they can victimize others. They taught the sex freaks how to employ this methodology. Then it spread to every community where ANY group of people can feel victimized by whatever the hell they wish to imagine that they are being victimized by. This is especially evidenced in The Crown Colonies. You see it in its most extreme and reprehensible forms in Scotland, though... the rest of them are not far behind and catching up.

Now... those teaching your children... have been empowered by and are protected by... laws that can be enforced any time anyone wants to call a lawyer or... the police.

We mentioned that these changes were coming a long time ago. It seemed (to me) that anyone ought to be able to pick up on what was happening, simply by observing the Trends and Patterns flowing by around them. Apparently not- or... apparently... they thought it was a good thing- or... they couldn't be bothered- or... they were in on it.

At the very core of it all, Materialism is responsible. The comfort and convenience of these times has blinded people to what is going on around them. They are... for the most part... immersed in their own pursuits... chasing their own mirages and fantasies... eating, drinking, rutting, and all to excess.

There are no challenges. One does not have to struggle or strive anymore. Live and let live are the watchwords, even if your own life is lost because of it. The sexual madness that is sweeping like Santa Anna winds around The World... is one of the certainties you encounter in the decline and fall of a culture. As a culture is going down... Babylon rises. This culture- is... going... down.

People go to colleges for 2, 4, 7, and more years... to learn... NO USEFUL LIFE SKILLS. It is a lunatic asylum whose borders are disappearing more quickly than the borders of Palestine. It is like an aggressive cancer consuming its host. It wasn't bad enough that The Culture of Excess and Conspicuous Consumption was causing major health problems... all up and down the ranks in every economic demographic. Now there enters The Killer Vaccines that have opened a Pandora's Box of chronic maladies in young and old alike.

These injuries and offenses cannot remain hidden anymore. The Internet has put paid to that. It is now possible to know WHO did these things and what the connections (if any) are... between them.

A unique and exclusive dis-ease has now come upon the rich and wretched among us, who are not actually among us. It is an incipient... incremental... crawling... fear... that cannot be abated. It is crawling at the bases of their necks. It sits with heat upon their heads. It is a relentless disquiet, and... the force and presence of it grows.

Attending it... is a listless fatalism, crowded into a very small room with Panic and her sisters. They see the horrors in which they engage, BUT... for some reason... it all seems apart from them. It is like they are watching a movie about themselves but cannot recognize the actors.

Recent centuries have provided proof to the wheelers and stealers that they can get away with anything. Why... they have already done so any number of times... with all manner of frauds and deceits, AND... THEY... KEEP... GETTING... AWAY... WITH... IT.

Now... these monsters are meeting en masse in Davos... the World Economic Forum is the financial, behind-the-scenes pile-driver of the whole affair. 52 countries are supposed to be represented. You can take it to the bank that all of them are at some level of completely... sold... out.

The Swiss have activated 5,000 footsoldiers to make sure that no one fucks with these Masters of the Universe. They are going to talk about all the nonsense they have whipped up out of thin air; man-made global warming... increased sexual freedoms... transhumanism in all of its pornographic splendor... digital chipping... like you get to locate your dog if it goes missing. All of this is meant to keep you safe and warm... except when winter comes... except when danger comes.

They are fat and sleek as seals and just as musically inclined. It's a chorus of Joan Rivers clones clapping their flippers. They think they are... untouchable. How confident can you be when you need an army to protect you? They are Satanists in every letter of the term, though they may not call themselves that. They are Atheists by proclamation, and they are Materialists by definition. They are going to... fix The World.

Right now... they are killing millions... AND condemning those who survive to a life of chronic ailments. They are the ones behind the laws that now make sexual license a legal necessity. They are the authors of the homeless crisis and every other ill they have either sourced or adapted to their needs. They are fools wrestling in the sticky amber that is soon to solidify all around them, with their mouths open in a frozen scream.

No army can protect them from what is coming for them. The doors through which their worst nightmare enters were opened by them. They built the roads over which their death will travel on the GPS coordinates of their karma.

These scenarios have played out over, and over, and over again. Scant historical records remain except what is printed upon the Akasha. It ALWAYS ends the same way... through catastrophe of one kind or another. Everything perishable catches fire or is under water. The ground opens to swallow them. Pestilence comes on the wings of The Angel of Death. It NEVER fails. Something gets them. Something is coming for them now.

Because this is a Grand Apocalypse... attended by a Grand Awakening... which is why such a crowd of us has shown up... as well as to provide vehicles for all the demons and dark entities driven down from the invisible planes... there is going to be a reckoning on a grand scale. Portals and highways will appear, but not at random... and close behind those who enter there. Sights and signs of wonder will become commonplace. Whether it be confinement or liberation depends on the beholder. God is not mocked.

Oh... they've been given generously of rope and latitude for The Purpose of Demonstration, and... that demonstration is at hand. They have cavorted and disported on The World's stage and before the eyes of The World without shame or restraint, and though it might seem to have been a long and grievous run of getting away with every crime imaginable. They are destined to get away with nothing.

The time is already at hand.

End Transmission.......

(saw the new Avatar last night. I am stunned. I had no idea what a remarkable piece of shit it would prove to be. Plot... continuity? Good luck with that. This is an inartistic embarrassment that is becoming commonplace these days. There have been two performances I have never forgotten. One was (was it Tim Allen's son? That keeps coming to mind) the boy in Emerald Forest, and the other was Sophie Coppola in Godfather 3. These were the worst acting jobs I have ever seen in any major production. Well... now you can add the Rasta-boy in the mask.

I couldn't figure out who anyone was, probably because I did not care to. This is one of the worst films I have seen in a very long time, and I lay it all at the door of James Cameron's ego. It made no damn sense and there was no reason to make it. The villain surviving at the end... implying a sequel was... well... I have no words. Everything... it seems... is falling apart.

The visuals were beautiful, and perfect for a video game or sim-world, but otherwise? Don't waste your time. It will not be long before all sorts of clinically insane people start showing up at the plastic surgeons demanding to look like Na'vi. Count on it.)

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, the sword of Damocles rests o'er the heads of the wrong side 'o history, and the thread that is holdin' 'em will soon be cut. I'm sure they know it to some degree. Ayuh, you kinda said that in different words. Well, all I can is is MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA,and NOSTRILS UP ON THE POST! TO THE SKY, EVEN!

Anonymous said...

Knocked my socks off with that one. PHEW. You had my heart racing Vis. It’s all so true ..who cannot see? Everyday the cauldron gets hotter and the demons keep stoking the fires beneath it as though when the damn thing boils over they won’t be under it. Ha! Guess again .
Now they want to kill babies that survive much demonic can it get before people see what in the HELL is actually happening. I love it when you nail it like this. Its powerful ,Truth to power... A million thanks and keep it going.

hobie said...

The boy in The Emerald Forest was Charley Boorman, son of the film's director John Boorman.

Visible said...

Thanks. I figured he had to be connected because he absolutely couldn't act. It was either that or the other thing Hollywood is famous for.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"The Princess Nepotisma... Lisa Marie Presley was... Just Yesterday... Relocated; Courtesy of The Killer Vaccines."

0 said...

Hehehe, reminds me of the Cloud Atlas movie. Did you see that one? They intermingle different time periods and the one with San Frantokyo had the "upper class" all having a unique browline that was either genetically induced or plastic surgeoned on them to make them look the same. During the same period they produced genetically modified slaves and made use of them for some period while promising freedom at the end where they then get all ceremoniously walked onto a barge in the harbor, take a seat to have their slave collar removed, and at that moment are killed like they kill livestock with a bolt to the head and then pulled thru a wall into the room where that fresh meat is diced up and turned into protein shakes that they feed the other slaves.

Prophetic eh? :P

Take it easy!

the man with no name said...

Enjoyed an encore of The Hurt Locker the other night.
I prefer real world people with human foibles working things out and not magic pajamas, comics logos or some third rate Matrix rip off when the "sisters" stole that first one to begin with.
That is why the others are complete dross and Keanu is one of my favorite posers.
Skyfall was also on encore and they should have just stopped with that one.
Yes I know, this isn't a movie and I'm about as heroic as Tuco in my favorite movie of all time featuring the Squint or Clint.
It seems so obvious to us but for those worldings who live for the pursuit of shekels only to never end up enjoying it all, it is not so obvious this Mr. Apocalypse presentation.



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