Wednesday, January 25, 2023

"The More Materialism Gets its Hooks into Humanity, The More Humanity Goes Mad and Starves in The Midst of Plenty."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It is not by intention. I don't know why it happens, but... I ponder and ruminate over the shape of things to come. I can do nothing on my own to stop a world bent on chaos and disorder. People are going mad everywhere... or are they? When I am out in The World, as seldom as that may be, I see no signs of chaos or disorder. Is it like it is because that is The World I walk in?

Does a different world unroll before each pair of feet? The tides bring us together. The tides draw us apart. What tides are those? It seems to me that there is no one set of rules in The Material Realm, and they change according to the neighborhood they are in. It is the same with each mind, each mind generates its own neighborhood and... the events and conditions they encounter. Each heart is magnetized by attractions that appeal to them. The heart makes it look beautiful.

Love turns a hovel into a palace and the absence of it turns a palace into a tomb.

What is to become of The World, in the short term, and in the long term? Let's take the long term first. That's just going to go round and round in circles of Shakespearean drama for The Purpose of Demonstration. In the short term... it will be just exactly what you made it. Oh yeah, so will the long term.

No one has to fear the cannons... the night shadows... famine and want... the terrors of the day and the horrors of the night, unless they called it forth from The Deep... from The Subconscious Sea.

Think of The Self-Conscious Mind as the planner and decider. The Sub-Conscious Mind is the factory that pumps out the product planned and decided on by The Self-Conscious Mind. That Mind does not have a clear view of what lies before it, so... it makes guesses. Sometimes it's right and sometimes its wrong. Enter The Superconscious Mind. It ALWAYS sees in all directions at once. It is beyond right and wrong. It speaks to both of the minds below it, directly and indirectly, AND every single thing in your life depends on whether you listened or not, directly... or indirectly.

You will encounter NOTHING that you did not program at one time to appear in another. The problem is that we change as time passes... due to experience, and... other... factors... and now... something we yearned for in previous times is no longer desirable.

People DO NOT want to hear that they are responsible for everything that shows up in their lives. In a way, they dreamed it into being, The fire of desire branded it into the dream-stuff. Then that dream-stuff went to the place that stamps out future events and it was woven like the threads of a Persian Rug into a tapestry.

As allegorical and other-worldly as that may seem, it is very close to the truth. EVERYTHING we think, say, and do is impressed upon a substance that is shaped accordingly in response. Some actions generate an immediate response. I'm sure you can think of a few examples. Some actions take time to arrange a response to. It might cross the span of several lifetimes.

This is one of the many extreme disservices that The Christian Church visited upon the congregation. They excluded Reincarnation and Karma which are eternal features in existence. I am not speaking of The Christ. I am talking about the scheming priests. I'm talking about putting a clown face on The Ineffable via Constantine and The Council of Nicaea.

Ever after, The Silver-Tongued Liar has sat at The Public Table with soft, expanded gut, swelling over The Common Plate. Now... everything is falling apart, and it will not go well for those who commit great crimes to secure their tenuous hold upon the fortunes of The World. They have been seduced by Temporary History. An apocalypse like this has not been around in a long time. They have no reference points. They assume it is all going to be business as usual... that the tables will turn and they will still be sitting there. Ah... no.

It's a different time now... a unique time. They can't same-old-same-old the status quo this time. Watch them... amassing fortunes through fraud and intimidation. Look at all the miniature versions, scrabbling for a piece of the pie. The more Materialism gets its hooks into humanity, the more humanity goes mad... starving in the midst of plenty. As you can CLEARLY see in The World around you.

I was sitting before The Sun this morning and I said, “Well... what would you have me do?” He replied, “You're doing it, and... we're past that now... aren't we? Why not let's just enjoy each other's company? Let's keep it light.” Heh heh... then it hit me, “Keep it light?” He's always doing this... these double entendres and ironic inferences that I catch just a little delayed, but... that's the point. It's a beautiful thing... right there... free for the taking, by anyone with the interest to do so. How people came to be so oblivious to this mystifies me.

It's the measure of valuing the product over the producer. In this case, the point has been deeply missed.

Just because it looks like The World has gone batshit does not mean you have to vibrate to it like a sympathetic string. Appearances come and go like animals and birds doing a mating dance. If you get caught up in the spectacle you're going to feel like you are a part of it. Long before the latest stormtrooper versions get around to you there will be an epiphany. The Possessed are urgently plotting and scheming to get around Mr. Apocalypse, and ahead of Lady Awakening; not going to happen.

Right there... in the space you occupy this moment. Right from that point... begins your journey to wherever your heart will take you. You can head into The Low Country, and you can head into The High Country; metaphorically speaking. This moment, which is the only moment that will ever be, presents itself as a series of moments, running away behind you and running away ahead. What is behind you has brought you to where you are. From here you will be taken to where you are bound.

Left? Right? Straight ahead? Be still? Hmm... with so many possibilities it seems like common sense to me that I should have a guide. So... I do have a guide. I could not imagine doing anything on my own. I have the company of friends that I have cultivated for some time. They are like the sounds of the forest as I move through The World. Suddenly it gets very quiet. (grin) Well? I pause.

If it is cloudy... shrouded in fog... I do not move. If it is clear and visible, I continue. You can make everything your friend is passing. It does not mean you have to take it home with you, even though... we all arrive there eventually. Maybe this is what Jesus was doing with the publicans and the sinners.

Even the most evil among us have some trace of humanity. You can find it by finding it within you. Like someone said, I think it was Lao Tzu. “Before you seek to fix what is wrong in another, fix it in yourself first.”

When you come into resonance with The World Soul, you come into harmony with all life.

I saw a remarkable film last night called Pavarotti.

He was quite a character. God was observably expressing through him. He had his flaws. We all do... until we don't. (It depends on whether you are motivated. The Invisible Crew is not going to appear until the ship is ready to sail. You're going to want to make sure the ship is seaworthy.) At the end of the film, he sings his signature tune, Nessun Dorma. You cannot fail to experience how powerful it was. Probably why they saved it for the end. (grin) We could all do a lot worse than to model ourselves on him. What a magnificent heart he possessed, AND... which possessed him.

His family was mostly women. His daughters all looked like angels.

My friends... this is a difficult year coming for many. For many, Awakening is a painful ordeal. When one will not awaken under gentler measures, then more severe measures must be employed. I don't make the rules. I simply watch their outworking.

God is very... very real. His most visible presentation is in The Sun. Internally, his most palpable presentation... is in your heart.

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A prayer from The Way to The Kingdom

BELOVED Father; Thou, Oh blessed Christ Jesus;
and Thou, our dear Brothers of the Kingdom,—
hear this our earnest prayer.

Draw us in Consciousness deep within where
Thou art, where self exists not, and where we may
be one with and abide with Thee in Christ.

Help us to open wide our hearts and let out the Great Love,
that It may possess us utterly, may rule,
motivate and inspire our every thought, word and act,
merging us completely into Love,
thereby enabling us to love as Thou lovest,
to see as Thou seest, to hear as Thou hearest;
lifting the consciousness of our human minds
into complete oneness with our Christ Consciousness—Thy Consciousness;
so that henceforth we can consciously, at will, be with
Thee, work with Thee, commune with Thee,
face to face, at all times and on all planes,
when the need is in the Father's service;
and may know with Thy Understanding all things we seek and need to know.

Cleanse us of all consciousness of self
and of separation from Thee, so that our Lord Christ henceforth
may live His Life in us, do His Will in us,
be His Self in us, without let or hindrance of any kind, for evermore.

BELOVED Father, make us to abide always
in Thy Consciousness, and Thy Word to abide in us,
giving us ever of Thy Wisdom to light and direct our way;
Thy Will to strengthen and sustain us;
and Thy Love to surround, protect and fill us;
so that we may see Thee, dear Christ, may feel Thee, may know Thee,
may be truly One with Thee, everywhere, in everything,
and in every one of our brothers.

We thank and glorify Thee, Beloved Father,
for Thy many blessings. Take us wholly unto Thyself,
so that we may be selfless and perfect instruments for Thy use.

In Christ Jesus' Name, we ask it. AMEN.


M - said...

"Even the most evil among us have some trace of humanity."

All well and good, but what if the Evil is not human...

Manowar performing Nessun Dorma in Italy. Beautiful:

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Visible said...

Complexities abound, but not for me. I have my area of operation and God has his/her area of operation. My area of operation is to have God handle my area of operation.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much. And thanks for the book.. I have read The Impersonal Life and a few others. Nice to have the link. Your posts are truth. I don't put my real name here because I have blogs that are just mostly for family to see what I'm up to.

Anonymous said...

"...God is very... very real. His most visible presentation is in The Sun..."

Notice how the psychopaths regularly foul the sky with their chemtrail regimen.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

A few moths go I had a conversation with a man at my dinner table about the state of things in this world. All he had to say on the matter is that “ humanity destroyed itself. I very politely but sternly corrected him by saying “ there was a concerted effort to destroy mankind by an Invisible force”. Upon contemplation of this idea for a few weeks he agreed with my hypothesis.

Someone once asked me How many intimate relationships I’ve had in my life. I told him about well maybe 200 or 300. Mostly men several women. He was shocked. People rarely go beyond their programed definition of a word. Most of these persons are dead, a few still living. Some of the relationships were rather long some were short somewhere only for 15 or 20 minutes. Some I enjoyed dearly, some not so much and some others I found despicable. These are the important authors I’ve read. And I’ve been intimate with them all but they not with me or maybe perhaps in some other dimension.

I had a pretty good relationship with this one. He’s a bit much, meaning a lot, but I respect his work and forgive him his misogyny. I never take anything personally. Thought you might find this interesting….

~ Elaine

Anonymous said...

another thing the scheming priests created was the idea of a caste system, which is the greatest evil to ever exist in human history, second only to the brutal inhuman oppression of women.

The liberation of women and the darker skinned races is the key to true spiritual progress for humanity.

one question tho- if we are all one mind, then where does the question of reincarnation even come into play, since there is no separation and thus a "separate soul"?

Visible said...

Try not to confuse the absolute with the relative. Why do I get the sense that you already know this?

Anonymous said...

So now the demons are not happy just killing people. They want to slaughter the wild horses and borrows in Wyoming.
It is sickening what goes on here, Yes I personally am in a good and safe place(for now). What did these poor animals do to
Be caught up in this Hell. Everyday the news the gets more and more sickening and crazy with all kinds of horrors.
Please GOD stop these demons from inflicting pain everywhere
Your writing gives comfort , I just don't think it can go on like this too much longer

Visible said...

Well... that's not an answer. There is more going on than our subjective mind informs us of.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Sun is The Personality of God Expressed through The Instrument of Light... God has Many Personas."

Anonymous said...

The caste system is very old. And like everything had been corrupted.

If we had a pure caste system today the likes of Nancy Pelosi would be relegated to sweeping hair clippings off the salon floor …if lucky.

It was the patriarchic Tribes of old who treated women as living merchandise. Wives were taken to beget ‘citizens” according to their laws. Concubines were kept for everyday use and courtesies for pleasure.



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