Tuesday, November 30, 2021

"For Those Whose Hearts are Open to The Sun King, It Will Be Like Bathing in Luminous Ecstasy."

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In some ways (many ways) Life imitates Nature. Consider the epidemic of snowflake personalities. I am talking about those who get TRIGGERED by just about anything; the kind of people who insist on Jazz-Hands instead of applause. In Nature, a bird with a broken wing, an animal with a broken leg... they USUALLY don't last long. What do you think the odds are for these snowflake personalities? Because of the madness of the times, they are tolerated and even encouraged, by those using them to create social disorder; the Usual Suspects, as usual. It's part of their long-term Communist agenda, which is the best template for them being able to rule without competition, just as they did in The Soviet Union. Tens of millions died due to the psychopathy of The Usual Suspects.

These snowflakes are going to last about as long as a real snowflake does... but in Human Time. The transgender monstrosities, the bizarre sexual spin-offs from pedestrian perversions, the Jacobin executioners, for whom Cancel Culture is only the first step. Remember public shaming that occurred in all those places where Communism found a weakness in the mix; a weakness created by them?

None of these oddities that are the fruit of a declining culture are going to last too long. You might want to read about what happened prior to The Fall of Rome; Tacitus is good, and there are others. Suicide and sexual perversity were rampant then, and people stopped reproducing. These days we have people every bit as insane as Caligula was, without the horse and incest show... or maybe that's also true. I haven't looked into it.

A massive change is soon to sweep The World. It will come, seemingly, out of nowhere and transform life as we know it. It WILL NOT be what so many others are expecting or actively working to bring about. Certainly... some part of what is expected or labored for is going to occur in particular locations, but it will all be location-centric. I would think one might be more concerned about dynamic changes in Nature. I am not talking about Climate Change, which none of us can do anything about.

I do not know the details of this change. I do know that it is spiritual, and... because of what is to be required in the human heart, Humanity will have different reactions to it. For those who believe in nothing but what they can see and possess, it will burn like fire. For those whose hearts are open to The Sun King, it will be like bathing in ecstasy. There are certain conditions that bring a remarkable sense of well-being with them. One of them is... Unity. When you are in Unity, the harmony of your existence manifests in a kind of music. It is a music one can dance to. It possesses ancient rhythms that resonate from The Drums of God. One gets a better understanding of this when they know that EVERYTHING is composed of vibration in adaptation. Everything is already dancing.

Because, in Times of Material Darkness, the hive mind is tuned to the sounds of the fabricated world, whose elements of construction were torn from The Natural World, the world of the devas-angels and their assistants is seldom heard. HOWEVER... through spiritual austerities, one can come to hear the spirit(s) of Higher Nature speaking. One can both hear and read Nature... if they are determined to do so. Atop every material sense there sits a spiritual sense, and this can be activated by direct focus on it (which is not the best approach) or by meditation on certain symbols, and sigils, yantras, and mandalas, even pictograms (as was the case with me). Prayer and mantras are also employed by some. Some even listen to The Divine Sound Current.

When one sincerely meditates upon a symbol, yantra, picture... whatever it might be, the essence of it vibrates into the subconscious, like a kind of homing device. It makes contact with that portion of our being that is represented. Eventually, with determined repetition, that which the symbol, yantra, the picture is representative of, will begin to resonate within and come forward to the surface mind. I call it, Activating The Archetypes. This is also the case with the spiritual senses. Each of them has some symbolic representation in Ageless Wisdom, AND... when the time is right, they WILL come online.

I mentioned previously that... focusing directly on the spiritual sense is not the best approach. It can be awakened prematurely; before one has reached a level of self-control. Then the mind can be assaulted by horrific images... bad nightmare stuff. Inadvertent clairvoyance CAN lead to this. Many people are institutionalized for it, BUT... contemporary medicine knows almost nothing about the causes. Those who choose to travel the path of knowledge are responsible for what they come to know.

It is said that one's greatest asset is Purity. All adversaries fall away before Purity. What does one do if their contact with The World has made them impure? This is the condition with all of us at some point, though there are a few exceptions. That is where the spiritual austerities come in. I'm not talking about body mortification and the flagellation they practiced in medieval times, or the fakirs lying on beds of nails... or being buried alive. That is another kind of forcing and EVERYTHING has its price. It is far, far better to have these Powers and Abilities conferred on you once you have reached a level where you can safely engage them.

Think about what might happen if you gave a miniaturized race car to an 8-year-old or a machine gun or a laser. Some of these spiritual senses have a great deal more power than any of these toys by comparison. People are often destroyed when they get their hands on something they cannot control because that part of them is not yet under control. Self-Mastery MUST precede the acquisition of these abilities.

I'm not predicting anything when I speak about this massive change sweeping over The World. As I said, I don't know what shape it will take. I do know that we are in a time of Prophecy, a time that has been spoken of in scripture. Now... there are dime-store atheists and Annunaki exploiters (basically fearmongering, and faith-killing) and prison planet inmates who discount all things spiritual. They live inside of a world they have created in their heads. They read books by certain people who spun them some version of a Scientology-Urantia Land. They have no direct experience. They are living and believing according to what some science fiction writer told them. You can't argue with these people. You shouldn't argue with anyone. The point is lost as soon as the argument begins... unless that was the point... to argue, as is OFTEN the case.

I admit I could be wrong, relying on these writings from thousands of years ago, but I have already seen them proven right... here in my own time of this go around. If you are concerned about what might happen to you or to others, why... simply mind how you go, and seek help from Heaven. That is where The Grace is located, and Grace can have a great deal to do with what happens to you as well. Down at this level, where the people who only believe in what they can see and touch resides, Grace is in short supply, so is Faith and Universal Brotherhood, but... these are coming. That I can predict.

Those of a scientific mind, with the need to prove these things out, might want to try what I use. It's called Trust but Verify. My spirituality is also scientific in that it contains metaphysics, which contains most of what the physicists have yet to put together. Then there is that greater portion that neither physics nor metaphysics will ever understand or communicate. Some portions of that are known to The Silent Wise, BUT... much is, and ever will be... known only to God. A certain humility is required if one seeks to pass beyond certain barriers of Understanding. There are invisible guardians at all access points to Higher Wisdom. Parting the veil is an internal affair.

Sometimes I am trying to talk about subjects that can't really... effectively... be communicated in words, so one talks about other things in parallel, or by association... 'a little like this, a little like' that or... conversely, 'not this, not that'. However you manage it in your own hearts and minds, you will surely know when it comes together there. A synthesis occurs. A gestalt appears. A quiet ecstasy begins to hum in your heart. This is evidence of the presence of Higher Love.

As you know, and as I know, there will always be naysayers, and doom and gloomers. There will be dissatisfied customers, disappointed adults who are not being treated by The World the way their helicopter parents treated them. There are people with a grievance who just have to tell The World about it. There will be whiners and snowflakes, whose numbers will grow as Materialism intensifies. What can anyone do about any of that? EVERYTHING is resolved when the time comes. Greater sources of strength and power will appear, most especially in the human heart. A World Savior is coming, but... that does not mean that the whole world will be saved.

Each of us has a destiny we had a hand in weaving. Eventually, everything is reabsorbed into The One, but... some of the cells of The Body of God are self-conscious in residence, though also in harmony with the whole. Not everyone goes to sleep or forgets who they are. Some are more memorable and I recommend striving to that end; make yourself memorable to God.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, November 25, 2021

"Being Grateful to Heaven is a Reason for Heaven to Give You More Reasons to be Grateful."

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The Media... owned by The Usual Suspects, and the controllers of what the masses call News and Information, are now telling us that The Waukesha Murder Spree is an accident caused by an SUV (according to the Bezos owned Washington Post; purchased initially as a propaganda device). What do you know? It is “Christine” come to life in a new model. Otherwise, it is called an accident. Video (and witnesses) clearly show that The Driver of the SUV was weaving from side to side to hit as many people as possible, and driving at 40+ miles an hour. He's a BLM-inspired, wannabe rapper, hypnotized by his overlords, who originally owned and operated The Slave Ships that brought his ancestors here. They now own the New and Virtual Slave Ships of The Present, which are the slave ships of The Mind.

They have insinuated themselves into every area of social commentary, and have the message... whatever the message may be... in a stranglehold; or... at least they did. An apocalypse is a fascinating period of time, always directed toward transition, based on revelation and uncovering. That is happening by the day... and more so as we go. They will fail again, in spectacular fashion.

I do not want to talk about them, today. One has to be very careful of not falling into the trap of hating them, even though the whole territory of depraved and surgically twisted sex is their brainchild, even though they truly hate us... we cannot hate them back. It is their own hate that WILL destroy them. As Lao Tzu said, “Compassion is a weapon from the sky against being dead.”

I prefer to devote the remainder of this posting to Gratitude. This is a day for the celebration of Gratitude. I cannot remember ever thinking about The Pilgrims. I must have done so as a child, BUT... I doubt it has entered my thoughts for decades since. Usually... it is just about Gratitude for the sake of being Grateful, for which... I have many reasons; many... many reasons.

I live in a kind of ghost-town isolation, made more so by The Plandemic. Many of my neighbors are Canadians, who haven't been able to be around until lately. This is the busiest time of the year, but I hardly notice. Our backyard faces a green expanse and it's on a dead end. I seldom go anywhere except for my walks. I am profoundly Grateful that almost nothing at any distance from here (with one major exception of inner distance) holds any interest or attraction for me, except for The Sun.

There is NOTHING... Out There. Out There is a wilderness of aching desire, and I do not ache with desire. I don't really want anything anymore. That is cause for Great Gratitude. To not want anything is “paradise enow” as Omar Khayyam put it in The Rubaiyat. To not want anything is Heaven. Hell... is to be filled with want and be unable to satiate it; endless aching want.

We have often mentioned here that you cannot give a fire too much fuel. It will eat and consume until there is nothing but ash remaining. The more you throw on a fire, the hotter it burns, and the hungrier it gets. That is the nature of desire. In Times of Material Darkness, desire is inflamed by every means possible, because it means an ever greater profit for The Crap Merchants, who spin cotton candy fantasies about CRAP. People are drowning in CRAP. They are besieged with commercials for CRAP.

As H.L Mencken once said, “No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.” We like to consume and acquire. Many people measure their success in life by how much they are able to consume and acquire. I am MASSIVELY Grateful not to have this problem.

Thanksgiving, for me... has nothing to do with Pilgrims and Indian Tribes. It is a day set aside to be grateful, and this is what I do. I thank God... the livelong day... for all the reasons I have to be grateful. I don't think about colonialism, and all the other buzzwords that The Usual Suspects gave to issues they created, to bring force to the ideas they manufactured, in order to create dissent and racial hatred. I think about The Sun... endlessly giving. I think of Lady Nature and her abundance and generosity. No one is more humble and giving than Lady Nature. She takes our shit and turns it into fertilizer for more beauty.

The nature of GIVING that exists in all the various kingdoms of Nature is a marvel to behold and something few will ever see, with their eyes on the ground and their minds on their problems... shuffling along like beaten souls, as age and the circumstances of life wear them away, and their desires hollow them out from within.

Heaven does nothing but give. It is Gratitude that acknowledges that. It is... should be a natural reflexive action to feel Gratitude for the bounty that is ours, and I am not talking about a laden dinner table. I am talking about the fullness of the Grace and Presence within. Those with no sense of this... I suppose it is easy to understand why there is no Gratitude to be had. Being Grateful to Heaven is a reason for Heaven to give you more reasons to be grateful.

The ever-present joy for the love in one's heart is a fine reason for Gratitude, BUT... some might say that there is no Love in their heart. Ah... but there is. Your heart could not beat without Love. If you have no sense of its presence then you have suppressed it, and Hate is Love suppressed. It will come after you one way or another, as your own being attacks itself, as the result of this suppression. All negative emotion feeds specific diseases. If Love has free and unfettered access to your being, it will charge you with Immunity to all ills, and act as a passport to The Worlds of Light.

In this time of relentless deceit, we have broken souls declaring that there is no God, that God is a fabrication of deluded minds, and that we are slaves of some mythical space creatures. They mesmerize the Wobble-Brains with their arguments, being a form of spiritual Flat-Earthers. They are confusing horse apples with real apples and Religion with Spirituality. Every atheist I have ever encountered or read, bases their argument on Religion, and the crimes and failings of Religion. Meanwhile, this world has been more transformed by those of quiet and determined Faith than it ever has been by the reavers and disrupters. The greatest minds of every age have been conscious of the existence of a mysterious and incomprehensible force, whose primary expression is LOVE.

An open and giving heart is evidenced in one's life and appearance. A shuttered mind and a closed heart are evidenced there as well. If nothing is going well for you, then... YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!! or having to travel so many years of bad highway because of your insistence to do so. You can't blame your hard luck or your hard life on God... stalking about like a wounded tiger, enraged at your bad fortune and blaming it on a God you don't believe in. ANYONE... anyone... can stop in their tracks and let the air out of their heads, and throw themselves on the mercy of a forgiving and compassionate Heaven, if they so choose. It is their Pride that will not let them do it, and it is why it always leads to a fall.

I am not here to convince myself or anyone else of the presence of a divine spark through the whole of existence. I have proven it past any possibility of doubt, for my own assurance. If God wants your attention he most certainly will get it. This whole world and every other world is designed for one purpose; God's entertainment. The Good Guys, The Bad Guys, the whole drama, is for his amusement and participation therein. God seeks to experience himself THROUGH us; his wonders to perform. You see him every day in different expressions of excellence. He is my best friend and one of the greatest reasons for my Gratitude. Loving God gives me endless reasons for Gratitude because God responds to Gratitude. Some things he responds to AND... some things are the concern of OTHER departments of existence.

People object to this description of whimsical tyranny, not understanding its real purpose, which is for YOU to come to the realization of his indwelling presence, and to share in all the marvels and delights of his kingdom, which I ASSURE YOU... very few people have any understanding of, or this world would be a very different place. Most of the time it is, but we are in that part of the Cosmic Calendar where debt collection and reward are to take place. We are coming out of a great and long persisting darkness within and reflected without. Don't be surprised at anything, BUT... do be Grateful.

I include one of the better collaborations between Patrick Willis and myself, and which has to do with Gratitude; “A Place Called Gratitude”; regular readers have seen this before, BUT... perhaps, some have not.

May you have a fine day... suffused with Gratitude, and may the ineffable give you more and more reasons to be Grateful. Equally as important, may you come to see all that you already have to be Grateful for.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, November 22, 2021

"In Our Intentional Anonymity, The Bust of Everyman Resides, and Shines in Heaven's Hall of Fame."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

My God! And so... it goes up another level. Last night, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, a chronic felon, supposedly fleeing from a knife fight, brought a car to a Christmas Parade and mowed down children, and Dancing Grannies, killing at least 5 and injuring dozens. The video is gruesome and telling. It was a conscious effort to cause maximum grievous harm. Well... We only have bits of The Story at the moment, BUT... The Crass Media has shut down the conversation, because they do not want to highlight the fact that the aggressor is a BLM-driven, wanna be rapper, with a rap sheet that looks like it might get confused with a laundry list, and... which took place only 50 miles from the scene of Kyle Rittenhouse's murky murder trial; following which many of the Crass Media talking heads are STILL saying his victims were Black.

Too much coincidence here.

I suspect... I do not know, but... I suspect that things were said during the interrogation that The Crass Media does not want to have to explain. The Crass Media, and Hollywood, CAUSED this to happen by railing about the injustice of Rittenhouse, defending himself, and coming out on top.

I don't want to get too deeply into this event. There will surely be more... and worse to come. We are sitting on a powder keg, designed by The Usual Suspects, and their catamite administration and World Wide Media Empire. EVERYWHERE you look, Mr. Apocalypse is at work. He is tearing down the curtains in the big, dark room of human ignorance and The Light is breaking on the human mind.

The Crass Media won't touch the massive anti-vax demonstrations around The World. No mention is made of the hordes, gathered from over 80 countries, marching through the lower Americas, with the intention of destroying America. This is ALL orchestrated and financed by The Usual Suspects. Who is feeding these people as they cross the thousands of miles? Who is printing the t-shirts? Who is handling the details of this ever-continuing nightmare??? Besides George Soros, I mean?

We were warned about what might happen to us by The Founding Fathers near 250 years ago. This has been a recurrent story across the span of recorded history. Who else has been thrown out of every country in The World, and in some cases... more than once? They are an anomaly and their tactics NEVER CHANGE.

I can see the light reflecting in the lens of Mr. Apocalypse's mirrored sunglasses, as his head swivels, ever so slowly round for that long-awaited denouement, where epiphany breaks upon the shores of human consciousness, and The Truth is made abundantly clear at a wider reach. What happens in the mind of Mr. Apocalypse ALSO happens in the human mind. That is the point of it, to begin with. The effect of Mr. Apocalypse on the human mind is called The Awakening. They are the advance guard of The Avatar.

Now we have The Vaccine Agenda, whose intent is to disable us, kill us, and turn us into Zombie-bots; not necessarily in that order. On the heels of this vicious assault on our humanity and our freedom, comes the pitter-patter of rat's feet over broken glass in a flooded cellar... rumors of war... rumors of famine... rumors of agitated race wars. The owners of the slave ships have built a number of Trojan Horses, pulled by the inhabitants into their cities and towns. Sexual Perversity, also widely disseminated via their media, dominates the conversation, and the schools? The schools with their Communist agenda, through CRT and 1619, with the aforementioned Sexual Perversity, tools relentlessly DOWN the highway, with drag queens bouncing little children on their laps.

I'm not overstating anything. It is much worse than what I am telling you.

Let's leave that tawdry litany of tales behind us. Talking endlessly about these distressing times helps not at all. Arguing, waving your hands in the air... falling to your knees with your hands covering your grief-stricken face, avails not at all. In stillness, we are illumined. In surrender, we are made victorious. In the crucifixion of The Personality, on the false-self-abdicating cross of The Individuality, we are made glorious. In our intentional anonymity, the bust of Everyman resides... and shines in Heaven's Hall of Fame, where we are honored in The Mind of God.

Let's segue to something else, has anyone wondered, as I occasionally do, about the irony of Princess Di becoming Princess Dead? Thoughts like these haunt me late at night, as I toss about on the waterbed, while images of Kon-Tiki pass through my dreaming subconscious. Okay... now we are in a kind of tabula-rasa land. I call this cleansing the palate.

How can I put this? Your existence... depends entirely upon the God-Spark within you. You have no life otherwise. God is The Life in you. You are an actor expressing your comprehension or lack of comprehension in relation to this. This is what defines your life; your level of awareness, and the Karma that brings together all the elements in the drama of your life. There is NO OTHER source of life or power. This is demonstrated by The Sun in the sky that is there every day, and without which this would be a dead planet. It sits there as living proof, while our little lives move like slot cars through the events predestined by our Karma.

EVENTUALLY... no one but God and his minions knows when... you are awakened. You are Quickened by The Spirit. You are lit up! I remember a story. I don't remember the details well, BUT... I remember the gist and intention of the story. God... or his legitimate representative was walking through a forest when he came upon a yogi who recognized him. The yogi asked him how many more lives he must endure before he was enlightened. God replied, “Three more lives.” The yogi walked away dismayed at the news. Then God ran into another yogi who asked him the same question. God answered, “As many lives as there are leaves on that tree.” He pointed to a tree with many thousands of leaves on it. The yogi jumped for joy and said, “Only that many? Yippee!!!" Because of his attitude, God enlightened him on the spot. There... there you see an example of The Grace of God.

Yes... Karma is the law of sequencing our coming events according to our previous acts, BUT!!! God can set it aside at will, should he wish to. He made it. He can break it. He USUALLY does not, BUT... he can!!! Oh yes, he can. Unfortunately... for most people, thoughts concerning such matters seldom enter their heads. Their thoughts are dancing with The Sugar Plum Fairies at an endless rave, hosted by the DJ crew of Appetite and Desire. One seldom reflects until their strength, and their health has abandoned them. Then... those who acted in haste can now repent at their leisure. Regret composes the majority of the late-night snacks in Death's Waiting Room. Once again, let me mention Grace. Grace... that elusive bird, always on the wing, out of mortal sight, but all-seeing.

God knows our hearts. God KNOWS what we are about, BUT... who thinks of this? There is just too much going on to pay attention to. If that is indeed so, it can't be found in our Art and Culture, because THERE IS NONE! Those least inspired, and lacking all talent other than Monkey-Mind mimicry, are now the headliners. Depravity is the fuel of inspiration. People who can now... hardly even write their own names, are penning misspelled nonsense and lies... while being heralded as genius intellects. It is absurd. It is embarrassing; which has no impact on those incapable of embarrassment. I NEVER thought we would sink so low, but such is the nature of The Swamp of Entropy and devolution.

It WILL NOT stay like this, nothing does, except the often unremarked Presence of God. I will tell you this... when you recognize The Indwelling, something happens, and you are recognized as well. Angels appear... to guide you onward, whether you see them or not, as most do not. The Media was the cause of what happened in Waukesha last night. The endless never-ending, unabating press of faux-outrage caused this to happen, and those who own and operate this media KNOW what they are doing, and what they intend.

The spark of God is in them too. This WILL BE their undoing. It will all prove to have been to no avail, despite the massive casualties and epic suffering they caused on their way, their doom is certain, and we shall see this come to pass in our time. The Awakening WILL NOT be stopped, and as it proceeds it will be opening up avenues of realization in the hive mind. People will see, instinctively within, what the truth of the matter is, and there will be no hiding place in the aftermath.

I recommend walking with The Living God, in The Garden at dawn and dusk... and all through the interim. Let The Deathless Master be your pilot. He KNOWS the beginning and ends of all things. He set the parameters. He set the oceans above and below. He measured out the light and the darkness. He did... and does... all of it. Enlightenment is basically composed of this awareness coming into a fixed state; sort of like fixation of the volatile... solve et coagula... and so forth.

End Transmission.......

Let's have a closing song from a seldom celebrated master of the form, both as a lyricist and a guitarist. I give you, Bruce Cockburn and... Tibetan Side of Town=

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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

"Best to Immunize Yourself Against Fear. So Far as I Know, Only Love is an Effective Vaccine."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The World outside is waving and wearing its party dress and Jimmy Choo flats. Unfortunately, it's been up for a few nights and it looks like some hard riding and rough handling were involved. There must have been a time in recent memory when the mascara began to run, but The World hadn't been near a mirror it could get a clear reflection in recently. The outfit was torn in places. Since we really want to include the non-binary in here, or... what I like to call the 60-some gates to madness; wasn't that one of the recent tallies for gender possibilities? I'm wondering how we all come together if Diversity is the factor for union... and... since they are trying to blend us all into one race. Perhaps one language will result... Esperanto? Ebonics? Chinese?

It can be a little intimidating in times of great change when you see the demolition crews at work and no new foundations laid; no construction crews in sight. Foundations you can live with, I mean. There is also a ruthless effort at work to manifest Hell on Earth. This is visibly and noticeably so. That can also make the atmosphere apprehensive... if you are prone to that sort of thing. Fear is a funny animal that is not just an animal but also an insect and an invisible current, like the kind you sometimes notice in the ocean. It can come through small openings like a rodent or a snake. It can migrate through cracks like a centipede. It can be a chill wind at the nape of your neck. Best to immunize yourself against fear. So far as I know, only love is an effective vaccine.

The power of Love is little guessed at in this world. Most of the finest performers of it are little known in the world at large. This world does not celebrate real expressions of Love, because... Love ALWAYS moves toward Freedom, and the forces that think they are in charge do not like that. They are also very good at convincing the dreamers they are better off in their cages and on their treadmills, generating profits for them.

Well... The World is like that. It is the plane of Karma, so treadmills and cages come... as well as boltholes and keys, and Karma decides which of these you see or possess. Here it is probably best to mention The Grace of God, because... otherwise... it would just be Karma, you reaping what you sowed, right? Even if you are suffering from previous mistakes, there are other options besides the mechanical Karma of your state. You are not... ABSOLUTELY not... a pawn of Fate. See...

God owns a bank, and it is a bank unlike any bank you have ever heard of. You can get practically anything there, so long as it is righteous. This means you could ask for a loan of Grace from his bank, in respect of your Karma, and your promissory note to repay your debt by living in accord with Heaven, and serving as you go. You should already be doing this in any case (grin), but see, God is generous beyond human understanding. Don't even try to measure through a mortal perspective. One of the true signs of an immortal perspective is to be able to understand this feature of The Divine; that The Divine is INCOMPREHENSIBLE... and INDEFINABLE.

It is a little puzzling, isn't it? How could one who is immortal not know a lot more about the composition of God? Heh heh. Even The Gods share this not knowing, and from my perspective, it puts everyone on an even footing... if one chooses it so. In India, they have a word, Namaste. It translates into “I salute the God within you.” When you can do this with all life, you have reached a state of mastery. What would that one thing be that would make it possible to be like that? It could ONLY be Love, as ALL The Great Masters have taught.

Why... have they taught this... all of them? Because that is how it is. It is what it is, and it is Love that holds it all together, creates it, maintains it, and destroys it. If you don't know this then you don't know much of anything worth knowing. You might be a master of Wisdom, like Solomon; I think I read that in scripture somewhere... BUT... if you don't have Love... you got NOTHING. Whatever you think you have that is worth something is worth nothing, if you don't have Love. This is because ONLY Love makes anything worth having. Love is the presence of The Supreme Enjoyer within you. It is he that makes things feel good and right. If you don't care about Good and Right, sure... you can have all sorts of things that turn to sand in your mouth or dust in your hands.

You hear “Love” everywhere. The word is used to disguise all manner of undesirable behaviors that some find desirable. My place is not to tell people how to live their lives. I didn't do a very good job with my own life until God took a bigger hand in it. What I can say is the result of experience and observation.

This brings me flashbacks of LSD adventures. I might be at a park in Southern Kalifornia or upstate NY... Maui, Hawaii, and I would be on a goodly amount of pure essence. I might be sitting on an incline that hadn't become much of a hill yet or... this is all that's left of the hill it used to be. Anyway, there I was, and I was watching people from this altered state and I could see them propelled, or even led, like a horse by a bridle across the greensward. I could see all the appetites of Humanity at play.

There are states of perception that one can achieve by passing through the Doors of Perception that can take much longer in real-time. HOWEVER... the ones in real-time are lasting and the other state is temporary. No matter how many times I went back to the well, I could not compel Heaven to stay. You cannot storm the Gates of Heaven. This is why I put aside my psychedelic voyages. I think about those states, not infrequently, but I also note that they are now on the horizon line.

Sometimes, waiting is an enjoyable experience when you are waiting for something that you KNOW you are going to enjoy. That is how I feel about God. I have had some amount of tastes of it. I have noticed that the more I turn my attention to The Divine, the more it SEEMS that The Divine turns his attention to me. Think of it as being like taking a seat in The Sun on a fine day, at the right hour and you have one of those non-verbal intimacies of Presence, where you have this palpable sense that the sunlight is speaking, which indeed it is. It will speak as deeply in us as we permit it to. God is NOT intrusive. He doesn't have to be. He's also got Forever and knows how to spend his time. I suspect that God is permanently resident in a mindset that is exquisite beyond our knowing, but he will share it with us.

I want some of that. Actually, I want a great deal of that, an endless stream of that. Why? So I can give it away. I try to do that with everything, while not being stupid. Unfortunately, when it comes to money, I am not a professional handler of it. I don't seem to put the right value on it, so it often goes off to a heart willing to give it more love. I want for nothing. So how is it when you also want nothing? There is a simple expedient for this, but you have to risk it all, not to mention it will probably be taken away from you now and again ANYWAY. It seems to me one is better off putting their destiny in competent hands and having nothing in their own.

I was, probably still am, a big fan of myths and legends. They illustrate the archetypes and personas of human engagement. If you study The World, you see that most of everything in it is designed around people's appetites, ambitions, and fears. Restaurants, Night Life, beaches, and islands are everywhere, so are hotels and houses, so are prisons and hospitals. These, the towns and cities of this world, are staging areas for the dances of appetite, ambition, and fear... the sudden appearing chameleon. People awaken in a material dream at birth, and they pick up where they left off. They chase this, that... and the other thing. Sometimes they catch it and sometimes they don't. Gradually (and sometimes not so gradually) they run out of steam and make their way, by direct or circular means to Death's Waiting Room.

I would think that all this coming and going, and being caught up in the masquerade ball that goes on here, and the consequences that come from playing around with the furniture and the residents with Self-Interest as your guidance system and compass, might become wearying, not to mention occasionally painful and wrenching, but... people seem to have an endless appetite for more, and more, and more. You eventually come to look like what you spent your time doing.

My friends... there are much brighter fields of play. When you raise your sights, in time you become that which you aspire to, and you can carry the atmosphere of that field wherever you go. It is like discovering The Kingdom of God within you and dispensing it the way a light-bulb radiates light. There are the Doom and Gloomers too. There are the casually indifferent. There are the obsessively argumentative. There are the completely self-obsessed. There are the sexually possessed, pathologically repeating the same sequences over and over, under the command of the entity who leads or drives them to it. We become that which we aspire (or descend) to.

It is easier to become a fry cook than it is to become a king, but both are well within the parameters of the possible. Some who became king went on to regret it at length. Look at the bougainvillea of Fame. It is such a thirsty plant, yet it can survive on little water. If you water it at length it will REALLY expand its real estate. The human ego is like that and it has wicked thorns. I call the genus, Cactus Man. Famous people come to believe truly unreal things about themselves and their sense of entitlement is through the roof. They are hounded by a flotilla of flies and a massing of mosquitoes honing in on their neon persona, and buzzing in unison. Bad things get said about them and the whole world knows it. Then their youth fades or they fall out of favor. They are certainly not immune to disease and the misfortunes of the body.

If you don't know that God is the solution to every problem you could have, your problems will continue until the meter runs out. Grace seems to be a good subject for prayer, with Gratitude to follow.

End Transmission.......

Some links for whatever the reason; mostly because they are still where I put them whenever they got there (grin).

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People are being possessed all over.
It is like this at the coming of the avatar when malign spirits have been driven onto the material plane=

Homeowner orders intruder to leave, but instead intruder starts moving toward homeowner-
who opens fire 'after four, five, six' warnings:
'I had to stop him'

Kenosha rioters


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Sicker... sicker... and sicker- Truly, those whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad.
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Psychotic Psychologist Claims When Baby Boys Unclip Their Onesies Are Messaging Parents They Are Trans


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Rittenhouse Prosecution's Rebuttal Argument Was So Bad It Made Jaws Drop


Friday, November 12, 2021

"You Even Get a Certificate that You Can Put on Your Wall. Now... How About That?"

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

You know that the vaccine mandates, and the biometric passports, and the whole push for a cashless society is all about control by a psychopathic, Draconian minority of international bankers and a self-fellating elite. Most things become obvious when you are no longer concealing them from yourself.

Some are trying to draw Satanic parallels between Astroworld and Altamont. I would assume this is a very common theme in show-biz. Do you remember the pictures of John Revolta and Sammy Davis Jr. with Anton Szandor LaVey? They... AND others were seeking the hand of Satan to help them with their careers. Fortunately, for many, Scientology was invented as another way of exalting self-will over circumstance... fate... and each other. As if you could do something like that... that way, with Fate. What Fate does is weave ANY direction taken into a new permutation of what is cosmically intended for you. It's better to make your fate good by being good.

I was at Altamont, near the front. I saw what I saw, but I have seen so much of it now, it is not a question to me anymore.

Rap is OBVIOUSLY a tool of The Kingdom of Darkness. So is pornography. So is the reverse engineering, employed in the self-befouling of Back Door Sacristy Play. All of the Seven Deadly Sins are in service to The Kingdom Of Darkness. Everything IS connected, but... where in the body of God is the connection being made? If God contains EVERYTHING, both Good and Evil... it seems clear to me that you will be routed to the body locations that answer to the behavior you engage in.

The whole pathology of self-deception is a bit like playing chess with Death. Goethe went into this with Faust. It seems, to me... that your personality is the vehicle of your fate. Is it running you or are you running it? If you want to change your fate, take command of The Personality as a tool, do NOT let it be the one in charge. Otherwise... it goes where it goes. Deal with The Devil or no... it doesn't matter. It is the composition of your being that determines the end result. Get yourself in order! How do you do that? Serve by CHOICE or serve by DEFAULT... because you DO have to be in service to something. In Times of Material Darkness, most choose to serve their appetites and desires, which means they are serving their Carnal Nature. It goes where it goes.

One could learn a great deal by studying the esoteric tenets of Mithraism and Zoroaster's perspective on The Universe. Also, because they are about to bring forth the new archetypes grafted over the former; like they did last time, and the time before that, and the time before that. Good is no guaranteed winner, BUT... people do escape Evil altogether. Perhaps that is how The Universe is constructed. Everyone gets what they are after, AND suffers the consequences... so as to nudge... gently... and not so gently, The Soul to its proper harbor. It is all easily explained when you simply think of One Force with two faces, which appear according to the disposition of the player-actor in the behavior engaged in. There are worlds below and worlds above. Then there is The World between, where we are presently resident.

In the worlds beyond, in either direction, you cannot change anything. You cannot alter your status. That you MUST DO HERE! Unless you accomplish it HERE, it is not accomplished. That is why people keep coming back again, and again, and again, and again. You are not suddenly smarter on the other side. You are who you are. This is where The Great Work comes in. This is where you change the course of your existence and head for the real bright lights, big city. The human imagination has no way of drafting a vision of the immensity of it all. Trust me, that is quite beyond you.

People ALSO keep coming back to hit the trough or the bars or... how do they put it? Are you hitting that?” If that is your level of understanding when it comes to Romance, do not be surprised if you wind up with a Gorgon, only... it is not you but your heart that is turned to stone.

It is the same thing with the con artists and general criminal element. Harpies attend them. They are not unfamiliar with Aello and Ocypete, though they may not know them by those names. There are entire legions in Hell that are sent forth to harry those guilty of crimes against their fellows. See the rich and famous? They have all made their arrangements with someone. They have either cut a deal or it is the fruits of their labor. What I mean is that not all the rich and famous are bad people. ALSO... and that is a big ALSO, some who are present here are habitations of major players in the infernal realm. They REALLY like that material body experience. It's what Possession is all about, AND... it is far more in operation than you might think.

Here is where the action is. Here is where the prizes are to be had by those in a love-lock with matter. You have to stop seeing The World as a playground for Good and Evil, according to your definitions of them. People are what they are after. People BECOME what they pursue; what they emulate. You have seen where people start to look like their pets or their spouses? You become part of a pattern in a particular tapestry that is the woven content of what is familiar to you.

You are born into a particular land, at a particular time, to a particular couple, speaking a specific language, and being somewhere in the tapestry being woven. You are born as a man, out of a woman, to face the results of your previous behavior as a woman. The reverse is true as well. You are born a certain color, a certain race... you were born at a precise time of day, where the heavens show a blueprint for what is to follow. As you can imagine, this is a very big operation that has been going on for a long time, and what history we have, after the revisionists and victors got done with it, tells us what sort of goings-on we have had.

Any intelligent person will ask questions of others, and the really intelligent people will ask them of themselves. They will find it hard to believe that some being in the sky handles the whole affair. Well... yes and no. Think of Heaven as a corporation; you could even call it a cooperation, but bigger than anything we have here. God, the ineffable is the overall controller but he has employees that handle the minutiae. There is God the Incomprehensible out of which the whole shebang is created, and who remains forever ineffable. Then there is God the personable, who comes in looking like every man, and relates to us in human fashion. We call such visitations, an avatar, BUT... there are many levels of heavenly workers in descending order from The Avatar. WE ARE, each of us, in potential... one of those avatars.

It is out of our ranks that those avatars have come. They worked their way up, serving as they went. Right now, there are coming avatars working in various fields to serve and help those around them. This DOES NOT go unnoticed! HOWEVER... we are presently resident in a world of comfort and convenience. Most want an expeditious route. This is the attraction of The New Age Marketplace, where you can attend 3 weekends and a 4 day intensive, and be declared a MASTER. You even get a certificate that you can put up on your wall. Now, how about that?

ANYONE who has studied for any length of time or lifetimes in the area of comparative religion can EASILY see what traditions these charlatans took their sales pitch from. There are charlatans in all of these traditions now as well. This DOES NOT make the question of God's existence questionable. What ordinary men do, receives no imprimatur from Heaven, UNLESS they are in the service of Heaven. This is a training ground here. It is also a processing zone between other locations, elsewhere. This is where the Purpose of Demonstration takes place. It is here that you learn your chops, and it is here where you discover (one can only hope) that what goes around comes around.

People get bent out of shape by things the apostle Paul and others have said. I do not dismiss Paul. I filter Paul, and all the rest in every tradition. The ONLY things I embrace and take no exception to are the direct words of the founder of the tradition, not things said about him, ONLY what he said. People who want to argue, find plenty of opportunities and reasons to argue. If you actually want to find the truth, you can.

This personable God of which I spoke, is also, technically referred to as The First Emanation. It is an expression of Love, because the ONLY definable characteristic we can understand (and even then, good luck) of God... the ineffable, is God being Love, and who IS also the love being expressed at any time by anyone, when it is of the nature of that love. Think of desire, passion, inspiration, attraction... all of them are on that Dial I mentioned. Keep turning that Dial in the right direction and ever more refined expressions of Love come into play.

Think of that Dial as a teleportation device that runs from the bottomless reaches of Hell, up to the indescribable and incomprehensible states of Divine Love. It is ALL love or the absence of Love. If you cannot see this, you are not loving, you are on a stair-landing between where you have come from and where you are headed. One of these conditions WILL be present. Everything keeps getting better. Everything keeps getting worse. It's not business. It's personal.

End Transmission.......

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Kalki Avatar Mantra

Kalki Avatar Mantra

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BLM says if Rittenhouse is acquitted blood and fire will follow

Leftists are Preparing to RIOT if Rittenhouse is Acquitted

Tuesday, November 09, 2021

"Mystery Babylon, Confusion of Day and Night, and the Ten Thousand Maladies of The Heart and The Mind."

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Sooner or later, technology and the lower nature, the carnal nature of Man, screws things up. It is a story as old as time itself. Will the technology destroy its creator, or... will the creator's moral sense rise to the occasion? I suspect that on occasion it does and they leave for the stars. They come back also.

Find what you know to be true at the core of you and live it. We live in a kaleidosphere of sensory overload that only buries us deeper into matter. I don't know about anyone else but I am not going in that direction.

It is important to remember that not everyone is consciously engaged in evil against the rest of us. The Actual number of conscious participants is small, but they punch many times above their weight because the rest of us don't play dirty. Most of those engaged in bad activities against humanity are simply asleep and being used by the minority. The Awakening is taking care of this. Then Mr. Apocalypse explains it in the language of human experience. People are waking up. It is touch and go and almost like a race to the finish line.

As we have mentioned, when The Avatar comes, he sweeps down the planes, driving all of the negative and duplicitous nests of Evil down and out into manifestation. He cleans out those principalities and powers that scripture talks about and drives them from before him, as he fills the place with light. It is actually the light of The Avatar that drives them forth. This has something to do with Judgment, but it's not my department. Therefore, it begins to look very dicey and threatening in The World because all of these disembodied bad guys are hijacking bodies when they can. This can surface in all sorts of strange ways. Usually, it has to do with basic appetites of animal expression; the sex drive, hunger to consume, anger... but that comes out of the first example being throttled.

ACTUALLY, when you see this sort of thing happening in The World, it is a sign of The Coming of The Avatar. When you combine the appearance of Mr. Apocalypse AND The Awakening, it reinforces the certainty, because these three ALWAYS come together. This does not mean a big Whoopty Do will sweep The World. It means ALL KINDS of Whoopty Do are going to materialize and people will, in many cases get a reasonable facsimile of what they are seeking. That is both good news and bad news, depending on what you are up to. Once thing CERTAIN, The Avatar comes to set things right.

Not everyone will be agreeing with the coming of The New Template, and the next arrangement of archetypes in new outfits, with new backstories coming later on. Those are often written by the ones shoved out of the way according to Divine Imperative. People have no clue of what is actually going on behind the scenes of The Dance of Good and Evil in seeming appearance before us. This is because the whole idea of it has been created in their minds by the way they have been conditioned to view The World. It is possible to step right outside of this and have no relationship with it on the terms of appetites and desires. Want nothing from The World and The World will throw itself at you. Why... it will do it even if you do want it, but it will run from you, and that is how you get carrot-and-sticked.

Once you master your appetites, you will see as divinity perceives The World, and this will reflect in The World's perception of you. The struggle is not in The World outside and the people in it. The struggle is within yourself. People get everything turned around. No wonder nothing works as they hope it will. Now, those who work to pervert the culture are arranging it (have been arranging it) so that a square peg fits into a round hole. They'll surgically alter it if they can. Mystery Babylon... Confusion of Day and Night, and the ten thousand maladies of the heart and the mind.

It is, in fact, Voodoo, and Hoodoo. Woo Woo and her friends are here as well. They are here to party DOWN. Little do those, who work their way up in Hollywood, and politics, and religion, and business... Little do they realize, at first (there is so much glitter) who runs those towns, and they are towns, cities, states of mind, and heart in common throb to common ends. They eventually meet The Boss. Ah... do I have to say his name? This is why, when the tables are turned, the same people are still sitting there, because it isn't a table in that sense. Perhaps it is better to say that there are separate tables on separate planes. Your state of mind determines the world in which you live.

That is only one world, each of them... bubbles of existence in the froth of the sea and bursting quickly in the time-lapse eyes of The Divine. All these worlds are the imaginary, crystallized into temporary forms. You are a creator. You are creating all the time. You are weaving the tapestries of lives to come in every succeeding life. Weave consciously and with intention and you will have a Magic Carpet.

The best of it, for me, would be to find The Thing Itself. It has been called many things in items intending to symbolize it. Religions have their rituals built around it but do not possess it. Yes... to find that and then to disappear into blissful anonymity, moving through humanity while looking like everyone well met in their eyes, always as a friend in the coming and in the going.

As you will see in the links below, Mr. Apocalypse is taking it up a notch... noticeably so. It seems that Governor Newsom of Kalifornia has an adverse vaccine experience, and is so messed up he can't be seen in public. He doesn't want people to turn against the vaccines. WHEN this gets out, that will be the end of the road for this particular experiment in genocide, by the people claiming to be the biggest victims of it. Revelation is coming. Possibly Revelations itself is coming, in whatever actual form it takes. Certainly, it will be the case for some.

In an apocalypse, the end-time prophecies of each religion do come true in their way for those who believe in them. Look at the history of the last two thousand years and you can find ample proof that absolutely horrible things have happened more than once. Then there are periods that breeze by, like recent decades. Sometimes it is location-specific, like certain cities and countries were in certain romance periods. The artificial world is not to be trusted. The Natural World is, and The Supernatural World above all else because that is what inspires and shapes the vision. If your vision is impaired, so will be the vision. Best to let things run top down in all ways.

I could not tell you how anything will be. I don't think there is any of us that can do it with any accuracy when it comes to specifics, but you SHOULD be able to take the pulse and temperature of where you live. Even though it is what you are inside that determines the outside. Very strange things are happening at every level of society. The shake-up is coming. I am not talking about earthquakes, though I could see how resonance might play into that. This is an interior shake-up already in progress, but... well, it's like going off-road? Some stretches are rougher than others. It's always selective too. Some aren't touched by the highway at all or even the lack of one.

Make friends of The Angelic Kingdom and The Devic Realm. Each religious tradition has its points of great merit. Some specialize in an amazing minutiae of hierarchical pecking orders. Buddhism is the best resource for that aspect. They have the Benefic and Wrathful Deities. It is like the pecking order in the Kingdom of Heaven and in The Kingdom of Hell. There are some, and more and more by the day, these days, who do not believe in that sort of thing. They have video game avatars. Whatever works for you.

My point is not to go and be a Buddhist (unless you already are one, of course). It is simply to say that there is AMPLE evidence of the existence of these kingdoms (and in all of the other traditions as well), and it makes good sense to form an alliance with them. You do anyway, by how you live, you show fealty to one or the other. Usually, people have conflicting loyalties from serving different interests when the mood comes upon them.

Little do people realize... what happens to them if they live in a flesh-pit mentality. They are consumed by unpleasant forces which can be very difficult to get rid of. Wherever humanity congregates there are spirits who are attracted by the appetites exercised there. Las Vegas has an enormous population of Hungry Ghosts. So does New York... any big city. Public eateries attract their invisible clientele. So do sporting events. So do public restrooms and all manner of outdoor venues of various kinds.

People scoff at religion, and religion deserves it for being exposed in its corruptions, but I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. It does not hurt to have friends in the angelic realm. You attract them the same way a flower attracts a bee or shit attracts a fly because there is no accounting for taste. Exercise that which is attractive to the angels and they will show up to experience it with you.

End Transmission.......

I mentioned the film, “The God's are Crazy.” I had not seen episode 3 at the time. I saw about five minutes of it last night. That is what I have to say about it (grin). If you haven't seen, Kumare” that is an eyeopener.

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