Thursday, November 04, 2021

"Depending on How Fascinated You Are by It, On That Depends the Endless Mystery of Its Unraveling."

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We like to talk about The Sexual Force here and we like to explain that it is The Force active in life. You are a ping pong ball on an endless reaction loop. You can call it Karma, Fate, Random Chance. It's all the same thing when it's hitting on you. It is pleasant and unpleasant by turns. Sometimes you get a long run in one direction. You can pretty much expect that to change at some point. Happiness should NEVER be the objective. That direction is too steep and made of sand.

I think of the sexual force as like a snake. It goes one way, to go another, its body making S's and so on and so on. That is how it moves. It is sinuous. It is coiled at the base of your spine this very moment. Depending on the polarities in life, constructed in a MORE or LESS materially dense format, on that depends the level of bondage and darkness being experienced or the light and freedom otherwise. In Times of Darkness, it seeks to exit on particular floors of the building of your being. You can get trapped Down There! If one can CONTAIN this force, it will... by its nature, rise to the penthouse of your being, where all the light and freedom are to be found.

Since I desire Light and Freedom more than anything... except for the source of them, I contain my forces. It was doing this that has been responsible for a number of kundalini rising experiences I have had.

We make much of Romance on this plane. You can hardly see a movie that does not contain some elements of Romance; no matter how crude and misunderstood they may be. People's lives, in times of relative harmony, occur in family settings. They move on and create their own, and all of this falls under the header of Romance or we deeply hope it will.

When The Romance and The Thrill are gone, you can find yourself in a Purgatory of suffering. Let me wish you a fond arriva-dirt-nap, because this interaction between the sexes, at the carnal level... without higher inspiration and aspiration, is one of the key accelerants of mortality. It's like pouring gas on a fire and having little fuel. What you get are cinders in what feels like a flash of time, followed by mortality. That's a bit cut and dried. You might think there is more to it. Depending on how fascinated you are by it, on that depends the endless mystery of its unraveling.

No one can be happy with mortal love. It will take you down, no matter what the object of your affection may be. Loving God is not a mortal love. Loving God is one of the basic tenets upon which immortality is based. You know those allegorical images of angels flying around the luminous splendor of the throne of God? They say that goes on ETERNALLY. Does it not also seem that that could be boring; that one would lose interest after a time? As a matter of fact, that actually happens but... NOTHING is the same in itself as our understanding of it is... unless we fully understand ourselves.

We have been deceived into believing many things that are not true. Sometimes that is understandable because what we believe is beyond our capacity to know it. Otherwise, it is the patterning that has been worked on our subconscious to keep us in line. I know this to be true because I have crossed those lines many times, often it triggers an alarm (grin). What did I mean by that? One thing is sure, people will interpret it through the lens of their own perspective, and base it on what they would expect themselves to think and do. This is how almost everyone exposes themselves to the eyes of those paying attention, and why we are ALL hypocrites... until we are not.

Nothing is hidden from God and God is within us. People make a serious mistake from thinking they are getting away with anything, simply because they have so far. Due dates can be far in advance and have to be perfectly planned out and the stage set... so that the necessary teaching moment makes an impact.

Everything that happens involves the sex force, even when it seems to play no part. It is The Force. On an animal level, it is brutish. On a celestial level, it is Divine. It is all the same thing “by adaptation” and it all comes from The Sun (sort of). Vedic Masters, know all there is to know about the cosmos external and internal. They possess Ageless Wisdom. Ageless Wisdom is one of the perks of being contained; continence.

The reason so many relationships fail is because of the currency in which we transact the exchange. People squander themselves in short-term rutting and wonder why they don't feel the same anymore. Whut happened? “Act in haste, repent at your leisure.”

If you are brutish you live in Hell World, due to the coarseness of your appetites. You can find nearly everything in this world, but you will find what you are. You are fitted with a lo-jack that sends a homing signal to all life that is concerned with what you are. As you can imagine, that could be very good or very bad, depending on how you look at it. So long as we have animal nature, we set off animal attractants.

That fire which sinners allegedly burn in is the fire of unrequited desire. It is the same fire of pure and shining love that the saints rejoice in. The dial is simply set at a different reading.

Some love to bathe in the material world. They are given that opportunity. What did you ask Santa for on Christmas? God will give you everything you ask for. That does not mean that Happiness comes along with it. Many people desire what is bad for them. It is the same with the bad food they eat, the bad things they think and feel. All of this materializes IN YOU!

We build schematic patterns in a particular portion of our mind. It is like having a workshop in the basement. That is the factory where the product is readied for manifestation. God builds everything out of himself. We are made in the image of God. Does it not serve that we do the same? You have got to make yourself right before you do anything else. Otherwise... your output will reflect that you are not right.

We form our world out of our attractions. We arrange to live near them. This is that same sexual force. All of the transgender nonsense is the result of wrong thinking. Those Possessed of this malady are simply unable to process the descent of the Divine Feminine upon them. They misread the signals. That is the sum of being gay, and that phenomenon ALWAYS appears in the decline of a culture. I don't know why people seem unable to have a historical perspective and see the cyclicity of particular patterns coming and going. Most people will not tell the truth because it is politically disadvantageous; if I can put it that way.

It is because their sexual nature at the carnal level is the determinant of their attraction. Cities and large areas of human congregation... are built out of Nature bent to serve the will of those redesigning her. Fashion is almost exclusively the province of same-sex attractors. Style... Culture... these are what is wrought from NATURE by those reshaping it to their own ends. They have money and power, so you hear about it every day. We are being overseen by a cabal of sexually perverted degenerates in the doings of Culture and The Arts and in fashion and entertainment. It is a poisoned atmosphere and they are at war with Normal. Abnormal is the new Normal.

Once again, I have nothing against people who are drawn to those of their own kind. It is something that happens again and again when cultures reach a certain level of comfort and convenience. Life works best when people are challenged for survival. Great countries are forged from such things. Then... the challenges go away. People get lazy and degenerate. It is prima facie. It is self-evident. You can Literally see it if you permit yourself to.

This is all sexual force. There are VERY SOLID reasons why religions seek to curb certain behavior. Unfortunately, when religions become corrupt, these are the very forms of behavior that proliferate within them. We are at the end of an age. We are already into the next one. The cusp period is fading. So too will these religions fade, which have given way to perversity. The essence of religion is forever intact. The religions themselves? Not so much. Factually, I can tell you that if you are able to engage Lord Vivasvan; or whatever he is called around here, he will... upon the transmission lines of his rays, provide you with every answer to every question you could ever have.

Manage your attractions. Narrow your focus or expand it in 360 degrees. However you FINALLY come to the understanding that God is a living... conscious force that permeates all life, you will be on your way out of this vale of tears, this vale of sorrow and loss. Until you do, the endless internal and external conflict will go on. There is ONLY ONE result anyone can come to, even if they search and catalog the entire cosmos. God is cause and conclusion of all searches, no matter what you might tell yourself, everyone is looking for God, in whatever forms they have made attractive to themselves; whatever camouflage the mind has woven it into, to conceal it in an appearance nearer to material desire. That is how you get a devil out of God. You superimpose the false upon the real.

Now... let's move on to the birds and bees. I don't know what your parents told you, but...

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This post brings 'Paradise By The Dashboard Light' to mind. Hilarious song by one of the best voices out there.

Best relationship I ever had started out in platonic friendship, sex played a small part for a while, then it became totally a-gap-e not too long after. Hormones faded and left me, and we both agreed to leave sex in the past. Looking back, me thinks hormones were a NUISANCE. Getting my nose petted and snorfled and vice versa is another matter.

"God will give you everything you ask for."??????????????

Still waitin' for my nose hair coat and Akashic Library Card. Growing a 2 metre prehensile tail would be icing on the cake, but it's lower priority since I'd have to get all my trousers modified. I gotta ask my boss if I'm gonna need a tail sleeve.

Nostrils up!

Graham Hook said...

“No one can be happy with mortal love. It will take you down, no matter what the object of your affection may be.”

That struck a chord...for some reason (change of seasons?) it’s always, always this time of year that a ‘remembrance-of-things-past’ feeling descends upon me, seemingly out of the blue. And I end up having to re-feel the intense way I felt about a girl who I put too much faith in (to say the least!)

No doubt I’ll write another maudlin song about it all :)

Visible said...

That is the beauty of great art, it is processed out of the heart of the one who suffers for it. It's like grapes being pressed, and God making wine.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"When a Nation Departs from Fear of Offending God, It has a Signed Contract for The Purpose of Demonstration."



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