Thursday, November 25, 2021

"Being Grateful to Heaven is a Reason for Heaven to Give You More Reasons to be Grateful."

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The Media... owned by The Usual Suspects, and the controllers of what the masses call News and Information, are now telling us that The Waukesha Murder Spree is an accident caused by an SUV (according to the Bezos owned Washington Post; purchased initially as a propaganda device). What do you know? It is “Christine” come to life in a new model. Otherwise, it is called an accident. Video (and witnesses) clearly show that The Driver of the SUV was weaving from side to side to hit as many people as possible, and driving at 40+ miles an hour. He's a BLM-inspired, wannabe rapper, hypnotized by his overlords, who originally owned and operated The Slave Ships that brought his ancestors here. They now own the New and Virtual Slave Ships of The Present, which are the slave ships of The Mind.

They have insinuated themselves into every area of social commentary, and have the message... whatever the message may be... in a stranglehold; or... at least they did. An apocalypse is a fascinating period of time, always directed toward transition, based on revelation and uncovering. That is happening by the day... and more so as we go. They will fail again, in spectacular fashion.

I do not want to talk about them, today. One has to be very careful of not falling into the trap of hating them, even though the whole territory of depraved and surgically twisted sex is their brainchild, even though they truly hate us... we cannot hate them back. It is their own hate that WILL destroy them. As Lao Tzu said, “Compassion is a weapon from the sky against being dead.”

I prefer to devote the remainder of this posting to Gratitude. This is a day for the celebration of Gratitude. I cannot remember ever thinking about The Pilgrims. I must have done so as a child, BUT... I doubt it has entered my thoughts for decades since. Usually... it is just about Gratitude for the sake of being Grateful, for which... I have many reasons; many... many reasons.

I live in a kind of ghost-town isolation, made more so by The Plandemic. Many of my neighbors are Canadians, who haven't been able to be around until lately. This is the busiest time of the year, but I hardly notice. Our backyard faces a green expanse and it's on a dead end. I seldom go anywhere except for my walks. I am profoundly Grateful that almost nothing at any distance from here (with one major exception of inner distance) holds any interest or attraction for me, except for The Sun.

There is NOTHING... Out There. Out There is a wilderness of aching desire, and I do not ache with desire. I don't really want anything anymore. That is cause for Great Gratitude. To not want anything is “paradise enow” as Omar Khayyam put it in The Rubaiyat. To not want anything is Heaven. Hell... is to be filled with want and be unable to satiate it; endless aching want.

We have often mentioned here that you cannot give a fire too much fuel. It will eat and consume until there is nothing but ash remaining. The more you throw on a fire, the hotter it burns, and the hungrier it gets. That is the nature of desire. In Times of Material Darkness, desire is inflamed by every means possible, because it means an ever greater profit for The Crap Merchants, who spin cotton candy fantasies about CRAP. People are drowning in CRAP. They are besieged with commercials for CRAP.

As H.L Mencken once said, “No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.” We like to consume and acquire. Many people measure their success in life by how much they are able to consume and acquire. I am MASSIVELY Grateful not to have this problem.

Thanksgiving, for me... has nothing to do with Pilgrims and Indian Tribes. It is a day set aside to be grateful, and this is what I do. I thank God... the livelong day... for all the reasons I have to be grateful. I don't think about colonialism, and all the other buzzwords that The Usual Suspects gave to issues they created, to bring force to the ideas they manufactured, in order to create dissent and racial hatred. I think about The Sun... endlessly giving. I think of Lady Nature and her abundance and generosity. No one is more humble and giving than Lady Nature. She takes our shit and turns it into fertilizer for more beauty.

The nature of GIVING that exists in all the various kingdoms of Nature is a marvel to behold and something few will ever see, with their eyes on the ground and their minds on their problems... shuffling along like beaten souls, as age and the circumstances of life wear them away, and their desires hollow them out from within.

Heaven does nothing but give. It is Gratitude that acknowledges that. It is... should be a natural reflexive action to feel Gratitude for the bounty that is ours, and I am not talking about a laden dinner table. I am talking about the fullness of the Grace and Presence within. Those with no sense of this... I suppose it is easy to understand why there is no Gratitude to be had. Being Grateful to Heaven is a reason for Heaven to give you more reasons to be grateful.

The ever-present joy for the love in one's heart is a fine reason for Gratitude, BUT... some might say that there is no Love in their heart. Ah... but there is. Your heart could not beat without Love. If you have no sense of its presence then you have suppressed it, and Hate is Love suppressed. It will come after you one way or another, as your own being attacks itself, as the result of this suppression. All negative emotion feeds specific diseases. If Love has free and unfettered access to your being, it will charge you with Immunity to all ills, and act as a passport to The Worlds of Light.

In this time of relentless deceit, we have broken souls declaring that there is no God, that God is a fabrication of deluded minds, and that we are slaves of some mythical space creatures. They mesmerize the Wobble-Brains with their arguments, being a form of spiritual Flat-Earthers. They are confusing horse apples with real apples and Religion with Spirituality. Every atheist I have ever encountered or read, bases their argument on Religion, and the crimes and failings of Religion. Meanwhile, this world has been more transformed by those of quiet and determined Faith than it ever has been by the reavers and disrupters. The greatest minds of every age have been conscious of the existence of a mysterious and incomprehensible force, whose primary expression is LOVE.

An open and giving heart is evidenced in one's life and appearance. A shuttered mind and a closed heart are evidenced there as well. If nothing is going well for you, then... YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!! or having to travel so many years of bad highway because of your insistence to do so. You can't blame your hard luck or your hard life on God... stalking about like a wounded tiger, enraged at your bad fortune and blaming it on a God you don't believe in. ANYONE... anyone... can stop in their tracks and let the air out of their heads, and throw themselves on the mercy of a forgiving and compassionate Heaven, if they so choose. It is their Pride that will not let them do it, and it is why it always leads to a fall.

I am not here to convince myself or anyone else of the presence of a divine spark through the whole of existence. I have proven it past any possibility of doubt, for my own assurance. If God wants your attention he most certainly will get it. This whole world and every other world is designed for one purpose; God's entertainment. The Good Guys, The Bad Guys, the whole drama, is for his amusement and participation therein. God seeks to experience himself THROUGH us; his wonders to perform. You see him every day in different expressions of excellence. He is my best friend and one of the greatest reasons for my Gratitude. Loving God gives me endless reasons for Gratitude because God responds to Gratitude. Some things he responds to AND... some things are the concern of OTHER departments of existence.

People object to this description of whimsical tyranny, not understanding its real purpose, which is for YOU to come to the realization of his indwelling presence, and to share in all the marvels and delights of his kingdom, which I ASSURE YOU... very few people have any understanding of, or this world would be a very different place. Most of the time it is, but we are in that part of the Cosmic Calendar where debt collection and reward are to take place. We are coming out of a great and long persisting darkness within and reflected without. Don't be surprised at anything, BUT... do be Grateful.

I include one of the better collaborations between Patrick Willis and myself, and which has to do with Gratitude; “A Place Called Gratitude”; regular readers have seen this before, BUT... perhaps, some have not.

May you have a fine day... suffused with Gratitude, and may the ineffable give you more and more reasons to be Grateful. Equally as important, may you come to see all that you already have to be Grateful for.

End Transmission.......

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robert said...

Visible One for Many,

I don't think about colonialism, and all the other buzzwords that The Usual Suspects gave to issues they created, to bring force to the ideas they manufactured, in order to create dissent and racial hatred. I think about The Sun... endlessly giving

Cut to the only chase worth pursuing: the central sun of our being, mirrored by the star of our solar system show!

Gratitude has connotations of being grateful, grating ourselves before human benefactors, or in these inverted times, before the iconic malefactors among the technocratic oligarchs!

Imagine people so cut off from life as to bow and scrape before the likes of corporate pirates!

Reclaiming meaning is a full time task during Armageddon, as we work on our perception every day to clean it up and clear away shadows.
To walk in faith requires an operational, pristine inner vision.

Gratitude aimed at the ultimately deserving Being is another form of modelling perfection, however imperfectly.

The Avatar Yeshua gave us a seemingly impossible example, showing gratitude and appreciation for the life granted, though filled with ultimate challenges!

All Avatars and all human beings elevated by their deep relationship with the One show surrender to the love and the will as the way....

Only egocentric perception is diminished by open hearted appreciation for life!
In reality, the cool trick is that merging false distinctions back into Unity swells the life of every avatar/human surrogate of the One Dream.

We are responsible for tuning our minds and our hearts will follow
We gain everything and lose nothing real by following the highest examples we can model
We find what was never lost when we accept the pull of love to tune in to the deepest tone we can handle

Giving ourselves away is the wise trade, recycling hand-me-down limited perception for the One Mind unlimited...

When we have exhausted our little selves chasing our tails, spinning tangible illusive threads into a cocoon coffin, we are transformed by impersonal forces into who we were conceived to be all along

Dropping pride of possession by other than the One in the dirt is inviting a greater life into focus.

We are then continually grateful to be in gratitude, coming to know the positive feedback loop initiated and sustained by continual shedding of who we thought we were!

We are learning to surf on the biggest waves we never thought we could ride!
When we fall off our bored, we are refreshed by the churning froth of endless life in love with time.

Heaven does nothing but give. It is Gratitude that acknowledges that. It is... should be a natural reflexive action to feel Gratitude for the bounty that is ours, and I am not talking about a laden dinner table. I am talking about the fullness of the Grace and Presence within

Emulating heaven is the way to be.
Giving is the example of how to be alive without end.
We are being given and we give our being, without question, without self-reflection, without limitation

We are given Visible efforts which shine through one singular life upon all who tune their hearts to hear!

Thanks to all who be here now!

Anonymous said...

A guaranteed "listen" on Thanksgiving Day to "A Place of Gratitude." The endearing comments below the video are worth reading.

Another big Thank You for giving yourself to us year round , Visible!

Love and many blessings, Priscilla

Anonymous said...

Neo-Progressivism (aka) Human Devolution..

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Like a Back-Filming of The Bataan Death March. They are The Zombie Hordes of Material Gods."

ty said...

Visdibledids, its like how the objects of desire for something we don't have, tend to show up after one lets go of the desire to possess... this seems to me a universal principal.

And it is often reflected instinctively in our generosity to those who ask vs humbly await.

Gratitude seems to be another universal principal that operates similarly in the mind of God... I've seen in action how the universe will bring more of what I was grateful for, in a way that is undeniable, so I know this is a living reality.



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