Wednesday, November 17, 2021

"Best to Immunize Yourself Against Fear. So Far as I Know, Only Love is an Effective Vaccine."

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The World outside is waving and wearing its party dress and Jimmy Choo flats. Unfortunately, it's been up for a few nights and it looks like some hard riding and rough handling were involved. There must have been a time in recent memory when the mascara began to run, but The World hadn't been near a mirror it could get a clear reflection in recently. The outfit was torn in places. Since we really want to include the non-binary in here, or... what I like to call the 60-some gates to madness; wasn't that one of the recent tallies for gender possibilities? I'm wondering how we all come together if Diversity is the factor for union... and... since they are trying to blend us all into one race. Perhaps one language will result... Esperanto? Ebonics? Chinese?

It can be a little intimidating in times of great change when you see the demolition crews at work and no new foundations laid; no construction crews in sight. Foundations you can live with, I mean. There is also a ruthless effort at work to manifest Hell on Earth. This is visibly and noticeably so. That can also make the atmosphere apprehensive... if you are prone to that sort of thing. Fear is a funny animal that is not just an animal but also an insect and an invisible current, like the kind you sometimes notice in the ocean. It can come through small openings like a rodent or a snake. It can migrate through cracks like a centipede. It can be a chill wind at the nape of your neck. Best to immunize yourself against fear. So far as I know, only love is an effective vaccine.

The power of Love is little guessed at in this world. Most of the finest performers of it are little known in the world at large. This world does not celebrate real expressions of Love, because... Love ALWAYS moves toward Freedom, and the forces that think they are in charge do not like that. They are also very good at convincing the dreamers they are better off in their cages and on their treadmills, generating profits for them.

Well... The World is like that. It is the plane of Karma, so treadmills and cages come... as well as boltholes and keys, and Karma decides which of these you see or possess. Here it is probably best to mention The Grace of God, because... otherwise... it would just be Karma, you reaping what you sowed, right? Even if you are suffering from previous mistakes, there are other options besides the mechanical Karma of your state. You are not... ABSOLUTELY not... a pawn of Fate. See...

God owns a bank, and it is a bank unlike any bank you have ever heard of. You can get practically anything there, so long as it is righteous. This means you could ask for a loan of Grace from his bank, in respect of your Karma, and your promissory note to repay your debt by living in accord with Heaven, and serving as you go. You should already be doing this in any case (grin), but see, God is generous beyond human understanding. Don't even try to measure through a mortal perspective. One of the true signs of an immortal perspective is to be able to understand this feature of The Divine; that The Divine is INCOMPREHENSIBLE... and INDEFINABLE.

It is a little puzzling, isn't it? How could one who is immortal not know a lot more about the composition of God? Heh heh. Even The Gods share this not knowing, and from my perspective, it puts everyone on an even footing... if one chooses it so. In India, they have a word, Namaste. It translates into “I salute the God within you.” When you can do this with all life, you have reached a state of mastery. What would that one thing be that would make it possible to be like that? It could ONLY be Love, as ALL The Great Masters have taught.

Why... have they taught this... all of them? Because that is how it is. It is what it is, and it is Love that holds it all together, creates it, maintains it, and destroys it. If you don't know this then you don't know much of anything worth knowing. You might be a master of Wisdom, like Solomon; I think I read that in scripture somewhere... BUT... if you don't have Love... you got NOTHING. Whatever you think you have that is worth something is worth nothing, if you don't have Love. This is because ONLY Love makes anything worth having. Love is the presence of The Supreme Enjoyer within you. It is he that makes things feel good and right. If you don't care about Good and Right, sure... you can have all sorts of things that turn to sand in your mouth or dust in your hands.

You hear “Love” everywhere. The word is used to disguise all manner of undesirable behaviors that some find desirable. My place is not to tell people how to live their lives. I didn't do a very good job with my own life until God took a bigger hand in it. What I can say is the result of experience and observation.

This brings me flashbacks of LSD adventures. I might be at a park in Southern Kalifornia or upstate NY... Maui, Hawaii, and I would be on a goodly amount of pure essence. I might be sitting on an incline that hadn't become much of a hill yet or... this is all that's left of the hill it used to be. Anyway, there I was, and I was watching people from this altered state and I could see them propelled, or even led, like a horse by a bridle across the greensward. I could see all the appetites of Humanity at play.

There are states of perception that one can achieve by passing through the Doors of Perception that can take much longer in real-time. HOWEVER... the ones in real-time are lasting and the other state is temporary. No matter how many times I went back to the well, I could not compel Heaven to stay. You cannot storm the Gates of Heaven. This is why I put aside my psychedelic voyages. I think about those states, not infrequently, but I also note that they are now on the horizon line.

Sometimes, waiting is an enjoyable experience when you are waiting for something that you KNOW you are going to enjoy. That is how I feel about God. I have had some amount of tastes of it. I have noticed that the more I turn my attention to The Divine, the more it SEEMS that The Divine turns his attention to me. Think of it as being like taking a seat in The Sun on a fine day, at the right hour and you have one of those non-verbal intimacies of Presence, where you have this palpable sense that the sunlight is speaking, which indeed it is. It will speak as deeply in us as we permit it to. God is NOT intrusive. He doesn't have to be. He's also got Forever and knows how to spend his time. I suspect that God is permanently resident in a mindset that is exquisite beyond our knowing, but he will share it with us.

I want some of that. Actually, I want a great deal of that, an endless stream of that. Why? So I can give it away. I try to do that with everything, while not being stupid. Unfortunately, when it comes to money, I am not a professional handler of it. I don't seem to put the right value on it, so it often goes off to a heart willing to give it more love. I want for nothing. So how is it when you also want nothing? There is a simple expedient for this, but you have to risk it all, not to mention it will probably be taken away from you now and again ANYWAY. It seems to me one is better off putting their destiny in competent hands and having nothing in their own.

I was, probably still am, a big fan of myths and legends. They illustrate the archetypes and personas of human engagement. If you study The World, you see that most of everything in it is designed around people's appetites, ambitions, and fears. Restaurants, Night Life, beaches, and islands are everywhere, so are hotels and houses, so are prisons and hospitals. These, the towns and cities of this world, are staging areas for the dances of appetite, ambition, and fear... the sudden appearing chameleon. People awaken in a material dream at birth, and they pick up where they left off. They chase this, that... and the other thing. Sometimes they catch it and sometimes they don't. Gradually (and sometimes not so gradually) they run out of steam and make their way, by direct or circular means to Death's Waiting Room.

I would think that all this coming and going, and being caught up in the masquerade ball that goes on here, and the consequences that come from playing around with the furniture and the residents with Self-Interest as your guidance system and compass, might become wearying, not to mention occasionally painful and wrenching, but... people seem to have an endless appetite for more, and more, and more. You eventually come to look like what you spent your time doing.

My friends... there are much brighter fields of play. When you raise your sights, in time you become that which you aspire to, and you can carry the atmosphere of that field wherever you go. It is like discovering The Kingdom of God within you and dispensing it the way a light-bulb radiates light. There are the Doom and Gloomers too. There are the casually indifferent. There are the obsessively argumentative. There are the completely self-obsessed. There are the sexually possessed, pathologically repeating the same sequences over and over, under the command of the entity who leads or drives them to it. We become that which we aspire (or descend) to.

It is easier to become a fry cook than it is to become a king, but both are well within the parameters of the possible. Some who became king went on to regret it at length. Look at the bougainvillea of Fame. It is such a thirsty plant, yet it can survive on little water. If you water it at length it will REALLY expand its real estate. The human ego is like that and it has wicked thorns. I call the genus, Cactus Man. Famous people come to believe truly unreal things about themselves and their sense of entitlement is through the roof. They are hounded by a flotilla of flies and a massing of mosquitoes honing in on their neon persona, and buzzing in unison. Bad things get said about them and the whole world knows it. Then their youth fades or they fall out of favor. They are certainly not immune to disease and the misfortunes of the body.

If you don't know that God is the solution to every problem you could have, your problems will continue until the meter runs out. Grace seems to be a good subject for prayer, with Gratitude to follow.

End Transmission.......

Some links for whatever the reason; mostly because they are still where I put them whenever they got there (grin).

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Talk about staged events playing to The Media of which it is a larger part=
It's a great promo for their attempted world takeover=

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Via Blaze Media
People are being possessed all over.
It is like this at the coming of the avatar when malign spirits have been driven onto the material plane=

Homeowner orders intruder to leave, but instead intruder starts moving toward homeowner-
who opens fire 'after four, five, six' warnings:
'I had to stop him'

Kenosha rioters


Via Vidmax
Sicker... sicker... and sicker- Truly, those whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad.
Why... my goodness! It's a Tribe member!=

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When all sense of law and order is gone=
Rittenhouse Prosecution's Rebuttal Argument Was So Bad It Made Jaws Drop



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up. Excellent message. A rare snarkado free comment.

Josephine D. said...


Visible said...

Usually when I get the all caps thing, I suspect trolling. I will answer this simple question in a very simple manner. Love AUTOMATICALLY displaces Fear. Love... Just love, as for finding the Love to displace it. If one does not know where the love is, it is impossible to communicate it.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"When You No Longer want The World, The World No Longer has The Power to Influence You to Your Detriment."

Guy Reid-Brown said...

'People awaken in a material dream at birth, and they pick up where they left off.'

I wish I'd read that sentence a long time ago.



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