Monday, November 01, 2021

"It is The Fluid of Your Living, in a System of Your Being, Where It Works Like the Blood Flows."

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There are always problems in this world where separated minds are not in agreement about facets and factors of The World external to them. Our perspectives vary... our points of view are individualized for the purpose of the Karma created to display it. I know there are a lot of people out there with intelligence. Sometimes there is the ability to display it.

I have nothing against people who share views different from mine, BUT... I am also not compelled to embrace those views. My own views are shaped by the ideas and words of those who shaped me, as intermediaries... proxies for the hand of God. I'm not interested in temporal narrations of the visible world, even when the ideas are sound. I prefer to read the timeless works and think the timeless thoughts. Certainly, others have thought those thoughts before. That does not trouble me. It reinforces what I believe.

I have a limited engagement here, so I want to spend my time as wisely as possible. That means listening to and reading trusted sources. I wasted a lot of time in certain periods of my life. That I did this has schooled me in a very traumatic and practical way. It is not required that I suffer further. Therefore I will give no cause for suffering.

I just don't have time for these other temporal versions. If it isn't in the Vedas, if it isn't in the example of Jesus Christ, if it does not possess the wisdom of Buddha, I'm just not interested. It is no judgment on these people. They might be right in their area of enterprise. It is just that that is not my area of enterprise. I am after Ageless Wisdom. I don't care about all these other speculative and imaginative activities of the human mind. I do not wish to inform. I wish to be informed. I don't know about all of these other things that people get all worked up about. I have learned to leave The World alone.

It is something to see, when full-on capitalist enterprises push Communism (Google, Facebook, and such) You have to wonder what their motives are. I have reasons to believe that some of the technical people at Facebook have either discovered or are in tandem with someone who has been responsible for a MAJOR technical breakthrough. We often don't look as deeply into what is happening in many areas of life because present conditions put a great many people on edge. Now Facebook is gobbling up all the virtual reality companies and labs.

The World is something like a washing machine metaphor, where the water can come at the other water coming at it in all kinds of unpredictable ways. Imagine several choppy currents converging. That is how the water is where certain masses congregate. When lots of people are pressed more and more together, and also have the carnal inclinations of general humanity in Times of Material Darkness, you get pressure buildups. As anyone ever caught up in a mob scene, or in a confined space, like a prison can tell you... Fear is contagious. It can move like a wildfire through a crowd.

You tell yourself that you would not do anything to survive. You would never trample the people who go down when maddened crowds surge. Sometimes, even for the most stalwart, self-disciplined and brave, it requires forethought as to the best measure of avoidance; “fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” Don't get into crowds. I can't think of anything I would go into a crowd for. I don't need to go into crowds. I don't need to live in a city. Any living environment across the country will take you in if you know the great secret of human accord. It shouldn't be a secret really. It's self-evident, but many do not see or employ it, and that is Love.

It certainly appears that most people know very little about Love at all. Yes... it may feature into all of the things that people say it has to do with, but it does MUCH MUCH more. It is the fluid of your living, in a system of your being where it works like the blood flows. Love is an advanced chemistry that you might compare to 3-in-One oil, except the number is much higher than 3. 3 is good to build on though, if you think of its meanings and symbologies in Religion.

The whole world is composed of letters and numbers. Every form has a hidden vibrationary language written in it that is the determinant of its form. Every color has a significant feel and atmosphere to it and works with sound to create amazing healing dynamics and MANY other mediums. This is all Love. The highest Love is like iridescent and radiant light entering a prism. It comes in those 7 colors... those colors out of which all shades are a blend. As colors get murky in the physical world, a certain level of emotion creates the climate for the world you live in. Life does not have to go down. People let their desires and appetites take them in that direction.

The rich are very interesting. The rich and powerful; I have had many a chuckle over them. Some of them have big plans to survive something horrible that they have created for others. Even now they go about with armed guards. They have armed guards at their homes. They have armed guards that guard their money. They have places at a far reach that are guarded, whether they are there or not.

What do you think their guards will do, if something horrible happens to the rest of us? Are these not men with a certain cunning for survival? They are hired to do brutal things if it is required, perhaps... even if it is not strictly required... but someone is paying them to do it. Yes... that happens. The people who protect the rich, and powerful, know the people they protect in a way the public does not. People of a certain moral drift are not nice people that you want to be around. They do bad things to maintain who they are. There will be no higher loyalty to protect the rich and powerful from those they hired to protect them.

Don't want robbers coming to your home? Don't have a conspicuous excess of what you don't need. Don't live in opulence in the eyes of others. Don't parade about before the eyes of The World. It will not always be kind or supportive of you. The World is, by nature, fickle. It is a cat in the night. You control The World by not allowing The World to control you. When you have mastered your passions and can fill and empty The Mind at will, you will find The World will be no problem for you.

This is the thing that the rich and powerful don't get. The most necessary work does not get done in them. They are badly drawn, incomplete. I will say here that rich and poor locations AND mindsets are both havens for scoundrels. It is possible to have immense wealth and not be a scoundrel if you are also a steward. The Sun is an interesting study on this. The Sun God in the Hindu Tradition is called, Lord Surya, but... Lord Surya is like that cartoon character, The Phantom. It's a station, not a person. Presently, Lord Vivasvan ( really a splendid being) is the resident Lord Surya; or the one who rules in Surya's seat. His term of investiture is 400,000,000 years. That is, I think... a very long time. Against the backdrop of eternity, it is a particle too small to see.

You CANNOT protect yourself from Death. You can be rendered exempt by the proper authority. You CANNOT escape Fate... though... you can fail to fulfill your Destiny since they are not the same... even though they have strong similarities of function. The rich and powerful are as susceptible as anyone else to the strictures of Fate. HOWEVER... all that can be set aside or made a part of debt consolidation, arranged by the greatest experts in existence, if one is so inclined. There is ALWAYS Grace if you know who to approach about it.

All these are a part of Love too. The permutations are similar to that of petroleum or the coconut, except they are ever so much more. People spend their time on the surface of Love and its pedestrian attractions. They flock and flirt in The Shallows. Love is THE primary expression of God. You may be sure it is multifarious, and also... so potent that it ALWAYS accomplishes its intent.

Love has a wild side... and sheer exuberance can be a problem, so Wisdom is needed. These are two results that depend utterly upon one another for perfect execution of Truth... Love and Wisdom REVEAL Truth and you get 3 again. Wisdom contains and channels Love. One of the highest expressions of Love is Compassion. Lao Tzu said that “Compassion is a weapon from the sky against being dead.”

Love is made for giving. Who ever heard of keeping your love to yourself? Therefore, Love demonstrates the right course to take by its very nature. The study of Love is definitely post-graduate stuff (grin).

Love is a higher state than Wisdom. Knowing this... I think... is called Divine Luminous Wisdom. If you walk the path of Love, Wisdom will be added. If you walk the path of Wisdom and complete it, you will still have to walk The Path of Love.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

We're just passin' through. All is temporary, attachment to this is misery, so why is it even important? It is a realm of extreme limits, perpetual inconveniences, illusions, stupidity abounds, and I'm back here for the gazillionth and last time for reasons I cannot begin to ken fer certain, though I have a weird feeling that this is what it took for me to get over a desire to come here again. . .even though statistically my life is great even if I do have to be the one to bring the cat litter and cases of water up the two flights of stairs due to a slightly sturdier build, not to mention bein' a bloody dishwasher as opposed to my more sedentary flat mate.

Well, witnessing the complete destruction of the era I suppose almost makes it worth it. Almost. I must also admit my life's resumé is a bit more interesting than most, not to mention I got away with everything' sans bein' arrested due to not gettin' caught in my mad escapades.

Death? Transition. Nothing to be protected from, but I'm a huge fan of all the psychpomps; so opinions do vary.

Great post, of course.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"In Times of Material Darkness, a Greater Number of us Fail, Again and Again. We are Like Sisyphus."

Tyler Vincent said...

Absolutely beautiful blog Visible. And as for their armed guards, EXCLUSIVE: Trudeau’s sniper detail blasts PM over vaccine mandate Have you seen this one?


Visible said...

Great to see you Ty! I'll give it a look.



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