Wednesday, October 27, 2021

"Has the World Been Made into a Better place by the Efforts of These Information, Time-Share, Sales-Beings?"

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It stands to reason, given the volume of thoughts and words expressed at these blogs that I would conflict with the understanding of some who pass through here. In a time of rising and intensifying contention... it is even more likely. It is not my intention for this to happen. I am just recognizing the inevitability of it.

I am... myself... not in agreement with a number of people who operate in other venues. Some of them, I see as outright disinfo agents and some who may only be misguided. This is an intellectual perspective, and nothing new. It has been going on since the Dawn of Time; if there was such a thing.

I realize that... in many cases, the motivation of the majority of internet writers is to get attention and generate an economy for themselves. It is an attractive objective. Some of them make millions of dollars, all while crying impoverishment at regular intervals. Some will tell you that they exist solely by donations and reader support. Some will say that if you want a free press, you must support them. Well... that's not true, except insofar as an internet account and a computer are necessary for the effort, and sure... they will have to pay for this.

At many of these sites, they are selling goods and wearable advertising. In the cases of Alex Jones, Rense, David Icke, and Mike Adams (and numerous others), they have an entire online supermarket. It is not my desire to criticize this. Such industry, when successful, is part of The American Dream. I'm just pointing it out because... IT IS NEVER ENOUGH... not ever... not ever. There is ALWAYS something new that needs to be financed. As a particular site, or sites, expand, then there is a need for more employees and bigger ad buys and a more luxurious lifestyle.

I doubt that Jeff Bezos ever considers that maybe he has enough now. Thousands and thousands, and many thousands more than that of small businesses, have been driven into bankruptcy by Mr. Bezos. This is also a part of The American Dream; crushing the competition by any and all means necessary.

Because regular life and the eternal war of attrition between Good and Evil are not enough to keep attracting visitors, many of these entrepreneurs resort to sensationalism. “Hey! Look at this! Wow... someone saw some world leader shape-shift into a nine-foot reptile!” “We have video!” “Planet Niburu is going to waste Earth next month. Your donations can help stave this off!”

They have the recovered memory victims of elite sex slavery. They have Annunaki sightings, and action figures for sale in their warez department! They have the alien invasion battle plans. They have Adrenachrome, and you can get a vial at their warez department. As you, no doubt, already know, there is WAY... WAY more than this. It is the internet version of The National Inquirer. They even have two-headed babies, although the babies are aliens moving among us. You can get a replica at the warez department.

Okay... we've set up our subject line, Let's see where we are going with this. How has the world been made into a better place by the efforts of these Information, Time-Share, Sales-Beings? We are sensitive to the plight of The Chameleon Gender Freaks at this site, so we watch our language. BZZT! No... we do not and have no intention of doing so. There are two genders, and that's it! Everything else is mental illness.

I am long past listening to any of these people ever again. I checked most of it out BEFORE there was an internet. Back then... there were only books; magazines, TV, conventions... and direct contact to be had. I know that some of the readers are fascinated by the strange and arcane. I have to ask; how has The World been improved by all the self-help movements, the New Age Movement, and the extra-terrestrial nonsense? What I see is more and more obesity, more and more compromised immune systems, more and more sexual... blurred lines, more and more bizarre lifestyles, more and more mental illness and out of control desire bodies, more and more wealth disparity, AND... more and more people making money from them.

Now... we are finally getting to my point. I have come to certain understandings in this life, as time and experience have taken their toll on me. These are composed of what I know, what I don't know, and what I can reasonably assume or reject. My inquiries have led me to abandon ALL religions... not because they are muddled and bloated litanies of endless contradiction, with a nearby cash register, but... because they do not go far enough. They are not direct, nor simple enough.

AS Materialism advances, Insanity keeps pace with it. It's kind of an endless Thelma and Louise. They get a brief moment of freedom out of being crazy, and then they crash into the canyon.

I am NOT saying there are no aliens; no reptiles, no this that and the other thing. I have had direct experience of aliens several times, and with witnesses. I have encountered these reptile underlords. My experience was that they were green cartoon characters that operated at a specific bandwidth. I ran into them on Ayahuasca, and only on Ayahuasca. I could see them talking and moving about, but they were confined to a specific bandwidth. It is not a bandwidth I operate on, but... I could see into it.

How have we been improved by knowing these things?

I have investigated all religions you have heard about and several you may not have heard about. I found common threads in most of them. These I accepted as being true, and ALSO above the religious gimcrackery otherwise in evidence. I discovered that everything timeless and real in religion comes from The Sun. Why would I need a religion for what I can DIRECTLY experience? Okay... this is one aspect of the point, and let me say about religion that it is like using a cane when you don't need one.

Who is David Wilcox serving? Who is Alex Jones serving? Who is Mike Adams serving? Who is David Icke serving? Who is Marianne Williamson serving? Who is Hal Turner serving? Who are ANY of these people serving? They are serving themselves. You might now say, “Hey! Those aren't religious figures!” Ah... yeah, they are. These are the kinds of temporary religions that appear in those times when the whole religious spectrum is being changed; along with the appearance of the archetypes... I might add.

I mentioned that I had no real use for Miles Mathis. I said it was because he deals in too much woo-woo. I was not being entirely candid. My beef, if beef it is, with all these people, aside from the appearance I get that they are self-serving is that they do not include The Divine in their discourses. The Divine is not a feature of their psychodramas. They are all new wave materialists with an individualized twist to separate them from the competition, and all of them are making money hand over fist, as the saying goes.

Here is THE IMPORTANT PART. There is nothing wrong with them being as they are. There ARE Karmic repercussions for all that we say and do, and I am sufficiently convinced that it is not my place to get into it with them... or about them, and that is why they do not often get mentioned here. As far as I am concerned, EVERYONE can let their Free Flag fly. I don't know, specifically where they might be wrong. In many cases, although they intentionally stand conventional scientific thought on its head, no one can prove them wrong. I suspect it is set up that way. Again, I have to ask, how are we improved by knowing it, either way?

It is IMPORTANT for the reader to understand that I have no problem with these people peddling their warez. It's none of my business. Even when they are INTENTIONALLY deceiving people, as some of the aforementioned do while including a measured amount of truthful things, which their defenders can point to when it comes up.

I have no use for empirical science. It is like voodoo to me. I am ONLY interested in Hermetic Science and metaphysics. I see where conventional science has led us. Yes... they've done good here and there. Now they are trying to kill us. Fortunately for me, my life is not in their hands.

If it is not about The Divine, it is likely not to keep my interest. As for everyone else, The World is there for you to study and experience. My study and experience have PROVEN to me that there is ONLY God and nothing else. Yours may bring you to a different perspective. Time will tell, and we shall see.

If you are not talking about The Divine, I have little interest in what you have to say. It might be true in the relative sense or it might not be, BUT... it doesn't interest me. Many will not be interested in what I have to say. Well... I'm not going to argue with them. I don't argue. I state. Take it or leave it. It does not matter to me which it is. I am directing what I do to those who are attracted to talk about The Divine.

There was a time I contended with the world, in the marketplace of ideas and what-not. I was learning. Both experience and trauma have taught me a great deal.

What I am trying to say is that I have no real problem with people lying or exaggerating to make a buck. It's all lies anyway, and some people feel they are improved by believing them. Snake oil salesmen operated in similar fashion, and some were healed by the Power of Suggestion. Outright charlatans, like Benny Hinn, have healed people who happened to believe. Belief is the factor here.

I seek to be in Harmony with All Life. I can't accomplish that if I am in contention with others who are selling their all-in-one cure for what ails you. I have nothing personal against any of these people. It may have appeared so to some. It is not true. We are all God's Children trying to make our way. Some of us help and some of us hinder. Some do both alternatively. All of us are ignorant. Some of us know this and most of us do not.

It ALL gets sorted sooner or later. A great deal of it is getting sorted in this time frame. Some of the sorting is going to hurt a great deal. Some of it is going to be a liberating experience. It ALL comes down to whether you are self-serving or selfless-serving. That is the make-or-break line for ALL of us. It may not seem so, but time will tell, and we shall see.

I have read all of this. I always do; looking for errors (which I don't always find) and a better way of presenting it. I find... as usual, that I did not manage to say what I really wanted to say. Perhaps... someday I will.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up. I listen or read some of the stuff of some of those you mentioned here and there. They have useful information more often than not, and some just get you on the right philosophical track. No one gets one cent from us, though. Others I can't stand, and I avoid completely.

Graham Hook said...

With reference to creatures like Springsteen...I think their souls must shrivel in inverse proportion to their accumulation of worldly success. They end up becoming hollow caricatures of themselves, playing the role of the ‘famous person who everyone knows’ until there’s literally nothing left inside. I noticed a similar thing with McCartney around the time of his marriage to Heather Mills...nothing ‘real’ there at all...just a husk playing ‘Paul McCartney’ and looking, like most of them end up looking, desperately pathetic.

Licentious Lassitude said...


You know better than most that the universe is full of contradictions and countervailing forces. But as always... as above, so below. And so as those of us who walk the path move ever towards the light, the impurities succumb to the presence of the Ineffable Divine. Insofar as we down below (so very low now) can manifest above, and insofar as Mr. Apocalypse deems fit, so go the contradictions and countervailing forces. Blessed be, and you are not alone <3

Anonymous said...

Hey Zetas, did you maybe forget to mention Something.

Ray B. said...

Vis, a thoughtful column. Appreciated.

In terms of the various people mentioned, I am kind of carrying-on the 'advice' I got from a Holy Man in India. All the villagers said he had never aged during their lifetimes, even the old folks. He looked about thirty, in perfect health, and very gracious. (And yes, the whole village could be in on a scam; but unlikely.)

In response to my answer (possibly dumb and arrogant; I was young) to how he could help me, I stated, "I would like to become a Master, not follow one." He stated that I needed to follow a path where I learned from one Master, and then moved-on to another when I had learned all I could from that one. At some point, I would have learned enough along-the-way to become a Master. Okay.

So, I view the various internet personalities in that light. Some know one thing; some know another. Some are flawed in one way; some are flawed in another. Some are knowingly or unknowingly serving the good side; some are knowingly or unknowingly serving the bad side. It is an ongoing exercise in discernment.

(To add a useful thing for me which may also be useful for others, I frequently ask Higher Self what the Consciousness Level of the poster is. That frequently explains a lot of things...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

tru3 said...

I will say this about David Icke: I recall him posting well over ten years ago something to the effect that most researchers were more concerned with the accoutrements of the prison cell rather than exiting the prison.

I caught his meaning , and stopped frequenting his forum not long after that.

I also remember that engaging a man on that forum on several occasions; a man I respected based on his knowledge and faith.

On one thread, i interrupted a quite angry riff by saying, “no worries. We win! If god has our back, the outcome is assured.”

His mood changed immediately, and we continued the dialogue in that vein.

I just want to say thanks, Les, for providing a continual reminder of truth for me. :-)

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"It's a Whole World in a Fish Bowl, Like Bubbles Interwoven with Other Bubbles."

Anonymous said...

Mathis has a wide range:

That paper does a good job of pointing to the divine. His physics papers reveal how everything is made of light.

Visible said...

That position has been taken long long ago by all sorts of people. It is actually Common Knowledge, Why apples are being used to define pears I do not know. I wish I had not even mentioned him because all the anonymous fanboy bunnies come out of the woodwork and cherry-pick what I said, while making additions as well.


I think this covers it, and the Byzantine reaches certainly confirm it if the syntax is too elusive. I have yet to understand why one is compelled to like someone just cause someone else does. I also know who this is. Cool things are possible with the internet these days.



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