Friday, October 22, 2021

"If You Were to Do It Consistently, It Would Consistently Demonstrate in Your Life.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I started this out writing about what a Kafkaesque drama was playing out before our eyes. As I went on, I realized I had whipped myself up into a Jeremiad, which was much the stuff of earlier years. I no longer feel that way, so... why express it? I am now convinced of something and there is no further cause to jump at shadows. People with specific agendas WILL meet specific ends. I can't jump in front of them and start shouting that they are going the wrong way, much as it might save them some measure of suffering. You CANNOT tell people what to do. You make them miserable, and you make yourself miserable too.

Somehow these things must be talked about but from a calmer and more serene mind. The action gets so charged that people actually believe they are in charge of something but they cannot even control themselves. People forget (and get reminded) that God is not mocked. God is the real power, and I don't care what the neighborhood is. God walks right through and does whatever he is of a mind to and never breaks any china. He doesn't have to.

I can't speak only of God apart from life. I am not apart from life. It is sufficient if I weave God all through the commentary and wind up with him at the end. It is especially important to speak about it now because God is demonstrating it in The World via Mr. Apocalypse. They are scrambling to cover and protect themselves. Mr. Apocalypse is lifting their skirts while they bend over to do it. There is a real urgency in the air for many. Some know why, in part, and some don't. What lures you is what drives you. I find it profitable to be lured only by The Divine. Everything else, I look at as curious, “Oh, isn't that interesting?” Then I go back and talk with the one within.

I am astonished that more people do not hear an inner voice. All you have to do is be persistent. The World we are present in is at the crest of a wave of Materialism. It is falling down and trying to lift itself up in equal measure. So... yeah... it's making a lot of noise and it can be harder to hear within. Well, you have the dials to do this, just turn them in the right direction. The hardest part, it seems, is to keep from being distracted by your own thinking processes. Stop thinking. Then watch your reactions. If you were to do it consistently, it would consistently demonstrate in your life.

I broke a lot of china on my way to being able to walk through the store, even sing and dance through the store. The store doesn't have anything I want. I have sufficiently, to my own satisfaction, proven this to myself, by having sampled many of its wares, and more than once. It was not what I was looking for and I couldn't find it there. I did find it, however, and I do not have to be concerned with broken china anymore. You break it, you pay for it, and that includes hearts too. It took me some time to get a fuller understanding, and I can only thank God that my heart was in the right place at the time.

Those who love much are forgiven much. That is a profound statement and worthy of expanded reflection. I can't remember who said it, I'm pretty sure they don't care.

I wonder if Jeff Bezos ever thought Elon Musk would come along and then just breeze right past him? Heh heh... I remember seeing a bumper sticker. It was in the 80s I think. It said, “He who dies with the most toys, wins.” I remember laughing, and knowing in the most visceral way that that was not true, while also realizing that a lot of people believed that; far more than believe as I do.

I am either laughing, but not with schadenfreude, or sad at what people do to each other, and to themselves. Behind it all, though, is an ever-increasing joy and assurance of what will triumph in all things. I simply have to adjust myself to all things. That... is what people find to be so difficult. They have to be on one side with this subject, and on the other side with another. We live in a world of opinions, and opinions are not facts. Everything sorts itself out... IF YOU DON'T MEDDLE WITH IT!

That is a difficult lesson to learn, and only sticking your fingers in the fire a sufficient amount of times will teach you this. We go to the well of suffering every day. We pull up a bucketful. Then we go and distribute it among others. We toast with it and we toast to it, and we don't even know what it is.

I cannot stress how important it is to seek after God with a greater passion than any other thing. I can't write in all-caps and Bold with every line. So... let me say it in the small print, even though it is one of the things you never see in the small print, Searching for God has its rewards. They are probably not what you might think they are, or even what most would find valuable, but the Qualities of God are way, way past The Golden Fleece in value. They are priceless and what any sane person would seek after. Well... it's God that has them. You have to track him down and ask him yourself. You can go looking for him outside. You might miss him. Inside leads outside anyway.

If you can attain Harmony in your life with all life, you will not only be in Heaven, but you would carry it with you wherever you were. I am reminded of a line in that quote by HPB about the road steep and thorny and what awaits for those who attain to it;

“For those who win onwards there is reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity;”

I don't know about you but I like the sound of that.

It wouldn't do to perform it on a public stage or to credit it to yourself at all. However, you would be demonstrating because... you are an actor, and there is a Reason you are here cause, “all the world's a stage.” There are people moving through the human ocean. They feed. They heal. They liberate. They bring and maintain peace, within the radius of their reach. We don't know them by name, they are just around, disguised as everyone else, in the same way... that certain predators hide among their kind. A sea change is coming!

The human ocean is being set atremble. Reactions will vary... widely. The reaction itself is Karma. No reaction seems to be the cool hand. Love will do as an alternative, especially if Fear is present because Love neutralizes Fear. It displaces it. They Literally cannot occupy the same space at the same time. The same is true with Light and Darkness. One of the qualities of God that I am most desirous of is Divine Luminous Wisdom. Guru Bawa often mentioned it and it stuck with me.

God is disposed to give us his qualities if we will honor and respect them. Honor and Respect ARE two of his qualities. The thing is... you can't just have one. The others come along, so... if you are seeking even one quality with inspired passion, you will get the others in the bargain. You don't have to be concerned about any previous wrongdoing on your part. God will handle that for you. If he can take me, with where I've been, your chances are good.

Once again, I must stress. It is not the road you choose that matters as much as where it is taking you. All roads lead to God. You can find him in any circumstance; in a palace, like Buddha, or in prison as many another has been. You can have been a rascal but... God gets it. There is nothing that God does not get and God is not an abstraction. God is resident in you right this moment. You have to pester him and you have to have skin in the game.

People may scoff at what I say here. I speak for no religion and am affiliated with none. I do not make what anyone would call, 'a livelihood' from it, nor do I seek to. I am speaking from direct experience in something I found in no religion, though it bears similarities with ancient symbols here and there. There has ALWAYS been a fellowship of kindred souls who have shepherded Humanity and protected them from the wolves. Judgment is coming for The Underlords and they are in a lather. That is why all of this chaos and confusion is going down. It's smokescreens and diversion. What is coming they cannot deal with.

I am surprised that this is not more apparent to more people, because it is classic in its devolution. Various times in history had very similar trends appear, and often... engulf that nation. This particular episode is magnitudes beyond any of those. It's The Grand Finale, so to speak. You can expect All Stops to be pulled. You can also expect that one side is seriously over-matched, by magnitudes.

We've been expecting different permutations, according to various chronologies, at different times, now gone. Either the clock is slower or someone got the dates wrong. 1984... 2012... others; I can see a great many parallels. However... none of us knows the shape it intends to take. Adaptation is still the key to a greater longevity.

End Transmission.......

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Graham Hook said...

“People may scoff at what I say here. I speak for no religion and am affiliated with none. I do not make what anyone would call, 'a livelihood' from it, nor do I seek to. I am speaking from direct experience in something I found in no religion, though it bears similarities with ancient symbols here and there. There has ALWAYS been a fellowship of kindred souls who have shepherded Humanity and protected them from the wolves. Judgment is coming for The Underlords and they are in a lather. That is why all of this chaos and confusion is going down. Its smokescreens and diversion. What is coming they cannot deal with.”

Wonderful paragraph. I find your writing inspiring. Let the fools scoff...eventually (if they’re lucky) they’ll have an appointment with God and his 4 by 2 :)

Anonymous said...

"You CANNOT tell people what to do. You make them miserable, and you make yourself miserable too." Ain't that the truth. I've been reining myself in these last few months but I still "bite" on occasion.
Amongst all the things you do here , giving good guidance about how to conduct oneself in the "real world" has proved of great practical importance to me. I don't always adhere to it but "demonstration" often brings me around.
Better to learn from the experience of others than on one's own hide seems a sensible way forward and your posts have provided many such lessons ,limiting, but not replacing the need for verification.
Thanks for that and so much more.


Ray B. said...

A great 'satire' piece: "A Big 'Thank You' From The Global Oligarchy" (Sigh...)

It will be interesting to see how The Avatar / Mr Apocalypse deals with this...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another one hit out of the field, and I have a question no one seems to think about.

Source created all, so isn't everything in existence of equal value in the Cosmic Scheme of things?

What blows me away is how Source cannibalises Itself. Ouroboros indeed.

Ray B. said...

(The following is a recent email-response to a friend who was wondering whether we might be getting some help from Outside. I had an intuition to post it here, in case it might be useful. Kind of a "Ray B" perception of The Avatar / Mr Apocalypse. As usual, ignore what does not fit...)

It seems to me that there has to be a rise in Consciousness Level of humanity before we are allowed any advanced tech by the Galactic Federation. Otherwise, we stay in 'separated' mode and immediately turn any advanced tech to warfare uses. (Stargate had an episode or two about Ascended beings providing advanced tech to lower-consciousness species out of good motives, with unfortunate results.)

If what I am seeing with Higher Self is real, the overall 'plan' is to Clean various higher-level folks (mostly non-human & non-physical) in/on/around Earth, ASAP. These folks mostly become good-guys, after old held-pain is stripped-away or pushed-through. Beneficial. Their combined 'Presence' then infiltrates humanity in a good way, inducing oneness rather than separation. It is more of a 'field effect' than any doingness.

Most of the sheeple will just change, without knowing why/how it happened. Still unconscious, but acting better. Higher-level human baddies will feel it; it will feel like a poison to them. They will either eventually adapt to it (i.e. change) or be forced to leave the planet. Again, it is more of a 'field effect' than any doingness.

Before the above 'campaign' started, humanity was descending in Consciousness Level. We would have eventually self-destructed. (By Intention.) A few years ago, we were on a level slope. Now, we are in a climb. This is noted by the Galactics. We are now 'good prospects'. So, at some point we will have risen enough for them to send teachers and tech. I am curious how overt or covert this assistance will be...

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"I Do Not know the Details, but I Do Know if You Rest in God, He WILL Give You Sanctuary."



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