Thursday, October 14, 2021

"Not a Leaf, and Not a Sparrow Falling, Evades the All-Seeing Eye of Heaven."

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Well... I got 2/3rds of the way done with the post and had to put it aside and start again. That doesn't happen often, maybe once a year, if that. When I write these articles, I do not spend a great deal of time thinking about them. I just start writing, and an hour or so later, I have whatever I have, and USUALLY... at least to my satisfaction, I am done. This is attended by several cups of tea, some amount of vaping, and the routine checks for errors and statements I could have made better, and then I usually do make them better; at least I hope that is the case.

Today, I got into a descriptive timeline about The Usual Suspects. In the process of writing it, I realized I had said all of it before, in many different ways, AND... I'm no longer comfortable about it. Yes... they are one of the largest problems that humanity faces. They brought us the COVID hoax, and then they controlled the narrative. Now they want to lock down The World while killing off a large number of us. Any intelligent person who has done the research knows some part of the horror show movie they produced and have distributed in wide release.

Along the way, in this life, I have met some splendid exceptions to the rule. I'm sure that was God's doing. You can't wholesale an entire group of people into a single judgment upon a many, many generations long, criminal enterprise, that has been exercised upon the rest of us. It makes for a sticky wicket indeed.

It's all out of my hands though, and it has always been out of my hands. I'm not the sort to raise a crusade against anyone. I fully believe in the absolute control by Heaven of all human activities. I KNOW that NOTHING is missed; not a leaf, and not a sparrow falling, evades the all-seeing eye of Heaven. There is another all-seeing eye, but it IS NOT all-seeing.

I am a relentless researcher of the obvious, and occult causes, and backdrops of the human experience. I study the effects of invisible force on the visible plane. After many decades of it, this time around, and probably in other lives similarly engaged, I have some small understanding about WHO... and WHAT... and WHY. I even know a little about HOW... WHEN... and WHERE. I'm tired of it, and I am not attracted to being judge, jury, or executioner.

My interest in Heaven, and The Devic Realm of which it is a part, is what attracts me in a MUCH greater way than ANYTHING ELSE. I have had the remarkable good fortune to meet some of the great-souled entities that work behind the scenes, where The Real Work gets done. Karma and Reincarnation are as familiar to me as the light of the day, and the reflected light of night. I KNOW that ALL force comes from one source. I KNOW that how we use our portion of that force, accounts for how Karma and Reincarnation treat us. I am not angry at anyone. I feel sorry for many because I know what awaits them further on, especially The Usual Suspects.

The people who REALLY should heed the warnings that come to everyone in life are the ones who do not and will not listen. As an uncle of mine once said when I was a child; “Those who won't listen must feel.” A great many of us do not believe in Cosmic Justice. Appearances tell us that all kinds of people get away with all kinds of things. That is appearances, and appearances are a lie. Surely, even the dimmest of us must know by now that what is advertised is NOT what you get. Otherwise, there would be no disappointment in The World.

What you see and hear is NOT what is. You can think of The Real as being a white screen (yeah... that's racist, I know). The False is the movie being shown on the white screen. People sit down to watch a movie and for a few minutes, they might be aware that they are watching a movie. Then... they get sucked in and forget they are watching. At the end of the book, “Magister Ludi” there are 3 short stories. In one of them, a man sits down on a riverbank to meditate, and then lives an entire life, only to come to himself again on the riverbank afterward. How it really is, is a lot like that. Trying to explain this is near impossible, and that is why we learn from experience or we don't learn at all.

When the movie ends, all that remains is the screen.

Call it a movie, call it a dream, call it whatever you like; material life is a superimposition of The Unreal over The Real. All of us are in a different density of dream (or movie). Some of us are deep sleepers and some light sleepers. Some very few of us (at the moment) are not sleeping. The number of The Awakened is going to increase dramatically... shortly. In rare instances, The Awakening will not be an unpleasant experience. In many cases, there will be some discomfort, and in other cases, trauma is required.

No one who is awake can effectively explain their state to anyone who is not; BECAUSE... they are sleeping. The best, until lately, that one could do is to swim back against the tide and not run into or trouble the sleepers going the other way. The vibration of the ones who are not sleeping automatically resonates into the dreams of the sleeping.

Nothing that gets said has any impact upon those who are not paying attention, not in the moment, anyway, but they trail an echo that continues and continues, and sometimes, here and there, a sleeper awakens. In the dream, there are all sorts of people who play at being God. Since they don't know what God is in the first place, their performance is lacking in authenticity, even though, sometimes... they can convince a lot of people, at least temporarily. President Lincoln said something about that; fooling some of the people some of the time etc.

Those who are awakened, KNOW that they are a hosting mechanism for The Divine. They are The Divine in miniature. They don't have to go around pretending to be God. God is right there with them. God is right there with all of us, but... we are sleeping. Waking up is not an easy thing. A master was once asked by a pupil about what is required to come to an awakened state. He took him to a body of water and once they were out around waist level, he pushed the pupil's head underwater and held it there. The pupil fought to surface but the master was much stronger than he was. Then he brought him back to shore.

The pupil, still trying to get his breath back and to calm himself, asked the master why he did this. The master asked him what he was thinking about as he fought to get above the water. The pupil answered that all he could think about was getting some air. The master then told him that that must be his attitude about waking up. It is similar to what we say here, when we say, “You have to want it more than anything else.” Almost no one can comprehend the level of extremity that is required. This is why trauma is so often a factor.

Yeah... there are bad guys in this world. It is ALWAYS some kind of cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers... the law-abiding and the outlaws. It is a tragicomedy, and sometimes it turns out that the good guys were the bad guys after all; not in this case, but... whaddya gonna do? Really! What are you going to do about it? You can huff and puff and make noise, throw shit, injure yourself or someone else, but... what will you accomplish? Everything that needs to get done about any of it, GETS DONE... here and/or elsewhere.

Yes... it can be unpleasant to think about someone like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney or Little Georgie Sorrows, or The Rothschilds, lazing about in their dotage, after causing the deaths of MILLIONS. Until you understand what is REALLY going on, you don't know much about anything. Oh... but that doesn't stop people from thinking they do. Actors come and go here. Some get dealt with by a cosmic hand-operated by The Lords of Destiny (also known as The Lords of Karma). Some get dealt with elsewhere or here, again and again, and again, until the last jot and tittle gets sorted. However, I can tell you it ALL gets handled.

Any number of people might be dissatisfied with leaving it all in God's Hands. We have to do something! This is what they say, and they are convinced that they know who it is that needs to get dealt with. The result is that they turn themselves into monsters just like the ones they are chasing. I deal with life as it appears before me. That has worked out so far. You may have another solution that appeals to you, but new bad guys appear every day, along with some amount of so-called good guys to deal with them.

I am a student of The Old West. I have read an awful lot about it. I'm a student of history in general. I have a good idea of what Wyatt Earp and all the others were like, including The Wild Bunch and Bill Tilghman, The Comanches and Apaches, and sundry. I have a good idea of what conditions were like during The Gold Rush, and all the other rushes, whether they were about silver or land. There is ALWAYS more than you know about. The problem with experts is that they don't feel that way.

Like Mike Tyson said, “everybody's got a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” I was outraged all of my life by the appearance of injustice. It took me a long time and the very patient hand of Heaven for me to realize I don't know shit. This is visceral so... I also know that no one else does either. Maybe you got a plan for what to do about The Usual Suspects or COVID, the Communists, perverts, and thugs in assorted wrappers. I have a plan too... but the plan is not mine. I have no more personal plans. That is yet another dream coming and going. All these dreams are coming and going. I watch them pass by. I feel sorry for just about everyone, but... whaddya gonna do?

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

If we ain't here, we're somewhere else. Somewhere else where TRUTH exists, and you can have access to Akashic Knowledge if you want it, instant transport, no limitations on experience, and I rather look forward to that as I bitch about bein' in the self-imposed prison of the Physical Realm. I will never stop wondering why it's so important for some people to have more people in this realm, especially high population density areas. I HATE HIGH POPULATION DENSITY! I remember the fun I had hiking in the forests in more rural areas, or going through the olive groves of Montenegro, or up the mountain to an ancient graveyard where I'd see not a soul on the way, and all that. Now I'm stuck in suburbia where they are putting up flats left and right for a population that's not gonna be here real soon.

Glad I'm only passin' through, and glad I play only the silly mortal flotsam games that I have no choice in. In other words, I'm a slave to circumstance; but less so than most. When obligations are few and you see physical existence as a stupid thing you asked for due to egotistical phantasies (that have been sated), that you don't even like; you're a bit freer than the majority.


Anonymous said...

You've said it before but the story of the student struggling for air is an excellent metaphor and warrants frequent repetition.I liken my own efforts over decades to holding my breath waiting for an epiphany. Mostly it comes to me in dribs and drabs, though I'm still awaiting the cumulative effect while being extremely grateful for the feedback I do get.

Though I've yet to read Magister Ludi I'm glad you mentioned it.I've only read a few Hermann Hesse books but Siddhartha is my favourite. It's written in simple direct language and is extremely visually evocative.I'm sure it is ,to a great extent, inspired by the Bhagavad Gita as Hesse was apparently very interested in eastern thought.

I've come to the same conclusion on what to do about things. I'll just keep trying to fix me and whatever happens ,happens and hopefully I'll 'get the message' this time.

All these "I follow the science" people don't seem to realize their faith in science is just another religious dogma.They are taking all this covid crap on faith,without attempting to verify anything, although why a pandemic would require proving is beyond me. Jordan of course does know it's crap and is just repeating the party line having made his deal with the devil.Perhaps I misunderstand the word 'faith',but "faith in science" seems an oxymoron to me.


Visible said...

bryan> That last sentence is a corker!!!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Never Forget Who is Walking with You... Through The Valley of the Shadow of Death."

Guy Reid-Brown said...

I clearly remember the National Enquiry story about Daniel Craig kissing a man in a gay bar.

This is because he is primarily homosexual.

'Scandal rags' like these - in Britain we had a Sunday equivalent called 'News of the World' - actually had a lot more journalistic integrity than the 'respectable' MSM does.

I am not talking morality here, just integrity and dependability in that you knew that what they were printing was true, whereas the MSM simply lies with impunity.

These 'red tops' check and double check their sources and information legally-speaking, which is why when Johnny Depp sued the weekly version of the NOTW - 'The Sun- over domestic abuse allegations, it was a Given from the very start that he had already lost the case.



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