Tuesday, January 30, 2024

"For as Long as The Heat of Carnal Passion Fuses Them to The Objects of Desire; Attachment is a Whirlpool in Suspension."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I was speaking with The Angel yesterday... as The Sun was setting, and I said one of those things that immediately pings off The Higher Wisdom of the one I am talking to. This angel is quite snarky... in the most beautiful and humbling way. I would not recommend the company of this angel to anyone with an overly developed sense of themselves or... their own importance.

I mentioned something about stealing wisdom, and The Angel said, “You couldn't have stolen it because I have yet to give it to you.” What can anyone say to that? No one EVER takes anything from The Divine that The Divine had not already arranged for them to think they made off with on their own.

I was told, “Oh yes! I've given out false wisdom and misdirection many times... when the person was deserving of it, and... wouldn't have been satisfied with anything else anyway.” The idea that we accomplish ANYTHING on our own is one of the reasons why Pride ALWAYS goes before a fall.

Once you are utterly humble before The Throne of God, your evolution can move at a brisker pace. Prior to that, you are not going to get very far. Humility... Gratitude and Love for The Divine are the first steps on the way. (not necessarily in that order) It's not possible to understand what you are being taught otherwise. The essential part of your being is not hearing what is said, and if it is... the key points are lost in translation. Who and what is doing the translation... is always a very good question.

I was told that everything is Mind and that Mind is a sounding board... as much as it is a mirror. When The Angel speaks to any of us, it does so in a manner consistent with our particular design... consistent with the methods that apply to The Ray we are an expression of. Angelic language... the language of God... does not sound like English... Chinese... Hebrew... or any other language that comes and goes here... in a process of constant modification.

Angelic speech makes contact with The Mind and The Mind interprets it in the language it has. It might appear as speech. It might appear visually. It might come through intuitive prompts. There are many mediums and all of them are legitimate. HOWEVER... our translations of what The Higher Mind has transmitted to us are not always precise and accurate. We get it wrong often. We can ONLY hear and understand as clearly as our level of purity and detachment will allow for.

Our various negative qualities account for our Selective Hearing. We hear what we want to hear, not what is actually being said. This is why in one's exclusive love for The Divine, one must appeal for The Qualities of God. When one is in possession of these, one hears exactly what is being said, and understands it exactly as it is intended.

One needs only to be a student of history... through the lens of their own impartial witness... to see that people are always coming and going here, sometimes rising to high estate... in one or more of material existence's most coveted states; wealth... power... influence... personal magnetism, whether by appearance... or sheer force of will, and then... one has only to watch what happens to them. This I do with keen enthusiasm. It proves to me time, and time again... what is... and is not... worth having or doing.

Nothing and... I mean this... with EMPHASIS!!! Nothing has an equal value to that of true and enduring invisible friends... of ACTUAL high estate. There is no equal to this in all of life's possibilities, because... “what does it profit a man to gain The Whole World and lose his only soul?” True understanding of this statement, and... I have some measure of it... causes me to tremble at the thought!

How can I convey the INCREDIBLE security and sanctuary that comes with being a friend of The Divine? And... ALL THAT IT TAKES... is to act like one. You WILL then... get the attention of the angels who search for this motivation... this hunger... in mortal ranks. Remember the statement about one who would save his life... thereby losing his life in the bargain? I always wonder what life it is referring to? Surely it means to die to this world so that you might live in the other. What other?

The Senses are the most extraordinary form of confinement. They trap The Heart and The Mind for as long as the heat of passion fuses them to the objects of Desire. Attachment is a whirlpool in suspension. It is the sticky excrescence that holds us stationary in time, so that time might cause attrition upon our mortal form. Time is one of the truer expressions of Gravity. We only age in the theater of time.

Age has weight. Memory adds to that. There is a standard of excellence that none of us can properly define... that exists above us... and holds us accountable for not reaching it. All these vain efforts that resound... in the roars of the crowd... in the coliseums of The World... are nothing more than noise fading to imperceptible echo; strike a golden spike where that cat wailed!!! Yeah... achievements come and go. None of them go over The Wall.

These markers are like tombstones; is that all you got? Is that all you got?!?

Only one who lives in blessed and Divine Anonymity understands real achievement, because that is the greatest achievement of all... to be able to put aside one's elemental need for recognition, and to serve under the radar of The World; to come and go outside the constraints of time. To exist on The Plane of Legend! To be realer than real! To be the currency that rings when it strikes The Anvil of God.

True Gold is not materialized. Rays of Sunlight are the closest approximation. Material Gold is materialized sunlight. It is a scripture that says... to a realized soul, a lump of gold and a clod of Earth have the same meaning... the same value. Nothing matters here except the service one can render. Everything else damns you by association, but my parents said... but the educational system said... but The World says... but... but... but. It is all rumors and lies.

Lao Tzu, when he saw that corruption was unavoidable, and had come to swallow up his world, he got on a water buffalo and rode out through The Gates of China... into The Plane of Legends... onward to Cold Mountain... through the thinner and thinner veneer... of degrees of materialization... until he was no longer materialized, though he can still come and go at will. He is eternal. He is wedded to eternal principles, and... therefore... he shares in their perpetuity.

Become identified with that which goes on forever and you will go on forever too. Cease to be a temporary thing apart. Become one with The Everlasting. That is the real and true objective of all your comings and goings here, and your coming and going will not cease until you have realized this. Until then... Suffering and that sense of separation will be your daily fare.

There are some who know this, but... do not really know this... who say that you should eat... drink... and be merry. Well, you can... of course... see where that leads. Many do. Many do so again, and again, and again.

What I am saying here is nothing new. It's been said over, and over again in myriad ways, AND... life demonstrates the truth of it every day, and all across the long reach of time... from obscurity to obscurity. Listen... don't listen... it doesn't mean shit to The Wind or The Water, both of them are as adaptable as anything can be.

Both of them go around everything and anything... until they wear them away... a particle at a time... in their own fashion. Adaptability... Adaptation is the key to Immortality. One who is capable of endless change need not die because they already die constantly; I die daily! So... though it is true that all forms must fade away, and cease. It is not true that we cease. We evolve... or we go round in circles... or... we descend. We do not stay where we are.

The secret is hidden in plain sight, but no one is that interested in seeing it... anyway... because of what it demands from you. We'd rather be footloose and fancy-free. Well... you get that anyway, but... it's impossible to understand this from The Plane of Attachment. The smoke of carnal fires occludes the clarity of sight. So it is in Times of Material Darkness.

Selfless service will get you there too. Loving God more than The World also accomplishes it... becoming still; Be still and know that I am God... that too. The ways are various though they do... all.. arrive at the same entryway... given that no man comes to The Father unless he models him/herself on The Redeemer. God is Real... everything else... less so... by degrees of distance... imaginary as they might be.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, January 25, 2024

"Occult Lore Says that The Main Base for The Evil... that Affects Life on Earth... is Located on The Dark Side of The Moon."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I don't know if this guy got had at some point earlier on.

He says some of his associates were killed, BUT... THEN... why not him? I don't have The Details. I don't even know who he is, but other people seem to. Then again, I don't pay attention to aliens and the like. I have had direct encounters but I don't get worked up about it. Stranger things than that have happened to me.

The aliens know where I am if they want to say anything. They tend to show up regularly during psychedelic episodes, but... I haven't done that in years now. It's that Hope and Wishful Thinking thing again. I'm sure Hope has its place but I rely on Faith... Certitude... and Determination instead. However... the commentary from this man is... riveting! Riveting!

He is also clear... definite... and seems very credible. I've been had before, BUT... he seems like The Real Deal, AND... this is the time of Mr. Apocalypse. If you have been following the links lately, you have seen his fingerprints on many things.

Then... there is this.

We do know who is running that administration, and this sort of thing is a specialty of theirs. Aliens are a factor in this too, BUT... they would be bad aliens.

Who are these aliens, AND... are they aliens in the sense of beings from outer space? Might they not also be subterranean... or from The Dark Side of The Moon? Occult Lore says that the main base for The Evil that affects life on Earth... is located on The Dark Side of The Moon. It is also in the hearts of the men and women who give it lodging; through their appetites and low desires... through their animosities and resentments... through their anger and lust... their ambition and pride.

What we call aliens are often not aliens in the classical sense. They are from The Lower Regions. For decades we have been hearing about the good aliens and the bad aliens, BUT... given what little I know, bad aliens are not permitted to operate where the more advanced cultures travel, and this is one of the places that they come.

The question arises; why do they not help us, given the power and presence of the evil scum who afflict us? They do help us, but they do it surreptitiously... peripherally. There is a Comic Law about non-interference. We are obliged to make our own way. They can only help so much, and can only help those who sincerely seek their aid, and... know how to go about getting it.

We have to rise to the challenge... or not. Unrecorded History... Lost History... possesses many tales about what has gone before. The Details are all there in The Akashic Records. In “The Way to The Kingdom,” Joseph Brenner talks about a time long ago when there was an evil far greater than any we know today, and it was so vile that it permeated every particle of matter that composes The World of form that we inhabit today.

The Aliens will appear once we have met the challenge and proven victorious. In other times it was a crap shoot. The Divine has different intentions for each go-round. This time we will prove victorious or... so I am told.

Much of what passes for aliens... are representatives of earlier life forms that were banished to the nether-lands for an assortment of crimes. One really has to spend some time with Paracelsus if they wish to understand the various kingdoms of life we interact with, and... contend with.

There are The Elementals and they are always with us. Different cultures call them by different names and associate different activities to them. They are an essential factor of life... here. Without spiritual sight... without the activation of our spiritual senses... we are in no position to have an opinion on these life forms.

Let me mention certain features of The Spiritual Senses. One has to work for a long time... or very intensely for shorter times... to awaken these senses. One must be at a certain level of purity to get anything positive from them. There are people who have had them awakened before they were ready for them and they suffer from this as if it were an affliction, and... it... is. One's character must possess a high level of integrity... discipline, and spiritual will to manage them, and to endure what is presented.

The creatures who live behind The Veil can be terrifying... unless you have mastered what they represent... within you. This is how they get you... how they bring you low, by attacking your weaknesses. Lord Lytton had a character in his book, “Zanoni” who was messing around in The Master's laboratory. His name was Glyndon. He brought The Dweller on The Threshold into his life and suffered terribly because of it.

The Dweller is one of those characters that every aspirant has to deal with. For some, it is a walk in the park, and... The Dweller doesn't even come around, BUT... if you have points of weakness that have not been addressed and dealt with, you're screwed. This is why it is imperative to have a guide... a master... a teacher... who has been there and done that.

Chemtrails have nothing to do with Climate Change. Their intention is to block the spiritual light from The Sun. Because of the advanced state of Materialism... the conditions for Evil to flourish have never been so good in a long time; though good is probably not the best word. (grin) The World is a filthy kitchen... in a house occupied by addicts, and the insane. Evil prospers when this is the case.

Rothschilds... Gates... Soros... Fink... Satanyahu, and assorted bent politicians... entertainers... religious figures... name players... with degrees of power, have all joined up with each other in groups that intend to rule The World with an iron fist. In most cases, these groups are in competition with each other. They jockey constantly for influence over one another. Most of them are possessed by evil intelligences OR... are driven by ambitions and dark passions that are the masters of them.

The Chemtrails and other vile offenses against nature are meant to block out the positive impact of The Sun upon our hearts and minds. They intend to break our spirit with Gloom and Doom. If they can defeat us within... we will be easy pickings without. If appearances can get us down... our will can be compromised.

Each one of us is a spiritual warrior now. We have the ability to make a definite impact on the entire matter. The real war is on the inside. If we beat them there... they are history. When these same people went into Russia and created Communism, they were able to compromise all of those who might have given real resistance. It's too complex a tale for me to tell. Suffice to say, it turned into the greatest killing ground we have seen in this go-round.

Where were the other killing fields? They were in China and Cambodia. This was also due to Communism. The monsters pushing The Marxist Agenda are of the darkest order of them all. They are subduing the populace through entertainments and carnal attractions... through programming and sloganeering... through occult means, and generally... in a climate of pervasive depravity, it's been easy.

Add in The Killer Vaccines that were engineered by the same people who engineered Communism, and who are now committing genocide in Gaza, and who are poisoning the water, the food, and anything else they can befoul, and... we've got our work cut out for us.

We are not alone, however, and there are many... many more of us than there are of them. We have a power within that we should pay much more attention to than anything we might imagine doing in The World outside.

Many things... events and conditions that they did not factor into... their plans to kill and enslave us... are about to take place. Forces they are unable to contend with... or defend themselves against... have been loosed in The World and they are having an impact.

Don't let The Evil... that these fools visit far and wide... break your spirit. They are on their way out. I don't care what appearances may indicate. They are going down... figuratively and LITERALLY. Our destiny is not in their hands. It is in our hands... dependent on who and what it is that we rely on. “Greater is that which is within you than that which is in The World.”

End Transmission.......

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Monday, January 22, 2024

"Every Time We Show Up Before Them... We are Given Choices to Correct The Scales... Until Balance is Finally Attained."

God Poet Transmitting.......

In the direction of God and Good, as in the direction of the servants of evil, and Evil... there are sacrifices required of you... no matter the direction you are going in. You always have to give something to get something. I call it displacement theory, which is something like Nature abhorring a vacuum.

Movers and shakers in the world of entertainment... the people behind the people who operate the government... or act as religious figures... and who are... intimate with powerful people in The World of finance... did not suddenly show up one day as full-blown Satanists... and similar. They had certain interests that attracted them early in life, no doubt they were attractions developed in previous lives, and so they moved in a series of progressions to what they later became.

All of these interests emerge from the cultivation of selfish intent. We ALL share common ground, we simply plant different seeds there. Whatever you plant will grow. It is activated and fed by intention AND attention.

Remember... in a recent posting... the graphic of the hand below the surface that was God, and the fingers pointing up above The Earth? Each of us appeared as separate fingers, but below The Surface World, we were all fingers on a single hand? It's very similar to the operations of Mycelium. It's real, my friends. I don't care what you think you see; given that appearances are a lie. We are all connected in ways beyond what might seem to be true on cursory observation... on the surface level.

Imagine that there is a left hand and a right hand. In Italian... Left is Sinistra (Sinatra?) from which the word 'sinister' comes. We are told that God created both The Good and The Evil. Evil is sometimes referred to as The Left Hand of God. I'm left-handed, but that is neither here nor there. (I hope)

People are drawn to The Dark Side because that is where you can get many of the objects and conditions one is attracted to in The Material World; wealth... power... fame... and a myriad of other attractions, some of them are depraved beyond what you might imagine because... with certain hungers and appetites... the satifactions can level out all too soon, and then one seeks for the thrill of deeper and darker things... because The thrill is gone; due to diminishing returns.

This is how serial killers progress from torturing insects... to animals... to starting fires when the fire of Puberty begins to rage within... and then to people, and so on. Each step comes at a cost, as one is more and more removed from their humanity. When you get on the road to Evil... then there are fees attached to the acquisition of one's desires. Someone planted something in them, and... it grew.

I have heard on various occasions... from people who made arrangements with The Dark Side; “well... I got what I wanted but, my sister died... my mother died... my husband died... my child died.” A life is required... usually... for the high-ticket items. Sometimes a regular offering of lives is required to retain one's station. This is especially true of nations, as is the case with a particular nation in The Middle East that... coincidentally... often have their attacks on other countries take place on their religious holidays.

Holiday, is another name for Holy Day.

Each of these roads toward more pristine and powerful good... or darker and darker evils... involve sacrifices of some kind. With The Good... the sacrifice is something given or offered by the person who will then fill that space... formerly occupied with what was sacrificed... by whatever the sacrifice was intended for. When it is evil, the sacrifice is the life of another, and the space of that person or life form is now filled with a familiar of some kind.

The Truth is, (and I think we can say here; “by their works ye shall know them,”) that... at this point... those CONSCIOUSLY serving The Dark Side include most of the name players at the top of the food chain; The Pope... World Leaders. It's a club whose membership roles swell by the day.

I had to start this post over again. I removed the names that I mentioned because the list is woefully incomplete. I suddenly realized I was going in the wrong direction. I'm not at all hesitant about deleting entire posts and sections of posts. It doesn't happen often, but it happens. This is one of those times.

Let's be more succinct and direct. Whenever Material Culture becomes the driving force in society, the worship of The Dark Side comes into play and is synonymous with the decay of traditional religions and infrastructure. This is all easily seen in these times.

What is happening is that The World is being divided into two separate camps. On the one side are those still holding on to deeper convictions... concerning an invisible ruling authority... whose commandments... given through scripture... set the tone for a person's behavior in this world. On the other side is a growing number of people seeking material gain at all costs, and who are willing to DO ANYTHING to acquire it.

There is a third demographic of those who have slipped through the cracks and who are homeless... alcoholic... drug addicted... insane... rudderless souls who survive... somehow... on the margins of society. Their numbers are swelling too.

The only number that seems to be decreasing are those with strong spiritual convictions, BUT... this might be a deception that is orchestrated by the people who own The Media that is... everywhere now.

We are approaching a monumental turbulence in human affairs. Think of it as being attended by storm-force winds, AND... if you have nothing to hold on to it... WILL.... blow... you... away. Satanic forces have taken over The World's governments and religions. The fires of appetite rage through the population. More and more people are being driven mad. The temporal rulers are MOSTLY all possessed by a controlled madness, as they are manipulated to do whatever they are told.

This involves killing millions... billions of people... by a variety of methods. If you are not paying attention you are in harm's way, and... your chances of survival are slim. Given that we are all mortal... unless we have found The Portal... it would only be a matter of time in any case.

However... no one dies. They are simply relocated. In most instances they are transported to their next destination on The Wheel of Reincarnation... they are further molded and prepared... to continue in whatever they were doing prior to being relocated. In some cases one's fortunes are adjusted dramatically up or down... based on whatever we had gotten up to, because... in the process of relocation, ALL OF US come before some version of The Lords of Karma... who inform us of the several roads we might take.

Every time we show up before them... we are given choices to correct the scales... until Balance is finally attained.

We are now entering a time of High Jingo.

I only watched a small portion of this. Five minutes was enough for me. Such things don't interest me. COVID didn't interest me either, except when I noticed the small amounts of inconvenience it caused me at certain times, which didn't happen often because I stay out of most places most of the time.

You're going in one direction or the other. Otherwise, you are treading water in an ocean of hidden currents. The World is filled with ticking time bombs... on many different levels... while one is walking through a minefield. The mines are mostly visible if... you... are... paying... attention. That is the main difference between being dead or alive... whether or not you are paying attention.

The currents either take you down or carry you from one side to the other. The time bombs are calibrated according to those life forms its function is related to. The mines either wake you up or put you to sleep and then into transition.

It's all mathematically precise. The thoughts in your head carry you to the zones they are magnetized by. If your head is less filled with junk... you can see what's going on because your influence switches are turned off. Am I making sense in a hunt-and-peck connect-the-dots way?

This is a time to tread lightly... to go slowly... to be wary... to see clearly. We see most clearly when the smoke of carnal desire does not compromise our sight. Mind the attractions on all sides. People who gravitate toward evil are driven... or led... by attractions. If you are not divided against yourself, you will KNOW that everything belongs to you already, and... you can call it up or find your way around it.

In it, but... not of it. In it, but... not of it. When you are not possessed by Want, everything you need or seek comes to you by certain enduring laws that have been with us from ancient times. This has been pointed out over, and over, and over again, but... people forget. A new guidance system is precipitating into form. Watch for it.

End Transmission.......

Those of you who rage against what you do not understand... because you did not even try; are you angry? Is it fear? Have you just gotten old and mean? Stomping your feet and shaking your fist... howling imprecations and accusations... thinking you are on the side of right, and... needing to correct everyone you encounter... you cause as much harm as the shadows in your mind that you contend with. You are helping no one including yourself. Stop... Look... and Listen. Perhaps... then... you will not be hit by a train.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

"Some Say to Go Impersonal, and Some Say Get Real Personal about The Medium of Your Salvation. I Say, Do What Works."

God Poet Transmitting.......

“As the saint becomes identified with God, so the wicked may become identified with the devil. Either of the two is an "incarnation" of that principle which has attained self-consciousness in him.”

One aspect says “be detached”: The Other says “be passionately committed.” (or... maybe it's simply happening at a different point in The Moment) Both of these are true. Those among us... who compose the not-very-bright contingent... like to argue about this... depending on where The Moment catches them. Over the course of time, it doesn't seem to matter which side they are on at any given point. The idea is to argue. Arguing is where The Kick comes from.

Some say to go Impersonal, and some say to get real personal about the medium of your salvation. I say, do what works... results may vary.

The fact is, and... argue as it pleases you... (there will be someone nearby who will accommodate you). no one knows every side of the equation except those who consciously (contradiction alert!) do... not... know.

Only The Divine... The Superconscious... knows every aspect... because... only The Superconscious can see in every direction at once... cause it encompasses the entirety of 360 degrees. This is not something that is open to discussion... unless you are a fool or a chipmunk.

Every age is given a name... once enough distance exists... for perspective to ensue or... for the revisionists to step in. There were The Middle Ages... The Age of Reason; a lot of ages have come and gone. When they look back on this one it will be called The Dumb Ages.

Perspective is an amazing feature that appears in The Mind when it has yet to be zombified by a grafted-on perspective. The beauty you see in any place you look... is a reflection of your own beauty sent back to you. This is how a comprehensive understanding of existence, and the phenomena of change, allows you to see beauty in everything. This is also a perspective, BUT... it requires some degree of focus.

So... the idea... for those looking to control others... is to cancel out the Objective Perspective and render the population wholly subjective. Bread and Circuses does this. Constant distraction does this. Programming does this. It's the reason any of them are around.

Now... I want to tell you one of the bigger secrets that they work very hard at keeping you from catching on to. That secret is that the force present within you is stronger than any forces arrayed against you externally. Appearances don't back this up... do they? Heh heh... well, that should tell you something. It's what that Bible quote means; “greater is he that is within me.” greater than what? “Greater than that which is in The World.”

Life is a movie and you are... potentially... The Director OR; ...let me put it another way. You are potentially a hosting mechanism for The Director; a residence if you will. Otherwise, you are an actor who is at the behest of a director. There is... at all times... an interior director, and... an exterior director. However... either of these can function internally or externally... if the placement is right... if the relationship reflects it.

You have to be in alignment with one or the other because no man can listen to and follow two directors.

For many... all of this is just so many words. People hear it. They might even agree, BUT... how many act on it? How many act on it to the effect of harmonizing with the one that puts you out of the harm zone of The External Director? (who is looking to get its hooks into you internally.) Possession is a form of this. Programming accomplishes this. Constant distractions can maintain this... until you are not distracted.

The reason that THEY employ these, and other devices... is because they want to compromise your ability to CONCENTRATE; diminish your ability to focus, and hold that focus. It's simple. Don't complicate it. That's part of the process of distractions.

Some people think it's the way to go... that you get right up in the face of authority, and... give it the finger... scream at it... throw shit... any of the tedious reactive means by which one... confronts. This isn't necessary... even though it is necessary for it to be present in times of social and cultural transitioning.

External authority is looking to provoke a reaction. They want this so that they can come at it in any number of ways. January 6th was a good example. It was a set-up and those not paying attention... walked right into it. I already know better than this. I knew this when I was very young. It is why I stay(ed) away from demonstrations.

Some people think you can change things from within. Heh heh... that is only true if you are talking about within yourself. Then... yes... you can change The World in that fashion... by coming into resonance with The Indwelling Director. This director is in charge at all times. Then... THEY can't touch you, with the exception of when it is for The Purpose of Demonstration... in which you show that they are essentially powerless. I've had this done THRU ME several times.

If you can resist the press of your personality to come into conflict with appearances... it all forms up around you in harmonic accord... while you are passing through it, i.e., The Valley of The Shadow of Death; in respect of fearing no evil.

I once mentioned an experience I had in the desert outside of Palm Springs... while I was walking on a 50-mile stretch of unpaved highway somewhere around Indio. It got dark... real dark... while I was coming out of this haunted Indian canyon. As soon as I got into the wide and lonesome... there came these enormous bat-winged creatures overhead. The noise was terrific. There was a brief moment when I thought, I'm screwed.

Someone... my guardian angel... some agent of The Divine... appeared within me and said, “Hello, My Friends!” I began to do a little jig... spinning and dancing, and... instantly... we were in accord and they followed me for miles down that highway... overhead, and it was... how can I put this? It was thrilling. I understood something about the nature of evil. There's nothing it can do to you if you are just passing through. However... if you decide to stick around and... explore? Yeah... not a good idea.

However... it was why we precipitated (materialized) down here; to experience existence at every level... to discover... to explore... to categorize, and make maps... chart the whole thing out before the eyes of God... who is watching it all through our eyes as... The Witness. We're all on a mission from God, and... at some point... we find our way back to God.

Not everyone wants to get back to God at the same time; no... you go on. I'll stick around and see if anyone shows up... catch you later. Of course, we know what he's really saying, don't we? Some buds open early. Some buds never open at all. Some will always be closer to the ground and yearning for the things one can make of it... like the dwarves. Some will always be yearning for the sky and what might be out there.

Some of us discover we can find all of this within ourselves and never have to go anywhere at all, cause, we...are... already... there. We actually are the thing we are looking for. You tell people that and their eyes glaze over. It's literally true, but... they can't hear you until they've burned out on all the shiny shit, and run out of the magic juice of vitality. It doesn't have to be that way.

You can conserve that energy and it will serve you well in the dark hours of the aging process OR... you can have an arrangement with The Divine where he gets to experience whatever he wants to get up to, and that could be anything, and... he gives you that energy back later on.

God wants to play. Let him play through.

Now... I know that lots of people don't want to hear about this side of it or find out the real nature of Good and Evil, and what they have to do with each other, cause... they are timid... anal... uptight... absolutely sure they are right.. yadda yadda.

There is a great deal more to The Divine than you know or EVER can know. In fact; there is more that you cannot know than all you can know, just as there is more of the ineffable in reserve than you will ever see in manifestation.

Once you've made The Great Hookup, which is considerably different than all the random and temporary hook-ups, and God is riding you like a horse that takes him wherever he wishes to go... well... there's not much one can say about that. One shouldn't even try. You have to be there.

Patrick Willis has released his latest.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, January 12, 2024

"It Evens Out into The Still... Serene... and Enveloping Wonder of The Moment as it Really Is in The One Mind at All Times."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Every plane of your being is an entire world unto itself. Each of these worlds exists according to the same principle but vibrates at a different speed. On the physical plane, there is always some kind of weather that you are moving through. That weather is always changing. There are specific attachments that occur in The Mind, which places you in the location where you choose to live. The same can be said for the thoughts in your head.

Your mind too is filled with weather. It accounts for where you are externally... because of where you are internally, and... where you are internally is determined by your Karma. It is the weight you carry. Your body is your cross. Various teachers have said various things, all of them designed to help you free yourself of this Karma... because... there are ways to accomplish this without going through it like an automaton operating on particular GPS coordinates.

Jesus The Christ said, “Pick up your cross and follow me.” Paramhansa (how his name was actually pronounced) said, “You should take all your troubles and burdens, and put them in a bag. And throw it in the ocean.” If you are of the more self-reliant kind, you can counteract your Karma through selfless service. This frees you of the bondage-freak persona you had been acting out as.

Karma is an experiential measurement of your self-interest, previous to this moment in which you are continuing your affair with someone who doesn't actually exist. You're living in a dream world, baby, and... it's no fun. The Mind is a battleground upon which most people torment themselves over what they said and did. It's a common thing. It is so common that it has universal applications in The Separated Mind everywhere..

The unnamed master that I met on a beach... who turned out to be God in human form... gave me a technique for freeing The Mind of its means to torment you; walking you around on a leash, instead of the other way around. He kept saying, “I don't know.” It is a process that frees you of all the confining knowledge you carry around with you and assume to be true... when almost none of it is.

It wasn't all that long before I was saying, “I don't know” also. There is only one mind. Unless you know this one thing, you are missing the essential ingredient for understanding what is going on. The Man on The Beach had a much deeper draft than I, so he sucked all the thought-forms out of my head, and my head was empty for the first time in my life. Realizing I didn't know anything... was a portal into a freedom I had not experienced before in this life.

When The Mind is emptied out, only what is essential to its existence remains. It's a tool. It's not you. It certainly thinks it is you, and it makes you think it is you, BUT... it's not. Its range of comprehension is limited. It is scheming at all times to hold your attention. Insofar as he exists, The Separated Mind is The Devil.

The Mind is a trickster. It will make you see things that are not there, and... it will make you see things other than they actually are. I could go on at great length about it, but... I would prefer not to. The Mind likes to go on and on about things. It NEEDS to keep your attention. It wants to be the organ-grinder in every sense of the world. Think about that for a moment.

The Mind is an airport. Thoughts come in and land. Thoughts take off for somewhere else; sometimes they are directed somewhere and sometimes they are not. Your mind could think of a great kindness that you do not get around to performing... because... as all selfish people will tell you, “it's the thought that counts.” However, that thought might land somewhere and get acted on by someone else. The same rule applies to thoughts of murder and every other form of harm.

Sooner or later that thought will find an opportune location to go into action. There are groups of evil magicians who gather to direct thoughts of harm to specific targets. Some of them work for governments. Some of them work for ideals they wish to maintain and disseminate. Some of them are for hire by people in the know, and so on and so forth.

You have to know who you are targeting because if the thought doesn't have anywhere to land... it will come back to you... with more force than you sent it out with. Human auras act as trampolines and... an aura that is suffused with love... well.

Keep in mind (grin) that we are here talking about The Separated Mind, which is the intelligence behind all the personalities acting on and being acted on by everyone else. These minds are driven by the engine of Desire. Passion is the gas that fuels The Mind. Passion is neither good nor bad. Intention defines it accordingly. The greatest passion is Love, and it has degrees of intensity that are determined by its level of expression. The Sun is the source of love as it expresses here.

Of course... The Sun is an extension of that sun too bright to see, which is... itself... an extension of something ineffable and incomprehensible.

The Man I met on The Beach did not possess a separated mind, and that has been his gift to me. It makes one into a mirror of everyone else, AND... that can be a good thing and a bad thing... by turns... until one gets the hang of it, and that does not happen overnight.

One still has to live out the personal grab-bag of whatever there was left in you... when The Moment found you, and that gets sped up to the point of madness... and beyond... before it evens out into the still... serene... and enveloping wonder of The Moment as it really is in The One Mind at all times.

When you depart from The One Mind you enter on to The Plane of Suffering, and that suffering continues until you are reunited. (♫and it feels so good ♫)

The One Mind exists in all of us but it is hard to discover because The Separated Mind is like an attic or a garage that is jammed full of odds and ends. One empties it out through the good offices of a master or... by serendipitous occasion, also the good office of a master, but one not identified yet.

My mind was emptied out through brief snorts of breath expelled... that worked like a leaf blower or a fire hose... something... something. The One Mind appears as soon as all the junk and distractions that concealed it have been sent wherever it is that such thoughts and things wind up when you let them go. Sometimes The Fire of God's Love consumes them all.

This sort of thing often results in a rising of The Kundalini... as it did in me, and... since Kundalini is a fire, it burns up everything that stands in the way of its ascent to The Bridal Chamber. I compare it to a volcano going off and not settling down for some time.

When it becomes a matter of a year or more at near the same intensity, it is sure to guarantee continuous awakenings along the way until its job is done. That job is the consuming of all the elements of the personal self that caused The Separated Mind to come into being. It is an unstoppable force. It may stop for a time here and there... as it neutralizes everything in its way. Sometimes it is waiting for points on The Celestial Clock to arrive.

None of these things are a concern for the person experiencing it. The Details are in the hands of The Master. All real masters are the same master... who was once a personality... like anyone else... until he got subsumed into The One Mind to live in an eternity outside of Time.

One enters The Deathless State in The One Mind because The One Mind exists forever and ever. Everything that exists was imagined and given birth in The One Mind, by the same process used by The Separated Mind only... it takes longer... and is seldom an exact expression of what it was intended to be.

One's level of aspiration and degree of concentration... that the force of attention passes through... determines how quickly you arrive at The One Mind. At the same time... one should not push too hard and cause injuries that might have been avoided. Once your Faith and Certitude are at a particular state, it all takes care of itself.

It's more a matter of setting the foundation. After that... it will rise according to how true the foundation is. It's best to have a template based on the earlier passage of the one you follow. However... even when you have been a wild and crazy freelancer like me... sooner or later you run into a deeper groove and... by that time... you are extremely glad to have found it at all.

End Transmissions.......

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