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"Occult Lore Says that The Main Base for The Evil... that Affects Life on Earth... is Located on The Dark Side of The Moon."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I don't know if this guy got had at some point earlier on.

He says some of his associates were killed, BUT... THEN... why not him? I don't have The Details. I don't even know who he is, but other people seem to. Then again, I don't pay attention to aliens and the like. I have had direct encounters but I don't get worked up about it. Stranger things than that have happened to me.

The aliens know where I am if they want to say anything. They tend to show up regularly during psychedelic episodes, but... I haven't done that in years now. It's that Hope and Wishful Thinking thing again. I'm sure Hope has its place but I rely on Faith... Certitude... and Determination instead. However... the commentary from this man is... riveting! Riveting!

He is also clear... definite... and seems very credible. I've been had before, BUT... he seems like The Real Deal, AND... this is the time of Mr. Apocalypse. If you have been following the links lately, you have seen his fingerprints on many things.

Then... there is this.

We do know who is running that administration, and this sort of thing is a specialty of theirs. Aliens are a factor in this too, BUT... they would be bad aliens.

Who are these aliens, AND... are they aliens in the sense of beings from outer space? Might they not also be subterranean... or from The Dark Side of The Moon? Occult Lore says that the main base for The Evil that affects life on Earth... is located on The Dark Side of The Moon. It is also in the hearts of the men and women who give it lodging; through their appetites and low desires... through their animosities and resentments... through their anger and lust... their ambition and pride.

What we call aliens are often not aliens in the classical sense. They are from The Lower Regions. For decades we have been hearing about the good aliens and the bad aliens, BUT... given what little I know, bad aliens are not permitted to operate where the more advanced cultures travel, and this is one of the places that they come.

The question arises; why do they not help us, given the power and presence of the evil scum who afflict us? They do help us, but they do it surreptitiously... peripherally. There is a Comic Law about non-interference. We are obliged to make our own way. They can only help so much, and can only help those who sincerely seek their aid, and... know how to go about getting it.

We have to rise to the challenge... or not. Unrecorded History... Lost History... possesses many tales about what has gone before. The Details are all there in The Akashic Records. In “The Way to The Kingdom,” Joseph Brenner talks about a time long ago when there was an evil far greater than any we know today, and it was so vile that it permeated every particle of matter that composes The World of form that we inhabit today.

The Aliens will appear once we have met the challenge and proven victorious. In other times it was a crap shoot. The Divine has different intentions for each go-round. This time we will prove victorious or... so I am told.

Much of what passes for aliens... are representatives of earlier life forms that were banished to the nether-lands for an assortment of crimes. One really has to spend some time with Paracelsus if they wish to understand the various kingdoms of life we interact with, and... contend with.

There are The Elementals and they are always with us. Different cultures call them by different names and associate different activities to them. They are an essential factor of life... here. Without spiritual sight... without the activation of our spiritual senses... we are in no position to have an opinion on these life forms.

Let me mention certain features of The Spiritual Senses. One has to work for a long time... or very intensely for shorter times... to awaken these senses. One must be at a certain level of purity to get anything positive from them. There are people who have had them awakened before they were ready for them and they suffer from this as if it were an affliction, and... it... is. One's character must possess a high level of integrity... discipline, and spiritual will to manage them, and to endure what is presented.

The creatures who live behind The Veil can be terrifying... unless you have mastered what they represent... within you. This is how they get you... how they bring you low, by attacking your weaknesses. Lord Lytton had a character in his book, “Zanoni” who was messing around in The Master's laboratory. His name was Glyndon. He brought The Dweller on The Threshold into his life and suffered terribly because of it.

The Dweller is one of those characters that every aspirant has to deal with. For some, it is a walk in the park, and... The Dweller doesn't even come around, BUT... if you have points of weakness that have not been addressed and dealt with, you're screwed. This is why it is imperative to have a guide... a master... a teacher... who has been there and done that.

Chemtrails have nothing to do with Climate Change. Their intention is to block the spiritual light from The Sun. Because of the advanced state of Materialism... the conditions for Evil to flourish have never been so good in a long time; though good is probably not the best word. (grin) The World is a filthy kitchen... in a house occupied by addicts, and the insane. Evil prospers when this is the case.

Rothschilds... Gates... Soros... Fink... Satanyahu, and assorted bent politicians... entertainers... religious figures... name players... with degrees of power, have all joined up with each other in groups that intend to rule The World with an iron fist. In most cases, these groups are in competition with each other. They jockey constantly for influence over one another. Most of them are possessed by evil intelligences OR... are driven by ambitions and dark passions that are the masters of them.

The Chemtrails and other vile offenses against nature are meant to block out the positive impact of The Sun upon our hearts and minds. They intend to break our spirit with Gloom and Doom. If they can defeat us within... we will be easy pickings without. If appearances can get us down... our will can be compromised.

Each one of us is a spiritual warrior now. We have the ability to make a definite impact on the entire matter. The real war is on the inside. If we beat them there... they are history. When these same people went into Russia and created Communism, they were able to compromise all of those who might have given real resistance. It's too complex a tale for me to tell. Suffice to say, it turned into the greatest killing ground we have seen in this go-round.

Where were the other killing fields? They were in China and Cambodia. This was also due to Communism. The monsters pushing The Marxist Agenda are of the darkest order of them all. They are subduing the populace through entertainments and carnal attractions... through programming and sloganeering... through occult means, and generally... in a climate of pervasive depravity, it's been easy.

Add in The Killer Vaccines that were engineered by the same people who engineered Communism, and who are now committing genocide in Gaza, and who are poisoning the water, the food, and anything else they can befoul, and... we've got our work cut out for us.

We are not alone, however, and there are many... many more of us than there are of them. We have a power within that we should pay much more attention to than anything we might imagine doing in The World outside.

Many things... events and conditions that they did not factor into... their plans to kill and enslave us... are about to take place. Forces they are unable to contend with... or defend themselves against... have been loosed in The World and they are having an impact.

Don't let The Evil... that these fools visit far and wide... break your spirit. They are on their way out. I don't care what appearances may indicate. They are going down... figuratively and LITERALLY. Our destiny is not in their hands. It is in our hands... dependent on who and what it is that we rely on. “Greater is that which is within you than that which is in The World.”

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Maybe I'm not doing it right, but these aura glasses don't do much.

Here is some Jacob Boehme for those interested.


I keep thinking I might not have put the one previous to that in a link here, so I am posting it here as well.


There are powerful messages to be had in both of them that I have seen in no other place until now.

Also... we have The Usual Health and related links that continue below=

Hapkido tactics. I love Hapkido!
It is one of my favorite disciplines=


M - said...

Love the gardening vids you've been linking to!!!!! I'm sprouting radish seeds as I write this. I get such a kick out of seeing seeds grow into plants. It's addictive, too. I collected seeds from my Scarlet Runner Bean and saved seeds from Borlotti beans we bought at the Farmers Market - gonna plant both this Spring, along with some French green beans. You should see the Nasturtiums I planted from seed last Summer/Fall. They are insane right now. I just wish I had more than just a corner of the Concrete Jungle that gets tons of sun, but I work with what I have. In fact, last year I got my tiny slice of heaven certified as a Wildlife Sanctuary by the NWF - something I had been working hard to achieve.

I always use copper and stainless steel pots and pans, and I have one cast iron skillet I use sparingly. How to make stainless steel pans non-stick: Heat the pan on medium-high heat. Depending upon what you're cooking you'll probably have to use a bit of EVOO and/or butter. Cooking eggs this way guarantees perfection every time - and clean-up's a breeze! (Thank you, Jamie Oliver.)

Hahahaha - I only use sunscreen on my nose and only sunscreen that contains zinc or titanium oxide. Period. Many sunscreens contain nanoparticles, too. IF I'm gonna slather myself with anything give me good ol' Hawaiian Tropic oil.

Anonymous said...

In your Origami post you had a guy speaking of all of these facilities where alien technology is being reverse engineered & studied...
His name I believe is Dr Steven M Greer - he has a few books out.
I too don't know how much of it is true from direct experience, but he has said other things as well that are brave, unusual and that give a reasonable pause for thought.

Thank you for all of the insightful posts over the years - may Providence continue to accompany you till we see this present sad dark chapter of human history brighten to the new dawn.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

All I want is unlimited discretionary time, and omniscience. Yeah, riiiiiiight. I'll sooner get a red nose hair coat in this HELL HOLE of a planet.

0 said...

That first guy is Steve Greer. He was used to track down inventors of exotic machines and confiscate it. So he would have some idea of what he confiscated.

The tesla coil is about making a biased HV potential at the top of the tesla coil, but its not meant to be used to create arcs and sparks into free air, its supposed to be used to charge capacitors that are then discharged periodically to produce electric current using a small amount of Charge to unleash much greater torrents of the same. Tariel Kapanadze of Russian Georgia figured out how to make it so that it didn't require constant input.

There have been multiple diverse overunity systems developed but since everyone wants to get rich off it, they go patent it and then it gets marked classified and shelved and the inventor has an untimely accident like Eugene Mallove regarding LENR. (low energy nuclear reactions)

Theres also a terrawatt system that uses a rotating axle with a second free moving axle colocated on the same single axle that lets the free moving axle oscillate while the main axle rotates using magnetics.

There used to be a guy named Pete Sumack who figured out the valving for an enclosed Pressurized system so that once he internally pressurized it and pushed it into action, it would keep up that action till he relieved the pressure letting it Stop. He would use a little gas with spark plug inside the enclosed volume and ignite it to produce the internal pressurization which was not equal to zero in its internal chambers so it would be shuttled around to produce the rotation of an axle to drive a genhead.

Theres a company called inductive energy that makes a thing called the earth engine, which is nothing more than john bedinis massively scaled up school girl motor using a pair of counter rotating 2000lb steel flywheels with magnets embedded in the edge and in the inside faces. The reason for the magnets on the edge is to Drive the 2000lb rotors in opposite directions. The reason for the magnets on the inner face between the two rotors is to effect a hatem magnetic gear setup to output to a standard genhead to produce overunity. They won't sell you the earth engine but they'll let you buy the power it produces so they don't have to tell you how it works.

Nevermind Water cars like Stanley myers produced and others too. I remember seeing a news cast on TV in the 80s when I was a kid with some inventor in a lab coat in a field with a v8 on stands running on Water instead of Fuel. Turns out if you put a drop of water in a spark gap and discharge into/thru it the water instantly vaporizes producing a very similar pressure to gas detonation. From Water. (reminds me of some of the old Ed Gray videos for ed grays Tesla switch style motor.)

I could go on, but these things used to all be detailed at keeleynet and rexresearch. keeleynet went offline when jerry decker died, but rexresearch is still going.

I only got thru the top part of this post so I'll go read the rest now and see if I have anything else to volunteer...


0 said...

Did you ever read about Ingo Swann? He claimed the moon was inhabited by humanoids he saw while remote viewing coordinates given him by some agency.

"Occult Lore says that the main base for The Evil that affects life on Earth... is located on The Dark Side of The Moon."

He has a few books he put out which are interesting to read. Supposedly the reason we stopped going to the moon in the early 70s was due the aliens there telling us not to come back.

Then theres a film called "the last man on the moon" which reviews Gene Cernans trip to the moon where he didn't get to land as the last trip that went to the moon.

"The creatures who live behind The Veil can be terrifying... unless you have mastered what they represent... "

Reminds me of your wandering out of the canyon to the flying things you greeted as friends. Most of the time the fear we hold is misconception and lack of appreciation for things that appear scary. Go where you fear to go to conquer all fears. Its likely the scary things have no friends and nobody willing to try and understand them, imagine what a friend like thats worth over normal people? :P

Monster On!

Visible said...


I'm not familiar with him. You operate in very different waters than do I, which is fine because The World would be a very unstructured place if it had to rely on the blueprints I came in here with.

You sound like you would do fine in entrepreneurial areas where perpetual motion and energy generation are considerations. Mr. Apocalypse is not simply, or... exclusively concerned with standing the political... theological, and cultural world on its head, while it strips them naked with Japanese steel. He is also deeply involved in the technical secrets and coming evolution of energy applications as well. At this time... anyone looking into the deeper areas of such matters will... I think... be rewarded.

I know little of the nuts and bolts side but I think there's something to be discovered in the area of magnifying glasses applied to solar energy components. I'm not wording it right but I know what I mean... heh heh... for all the good that does. It also involved laser refractors and prisms.

TotoFromOz said...


Anonymous said...

Hoorah LV!


word bird said...

In the Gospel of Bartholomew (, Bartholomew asks Satan
if he does evil by himself. Satan answers, if I were able to do these alone, I would have destroyed the whole world in three days.

The scumbags (in the physical world and beyond) rely on deception to blind and persuade mankind to unknowingly run the machinery of evil for the benefit of the chief scumbag. The primary weapon available to defend against this is the word (truth) which requires courage to deploy, and once deployed will shred the veil of deception over mankind, grinding the entire machinery of evil to a halt.

Visible said...

Just this minute finishing today's post that moves right along the same lines/

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Shadow of Fear... that Is Worse than the Fear Itself... Looms Over The Whole Shake 'N Bake of Wasted Lives."

Anna Cordelia said...

"When these same people went into Russia and created Communism, they were able to compromise all of those who might have given real resistance. It's too complex a tale for me to tell. Suffice to say, it turned into the greatest killing ground we have seen in this go-round."

I'm in the middle of researching the Bolshevik Revolution (reading Melgunov's Red Terror, among other books). I know all about the usual suspects' involvement, and thanks to Melgunov, my awareness of the horror of that period is sinking in.

I know you said it's too complex a tale for you to tell... but can you drop me a few hints about how/why "they were able to compromise all of those who might have given real resistance"?

I look forward to every post you put up, Les... so I know that even if you can't answer my question, even having asked it might get me closer to what I'm after. (grin)

Thank you for all your work, or should I say play? Maybe I should just say, thank you for sharing!

Visible said...

How about I give you resources?

Read Solzhenitsyn, especially, Two Hundred Years Together.

Mike King also has some excellent commentaries on this over at Real History Channel

I don't agree with everything he gets behind but he gets closer to the truth about certain things than ANYONE I have come across.

You might sift the possibilities here;

I don't think you will need more than this.

Visible said...

Almost all of Solahenitzyn's work is free online.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment from 'Nobody' about the energy technologies. (Thanks Nobody.)

I don't have a scientific mind. Recently started reading Jeane Manning and Joel Garbon's book Breakthrough Power. Years ago read Brian O'Leary's Miracle in the Void. The amount of suppressed energy tech out there, and how much further along earth humanity could be (as a responsible custodian of the earth) if we'd begun transitioning to it decades ago, is mind-numbing. Some very powerful tech probably passed through any number of R & D modifications, safety-checks etc, many, many moons ago and has long been ready for roll out.

On Greer... I've read / heard different criticisms of him. I think he had dealings with at least one member of the Rockefeller family, leading some to believe he is controlled opposition / controlled disclosure. He has been accused of being aggressive / egotistical in private dealings with people and criticized for promoting the idea that all extra-terrestrials or other-dimensional entities can be regarded as benign. I've seen him in interview defending the latter philosophy as a means of approaching with an attitude of love, not fear, and I get the gist of that seemingly evolved perspective; but I personally don't trust the advice.

Greer presents well in public, a former physician with a cordial and sober demeanour. He's done significant work over the years, and heaven knows what kind of hell he's gone through from being a leading public figure in the UFO / energy tech field. I'm grateful for some of the work he's been a part of. His Disclosure Project press conference was useful to share with people many years ago (before the internet was flooded with a supermarket of alien content), incl. an approx 2 hour video of presentations, National Press Club, 2001, I think. Mostly it stood out thanks to the surface credibility of many of the project's speakers - former military and government personnel with witness testimony on UFOs. But if I knew someone with a working advanced-energy technology, Greer is not someone I would send them to. Meanwhile, good luck trying to convince inventors to refrain from attempting to patent their inventions. I can understand the logic, but it does seem a fast-track to seizure and sequestering.

My guess : it's not just the threat to energy cartels' profits that's led to suppression. Nor the potential for criminals making zero-point energy doomsday devices in their garage / warehouse (the fear fests Hollywood movies are famous for.) It's the magnificent level of freedom, decentralisation of power, and responsible growth that advanced energy technologies could nurture at incredible speed, eliminating poverty and much disease, revolutionising recycling, farming and any number of industries. It could usher in a monumental amount of change to liberate people from artificially perpetuated scarcity. But I'm probably preaching to the choir here.

Like any technology the potential is there for misuse; but what's telling is how little the media, educational and other institutions / influencers want to encourage public discourse on the upside. Are they scared of us imagining a future immeasurably better than the relentless Hunger Games series?

Brighter days are coming. It certainly helps if more people are aware of the tech, and begin to imagine how wisely and beneficially it could be applied. That's my humble opinion anyways.

M in the North.

Visible said...

Well said, M from The North. Only one item I'd like to add either a caveat or an addendum; however it sorts out in that regard. (grin) Anyone with any intelligence and drive trying to get somewhere... inevitably runs into these guardians at the gate. I've known people who've benefited from grants and the like from all kinds of sources who have it in mind to control what you do once you do it. It's a hard row to hoe no matter how you go.

One thing I do know. It's all coming out. All we have to do is wait and see. Don't stand too close however cause lots of tall towers are definitely going to collapse.

The problem with aliens being considered Good or Bad has to do with a constant confusion concerning their origins. Many life forms called aliens are not aliens in the classical sense; creatures with space ships from other planets. There is a lot more going on than that... coming and going from all sorts of locations/

Anna Cordelia said...

Hi again Les, Those were great links you provided. Thank you very much!

A funny thing happened a couple of hours after I left you my comment... I have been struggling through a really terrible 2014 translation of Melgunov's Red Terror, and I finally found the original (professional) English translation from 1926!! The pro version is safely tucked away from my regular search engines, so it was a small miracle to have found it.

Why do I think our invisible friends had something to do with that?

Visible said...

The more you depend on them with Certitude, the more certainly they will be around in forms of evidence, given that they are already there... really there... at all times

Strider Shoes said...

Had a gut busting laugh the other day over Wikipedia claiming that the usual suspects behind Bolshevik Revolution one is an auntie semitism conspiracy.
A great video showed that the fresco painting at some catholic basilica in the district of cesspool is actually Apollyon the Destroyer from Revelation 9 v 11.
Everything is infiltrated, corrupted and false in this world of deception and the veil is easy to place over those who refuse to use their brain.
Had a great chat with a petite blonde last week all about esoterics and then it went into Taylor Swift has the best voice ever in the history of humanity and so and so is humping ol' whatshisface.
It was nice meeting you and what a fun discussion have a nice day as I cut that off.

0 said...

"I know little of the nuts and bolts side but I think there's something to be discovered in the area of magnifying glasses applied to solar energy components. I'm not wording it right but I know what I mean... heh heh... for all the good that does. It also involved laser refractors and prisms."

Photomultiplication, perhaps.

I have spent 20+ years now studying all sorts of energy systems and it was likely the replication of the spring apparatus that caused my spinal failure to accelerate. If I wasn't married to someone who would piss it all away before it got in my pocket I might have been more of an entrepreneur. Money hasn't meant much to me and I don't manage directly the funds I make from working, I let the wife do that, good/bad/indifferent. I used to like being generous till people came to depend on that generosity while producing none of their own. Alot of what I Don't do is because it would just be taken advantage of. I chose to not produce a system that might or might not be overunity due my context and given the way the world works for those who want to change it. No point being the nail that sticks up, it just gets hammered.

Sorry for the slow reply, been down with cold/flu/diseaseX or whatever. It got everyone in my house and started with my granddaughter. Burning eyeballs, high pressure in my head, full body ache to limit wanting to move. Fever lasted 3 days or so. Just been theraflu'ing it.

It takes all kinds. I've always been looking for knowledge of eternal consequence since so little discussed tends to have ramifications outside this context we find our iterations of form within. Course I don't recall being before this iteration of form, so no idea what I'll still retain post form, or if whats left post form will be retained in the new sleeving of a next iteration of form. What I have come to learn tho has been primarily about myself and how I am and what I will and won't tolerate. I tolerate way to much. I get angry by degree over time, unless I've been tamping it down then it can be instant. But I do what I say I will, and I'm careful to not say I will do something or I end up having to do it.

Take care pal, Glad the rainbow makes the skittles and not the other way around huh.




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