Friday, November 12, 2021

"You Even Get a Certificate that You Can Put on Your Wall. Now... How About That?"

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You know that the vaccine mandates, and the biometric passports, and the whole push for a cashless society is all about control by a psychopathic, Draconian minority of international bankers and a self-fellating elite. Most things become obvious when you are no longer concealing them from yourself.

Some are trying to draw Satanic parallels between Astroworld and Altamont. I would assume this is a very common theme in show-biz. Do you remember the pictures of John Revolta and Sammy Davis Jr. with Anton Szandor LaVey? They... AND others were seeking the hand of Satan to help them with their careers. Fortunately, for many, Scientology was invented as another way of exalting self-will over circumstance... fate... and each other. As if you could do something like that... that way, with Fate. What Fate does is weave ANY direction taken into a new permutation of what is cosmically intended for you. It's better to make your fate good by being good.

I was at Altamont, near the front. I saw what I saw, but I have seen so much of it now, it is not a question to me anymore.

Rap is OBVIOUSLY a tool of The Kingdom of Darkness. So is pornography. So is the reverse engineering, employed in the self-befouling of Back Door Sacristy Play. All of the Seven Deadly Sins are in service to The Kingdom Of Darkness. Everything IS connected, but... where in the body of God is the connection being made? If God contains EVERYTHING, both Good and Evil... it seems clear to me that you will be routed to the body locations that answer to the behavior you engage in.

The whole pathology of self-deception is a bit like playing chess with Death. Goethe went into this with Faust. It seems, to me... that your personality is the vehicle of your fate. Is it running you or are you running it? If you want to change your fate, take command of The Personality as a tool, do NOT let it be the one in charge. Otherwise... it goes where it goes. Deal with The Devil or no... it doesn't matter. It is the composition of your being that determines the end result. Get yourself in order! How do you do that? Serve by CHOICE or serve by DEFAULT... because you DO have to be in service to something. In Times of Material Darkness, most choose to serve their appetites and desires, which means they are serving their Carnal Nature. It goes where it goes.

One could learn a great deal by studying the esoteric tenets of Mithraism and Zoroaster's perspective on The Universe. Also, because they are about to bring forth the new archetypes grafted over the former; like they did last time, and the time before that, and the time before that. Good is no guaranteed winner, BUT... people do escape Evil altogether. Perhaps that is how The Universe is constructed. Everyone gets what they are after, AND suffers the consequences... so as to nudge... gently... and not so gently, The Soul to its proper harbor. It is all easily explained when you simply think of One Force with two faces, which appear according to the disposition of the player-actor in the behavior engaged in. There are worlds below and worlds above. Then there is The World between, where we are presently resident.

In the worlds beyond, in either direction, you cannot change anything. You cannot alter your status. That you MUST DO HERE! Unless you accomplish it HERE, it is not accomplished. That is why people keep coming back again, and again, and again, and again. You are not suddenly smarter on the other side. You are who you are. This is where The Great Work comes in. This is where you change the course of your existence and head for the real bright lights, big city. The human imagination has no way of drafting a vision of the immensity of it all. Trust me, that is quite beyond you.

People ALSO keep coming back to hit the trough or the bars or... how do they put it? Are you hitting that?” If that is your level of understanding when it comes to Romance, do not be surprised if you wind up with a Gorgon, only... it is not you but your heart that is turned to stone.

It is the same thing with the con artists and general criminal element. Harpies attend them. They are not unfamiliar with Aello and Ocypete, though they may not know them by those names. There are entire legions in Hell that are sent forth to harry those guilty of crimes against their fellows. See the rich and famous? They have all made their arrangements with someone. They have either cut a deal or it is the fruits of their labor. What I mean is that not all the rich and famous are bad people. ALSO... and that is a big ALSO, some who are present here are habitations of major players in the infernal realm. They REALLY like that material body experience. It's what Possession is all about, AND... it is far more in operation than you might think.

Here is where the action is. Here is where the prizes are to be had by those in a love-lock with matter. You have to stop seeing The World as a playground for Good and Evil, according to your definitions of them. People are what they are after. People BECOME what they pursue; what they emulate. You have seen where people start to look like their pets or their spouses? You become part of a pattern in a particular tapestry that is the woven content of what is familiar to you.

You are born into a particular land, at a particular time, to a particular couple, speaking a specific language, and being somewhere in the tapestry being woven. You are born as a man, out of a woman, to face the results of your previous behavior as a woman. The reverse is true as well. You are born a certain color, a certain race... you were born at a precise time of day, where the heavens show a blueprint for what is to follow. As you can imagine, this is a very big operation that has been going on for a long time, and what history we have, after the revisionists and victors got done with it, tells us what sort of goings-on we have had.

Any intelligent person will ask questions of others, and the really intelligent people will ask them of themselves. They will find it hard to believe that some being in the sky handles the whole affair. Well... yes and no. Think of Heaven as a corporation; you could even call it a cooperation, but bigger than anything we have here. God, the ineffable is the overall controller but he has employees that handle the minutiae. There is God the Incomprehensible out of which the whole shebang is created, and who remains forever ineffable. Then there is God the personable, who comes in looking like every man, and relates to us in human fashion. We call such visitations, an avatar, BUT... there are many levels of heavenly workers in descending order from The Avatar. WE ARE, each of us, in potential... one of those avatars.

It is out of our ranks that those avatars have come. They worked their way up, serving as they went. Right now, there are coming avatars working in various fields to serve and help those around them. This DOES NOT go unnoticed! HOWEVER... we are presently resident in a world of comfort and convenience. Most want an expeditious route. This is the attraction of The New Age Marketplace, where you can attend 3 weekends and a 4 day intensive, and be declared a MASTER. You even get a certificate that you can put up on your wall. Now, how about that?

ANYONE who has studied for any length of time or lifetimes in the area of comparative religion can EASILY see what traditions these charlatans took their sales pitch from. There are charlatans in all of these traditions now as well. This DOES NOT make the question of God's existence questionable. What ordinary men do, receives no imprimatur from Heaven, UNLESS they are in the service of Heaven. This is a training ground here. It is also a processing zone between other locations, elsewhere. This is where the Purpose of Demonstration takes place. It is here that you learn your chops, and it is here where you discover (one can only hope) that what goes around comes around.

People get bent out of shape by things the apostle Paul and others have said. I do not dismiss Paul. I filter Paul, and all the rest in every tradition. The ONLY things I embrace and take no exception to are the direct words of the founder of the tradition, not things said about him, ONLY what he said. People who want to argue, find plenty of opportunities and reasons to argue. If you actually want to find the truth, you can.

This personable God of which I spoke, is also, technically referred to as The First Emanation. It is an expression of Love, because the ONLY definable characteristic we can understand (and even then, good luck) of God... the ineffable, is God being Love, and who IS also the love being expressed at any time by anyone, when it is of the nature of that love. Think of desire, passion, inspiration, attraction... all of them are on that Dial I mentioned. Keep turning that Dial in the right direction and ever more refined expressions of Love come into play.

Think of that Dial as a teleportation device that runs from the bottomless reaches of Hell, up to the indescribable and incomprehensible states of Divine Love. It is ALL love or the absence of Love. If you cannot see this, you are not loving, you are on a stair-landing between where you have come from and where you are headed. One of these conditions WILL be present. Everything keeps getting better. Everything keeps getting worse. It's not business. It's personal.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant! You are in the zone, Vis!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up.

Anonymous said...

This is one of those posts where one knows he must have written it specifically for oneself. I love it when that happens; makes my day.

Thanks, Visible.

Love, Priscilla

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"God ALWAYS has to Come Back IN PERSON because The Way Gets Lost in a Wider Sense as Time Goes By."



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