Tuesday, November 09, 2021

"Mystery Babylon, Confusion of Day and Night, and the Ten Thousand Maladies of The Heart and The Mind."

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Sooner or later, technology and the lower nature, the carnal nature of Man, screws things up. It is a story as old as time itself. Will the technology destroy its creator, or... will the creator's moral sense rise to the occasion? I suspect that on occasion it does and they leave for the stars. They come back also.

Find what you know to be true at the core of you and live it. We live in a kaleidosphere of sensory overload that only buries us deeper into matter. I don't know about anyone else but I am not going in that direction.

It is important to remember that not everyone is consciously engaged in evil against the rest of us. The Actual number of conscious participants is small, but they punch many times above their weight because the rest of us don't play dirty. Most of those engaged in bad activities against humanity are simply asleep and being used by the minority. The Awakening is taking care of this. Then Mr. Apocalypse explains it in the language of human experience. People are waking up. It is touch and go and almost like a race to the finish line.

As we have mentioned, when The Avatar comes, he sweeps down the planes, driving all of the negative and duplicitous nests of Evil down and out into manifestation. He cleans out those principalities and powers that scripture talks about and drives them from before him, as he fills the place with light. It is actually the light of The Avatar that drives them forth. This has something to do with Judgment, but it's not my department. Therefore, it begins to look very dicey and threatening in The World because all of these disembodied bad guys are hijacking bodies when they can. This can surface in all sorts of strange ways. Usually, it has to do with basic appetites of animal expression; the sex drive, hunger to consume, anger... but that comes out of the first example being throttled.

ACTUALLY, when you see this sort of thing happening in The World, it is a sign of The Coming of The Avatar. When you combine the appearance of Mr. Apocalypse AND The Awakening, it reinforces the certainty, because these three ALWAYS come together. This does not mean a big Whoopty Do will sweep The World. It means ALL KINDS of Whoopty Do are going to materialize and people will, in many cases get a reasonable facsimile of what they are seeking. That is both good news and bad news, depending on what you are up to. Once thing CERTAIN, The Avatar comes to set things right.

Not everyone will be agreeing with the coming of The New Template, and the next arrangement of archetypes in new outfits, with new backstories coming later on. Those are often written by the ones shoved out of the way according to Divine Imperative. People have no clue of what is actually going on behind the scenes of The Dance of Good and Evil in seeming appearance before us. This is because the whole idea of it has been created in their minds by the way they have been conditioned to view The World. It is possible to step right outside of this and have no relationship with it on the terms of appetites and desires. Want nothing from The World and The World will throw itself at you. Why... it will do it even if you do want it, but it will run from you, and that is how you get carrot-and-sticked.

Once you master your appetites, you will see as divinity perceives The World, and this will reflect in The World's perception of you. The struggle is not in The World outside and the people in it. The struggle is within yourself. People get everything turned around. No wonder nothing works as they hope it will. Now, those who work to pervert the culture are arranging it (have been arranging it) so that a square peg fits into a round hole. They'll surgically alter it if they can. Mystery Babylon... Confusion of Day and Night, and the ten thousand maladies of the heart and the mind.

It is, in fact, Voodoo, and Hoodoo. Woo Woo and her friends are here as well. They are here to party DOWN. Little do those, who work their way up in Hollywood, and politics, and religion, and business... Little do they realize, at first (there is so much glitter) who runs those towns, and they are towns, cities, states of mind, and heart in common throb to common ends. They eventually meet The Boss. Ah... do I have to say his name? This is why, when the tables are turned, the same people are still sitting there, because it isn't a table in that sense. Perhaps it is better to say that there are separate tables on separate planes. Your state of mind determines the world in which you live.

That is only one world, each of them... bubbles of existence in the froth of the sea and bursting quickly in the time-lapse eyes of The Divine. All these worlds are the imaginary, crystallized into temporary forms. You are a creator. You are creating all the time. You are weaving the tapestries of lives to come in every succeeding life. Weave consciously and with intention and you will have a Magic Carpet.

The best of it, for me, would be to find The Thing Itself. It has been called many things in items intending to symbolize it. Religions have their rituals built around it but do not possess it. Yes... to find that and then to disappear into blissful anonymity, moving through humanity while looking like everyone well met in their eyes, always as a friend in the coming and in the going.

As you will see in the links below, Mr. Apocalypse is taking it up a notch... noticeably so. It seems that Governor Newsom of Kalifornia has an adverse vaccine experience, and is so messed up he can't be seen in public. He doesn't want people to turn against the vaccines. WHEN this gets out, that will be the end of the road for this particular experiment in genocide, by the people claiming to be the biggest victims of it. Revelation is coming. Possibly Revelations itself is coming, in whatever actual form it takes. Certainly, it will be the case for some.

In an apocalypse, the end-time prophecies of each religion do come true in their way for those who believe in them. Look at the history of the last two thousand years and you can find ample proof that absolutely horrible things have happened more than once. Then there are periods that breeze by, like recent decades. Sometimes it is location-specific, like certain cities and countries were in certain romance periods. The artificial world is not to be trusted. The Natural World is, and The Supernatural World above all else because that is what inspires and shapes the vision. If your vision is impaired, so will be the vision. Best to let things run top down in all ways.

I could not tell you how anything will be. I don't think there is any of us that can do it with any accuracy when it comes to specifics, but you SHOULD be able to take the pulse and temperature of where you live. Even though it is what you are inside that determines the outside. Very strange things are happening at every level of society. The shake-up is coming. I am not talking about earthquakes, though I could see how resonance might play into that. This is an interior shake-up already in progress, but... well, it's like going off-road? Some stretches are rougher than others. It's always selective too. Some aren't touched by the highway at all or even the lack of one.

Make friends of The Angelic Kingdom and The Devic Realm. Each religious tradition has its points of great merit. Some specialize in an amazing minutiae of hierarchical pecking orders. Buddhism is the best resource for that aspect. They have the Benefic and Wrathful Deities. It is like the pecking order in the Kingdom of Heaven and in The Kingdom of Hell. There are some, and more and more by the day, these days, who do not believe in that sort of thing. They have video game avatars. Whatever works for you.

My point is not to go and be a Buddhist (unless you already are one, of course). It is simply to say that there is AMPLE evidence of the existence of these kingdoms (and in all of the other traditions as well), and it makes good sense to form an alliance with them. You do anyway, by how you live, you show fealty to one or the other. Usually, people have conflicting loyalties from serving different interests when the mood comes upon them.

Little do people realize... what happens to them if they live in a flesh-pit mentality. They are consumed by unpleasant forces which can be very difficult to get rid of. Wherever humanity congregates there are spirits who are attracted by the appetites exercised there. Las Vegas has an enormous population of Hungry Ghosts. So does New York... any big city. Public eateries attract their invisible clientele. So do sporting events. So do public restrooms and all manner of outdoor venues of various kinds.

People scoff at religion, and religion deserves it for being exposed in its corruptions, but I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. It does not hurt to have friends in the angelic realm. You attract them the same way a flower attracts a bee or shit attracts a fly because there is no accounting for taste. Exercise that which is attractive to the angels and they will show up to experience it with you.

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I mentioned the film, “The God's are Crazy.” I had not seen episode 3 at the time. I saw about five minutes of it last night. That is what I have to say about it (grin). If you haven't seen, Kumare” that is an eyeopener.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

It's weird. Despite my life being statistically better than the majority, I have nothing but contempt for the world, and I can't stop bitchin' about how crappy it is here. I can't understand the collective human race, and think the majority are dumber than vacuums. Why else would the planet be in the shape it's in?

My head is in the next world, my body is here. I'd say mind and body have a severe conflict of interest here, but what can I do about it? The way of the world has corrupted me in my younger daze. Then I woke up, and stopped playin'. Existence in this temporary prison that I volunteered for has gotten better since then. And it took a layoff from the last high paying job I had to wake me up. Had a few scary times here and there in the distant past, but things have settled into a new comfort zone of a maintenance level standard of living and more time than most could dream of as far as the U.S. proletariate is concerned.

It's so weird how I've been here so many times and have now come to the conclusion this realm isn't worth a toxic Big Mac. Hey! At least you can use a cow patty as fertiliser.

Nostrils up!

Anonymous said...

Always a pleasure to read your take on things, Visible. The vaccine debacle has gone full retard. It seems to be effecting every nook and cranny of our lives now. It's unfortunate that some people are going to wake up in the middle of a lucid nightmare and shit the bed. Only fools rush in...

Pray like there's no tomorrow.

Love, Priscilla

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Peace with Oneself, and Peace with The World are Both Achieved Simultaneously by Letting Go of Either One."



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