Wednesday, December 14, 2022

"Beware My Friends of Seeking Truth. You May Not Like What You find Out About The World and About Yourself."

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We had placed the Sri Yantra mention in the left sidebar about a week ago. I thought it was filled with good information that resonated with similar ideas that had come to me over time. Now it is gone. I don't know what to think. It looked like it had been up for some time. I made a comment there. Now it's gone. Odd.

You can feel it, can't you? The sudden upswing of intensity that seems to be going round with all the mysterious diseases that humanity is being attacked with... in body... in mind and emotions... in the very spirit of our being... the assaults continue. Terrible patterns are emerging from the twisting of human sexuality. This is USUALLY one of the most telling signals of cultural implosion... and all-out-chaos and confusion. That is the intention of those manipulating the attractions.

It is also the intention of the hidden forces that guide humanity on its course toward Liberation. We learn from our mistakes or we do not learn... and must repeat the conditions until we do learn. Generations come and go, for... specific... reasons. I am on my way... directly to a specific location, as is the rest of my generation, each according to their intentions. Some of us... most of us... go right back into rotation after what amounts to a summer break, allegorically speaking.

We show up to repair... continue in... or rise up against our former actions. We show up in different colors and sexes... in different traditions, for... The... Purpose... of... Demonstration. It's managed chaos until harmony arrives, across a vast reach of time... in many cases. People raising Hell about the former treatment of those long gone... in times long past... are very often those who caused the afflictions visited on others.

Only former slave-masters become slaves. Only murderers are murdered. Only thieves are stolen from UNLESS it happens to one who is in a position to make a teaching moment from it. Only the formerly rich are reduced to states of wretched poverty UNLESS it happens to one in a position to make a teaching moment from it. Only those who ruthlessly wielded power against others have it turned on them UNLESS one is in a position to make a teaching moment from it.

Your body is The Field and you are The Sower of The Field. Brand this... sear this with holy fire upon your consciousness. Do not forget it BECAUSE... this relationship and the process that evolves out of it WILL... NOT... FORGET. It is an automatic cosmic operation.

I brought up Agartha for a reason. It's one of those names given to a place of legend and rumor, like Shambhala and The Western Pure Land. Agartha is the nation and Shambhala is the central city. The Western Pure Land is reputed to be found in a very similar location somewhere around the Altai Mountains... running down into Mongolia and Tibet. There's a reason for the vast and uninhabited landscapes in certain parts of The World.

There are a variety of explanations for why there would be places of legend and rumor that no one seems able to find. A very prescient teacher once said something along the lines of, (not verbatim) The road to Shambhala begins in The Heart and runs deeper into the heart toward that magic land. It is not accessed in any other fashion. For some reason, others say it is resident in a different dimension... a dimension of raised and ascended awareness; like Heaven... yeah?

Forms of Agartha exist in various places in The World at different periods of time. They exist in the immediate atmosphere of an illumined teacher. They exist in communities of kindred spirits, absent the resident Judas who always lurks... in a heart made weak for the desire of unwholesome things and states. The possibility of Treachery is something the sincerely loyal must always be aware of and prepared for.

I am fairly certain that such places exist in a manifest sense. I am dead certain you don't find them unless you are meant to. I know that wisdom dwells in human form throughout The Himalayas AND... in other locations... they are solitary in places and collective in others. They gather on the real holy days every year. where they meet and greet in The Spirit.

One is able to know many things... that are not in the common parlance... simply by being aware of Nature's Cosmic Laws; The Law of Sequence and Analogy. The Law of Attraction. The Law of Rhythm. The Law of Polarity, AND... there... are... others. If you want to know what is happening in one place, you must take your attention off of its present focus and put it there. A law exists that compels the meaning of anything to reveal itself... if one is able to maintain a concentrated focus on it. Patanjali has clarified this in various ways.

You don't get to a certain level with anything unless you devote time and attention to it. If you love it, that has an even more profound effect on your results. Dilettantes and Day Trippers may discourse relentlessly upon these things but they lack the invisible resonance necessary to speak with any authority. If you put your heart and soul into it, there is no telling how far it will take you.

Here in The World... particular changes come like seasons passing. Then there are more special occasions of rare cosmic moment... such as we find ourselves in at this time. Sometimes they are rousing and wonderful events and sometimes they are horrific beyond describing. As far as the latter, Ferdinand Ossendowski goes into detail about conditions in Russia... and all surrounding countries... immediately following The Bolshevik Revolution. (His book, “Beasts, Men and Gods” is linked for online reading or download at the end of this posting).

The scourge of Materialism moves like an impenetrable shadow across the land. The archetypal horses are stamping their feet in anticipation of their riders; Famine...Death... War... and Pestilence. Don't kid yourself... these are indeed... end times. Not that The World will end or The Sun fall from the sky, BUT... life as we know it... life as we think we know it... is at an end. Of course... this implies a new beginning... in the aftermath of what we have yet to see... if we are left to see it.

No worries on that front, you won't miss being present at any time where you are compelled to give an account of yourself. There are many versions of an appointment in Samara. Try as you might... you cannot miss being where your former actions have placed you.

So... when you see people screaming and yelling about some issue... beating with their plastic swords on their transparent shields... howling about social injustice and the wrongs visited upon one color... creed... or national origin by others, you can be fairly certain they were involved at an earlier time ON... THE... OTHER... SIDE of whatever it was.

Beware, my friends... of searching for Truth. You may not like what is revealed to you, about The World, and... about yourself. Understand that finding and seeing the Truth will put you in potential adversarial conflict with others who deny such a truth can exist. I am an outcast and a pariah among my former colleagues of times past, simply for pointing out certain truths concerning those we are not allowed to criticize.

I do not spend all my time on this subject. It only comes up occasionally. What I have said cannot be argued against except by disingenuous liars. These things are axiomatic. Only a fool or a coward or one compromised denies these things are true. The evidence is clear and overwhelming and CONTINUES in front of our eyes in each succeeding day's events.

It is bankers who start the wars and they have admitted it; "If my sons did not want wars, there would be none." The historical record shows that tens of millions were tortured and exterminated in Bolshevik Russia and surrounding areas by The Cheka. Those who made up the ranks of The Cheka is a... known... truth. The ones behind this slaughter went and created a victim fantasy in the aftermath to protect themselves from the fallout.

The legacy of their crimes extends over centuries and includes The Inquisition... The Slave Trade... The Holodomor... The Potato Famine... The Armenian Genocide... The Middle Eastern Wars... 9/11... The Killer Vaccines... War in Ukraine... and the list goes on... and on... and on... and on.

I did not invent the facts that attend ALL of these events and the much larger number that has not been mentioned. These facts are present for ANYONE to note and authenticate on their own. I wish I had not been given this cup, BUT... regret is a pointless indulgence. I KNOW that all of this is going to be KNOWN at a wider reach in the near future.

I KNOW that this does not involve everyone from a certain demographic. I do note the collective silence that the mass of them generates whenever the subjects come up. The Truth is indeed... antisemitic. I note the anger and censure that follows all public mention of what is encircled with smoking guns and irrefutable evidence.

I know this has all been for a reason, and I understand certain truths I have not commented on. I have no personal concerns over having said what I have said. Somebody has to say it. A few others have done so as well, BUT... the cost of it is total ostracization and the doors are closed to further material advancement of any kind. Fortunately... I don't care about any of those things, AND... my invisible friends are sufficient to ANY challenges that I may face in coming times or ANY times the future may bring.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Weird. before I came here I wanted to make the world a better place. Now I feel it's lower than a cow patty and I don't care if the sun novas tomorrow. Actually I prefer yesterday, but hey. All is all for a reason, and that reason was wiped from my memory; so as long as I'm here, my current opinion of this cess pit of a self-imposed prison stands.

Nostrils to the sky.

Anonymous said...

Finished reading Beast, Men and Gods last night from Smoking Mirror link couple days ago. Riveting account of an apocalypse 100 years ago. Of most interest was Tushegoun Lama, a balance restorer. Some avatars speak with swords! Thank you vis, the more I read your words it seems to develop a precognitive cadence or deja vu affect. "I was thinking that".

Almismo said...

Since most of my time I am "offline", I have the habit of downloading important websites to consult them later. Fortunately that was the case with the valuable page on Sri Yantra that you shared with us. I was also surprised at its abrupt disappearance. If you like, I can make it available to you, although translated into artificial Spanish.

As always, a pleasure to read you Dear Visible.

Visible said...


I would appreciate that! I can translate it. I can even make it available again and if someone objects, I'll know more than I do at present. (grin)

Thank You!


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"No Matter How You Shape It, Sexual Perversity is The Death Trend of The Culture and Results in Spoilage and Rot."



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