Wednesday, November 23, 2022

"The Power of God and The Power of Cosmic Change CANNOT Be Opposed by Anyone. They are Simply Worn Away."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Money is a most amusing utility. We have to have something of value in order to exchange services... and drive a common economy. Barter is too complex and cumbersome, though it can definitely be the occasional option. Politics and religion are supposed to keep the action orderly. I guess you can see how that has worked out. Yeah... money...

I never cared about money and my life reflected that. (grin) Now... I REALLY don't care about money and so it is no problem at all, especially when not wanting anything is factored in. Sometimes I do a little better... and sometimes I do a little worse. It balances out, AND... not worrying about it greases the skids so... that... life... proceeds... smoothly. The idea that there are bumps in the road is an illusion. There are simply things and conditions you haven't adjusted to yet. It can be effortless and it can be difficult.

Once you let go of everything, inside AND outside of you, your conflicts disappear. I can attest to this because it's been going on here for a while now, and... I notice the trends and patterns. I note the consistency of events. The proof is in the putting or... is it pudding? Isn't that what THEY (whomever) say? There's no... arguing... with... a... consistency... of... similar results.

What I am saying, in a roundabout way... cause that's the only way to say it, is... when money is no longer a problem in your mind... it is no longer a problem in your life. When you no longer carry rage and aggression, YOU... NO... LONGER... ENCOUNTER... THEM! When you are no longer causing pain, you are no longer feeling pain; however... it can take a while for your past actions to be resolved UNLESS you get some Grace. Get a loan from God's Spiritual Bank.

God is a negotiator. God makes loans. God is glad to exchange Grace for service. In my heart, I am certain of God's Grace... because... God... KNOWS... I... am... good... for... it; “put it on my tab.” (grin)

Let me tell you a great feature about Karma... the kind of Karma you get when you are consistently doing the right thing. You start to build up capital. You build up reserves. When you really have earned a whole lotta credits= credit, you can have people's troubles put on your account. You can go around radiating healing... transforming lives as you go, and no one the wiser... cause you are up-the-road by that time.

This may not appeal to everyone. It does appeal to me.

This is what Jesus the Christ did. He offered to all that would come with him that they would be able to do as he had done. They would be able even to do greater things; “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” If you emulate The Divine then The Divine will act through you. The... problem... for... most... people is that they don't want to live it every minute. They got other things in mind. They are part-time lovers.

Of course, it is hard at first, but it gets easier to the extent of your commitment and persistence.

If someone were to ask me... “visible, what would you say are the most important things a person can do to make their life beautiful and brilliant beyond imagining?” I would say... “Besides loving God? Hmm... I would say... having invisible friends.”

You get these friends as the result of your behavior, and ALWAYS... as a result of the degree of your love for God. You are being watched all the time. Get that through your head because it is ABSOLUTELY true. The Lower End AND The Higher End are both watching you through their invisible agents.

Now... God took me into darkness for periods of time. I was never alone though. I always knew God was there. This consistency of belief is best expressed in another piece of Christian scripture; “Faith is THE SUBSTANCE of things unseen.”

Possibly you have been made to wander in darkness also... for a time, for... whatever... the... reason. That shouldn't be an issue now... unless you are into Guilt and Regret. Fuck that noise! Like I said... God is very much into arranging your affairs... if you will go to work for him. He's hiring!!! He's hiring all the time, but not that many people are willing to do the work.

Like I keep saying, God is REAL. It's up to you if he's far off or close by. That God is or is not real IS... NOT... A... MATTER... FOR... DISPUTE. Fools can argue about it the live-long day. I won't be around for that. What stuns me is how glaringly apparent the evidence is of God being REAL... and yet... many cannot see it. They... believe... in... something... else.

There is The Negative Side and The Positive Side to your being. You want to have the polarities in the right relationship. Otherwise... you will go through life with your head up your ass. The Power of Positive Thinking... this is something I embrace with no reserve. LOOK... AT... THE... SUN!!!!!!! Could it be any more obvious and apparent??? What the Hell is wrong with you people?

Well... if that's the way you see it, I'm not going to contend with you. I'm not with that department of law enforcement. I just follow Heaven's and Nature's laws, and then The Laws serve my best interests, just as they would yours, should... you... be... so... inclined.

Why do corporations and governments and religions all bend the knee to devolution now, which is another name for Evil? Why are they all rolling in The Murk with this trans-humanism, gender-stupid thing? Why are they pandering... every single one of them... to The Baser Instincts?

From where come these hysterias? These political and social divides and antagonisms? Climate Change? Everything is going to extremes BECAUSE... people are looking for something that, cannot... be... found... where they are looking. So they press further and further into the density... pressure... and heat... of the darkness-

AND? It's... still... not... there~! Meanwhile... The Awakening progresses. You can run but you cannot hide from it. You cannot hide from The Awakening OR Mr. Apocalypse. Resist as it pleases you to; resistance is futile. The Power of God and The Power of Cosmic Change CANNOT be opposed by anyone at any time.

“Bend and you need not break.” Lao Tzu said that. He's one of my biggest heroes... EVER. I intend to meet him. I am certain he is still around. Sometimes The World is relatively sane, and... sometimes it is bonkers-bat-shit. People believe there is safety in numbers. How did that work out in Soviet Russia? During The Great Cultural Revolution?

When people abandon themselves to licentious living they cease to be free and a dark lord becomes their master. When the pursuit of comfort makes the search for wisdom seem perverse... you are in for much worse. When you become a slave to your appetites, you cease to be your own master. You are then reflexively enslaved by a harsh taskmaster who is your own lower nature. Oh well... maybe it will be over soon. Right; keep telling yourself that.

God is REAL. You need look no further than within, AND... you can see him in the living... conscious... rays of The Sun, who is the seat of Love and Vitality on The Manifest Plane. Let The Divine renew your mind... rejuvenate you... revitalize you... restore you to yourself. Awaken from this bad dream of a bent Materialism in search of The New Sodom and Gomorrah. That is where Materialism INEVITABLY is headed. It ALWAYS flows toward the lowest common denominator, which is an entropic swamp. I (do not) regret to decline the offer. I will go another way.

The Dark Splendor is so tempting... the fantastic hypnotic attraction of the lights! How the winged insects flock to the light where the lizards wait. Those who do not burn are eaten. In a literal cautionary tale where everything is eating something else, I pray that Heaven shall dine on me.

Yes... it is going to get much more rowdy and seemingly out-of-control. Look at where it came from. Look at where it is, and... you can get a good idea of where it is headed.

God is REAL!!!

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

From what I'm reading, me thinks the next couple of years are gonna be a real package deal for many. Slum clearance time. The great janitor in the sky gets out it's Hoover.

Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful post today.
It becomes easier to understand what you say each time I read your writings
Happy Thanksgiving to all who come here.
Gratitude for a place of Reason ,Faith andTruth

Strider said...

The masses don't want freedom, you can see that as they chase after next year's landfill items or try to impress with material possessions that only posess.
Goethe was right about this being the mental institution of the universe and none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.
Once you realize there is nothing in this world of smoking mirrors worth having besides the truth then you are starting down the path of freedom.
As for meanness and aggression, sometimes you have to utilize it or get stepped on.
Just survived a summer of gang stalking psyops and I'm sure there will be another test.
I'm free to go but it isn't free to go. (money and transportation)
Humbly grateful or grumbly hateful is a sign up at grammaw's and I'm thankful for Cosmic High Command Field Marshal LV!
Thank You.

Anonymous said...

“Sheep waking” probably some magician amusing himself and befuddling the gullible. LOL.


Kazz said...


After due consideration I see that there are numerous reasons I visit here regularly.

The first is due to the posts like the one you have written today. It touched my soul. It resonated deeply within me. It really spoke to me in respect to what I needed to hear. You are so often 'right on the money' (excuse the pun).

The second reason I come here is because it seems to have provided me with an express train to ascension. The back and forth, arguing to some, exchange of ideas and perspectives to me, appears to have provided lift off.

The tireless work done by people all over the world to facilitate the process of ascension/evolution, and descension/devolution is mind boggling, so I agree with you in respect to how '...glaringly apparent the evidence is of God being REAL...' Not to mention the blessed rich inner connection one shares with the Divine.

The third reason is that a space has been provided here for like minded souls to touch base with each other, so the comments section also provides nectar for one's soul regularly.

All in all I would say you have provided a watering hole here for souls in pursuit of the Divine, so the question is not why would one come here, but rather, why would one not? :o)

Luv Kazz

M - said...

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving.

Ty said...

Thank you for the post visible!

James Lindsay explains to Gonzalo Lira exactly why all the corporations are going woke without any...

In this brilliant interview, you will see that it is blackrock and vangaurd pushing ESG using 34 trillion dollars of assets as leverage, giving them 'carte blanche' to shape corporate policies.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"If You Merely and Simply Love God, Sincerely and Consistently, ALL Your Troubles Will End, Sooner Than Later."

Frog said...

Thanks Visible, good one there. You know, I held onto one of your old radio shows, maybe from 2013? I don’t remember. It was great though. I recently lost it in a hard drive crash. Keep the good words coming.



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