Wednesday, November 02, 2022

"I Think It's Best if You Can Get Out of Town BEFORE People Realize You Did Something Nice for Them."

Foo Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There is always more to people than meets the eye, though... The Intuition can be flawless. When someone becomes a big cheese in The World OR becomes the richest man in The World, AND when that richest man buys the virtual town square. There's more to the story. When that man calls in the ADL and other Satanic organizations to advise him on what the rules should be for... Freedom of Speech... there is DEFINITELY more to the story. Then... when that same man comes out on Halloween with Baphomet on his Hell armor and an upside-down cross, he's not just being edgy and cool; there's more to the story.

When he's making cars that lack a consistent power source and screwing people over battery replacement, there's more to the story. When he's one of the main proponents of Trans-Humanism, the new-age atheism of people that look into the future with no regard for the past... there is definitely more to the story... and he skates by so fine... and nothing can tarnish him... and there's more to the story.

The richest men in The World have more money now than most countries. The money they use is printed out of thin air and is backed by the credibility and ignorance of those taken to the cleaners in the process. Whenever you can get a whole lot of people to believe in a system... or promises for the future... or Banker Wars for banker profit, sold as a virtuous necessity... or a bridge and tunnel lottery by way of Ponzi... whatever... it... is... becomes real for the people that believe in it. It doesn't really become real. It becomes real... in... their... heads.

In this world of the moment, seemingly puppeteered by Musk, Gates, Bezos, and a consortium of lesser henchmen, we have a shrine built to the stool sample God of Materialism. All of these guys made their money selling you something, AND... in just about every case, they sold the sizzle... not the steak. Behind these men are the real workers of darkness. They are magicians. Both The Light and The Darkness have magicians that work within the bandwidth of the power they employ. BOTH of them draw from the same reservoir because there... is... only... one... source... of... power.

Where they differ is the manner in which they employ it, AND that... is what defines them and their magic. On the one hand, the power is channeled selflessly. On the other hand, it is channeled for self-interest. Those who channel it selflessly are considered to be simple-minded. It is hard to see the point of what they do in the context of Material Culture. Conversely... being adept at manipulating The World for personal gain is considered wise and savvy. It gives one the aura of a suave and urbane gentleman of The World... for a time.

Human history goes through periods. Humanity is growing life by life toward an incomprehensible and glorious destiny, but... most people seem to want to take millions of years, and even millions and millions of lives here in The Vale of Suffering. Not everyone does this. Some of us run far in advance of the rest... like scouts... adventurers... seekers after knowledge... even misanthropes. Eventually, you acquire a magic bag from which you dispense blessings or curses.

We are in one of the rare cusp periods of human history, and... it ALWAYS contains an apocalypse. Apocalypses are like hurricanes. They come with different levels of power. Category One is nowhere near as intense as Category 5. With apocalypses there are more than 5 categories and they are constructed according to how many cosmic clock gears come into union with one another for a particular period of time. As you SHOULD be able to see... this is one of the really big ones, given the teeming billions massed here for what... they... do... not... know.

The money is not real. The hoopla and spectacle are not real. They are simply props in the magic show; ♫ Frog went a-courting and he did go, uh-huh. Frog went a-courting and he did go, uh-huh. Frog went a-courting and he did go, to The Land of Snakes for The Magic Show, uh-huh ♫ I don't suppose I have to elaborate on the curious relationship between frogs and snakes?

An apocalypse is a more intense sequencing of The Purpose of Demonstration, in that it involves a much larger number of players than usual... in more ironic, iconic, and lasting expressions than is usually the case. The Archetypes get engaged more dramatically than usual, and they also transform their appearance and presentation for the necessities of the coming new age. I'll tell you just what a big deal it all is. Even The Avatar puts in an appearance... and institutes the life lessons and overall mindset for the stages of consciousness that are going to be coming into play.

There are terrifying aspects to the whole construction. When you measure the general level of consciousness, according to the general level of aspiration... the forms of entertainment... the degrees of excess and... perversity, integrating into the general flow, you get a general sense that all... is... not... well. In a general sense... all is not well. This is the purpose to which Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening are directed; will they wake up in time? Will it go right by them? Will they survive the transitions? Will they find Clarity or Confusion? Tune in next week.

Something got really big when they figured out what to do with all those Ones and Zeros. That extrapolated out into the sciences that study life through the microscope, and the crazy algorithms went wild! Because of the prevailing self-interest in these Times of Material Darkness, the research is all skewered toward Gain of Research... for personal gain and profit. The Higher Mind is excluded and... eventually... somewhere DOWN the road... catastrophe and cataclysm await. It's INEVITABLE when you head in that direction.

It's the Tower of Babel/Babylon template. Not everyone is going to that end of town on the day the earthquake hits. (metaphorically speaking). Not everyone is in the club when the fire breaks out and the exits are blocked. Not everyone is on that plane, or that ship... when plane and ship go down. Not everyone is living on the coast when the tsunami hits. Individual and collective destinies abound, BUT... I will tell you this; God takes care of his friends. He loves the ones who stay with him in up times and down times. It guarantees he will be around when either side calls.

I don't know what you got from all those books you read. I don't know what you took away from all those lectures you attended, up close or after-the-fact. I don't know what your parents told you, or what you found out on your own. I know what I found out. I found out... directly... that God is real. In all of existence... there is no finer, nor more lasting experience than that.

You can have all the identities, philosophies and perspectives to be found... in the big Halloween footlocker of theatrical props. You can have anything you imagine... at some point... but there is nothing... nothing that has been or is or will be that compares to the discovery of The Presence of God. You won't find him with a microscope or a telescope. You CANNOT find him in anything external to you because that is only a part of it... and bears no resemblance to the whole of it. You can see him in others, but you can ONLY find him within. Everything else is The Carnal Mind... posing... capering about... making faces and trying on outfits.

God appears as the essence of every experience, prior to the experience. God is what remains when all else fades away. God is the eternal constant and the joker in the deck. He is neither good nor bad. He is beyond that, and understanding God means that you must go beyond that too. Some think they achieve this by doing terrible things to others. This is part of the mindset that believes you can kill the ego or that they can do anything they want because nothing... is... real, and everything... is... permitted. This is true, as... far... as... it... goes.

You can do ANYTHING. You will have to pay the freight, but... you can do it. You can plunge your hand into a fire, but... there will be consequences.

These Masters of The Universe with their endless bags of gold and funny money... imagine that they are SPECIAL. Heh heh... whoosh! And it's gone. That is the nature of The World; it comes... and it goes. You wanted it so bad, and... you got it, and then... it... got... you. Then... it left you holding the empty bag or the smoking gun. There is ALWAYS a moral to The Story. There is always a reason for The Purpose of Demonstration. I think it's best if you can get out of town BEFORE people realize you did something nice for them.

On that note...

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I hate life. I'll stay for the tsunami. Of course it's another NOSTRILS TO THE SKY post. You never do anything else these days, and you only have 2 or 3 meh posts in your whole collection, and opinions may vary on that.

robert said...

xiè.xiè nǐ, Visible!

Singing for us like an indefatigable free bird, out of an abundant joie de vivre!

This is the purpose to which Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening are directed; will they wake up in time? Will it go right by them? Will they survive the transitions? Will they find Clarity or Confusion? Tune in next week

The reason for the One to drop frozen sunbeams into our time stream is to sort the awakening from the snooze button hitters.
The stumbling sleepwalkers would stampede over the living unless the heat is turned up high enough to make their frog legs jump!
How to make the nudges we get from our spirit tangible enough to rise above the pain of living apart?

"This is the way up and out!"

"No, not the way down to the bottom of the gene pool, looking for a solid bottom to push off from, to head back the other way!"

When sweet music has been captured by the Machine and used to beat our hearts out of their own time, how will the willing wade out of the dead pool in playful pirouettes?

God appears as the essence of every experience, prior to the experience. God is what remains when all else fades away. God is the eternal constant and the joker in the deck. He is neither good nor bad. He is beyond that, and understanding God means that you must go beyond that too.

Where words fail to tread, to find any traction, is trying to descripe the frozen embrace of seeming opposites.

Two lovers entwined, appearing immobile, while their spirits do their tantric tantalizing tensor calculus of higher dimensions...

The interlocking spirals going up and down yet never moving, like the optical illusions of barber poles spinning in opposite directions...

Like all these encouraging analogies we find in our perceptual pool if we stop splashing like impatient infants!

The One just IS
Is just

aligning our will to the Order of the One, not merely a human-limited idea of that order!

Learning to be in two places at once long enough to be everywhere
Quivering in motionless musical chairmanship
No longer needing to break the silence with our nether wind of misunderstanding

How we learn our way, the hard way, while infinite patience awaits our sincere solicitation for solace
Emulating the One only by permitting our scaffolding to fall away from a perfection completed before time came to interfere
Still yet completely in motion around a siren center, an free electron orbiting a singular density in intense attraction, waving to the entire Universe

Are we there yet?
Our asking precludes any answer

The desire for union, finally free of distraction by temporary couplings, finds the only lover who can stand us up close and personal with complete Impersonal radiance, for long enough to fully satisfy an infinite will...

Be still and know _ __ ___

Ty said...

Hopefully before musk creates a new heaven and a new earth, he will use his new board as an object lesson, then cut them if censorship blowback arrives. Ironically, support for Israel among young evangelicals dropped by more than 50% as a result of Trumps public fellatio with Israel.

Unknown said...

Musk needs Divine help and the only way is through prayer. Check out to see how you can help!

Blessings brothers and sisters,

Blue Skies :)

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"Don't Worry about Anything. Live from Your True Center Without Artifice, and Life Will Know You are Genuine."



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