Thursday, November 10, 2022

"This is The Temporary in Search of The Eternal. It Cannot Be Found in The Transitory Realm of Endless Change."

Foo Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I can imagine... well, actually... I can feel... a great disappointment traveling across this country, and resounding in every place around The World where there are still pockets of sanity in residence. Perhaps it is best if I recall my own experience. It might help with the point I hope to convey.

I could not escape a temporary state of sorrow when it became apparent to me that the criminals who hijacked the last election... also hijacked this one. They couldn't outright steal the critical percentages in both houses of Congress. There was too much outrage in the land. What they did was to repeat themselves in the places where it was least likely that any justice might come of it; in places where the machine politics were strong enough to push aside any annoying outrage on the part of the public seeing through it. They could arrange the balance to their best advantage.

This was more easily facilitated on the coasts, with the exception of Florida. I'm not going to get into details. That is the province of others who like that sort of minutiae. I'm more big picture, and even if I'm looking at some specific aspect, I still go big picture on it; the way you use two fingers on a cellphone to increase the size of an image. Heh heh... No! I don't do that. I have... seen... it... done.

I was regularly tossing off the shadows that were looking to nestle in the corners of my mind when Heaven stepped into the frame and cleared it all up for me. I LOVE IT when God does that, and it is now more immediate than it ever was before, and... more than I ever expected to get.

“Listen up, Visible. You can't let appearances get you down. How is it you can so ably communicate this to others and bypass it yourself? Whatever you write is as much for yourself as it is for anyone else. It works like that as a process. 'Know thyself' is self-psychoanalysis. The Voice of Heaven reverberates on the sounding board of The Mind... and uses your own facilities to communicate with you. That's why it sometimes sounds like you are talking to yourself... because you are.

“Heaven speaks in the language of angels. It is not the same as the one you are using, at... this... time. It is processed through your mind... seemingly by magical agency... using your present state of awareness as the vehicle. Everyone is talking to themselves and ALSO to everyone else.

“I told you years ago in Italy what I had in mind for returning balance to human affairs. I asked you if you knew just how clever and ingenious I can be when I need to be. You said you did, but I told you, you... did... not. (laughter). I told you that I was going to show up right in the midst of them and pull their pants down in front of The World. Nothing... has... changed on that account, Visible. Nothing has changed.

“In order to bring conditions to the needed state, it is necessary that the confidence... arrogance... and imperious disregard being exhibited by the miscreants be... at... an... all... time... high. I don't really want to push them off the stage. I will if I have to, BUT... it is more pleasing to me if they get tangled in each other's feet... and their own feet, and tumble off on their own. You might have noticed me doing this with celebrities in recent times.

“You are going to notice many people of influence dying soon. It's one of the ways I get the word out in the sectors where it applies. Don't let appearances sink your spirits. They are just appearances, and... for the most part... of late, I'm letting Alphonse and Gaston handle it on their own. Heh heh... Fetterman is a nice touch, yeah? Let's wait and see a bit. You might be pleasantly surprised.

“I've told you, there is no need for concern on your part about anything. I... will... handle... what... you... let... me... handle. Following that, it's pretty much zippity-do-dah for you. It is not only The Mind that needs to be reined in, BUT... also The Imagination. Rightly employed, The Imagination is Heaven itself, once it is suitably trained. Don't let The Outside influence The Inside. Appearances lie.

It is a delicate art, getting The World back in balance when it has gone out of wack. This requires my showing up in person because no one knows all the ins and outs like I do. I've sent some of my people on ahead and I will be with you shortly; shortly meaning according to my sense of time. Just keep doing what you're doing, and... I will do the same. Oh... finally... you never know when your sense of time and my sense of time are in the same time frame.”

There was more to it. There ALWAYS is. Some of it would get lost in the translation, and some of it just doesn't make it out. That was most of it.

I've gone on about God being everything. He is all the angels and devils, as... they... APPEAR... to... be... in terms of the office they fill. God is the rocks and streams, the mountains and the seas, space and all that fills and PRECEDES it. For the purpose of God's Fun and Games, he varies the whole mélange and miscellany. He makes a Me, a You, and an Everybody Else, to include in the everything else. This is supremely difficult for The Mind to process in its... separated... state.

It is necessary for The Divine to take you through every stage of the procedure of Self-realization. You don't... you can't... accomplish this on your own. Those who insist on doing so... playing The Invictus Card... get whatever sequencing in The Purpose of Demonstration pleases Heaven. The Lords of Karma are also God, as are the Elohim or The Rishis OR... whatever you are calling them. The Heavenly Hierarchy, which are ALL representations of The Divine... are there to add color and drama to the spiraling magic of existence.

This last eclipse initiates a period of profound change.

Angels... Devils... appear as one... and then the other... depending on where you are on The Dial. Here's something to think about; Red is passion... Green is Love... Blue is The Intuition. Oh... there's more. There's a fine detail to the mosaic of existence. It's also... all one, and you don't ever NEED to know more than that, BUT... heh heh... generally we do, and often to our dismay.

I know... I know... there are a bunch of agitated sorts running around and screaming, “What about The Children!!!” “What about all the injustice!!!” What about the marginalized communities!!!” Yeah... that sort of thing. There is no injustice and life... most certainly... does not have the appearance of being fair.

Nature has no intention of being fair. On the plus side of ANY question you might have about how this might impact on you... you can have anything you want. You can do anything you want, just so long as you are okay with whatever the cost of it amounts to.

If you want to go to Heaven, you can head in that direction RIGHT... NOW! If you want to go to Hell, you can do that also. ANYWHERE you want to go... simply head in that direction. Do you fear famine? Don't waste food. Do you fear disease? Don't break Nature's Laws. Do you fear poverty? Don't be cheap. Do you fear assault? Don't be a bully. Whatever you want you must dispense. Hand out and pass around whatever it is you want in return. It's really simple. The only thing that complicates it is your mind, when... you... are... trying... to... get... around... the... rules.

You want to live in The Kingdom of God? Carry it with you wherever you go. Do you want the company of angels? Behave in a fashion that is attractive to them. They will be inexorably drawn to you. In this matter, I... know... what... I... am... talking... about.

In the scheme of things, I know very little. Of The Wisdom of Heaven, I possess a fragment of a fragment of a fragment, BUT... I have seen a few things that clarify certain cosmic questions that have plagued the human mind for a very long time. Become as a child, and God will willingly educate you. Be a know-it-all and you are on your own.

Either you can accept that God and his Kingdom are real or you cannot. There are a great many lines on The Dial that indicate where anyone is. You believe a little. You believe more than a little. You believe a lot. “According to your faith is it done unto you.”

This is all a passing of empty phenomena, and... it... does... not... need... to... include... you. These are ghost riders moving in the mountain mists. This is the temporary in search of the eternal, that... cannot be found in the transitory realm of endless change. Relax and surrender into what is more lasting. Whatever you like you become like... Om... Ah-men... Amon... it's all the same. Krishna and Christ... are just a different way to understand the same thing. Emulate Heaven and you will become Heaven.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. You know it came to me on Wednesday , all that you say. It came to me in my own time in my own space and in my own way, it’s wonderful that you speak of these things however one has to come to it on their own. Through Grace just as you say.
This is said not to diminish your words or your work , it is just to say like anything else, knowing something intellectually or learning about something does not necessarily mean one is going to GET IT. I got it. Thankfully on Wednesday.
So today your words were exceptionally beautiful.
Thanks ,

missing munich said...

Dear Vis,

thanks for a heart-lifting post. Needed that!

Love and greetings all around!

Missing Munich

Anonymous said...

What if you are wrong?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

If the daemon rats hadn't stolen the election, it would have prolonged the agony. This way, all that is wrong will die a faster death. Works for me.

Public service. Most won't understand the Invictus card thang. Great Henley poem:

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.

I really must read more of him. Nostrils TO THE SKY!!!!!!!!

My last 'ping' date was a 'nothing burger', but I got another one. November 21/22. Will anything happen? I dunno. I'm a crappy prognosticator, but I'm hopin' the holiday season is killed so I don't have to deal with it; bein' a dishwasher/janitor at a ballistic restaurant.

Visible said...

If I'm wrong I'll just blame it all on white supremacy or it's my Karma for not worshipping at the altar of Trannysaurus Rex.

robert said...

Asante, Visible!

“I've told you, there is no need for concern on your part about anything. I... will... handle... what... you... let... me... handle. Following that, it's pretty much zippity-do-dah for you. It is not only The Mind that needs to be reined in, BUT... also The Imagination. Rightly employed, The Imagination is Heaven itself, once it is suitably trained. Don't let The Outside influence The Inside. Appearances lie."

Our survival training in this physicalized maze makes it to easy for appearances to intrude upon our imaging mechanism.
Our imagination, designed for creating new unfolding's of the Mind of the One within the unlimited the Mind of the One, permits violation by deliberately crafted fear phantoms, exuded like an odor from the crafty minded cretins full of crap!

The conditioning to suspend our disbelief, turn off our critical thinking and narrowing down our awareness, in order to immerse in media experiences, has created a trance on top of a trance state (or nested within it), and we join in groupthink to escape and join in the illusion of unity with the rest of the entranced.

We have been force fed absurdities in ever more demented plot-less stories, plotted by plodders.
This has prepared the mass mind to commit atrocities against the children and ourselves.

If you can believe in super heroes whose consciousness is barely above the infantile level, you can believe any mundane mendacity that usurped authorities spin!

This is the temporary in search of the eternal, that... cannot be found in the transitory realm of endless change. Relax and surrender into what is more lasting. Whatever you like you become like

And the truth slips out like a ephemeral delight into the atmosphere!

Why oh why do we try?
Who told us that trying, pushing ourselves into action from a place of insecurity, of doubt of a narrative necessity is the way to create anything that can stand the least test of time?

How many here have experienced serendipity, or the grace where our efforts performed from a spacious state of general love of life reap much more than we ever believed we could co-create?

Spontaneous improvisations yielding more bounty than lifelong slogging trying to please an inner critic?

Just as quality acting entails throwing away the lines with no attachment, so radiating from our hearts' desires must be unconstrained by personal experience.

No worries!
No doubts about the power we may transmit when we are empty of fear strains

We are all now here to outlive fear
Fly on wings we so not yet see
Feel more than we think we have any right to experience

How else may mass mind be released from self-created imprisonment, albeit aided by mindless helper minions?

Healing light must break free from the inside, for if administered from without, would blind and evaporate what little will remains

Give all we are back to life is the way to give anything to anyone else

The only trying is the trial of being true to our Self, until we give ourselves pardon, being judge only as the Merciful One would and no more!

Alfred E. Neuman had the answer in plain sight:
"What, me worry?"

We can drop any act of virtue signaling by carrying a burden of concern so heavy we have the excuse not to shine any joy back into the mix.
Our humility needs no weight training; once we break the shell of personal identity, we see more than enough to take our breath away

Then, in awe, we wake...

Anonymous said...

Very good article and complementary comment by 'robert'.

Thank you, chaps!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"You Can Shine Like The Sun in Your Own Spiraling Solar System... as a Microcosm of The Great Sun Deva."



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