Tuesday, November 15, 2022

"Nothing Else is Needed but God, and Everything Else is Just A Come-On for What Is Not God. Neti... Neti..."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I know that the whole gender-bending, fake science garbage that turns stupidity into an oracle... is a Satanic effort delivered by infernal agency... through the collective human subconscious. I know that the whole pandemic thing was a Scamdemic to frighten the public into taking a genocidal hot-shot vaccine, courtesy of The Usual Suspects. I know that the last two American elections were stolen. This last election is just a greater proof of the truth of the previous election.

I know that God is real and that it doesn't matter what the deluded shitheels (heh heh; spell check wanted to substitute shekels for shitheels) get up to. I know that no matter what appearances indicate, everything is going according to divine plan. I know that angels guard the righteous, and I know that only God knows who the righteous are.

I know that those who imagine they are the ones visiting all these ills on humanity are doing it for their own diabolical entertainment. I know that they delight in the performance of Evil upon their fellows. I know they do it for the sheer exultation they experience. I also know that they are only Karmic Mediums for righting the scales in the long march to perfect balance and perfect justice. I know existence is an endless game of Cops and Robbers, and... you play at your own risk; “Blessed are The Peacemakers for they shall be called The Sons of Gods.” I know what that means.

I know that a great tribulation is going to come upon the residents of Earth fairly soon. It is coming sooner than one might expect by outward appearances. The fact that certain forces were able to steal the election a second time in a row... after scamming the gullible into COVID-Fear... by those who used The Panic to bring the mail-in ballots to town is a simple progression. There are simple progressions that a normal mind should be able to follow were they not so distracted by fun and games... the things they hunger for... that twirling carrot at the end of a stick.

I know this tribulation is coming because of those who WILL... NOT... HEAR. Those who will not hear must feel. This tribulation, like the mythical Passover... will be reverse-engineered to catch them coming AND going.

I know this sounds all Biblical and such. It is not my fault that the Law of Cyclicity is to be found in ALL holy books. This is another reason tribulation is coming... because of the proud and scornful who WILL... NOT... HEAR. There are many warnings, and they increase in severity as the changes continue. When it is clear to Heaven that warnings will not reach those to whom they apply, well... let me again say what Mikhail Aivanhov said;

“When God comes to wake you up, he first... gently... shakes your shoulder. If you do not awaken, he will... again... shake your shoulder, though much harder than before. If you still do not awaken, God picks up a 2X4.”

I imagine that is not strictly verbatim, BUT... I didn't leave anything out.

I know there are separated minds out there saying, “I thought you didn't know?” I have explained this a great many times, but those who choose not to hear or to understand... have no intention of understanding no matter how many times I say it. Long ago now, I understood the nature and intention of trolls. They are an ancient tradition. Still... new readers come here every day.

It is true that I do not know. It is also true that almost no one else does either. This I know, and I've had it confirmed by an unimpeachable source more than once. In my mind, I know nothing because my mind is empty nearly all the time. This I have accomplished after a very long period of application, through various disciplines and austerities; not all of them by choice. My mind is also empty because my master emptied it for me.

Since that time, anything I know flows into my mind when I need to know it. I reject nearly all incoming flights from the congested telepathic airwaves of thoughts flying in all directions, AND which account for what you see of action and conversation in this world. I also don't know because I must rid myself of assumptions... generally accepted viewpoints... fables and fantasies... and so on. The True World, when you enter it... is far more remarkable than any fable or fantasy.

Ideas flow... they come and go... in the minds of everyone. When the voices in your head encourage you to do bad things, and you do bad things, that is Possession. One way or the other, you... are... going... to... be... possessed. You might as well have some say in who or what it is that possesses you. Would you not agree with that?

I choose to be possessed by angels... angels are possessed by God. That other side of things... the carnal side... is also God, but not the aspect I choose to interact with. That side doesn't have anything I want. I know this because I have tried it out. I have searched it out. The World has nothing for me. I pretty much knew that coming in, BUT... I had to have my nose rubbed in it BECAUSE... it can be just as much a problem if you are too pure... the same as if you are too profane. If you get all cleaned up and enjoy it too much, you'll get muddied up so you don't put on airs; “for all have sinned and come short of The Glory of God.”

That is why Humility is so important. Guru Bawa used to say, “I am an ant-man.” He's keeping it in perspective. Now... this guy was lit up like he was an actual lantern from Heaven. He glowed in the dark, so... to... speak... heh heh. He shined, BUT... he did not want to lose the awareness of where the light was actually coming from. This is one of those errors you do not want to make. This is why one who is wise will ALWAYS remind themselves of The Greater Grandeur of God, lest... Heaven... has... to... remind... them.

It is okay to say I know in a moment of convinced certitude. I KNOW that God is real. I live in intimate contact with him all day long. Yes... I am sure many others have said that, and there will always be those who don't believe it no... matter... who... it... was... that... said... it. Let me just say that God went to a great effort to CONVINCE me of his presence, and he didn't let up on palpable teachings (that's a nicer way to put it than “those who will not hear must feel”) until fairly recently.

You have to know... going in... that this is what you want BECAUSE it will prove out to cost everything else. It is the most precious of possessions (speaking of possession). Nothing else is needed in all The Universe of Perpetuating Unity, AND... everything else is just a come-on for what it's not. Neti... Neti.

Hard times are coming for soft people. They are coming for hard people too.. Think of a weapon that ONLY kills certain life forms. Think of it as like a ray. As you know... a ray radiates. If your composition is not specific to this specific ray, it will pass-over you... or thru you... or around you. It will only be employed in specific locations. It is surgical in its precision.

I asked God a couple of nights ago... through one of The Step-Down Transformers, also known as angels... or agents of Heaven, why he let this whole thing keep happening and getting worse and worse, and... once... again, he told me that he has to bring it to a place where no one can miss the ironic truth of their situation. He is not... just exposing the evil doers to The World. He is also exposing them to themselves. This is going to happen in a big way, AND a small way, depending on how big or small you think you are; I am much less than an ant-man, much less.

One of the beautiful things about Truth is that once you see it, you... never... forget... it, and you hunger for it afterward like a teenage boy does his sweetheart. When your passion is incandescent to that point. When you forget... about... everything... else, it will come to you again. You lose it to know the value of it, and depending on how real it was (and is) is how bad you want it again. It is kinda like a junkie and his fix, BUT... in a good way.

So... I don't care all that much about The World or what anyone thinks about me. It's irrelevant. I ONLY care what Heaven thinks. I'd like to make that the only company I keep, BUT... it doesn't work that way. As long as there is work to do here, God will need hands to accomplish it. Conversely, The Devil has work for idle hands.

God intends to keep harm from The Righteous. It's one of God's duties that he has commissioned himself to fulfill. Trials come and go. Yes... this is so, BUT... one is also carried through them like Desiderata.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up. Me and my psychic twin were discussing the theme of this all morn' via e-mail. Another of many synchronicities.

M - said...

"Conspiracy theorists are just people capable of pattern recognition." - unknown

Anonymous said...

Severity and duration of such things are usually measured by the requirement set forth, know those and you know the answer to how much and how long this may go on. In other words take the pulse of the masses and you have your potential information from Mr Apocalypse.

Thank again Les for the goodness you offer.

Anonymous said...

Was introduced to your blogs a year ago and now I eagerly await them. Thank you for all you do Les. Much appreciated and God bless.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Critical Need to Recognize The Temporary Presence of Your Temporary Being in a Place of Constant Change."

Anonymous said...

Ah my dear brother

I always thought that quote was one of yours

When you don’t wake up, god picks up the 2 x 4

Excellent post visible
Love uouuuuu

Jamie Wave said...

Man, Visible, this one was GOLDEN!



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