Monday, November 07, 2022

"You Can't Speak Your Mind... or Hold a Sane Opinion. The Doors of Perversity have Been Blown Off Their Hinges."

Foo Dog Poet Transmitting.......

One of these days, most of the people fighting for these rights and those rights, are going to find out they were on the other side of the argument in their last life. They're going to find out their skin was another color last time or the time before that... or the time before that; that they were a woman and not a man, a man and not a woman... last time or the time before that.

Whatever they are all agitated about, they were MOST LIKELY the agitator of it... at the time OR... they stood by and did nothing and now they are forced to do what they did not do. When you make a mess... you are required to come back and clean it up.

They are going to find at... some... point... that a feature of their own being is recording everything they do and programming the blowback for it in... times... to... come. They are going to find that they are living in the persistent echo of experiences gone by, and... now returning. They are going to learn, The Essentials of Life, and then they can continue in Wisdom and Understanding, or... they can go back to sleep.

A true awakening opens the door to a higher passage. It gives a boost and a tank of gas, and depending on one's capacity... is how long it may last, BUT... you have to pitch in. You have to want it like you wanted all those other things you've gotten and discarded, cause... that's... how... you... got... them.

A true awakening makes something apparent and palpable where... before it was unknown or wrapped in a confusion of terms you got from listening to conversations between people who... did... not... know... what... they... were... talking... about.

The World traffics in rumors and lies. That is the currency in The World of Appearances. These appearances are the fashions of seasonal change, dancing... on... their... way... out. They are the glorifications of the temporary. They are Mortality and Death dancing under the stars, but... not... with... them; there are degrees of timelessness, just as there are penalties for wasted time, if... only... in... the... form... of... regret.

How's that poem go? “The saddest words of tongue and pen are these four words; it might have been?” I'm paraphrasing. One might say that everything I say is paraphrasing. I might say that myself. The wisest and most profound words have already been spoken; the job remains... for those of us so engaged... to continue in the tradition of truth unveiled... in the glorious mimicry of those who have gone before, and... most especially The One who is truth itself.

I watched something that I call, “House of The Drag Queens.” It's a Game of Thrones offshoot. I regret having done so. It was a loathsome piece of weasel shit. Halfway through it they replaced the elfin and gamine little anime character (with the cute little button nose) who played the king's daughter... with a transsexual. Then they proceeded to graphically film IT having a couple of bloody screaming births... proving... I suppose... that men can give birth to physical children, at least through the medium of film. Of course, they've also featured Godzilla fighting King Kong too. The actors name is Emma D'Arcy, and... you can do the research on your own.

This first season is a twisted odyssey of incest and other scenarios that you might see in a Gehenna-based soap opera. The writing is execrable and pandering. The plot is a kind of Frankenstein monster... a patchwork of body parts that didn't fit where they were previously used, and which all got cobbled together with bubble gum and fishing wire in hopes that it would float, and... given the toxicity of the water, it might do just that; Kon-Tiki it was not.

In my opinion... it needed more polyester and less Styrofoam, but... that's just me and my still functioning mind. I can't speak for others. I will say that I haven't had this much fun since The Black Plague.

About five episodes in, I thought, hmm... this isn't so bad. Then it turned on a dime and people appeared with no backstory. It was as if someone cut 20 minutes out of a movie and just continued on like... moving right along... nothing to see here; on that they were correct. There was nothing to see there.

Then there were the strange colors of actors that would have... in reality... not evolved into separate albino-black variants. The black side all has Marie Antoinette hair-do's by way of Jamaica. It made no damn sense. It was a forced worldview that could not be seen by normal eyes. The eyes would have to go out of focus or be obscured in some way in order for these disorderly patterns to manifest. It's like watching a horror movie through your peripheral vision. I've got nothing against parity between the races. Stupid comes in every color, as does all that is pleasant and abhorrent. I was very fortunate to grow up with children of every race from the giddy-up. I do have something against being deceived and lied to. I do know that official history is a load of crap. I'm not angry or agitated about it. I just find my way around it to the heart of the matter, and that... is ALWAYS there to be found, if... you... go... looking.

Lady Nature takes the love that God sends her and weaves it into beauty. Their endless interaction accounts for all that we are inspired by and attracted to. Parts of it are left unfinished and that is our job to weave the components into beauty also... to wrest poetry from the prison cells of the heart. Some call it Evil. I call it building materials in an unfinished work. Once God seals the door through which The Darkness speaks, I will hear only the angels of light... by God's Grace.

I must digress with a concern here; I can see where it might eventually be a problem in perception for some of the readers. I do not use a cellphone. This has made people who want to talk to me... unhappy. Recently... a good friend wanted to speak to me. I told him to put it into an email, BUT... he wants what he wants. The World itself... should know by now, that wanting something from me is no guarantee of the getting. I have my reasons for not using a cellphone. I have had to use them in earlier times, either because of work or the lack of internet.

I seek to cast no aspersions on those who can't live without them and who I see, mindlessly playing with them the way a simian plays with his privates, ALL... DAY... LONG. I can't say what it is... YET... that holds The World in such an inflexible grip of fascination. It does not... and will not... hold me. So... as a matter of principle... as a matter of health... and as a matter of general inclination... I don't use cellphones.

I have a cellphone. It is for emergency calls from one person. It is seldom charged and when my friend is abroad in The World, I will charge it for that. I have had people asking for my address and other particulars. I am easily reached through email, and that is your only recourse. This is all new of late. In previous years my doors were open to anyone; if I happened to have any doors.

I am owned and operated by a particular force, and this is how it is for the moment. That could change at any time. HOWEVER... until it does, there is no future in getting angry with me over the failure to bend me to your will. My physical father could not do that. The Military could not do that. The Justice system could not do that. Life has been unable to do that. No one has been able to do that. ONLY God tells me what to do. Otherwise... am I not a slave to something or someone else?

I see what is going on in The World today, with so many people being held in a looping confinement due to their Hostages to Fortune, whether by relatives or immediate family... one's job... one's social networks... The Powers that Think they Are... religions... AND ALWAYS... whatever it is that the prisoner wants... and that the desire for... also imprisons them in. People can't speak their mind or hold a sane opinion now that The Doors of Perversity have been blown off their hinges.

I am sorry that I am not more accessible. No! Sorry. I misspoke. I am not sorry, but I am unable to comply at this time. I am also unable to engage in chit-chat. I don't like chit-chat, trivia, tedious surface concerns of countless kinds of pedestrian annoyances, and the attendant conversation.

I honestly... and sincerely... mean no offense, BUT... I know how that works. Even if I did spend all my time trying, and... I... do... not, I couldn't please everyone, nor do I care to. I say this in advance of changes pending in The Event Horizon. This changes nothing already in place. It speaks to coming times.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the furthest reaches of the Nose-iverse with this one. It is so amazing that stuff me and my psychic twin have been talking about earlier we find mentioned on your blog. . .in a sorta similar vein. Today, cell phones.

M - said...

I don't even own a cellphone...I used to have a functioning "burner phone" but now that 3G is defunct it no longer works.

Like I care.

Jody Paulson said...

I love that line: "When you make a mess... you are required to come back and clean it up."
That's about the most succinct explanation of past life karma I've ever heard.

Robert Corrado said...

Dear Mr. Visable,
If these changes on the Event Horizon that you're alluding to, also include your blogs going the way of your cellphone use, then I must take this oppurtunity to thank you. These blogs of yours have.....opened a door...shined a light...polished a connection....not sure how to put it... Anyways, Thank You. Your work here is truly appreciated.

Franz said...

The wheel works different for many of us.

We are stuck in P.D.Ouspenski's Eternal Return. We are doomed to repeat, repeat, repeat till we Get It Right.

In fact, a fellow in Japan was in a tight loop between his late teens in school and his early married years at around 23 years old. Then he got tired of living the same few years over, and over, and over... so he killed himself.

The grind must stop before you can advance to being someone else. This is mathematical fact. It might be you've already pushed beyond the Return stage. If so, you'll be meeting P.D. himself on your next run.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"AND... On The High End, AND On The Low End, They ALL fulfill The Will of God... PERIOD... No Exceptions."

Visible said...

Robert Corrado;

Sorry to have been tardy about responding. I've had a bit on my plate lately; other things occupying my mind if not my time. Thanks for the good words. I appreciate that sort of thing more than I admit to because it confirms my reasons for being so engaged in the first place.

I'm not referring to the blogs coming to an end just yet, though... no doubt God has an end or new beginning in mind for them, and will... no doubt... inform me when it pleases him. I went to the present model of 5 postings a week somewhere around Spring of this year, if not a bit before that. That has always been on the meter. For the moment, though, it continues.

oengus said...

one might ask oneself'is trying to get somewhere a good idea?'
and 'can i be anywhere, other than where i am?'

not far to find there is nothing to chase, nowhere to go, everything ok
if our ticker and trillions of cells get along for years with so little attention, something very right is already in play

thanks for your work, amigo




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