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The Priceless Value of the Qualities of God

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Whatever you set out to accomplish, you need certain tools. The right tools make it possible to move a lot faster and be much more precise than if you did not have the right tools. A can opener is much more efficient than a rock it you want to open a can of beans. Some of us acquire the right tools to begin with and some of us discover that we don’t have them later on. You get the picture.

I decided some time ago that no matter what I was doing at any given moment, everything I was doing was a part of walking the spiritual path. Before that I had been in the music business. It didn’t matter if I was making up a large batch of salsa or sweeping a floor, I was in the music business. What this achieves is to put you in the mind set of having a single goal that is driven by and composed of one prevailing intention that is operative in everything you are engaged in. Someone once suggested that the quickest way into the kingdom of Heaven is to pray without ceasing. This also incorporates everything you do into a single purpose.

Concentration; focus, determination, Mercy, humility, faith, steadfastness and a host of other qualities are essential to successfully walking the spiritual path. Despite the possession of these valuable tools you are still going to get knocked down and routinely lost in the woods as you go. This makes persistence another extremely useful tool. In the years when I studied The Tarot, I applied the major arcana cards to acquiring the qualities that they were representative of. The Magician is concentration. The Empress is imagination. The Emperor is reason and so on. These cards are pictorial expressions of archetypal forces that exist within human agency. The subconscious speaks and comprehends through the medium of images so... I would focus on these cards for a certain amount of time each day... for years.

The mind digested these images the way your stomach digests food. These images also resonate and reverberate deep in the human psyche and eventually awaken these qualities within the mind of the aspirant. These are the qualities of God. They are also components of what is referred to as the armor of God. These qualities possess immense power and can instruct, protect and nurture whoever has them, should they understand the means by which these things are achieved. Generally, anyone who has gone through the suffering and difficulties that are set upon the way of the aspirant seeking to get them should have some idea of what they really do. It’s also extremely doubtful that anyone can get these things without coming under the watchful eye of those further along the path.

You can’t get these qualities until you get rid of your shortcomings because your shortcomings would tend to compromise and pervert these higher qualities with the result that they would depart. You can’t pour water into a pitcher that is full and if the water has a little salt in it then the whole of the contents of the pitcher has salt in it.

I believe that the possession of the qualities of God is of far more value and importance than the possession of any amount of knowledge or the power to operate supernaturally as a result of the possession of certain knowledge. These qualities are our birthright. They are there for us to claim, when we are in a position to receive them. I cannot imagine anything in Heaven, Earth or anywhere else as having anything like the value of the qualities of God; the archetypes that shape out an appearance of the divine. One might say that these qualities are the parts of the body of God. We cannot see this body (looking in the mirror you won’t go far wrong, depending on what you think you see) but it does convey an image and an idea that helps us to understand what we cannot comprehend (grin). I should point out that God has no other hands but ours to accomplish his work here. The divine works through human agency. The power of the divine expresses itself through the human channel and this is unlikely to occur unless that human agency has some portion of the qualities of God.

You could say that these qualities make up the personality of the divine. These qualities are also what we might call the higher virtues and are those elements aspired to by the mystic and the saint. One of my most common prayers is the request to have my shortcomings removed and the qualities of the divine granted to me. I’m still asking.

Much more is transferred to a person when they receive these qualities than the power and protection they confer; being in possession of the qualities of God opens areas of higher understanding in our consciousness. No matter how hard we strive to know the meaning of things we cannot grasp it until we are equipped for it. The qualities of the divine equip us to see into the deeper truth of anything before us. They open our eyes, our heart and our minds. They galvanize the super sensory awareness that sits atop our mundane physical senses. The common senses are just insect feelers that provide us with information about things that are passing away as we confront them.

A great many people who believe themselves to be on the spiritual path are obsessed with the acquisition of knowledge. Knowledge has no value at all unless one also has the specific illumination which can draw understanding out of whatever it might be that they are seeking to see to the center of. We have no power and no importance which is not given to us by the one. In our minds we can think all sorts of things about our value in our own eyes and the eyes of others. This is mere fantasy and rests on nothing solid. It can blow away or be reduced to dust at any time. We move through the world and assess it through the lens of our vanity. One cannot understand anything if their vanity colors their perception of it.

We wonder why it is that people cannot see the reality of their words and actions. Sometimes it is because the centers that are capable of this work have been closed off by the ineffable. Sometimes we have closed them off ourselves. God doesn’t move, he motivates. Everything else moves. The spirit of God moves and the human will is resistant to it because it is not being motivated in a more preferred direction. All life, unaware of its true nature, moves naturally toward destruction. Unless the human mind is consciously linked to the divine it simply rotates on a wheel of fire, living and dying in recurrent cycles. The liberator, who is not understood by the mortal mind, appears to be a mysterious creature of fear that sends a shiver up the spine.

Inasmuch as the human mind can understand God, it can understand him through these qualities. These qualities cast a revelatory light upon everything that is encountered. Otherwise ...and no matter how intelligent and well informed we imagine ourselves to be... we see nothing but a personalized hallucination based on misinterpretation. Nothing that we see is seen as it is unless we have possession of the light of comprehension, which is conferred through the possession of the qualities of the divine. Nothing we want to get can be gotten anywhere except from the divine, regardless of the agency he may use to provide it. People have chosen to make determinations and judgments based on their personal awareness. This is permitted but not the saner course. Our being is a temple of residence for the divine. If the divine is living there then the whole being is filled with the light that reveals the meaning of anything and everything.

We have decided that we know and we are allowed to operate on that presumption until the reality of our bankrupt state is revealed to us through whatever agency has been assigned to the task. What we think we know proves its limitations with a fine consistency over and over again. The mother releases the child upon the child’s demands to run free through a world of which it knows nothing. Experience enters upon the stage to demonstrate what little knowledge and insight we possess by putting the power of our information up against the unpredictability of circumstance. Meanwhile, the mother waits for the child’s return.

There is no greater sanctuary or place of safety like the qualities of the divine. There is no teacher as great and there is no peace and serenity as what comes with the possession of these qualities. As Lao Tzu said about one of these qualities, “compassion is a weapon from the sky against being dead”. Here is another of the priceless blessings that are available through the temporary window of our times. These qualities are shimmering in the air around us and one of the surest ways to acquire them is to operate as if you already possessed them.

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Anonymous said...

Les Visible;

Your work is thought provoking and much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Lesji sir -

Every time you write like this I start remembering or singing this song:
Ram Ka Gun Gaan Kariye
(one of the most famous bhajans in Hindi)

"sing of the qualities of Ram;
of the excellence of beloved Ram;
with faith meditate on Ram's eternal qualities;
the wealth of jewels of recalling Ram's qualities;
the jewel ornament of mankind;
bestower of strength of mankind;
manifesting the Absolute's beautiful form;
the form which delights the wise;
Ram is Self;
the qualities of Ram make my own"

Best version by Lata and Bhimsen:


Ben There said...

Les -

I spent some time with Roy last week. He sure is hanging on good for being 80 years old. Like you, he's been a guiding light for me. Thanks for sending me his way.

Unknown said...

Okay Les, here read these pdf books if you will. And by the way. Jesus once asked - What is the perfume of a flower? Is it only one thing that
recreates the sense of smell?… It is in fact, a diffusing of ignored
vitality that I have put in all plants as a testimony of My Spirit
that infuses existence – life.
My souls who receive as a gift the “flower of Heaven”, do
you know that you carry the perfumes of the divine flower?
Think; think well about this. I do not send you pollen to
fertilize you, because you receive the whole flower that wants
to reproduce itself in you so that new flowers will adorn the
eternal flower and all together may send to the Divinity the
gracious perfume of the principal flower. Also, you are not
experienced with nor do you know, but I do not stop working
on your blindness until reaching the transformation that I have
wanted Large meadow, flowery countryside of souls in which I
gently place My gaze. Little flowers of Mine, if you could see
My work, I tell you, you would go out of your mind with love
and would not bring up certain difficulties of yours.
If you, little flower, wish to make a crown of the eternal
flower, let Me take care of you, because I am a gardener without
equal. If you, little flower, wish to spread the perfumes you like
so much, be tranquil in My hands and you will see completely
unpredictable results. It is not difficult, I assure you; it is only difficult to truly see it. Once the will is submitted, the rest will be less rough, more possible.
Little flowers of Mine, when I receive you one by one, you
will know perfectly well what I have told you today. Now, give
Me credit, and confidence, I want no more.

books :

Visible said...

In all honesty I am not going to read that PDF especially if that saccharine bloviating came from there. I don't recognize those phrases as anything Jesus Christ said. You should know that I have no intention of converting to the Christian faith. I appreciate the teachings of Jesus Christ but I have an allergy to Christians and if contact sets it off I experience a great deal of pain and an unpleasant rash.

The doctor tells me there's no medical way to treat it and my best protection is to avoid contact so, that's what I'm going to do. Furthermore those old protestant hymns cause me to suffer tinnitus which is accompanied by something similar to an MSG reaction so I get these stabbing pains at the corners of my jawbone.

Light Keeper said...

Much gratitude for this beautiful expression of truth and wisdom. Would that more could understand at this time. But that is my own sorrow. Each will find their understanding somewhere along their path.

Thank you for sharing your gift.

abe said...

You got to practice honesty, never lose control of yourself, and keep patient. If you can learn these things, you can master anything. Literally.

Anonymous said...

The essay yesterday on "Petri Dish" was brilliant only I couldn't find a comments link to tell you.
This is also really, really good.
Never underestimate the power of inspiration over for example, criticism.
Man is born to Bless, not punish.

psychegram said...

For a time, I was intensely interested in conspiracy theories, and collected knowledge on them as on anything else. As comfortable as I was with the dark side, conspiracies held no intrinsic fear for me.

Then 9/11 happened, and my world-view was immediately amended to one in which conspiracies were, if not non-existent, of no consequence. The question as to why they should be of no consequence wasn't one I asked for a long time. This period also corresponded to the disappearance of my overt Satanic leanings: I told myself that stuff was all a bunch of silly superstition, and put it aside as a child's foolishness.

Eventually that illusion crumbled. J911OB, I realized (which is to say, became willing to see what had been staring me in the face all along.) Many other questions presented themselves in the following months, as notions I'd explored in my child-hood began resurfacing like bubbles arising from an airtight cavern bursting open at the bottom of an ocean. If 9/11 had been a conspiracy, then what of all the other conspiracies? For months I was subjected to a volcanic paranoia, until a wise older friend, perhaps taking pity or maybe just out of frustration, passed me a Ken Wilbur book. When I finally read it, I had another of those 'ah-hah!' moments.

Shortly after, in one of those finding-the-master-when-the-student-is-ready kind of synchronicities, I discovered your writings, Les: it was clear from Mirrors that you Got It, got it better than any other voice I'd come across but then there were writings here at Origami and it was in those words that something new began to awaken inside of me. You nudged me towards taking up yoga, meditation, being continuously conscious of everything as the simultaneous manifestation of the divine, and conscious that I am too, that my senses are extensions of God's mind into itself and that, by being conscious of all of this, the communication might become a two-way kind of thing.

Your greatest gift, however, is in the mirror you hold up, one that highlights the many, many defects of my own character, first and foremost the arrogance and egotism that has long characterized my outlook on the world, warping it into a funhouse mirror version of itself in much the same way that Transhumanism distorts the spiritual impulse (or Satanism perverts it.) Humility and compassion are the only cures and your words point the way for me and so many others towards the strength of heart and quality of consciousness necessary for true insight ... as for instance today, with your reminder that it's not WHAT you know, it's HOW.

psychegram said...

"A great many people who believe themselves to be on the spiritual path are obsessed with the acquisition of knowledge. Knowledge has no value at all unless one also has the specific illumination which can draw understanding out of whatever it might be that they are seeking to see to the center of."

That bit had a special resonance for me. I've been obsessively collecting knowledge my whole life, like an intellectual magpie, squirreling it away for (what?) as an ex-girlfriend put it one time. People remark all the time on the breadth (if not always the depth) of my understanding. "I don't watch TV and spectator sports bore me," is my usual answer as to where I find the time (the hidden implication being that for me, collecting knowledge can be a similar sort of time-killing activity as TV or video-games are to others.)

As a child I read an encyclopedia for fun, for instance: not for any specific reason, just because the act of collecting knowledge together in my mind was deeply pleasing. It still is.

The character of this has been shifting over the past couple of years, however. To tell the truth it has changed continuously throughout my life: during my teenage years, it was almost explicitly directed by the knowledge = power equation, which found its initial bud of spiritual expression in a dabbling Satanist mentality, before flowering as a Transhumanist phase that lasted several years.

In case you've never heard of Transhumanism, look it up sometime. It's maintained a remarkably low profile over the years despite the huge influence it has come to exert at the highest decision making levels of society. Briefly, it's the notion that we can transcend our human limitations most efficaciously through the development of (and merging with) technology. It's genetic engineering, cyborgization, the movement of our consciousness from our human meat-sacks to a mechanical substrate of transistors. It posits a technological Singularity (which we are living inside of right now, really) in which the improvement of technology will go vertical; an AI will be born, which will unite the world within a single omniscient network; in which nanotechnology will bring abundance to all, and the human species will migrate to a higher level of existence (as software minds encoded on mechano-synthetic substrates.)

The Polyannish Transhumanist philosophy, eschatology and even theology (look up Frank Tipler sometime) is what happens when the spiritual impulse seeks outlet in minds that explicitly deny the possibility of a spiritual dimension to existence. These minds, being amongst the brightest and best-educated of our techno-scientific elite, are able to apply great ingenuity to the problem of how to actualize all the 'mythical' spiritual powers within a world composed only of matter.

Inevitably, one of their philosophers, Nick Bostrom, stumbled upon the Simulation Argument (which, using Transhumanist logic, shows that our world must be a simulation of a higher level of reality) which punctured the materialist bubble and pointed the way to the wider reality. Bostrom was celebrated but, it seems, the implications of his work quietly ignored by the community ... for if we are already simulations on God's computer, surely the way out (should be desire one) is to seek contact with that level. In other words, to wake up within the dream.

Neko Kinoshita said...

I have not had time to comment lately, too much dust.
I feel like I'm trying to clear some karma before something begins.

I just needed to say I enjoyed the Petri dish, and this one struck home too.
That song link (Vanity) is real powerful, thanks.

I'll have more to say later, but right now I need to get back to the illusion.
Forms must be obeyed, and the time is not yet.


Anonymous said...

"Vanity" - extra nice!
Just seems perfectly appropriate for the moment.
(glad I now got that sat internet!)


DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

This is somewhat off the subject and I apologize for it, but I thought you might be interested to read it, whether you post it or not. I posted it in the comments following an article on titled "Death, Taxes, and Holocaust Remembrance," and needless to say it went totally ignored (which I'm used to). Anyway, here's the post:

I find it interesting that practically none of the articles I read about the Holohoax ever make mention of the three most relevant issues having to do with it which are these:

First, and foremost, is the fact that the so-called 'Jews' aren't Jews at all, but are Khazars who are descendants of Ashkenaz who was a grandson of Noah's son Japheth (hence the name 'Ashkenazi Jew'). Noah had three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth; Shem was the patriarch of the Hebrews who were the forerunners of the Semites and the Celts. Japheth was the patriarch of the light-brown and yellow-skinned Arab and Asian tribes, Ham was the patriarch of the dark-skinned tribes. This being the case, today's so-called 'Jews' haven't one molecule of Hebrew/Semitic blood flowing through their veins, which makes their worn out cry of 'antisemitism' amount to being an oxymoron.

Second, is the fact that there has never in history been a people who fit the description of the Synagogue of Satan Jesus foretold about in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 of the Christian Bible. The Khazars of the seventh century certainly fit the description but it was never suggested in the historical accounts that they were the actual Synagogue of Satan. Furthermore, the book of Revelation is addressed primarily to the end time Christians so the Lord's warnings about the Synagogue of Satan are timely only to us who are living now near the close of history. Jesus also said we would know them by their fruit. It doesn't take a genius to take a look at the things the false Jews do to figure out whose children they really are.

Third, is the fact that the 'Holocaust' doctrine (charade) was invented by one of Rothschild's think tank groups in 1951 to serve the dual purpose of 1. deflecting any investigation and/or criticism of the Rothschild backed creation of the bastard state of Israel, and 2. as a tool for generating sympathy (money) in support of it. You can verify this fact by reading some of Eustace Mullins' works on the subject. Eustace Mullins was the world's all-time authority on the subject of the Holocaust (with the possible exception of Ernst Zundel now). If you want to verify the fact that today's false Jews are actually gentiles and not Hebraic Jews as they claim to be, check out Arthur Koestler's book titled 'The Thirteenth Tribe. Arthur Koestler was the world's all-time authority on the subject of the origin of the Ashkenazi Jews. He and his wife were assassinated behind the Khazar outrage the book ignited.

Anyway, unless these three issues are brought to the forefront in any serious expose' of the Holohoax, the scam will never be understood for what it is and it will never be resolved. Practically all the articles I read about the Holohoax, the false Jews, and false Israel are hyper-focused on symptoms thus totally overlooking the origins. This points up the truth of Thoreau's statement that there are a thousand hacking away at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

I had another thought about how to go about developing a speaking relationship with the Lord. Jesus made this statement concerning it in John 6:44-45 which is this:

"No man can come unto me, except the Father which has sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day. It is written in the prophets; "And they shall all be taught of God." Every man therefore that has heard, and has learned of the
Father, comes unto me."

In other words, it is totally up to Father God who is allowed access to the Son. There are many Christians and people of other religions who are convinced that they are plugged in to that relationship when nothing could be further from the truth. The criterion as I see it is whether or not they love the truth [because Jesus himself said "I am the truth." (John 14:6)]

We should therefore be very thankful that we have chosen the path of finding out the truth in all matters. The Lord will sift out the true believers from the false believers in his own time. There will be many who will be revealed as truth seekers who no one would've ever imagined would be. Take for example the apostle Paul who was arresting and torturing Christians because of what they believed and testified to. The Christians at the time considered him on par with someone like our Dick Cheney now. This is no joke or exaggeration. So from looking at the Biblical historical account of what happened to Paul we should be able to surmise that there is absolutely no telling who will and who won't accept Jesus when the realization of who he is hits them upside the head.

I used to laugh about Madonna going over to Israhell and doing all those stupid ceremonies, and the Lord told me to quit judging her for it because she is at least seeking to know the truth. He knows her heart and it may very well be that someday she will find the truth she is looking for (of course she won't find it in Israhell). And from what I know about her if she hits paydirt she'll tell everything she knows. And considering her mass audience I wouldn't doubt that if she were to start telling what she knows she would have some unfortunate 'fatal accident'.

And the same holds true for all the myriad of atheists and pagans who loudly vilify Christianity (we have the televangelists to thank for that). So there's no telling who will come around to loving the truth as we do, and in view of all this it would probably be a good idea if we back off from speaking evil of anyone, no matter how evil they are now. I have an idea that the most evil people of all are those who we would least expect to be evil because they have perfected a way of covering their tracks. Dick Cheney and the rest of the highly visible blue veined throbbers like him certainly don't fit into that category.

Visible said...

Yes. One small point of possible contention. It is not my perspective that Madonna is looking for the truth. I think it's a more terrestrial draw and the desire to appear on the side of those to whom she attributes great power.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Thank you. And thank you again.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The way it really works is we are spiritual beings trying to have human experiences. What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another.

It is whatever brings you, or will help keep you within the Laws of 1 (God) .

Billy G.

Visible said...


I am sorry to hear that. I expect there are some number of people out there who are angry with me for not posting comments I never got (grin).

I'm glad you persevered and I never made any of those assumptions so that's all good too.

EMAIL if comments don't come through

A.Mouser said...

Hey Psychegram,

Nice grove man!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Les Your sure do have a great view of the tarot. I have seen far too many people use it as a "tool" in the wrong way. The cards only tell ya whats going on in yourself at the time of the reading, nothing more? I can read for others, but its no good if people dont learn the pictures and feelings for them self. Understanding that its really the "body" of God is soooo important, then growing into these "types" is a great path! For years I have been shown many of the "traits." I have yet to master many of them, one at a time right? I still focus on 0. The fool is the first card, but many suggest it was the last, full cycle. Either way, having a love and sense of wonder to the whole thing seems very healthy?
The zodiac is another great "body" too? Much of it is seen in the cards but looking at the stars and feeling the movement of the moon really puts the whole learning sytem in 3D, for me?
That Lao Tzu quotes is one of his I never figured? I get the the weapon to death, but from the sky?
Greatness Les!!!

The Fool

Anonymous said...

Tarot cards?
Ouija boards?

I little more light on the mask.

I still remember when I accused you of being mossad, or possibly a pet project of the CIA, and your repsonse was predictable.

(Note, as I type this for some odd reason the fan on my computer starts to sound like its about to blow up, happens everytime I check out your site)

I could be wrong, master Les likes to test his subjects respones, you post because you want something. Simple as that.
You love to play with peoples heads,

but now your just getting silly.

Billy G

Anonymous said...

You're probably right about Madonna, although I've known several women who were pretty much out of control in their early adult lives but as soon as they had a child everything changed. And Madonna may have had a similar thing happen in her life after she started having children. The fact remains though that she is a full fledged Christian Zionist, which means she has no discernment, especially spiritually (the fact that she has made those ridiculous pilgramages to Israhell is proof enough of that).

All of the Christian Zionists I know (most of whom are people I used to go to church with years ago)claim to be seeking the truth, but when the truth is laid at their doorsetp they slam the door in your face. So there's no telling. In the meantime I guess all we can do to hope for the best for those people but to avoid having very much to do with them socially.

DumbGoyNot said...

You're probably right about Madonna, she has certainly bitten the Christian Zionist bait which indicates she is lusting for power just like all the rest of the Christian Zionists (i.e. through a vicarious "winning team" association). Imagine the looks of surprise on all their faces when they find out they've been in idolatry to the Synagogue of Satan the whole time.

m_astera said...

No big deal about the posts not posting, Les. I figure if they don't show up they weren't meant to.

I'm intrigued with your idea of focus on the tarot cards as archetypes of the divine. I have had almost no experience of the tarot; been around a few people who abused it as a crutch, one who knew it well but I only learned a little from her. A few years ago one of my daughters did a tarot spread for me, sitting in the sunshine in the garden. It was profound, hearing the meanings of the cards and what they meant together, while studying the symbolism of the images themselves.

I'm very much a visual person, but my focus and thought in daily life has been more on phrases and new concepts. I take a sentence or phrase, at most a short paragraph, from a book that I didn't comprehend, and mull it over for a day or a week or a few years. The sayings of Yeshuah were the first ones of these I worked with (none cometh to the father except by me, how does that work?); parts of the Bhagavad Gita took some time as well; Castaneda, Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, others I won't list. I'm still working on one anonymous essay I found in 1999; starting to get it finally.

Concentrating and meditating on a representative image of the archetype rather than a phrase of words seems a worthwhile tool.

You have mentioned the tarot before, and written of it on The New Shangri-La, but I would appreciate it if you would tell (again) which deck you think has the best images for the purpose. I have heard the "Crowley" deck highly recommended. (that oughtta set some people off :-)


Note to Abe: I think I'm pretty good on the patience and honesty parts; it's the never losing control of yourself part that still needs some work.

Visible said...

avoid the Crowley deck. I use the Paul Foster Case deck which you have to color in yourself which helps with attention to detail. The subconscious is a marvelous ocean of possibility. Finding the treasures there is just a matter of summoning them.

Anonymous said...

m_astera, sir -

may I suggest you check out the Osho Zen Tarot?
It's not traditional, but some think it's beautiful and effective if used in the right frame of mind. Personally, it's my fave...just seems to "work".
ps: I just remove the one card that has "Osho" on it...different masters (heh heh).


HangBlankfeinHigh said...

April 30, 2010
"NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report) - In what is looming as another public relations predicament for Goldman Sachs, the banking giant admitted today that it made 'a substantial financial bet against the Gulf of Mexico' one day before the sinking of an oil rig in that body of water.

The new revelations came to light after government investigators turned up new emails from Goldman employee Fabrice 'Fabulous Fab' Tourre in which he bragged to a girlfriend that the firm was taking a 'big short' position on the Gulf.

'One oil rig goes down and we're going to be rolling in dough,' Mr. Tourre wrote in one email. 'Suck it, fishies and birdies!' "


So the BP oil spill in the gulf of Mexico was bet upon by a jewish stockmarket firm THE DAY BEFORE IT HAPPENED, just the way 9/11 was bet upon by transnational jewish stockmarket firms (against American Airlines and United Airlines).

Insider information suggests the environmental katastrofi was done on purpose...

Unflipping believable.


Anonymous said...

sorry people,
to many distractions
cant think
be back soon


Boulderdash said...


I believe the Goldman Sachs story is a spoof. But it is amazing that we all could see this happening in today's crazy world...

m_astera said...

Thanks Les and bholanath. I will check out your suggestions.

I've never been much for what I suppose is called divination. I've used the I Ching once that I recall, the runes once, and only pulled two cards from a tarot deck myself.

I don't recall the runes result, but the I Ching and the two tarot cards were spot on. Just hasn't been my thing, looking for answers that way.

I am, though, interested in the idea of symbols of archetypes as tools for focus and understanding. I've done a good bit of work with symbols, but not archetypes.

Around a dozen years ago a friend of mine went off on a nice rant about the characters in the old TV show Bonanza being archetypal. Adam, Hoss, Little Joe, and Ben. Methinks my friend was on to something there.

Visible said...

I didn't use the Tarot for fortune telling. I was more interested in changing it rather than predicting it. That said; what's for lunch?

ravenise said...

There is major geomagnetic storm currently underway at the moment, multiple earthquakes are nailing Chili... Mexico, Alaska, Tungus, Japan...etc. HAARP tech is being timed just in time for plausible deniablilty. Electromagnetic pollution is affecting everyone right now to one extreme or another. For me it is very heavy, and causing me a headache so I will keep this simple. I just want say thank you for what you do. Your words and your spirit have helped lift me into a new level of awareness... It is quite electric.
Words can't express what that means to me.

I wish you much love

TheSparkle said...

ravenise, Les, everyone: I hope this isn't just an anomaly or premature hope on my part, but I have not seen a single chemtrail or "persistent condensation trail" in weeks. The sky over the central US is clear and blue where I am as it has not been in a long time. I hope it is universal and not that the spraying just happened to be temporarily suspended where I am. If they have stopped I must wonder why.

kikz said...


ya know.. now that you mention it..

n. of dallas.. which sits under many many jetways..

no trails of late.. how odd...

the weather can't be that different...

Sile said...

sparkle, kikz -

I have noticed the same thing where I am - just over the past week or 2.

Been wondering about it myself....

TheSparkle said...

I don't know what to make of the clear skies. I know the airplanes are all still flying, the legitimate ones at least. I didn't find out about chemtrails as such. First in the late 90's maybe, I noticed what I assumed were 'more persistent condensation trails' but thought it was just some new fuel mixture being used--or something. Then I heard about "chemtrails" but thought the idea nutty and silly. But, I kept looking and noticing the undeniable. I do not know why they were being applied to the atmosphere, but I am glad that I have seen none in the past few weeks. Maybe some cracks are starting to form, the snowball has begun rolling...maybe. Is the Goldman investigation just a coverup or whitewash or perhaps another crack...? The recent short absence of chemtrails where I am, is it just a fluke or the start of something good?

TheSparkle said...

Oh wow.

Osama bin Laden is 'alive, well, and hunting falcons in Iran', documentary claims at the article.

But then this at the

Ahmadinejad: 'Osama bin Laden is living in Washington'

' "Yes, I did. He's there. Because he was a previous partner of Mr. Bush," he said referring to former President George W. Bush.

"They were colleagues, in fact, in the old days. You know that. They were in the oil business together. They worked together. Mr bin Laden never co-operated with Iran but he co-operated with Mr. Bush," Mr Ahmadinejad said.

He added that, at any rate, US officials ought to know the extremist Islamic leaders whereabouts.

"The US government has invaded Afghanistan in order to arrest bin Laden. They probably know where bin Laden is. If they don't know he is, why did they invade? Could we know the intelligence?" he asked ABC.'

The comedy channel is not this funny.

ravenise said...

Hey guys. The storm is still hitting strong. I want to share with you a little essay I wrote on the geomagnetic field of the earth and the sun, and how they effect consciousness. I just updated it today. If you are interested... take a look

long john said...


i know what you mean about the chem-trails. they have been conspiciously absent (for at least a month or so) from my area (upper-northern califonia) as well...

...but unfortunately, they just started up again a mere couple of days ago. they are are real obvious now because the sky was so clear and blue for quite a long while, but now they are back again after all that time.

so they are obviously not regular commercial passenger jets (which of course don't stop flying for weeks, much less for months at a time).

its funny though, after all this time (12 years) some people are still in denial about chem-trails. they just refuse to believe it. pretty lame imo, especially when its so obvious.

may god protect us from chem-trails, and the ignorant.

-- long john



i would very much like to correspond with you via email. i have had an interest in isla marguerita for quite a few years. (i also have some dzogchen friends who reside there) i would like to connect with you and learn what you have to say about the island, and also about Venezuela. so would you please direct me to where i can find your appropriate email address? tnx. PS: also thanks very much for turning me on to the 'electrical universe' theory, a few months ago.

-- long john

TheSparkle said...

long john,

Thanks. Sadly I can confirm this also. The sky was clear when I woke up, but now there are chemtrails in the sky today. I got a tear in one eye like Iron Eyes Cody did in the old pollution advertisement. I guess it's appropriate since I live in the Home of the Red Man, but maybe it was just the sun making me tear.

Anonymous said...

ravenise -

Thanks for the excellent article.
I'm in agreement 100% on the whale/dolphin beaching phenomenon, as well as the general interference of power grids on wildlife as well as humans...seems obvious.
Very interesting your noting the September 2010 time-frame.
If you don't mind, I'd like to link your article on my blog also.


Anonymous said...

hey, folks -

First Circle of 2010:

ravenise said...

@bholanath, you are welcome to link to my blog. I appreciate your interest. Point me to it when you do.

After I wrote that opinion bit about dolphins committing suicide I watched an incredible documentary called "the cove" staring the man who taught the 'flipper' dolphins (there were a few of them). He exclaimed how one of the flipper dolphins actually committed suicide right in his arms. It swam up, looked him deep in his eyes, went under water and held its breath until it passed away. Unlike humans their breathing is completely voluntary. However, the dolphins that committed mass suicide must have had other reasons or priorities to beach themselves. I believe its due to ULF/ELF waves from sonar or haarp which cause major damage to sensitive organs, or drives them insane.

m_astera said...

Hi Long John-

My email is

Here's a rundown on Isla Margarita from last year on New Shangri La: Not much has changed.

oops. Just went to Shangri La and it's not there. Hopefully it's stored somewhere.

That electric universe only makes sense.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,...Excellent work, and here's something I know of the Tarot, as my colleagues and I study them - an ancient version of them I guess: Templars were some of the first to bring this craft from the holyland...
"Templars did not invent the Tarot, but by reviving the sacred occultism of those ancient times, it will simultaneously pay homage to those Initiates who gave their life for their ideals and their search, as well as bring new light to the study of Tarot which takes, in this context, another dimension. The poet will find herein the continuation of his dream, the lover his love, and the student the way to true initiation – because let us not forget that “what does not become conscious returns to us as destiny,." C.G.Jung.


Temple Knight; servant of all Christ's children.

abe said...

Apparently the Joker's still at it:

Anonymous said...

Veritas while you are serving all God/s children, which lodge are you with?

" Illuminati, using Freemasonry, Opus Dei, the Jesuits, the Vatican and other secret societies to do its dirty work. Leo Zagami, a Sicilian aristocrat who was a 33rd degree Mason and affiliated with the P2 Lodge of Monte Carlo, broke ties with the Illuminati in June and now is going public with inside information never before told. You will be shocked when you here Zagami name high level names and places, connecting Satanism to members of the U.S. government, the Vatican and Jesuits. Zagami also told listeners how the Jesuits are the "mind" behind the New World Order and how the puppets of the American government are selling out their country, giving complete loyalty to Rome. Don't miss this interview."

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. A response to a "Pathetic Mick". Leo Zagami has been well and truly exposed as a fraud, you wouldn't know, there hasn't been a pamphlet published. How dare you snipe at my spiritual devotion you stupid old fart! It is obvious to all that you are a 'Pamphleteer', nothing original ever comes from you. This is obvious by your cut & paste comments - never an original thought. Many will use others material as reference however, you use it as the body of your comment, with no explanation that personalises the text. Plagiarist. In fact I will, if you persist with your un-called-for and personally defaming attack; post evidence of your previous turpitude to show that many times you post paste-ups that you have obviously not read because you contradict the information you paste. That you live vicariously through Les's Blogs is also well known, that you are less and less tolerated and more vocally criticised is evidence of the tedium that your constant and irrelevant participation obtains. You are a sycophant with no aptitude for other hobbies. Hence your boring drivel appears all over the net; that someone with such limited specific knowledge as you does this is evidence of your pathetic existence. You know nothing - NOTHING about Templarism, because it is such a maligned entity there is very little in the way of pamphlets to steal from. There is no such connection between Templarism and Masonry. You wouldn’t know, pamphleteer. Without scouring the internet for something to rip, why don’t you explain to all here what the Degree of the 33 lateral movement means to an incumbent, oh and is the 3rd degree above or beside the 33rd degree, or is it a vertical movement? Why don’t YOU share YOUR knowledge with us? (please no help from anyone else) Mmmm? Your doddering banter is usually benign enough, and so goes un-noticed by all but the hobbyists. Rarely do you provide a link that is worthwhile, again, someone else’s work. That you talk shit is politely ignored, that you have attacked me before is typical. I am a Temple Knight and all else that comes with my hereditary Title. Put up or FUCK UP! Grandpa Simpson.

The term Mick is a derogatory term used to describe immigrant labourers in the England. Why this Mick finds this moniker appropriate is akin to a black American referring to themself as “Chicago Nigger”. Fool.

With respect to Les and all others, please excuse my bad temper, regarding the Mick’s unwarranted slight.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Press on papa

Anonymous said...

Are you still alive?

Visible said...

i'm still around. I just haven't had anything to say. I soon will.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. Dublin 'Mick'; Yawn? Press on Papa? You hide behind recalcitrance and puerile jibes – arrogant coward, shame on you. The anger that you have fomented in me upsets me more than anything, I have been working hard this year to reach a higher place or at least allow something better to develop within me. ‘Mick’, you are obviously incapable of taking the blows you deal out. That's what I thought, intellectually and intestinally - a glass jaw. Nothing to add, because you have nothing to say. Again I apologise to all for my heated response, if you think I was over the top; let's slur your spiritual identity. I did not start this and did not deserve the attack. This is 'Origami' after all; not 'Mirrors', a little sledging in the Parliament is to be expected, I think this place however, is different, maybe I'm wrong.
Many apologies to all.

Les, thank you for adjudicating without bias, I understand your proximity to Dublin Mick, unfortunately he appears to be taking for granted the cosiness of your relationship.

I am withdrawing from this regretful nonsense. Enough said.



Anonymous said...


Its hard to listen most times. We hold on to ideas for as long as we think we need them?

The Templars are an idea. The history of their legacy is wonderful stuff to learn! I agree with you too. Many have suggested the current tarot was hand to us by them. The tarot is much older still. Much of what the Templars did, as I see it, was to give the tarot "western" images?

As time passes and you might see what Dub was saying. The Templars have many stories, families, and events that link them to Freemasonry? Note Im talking about "free" masonry. I suggest, and rememeber Im just suggesting, you look into the rosicrucians? The links will become more clear?

Im really moved by your statement. "I have been working hard this year to reach a higher place or at least allow something better to develop within me."

I think this is something we all should do, and its comes to all of us in different ways. Dub seems to not get that part, but Im guessing. I beleive that Dub was trying to help you see something? Let that be, as he was showing himself to you as well, and you to him? Start over?

Names are just that, names. We use them to define ourself, yes, but someone else gave them to us? Your correct that Mick isnt the best name to use, but Dub has a reason for it? Will you take the time to understand that, or will you just reinforce the negative parts of that name?

I feel ya here, but dont let Dub get under your skin. He is a wise and power minded person and for that, Im sure you feel a need to defend yourself?

Your last bit is pure oneness, thanks man!
"unfortunately he appears to be taking for granted the cosiness of your relationship."
We all do this?

The Fool

Anonymous said...

Veritas you honestly think most people who read here are not familiar with the followers of baphomet? The so called crusaders?

I am simply surprised you persist with this nonsense.
Pope Urban wanted to shine in contrast with his rival for the papacy, The European Kings and Knights wanted more land, the Italians wanted to open up trade and many Englishman were just bored with their misery and decided to drop all pretense of pacifism usually associated with Christianity and go on a killing spree.

There is no good excuse or explanation for sacking the christian city Constantinople and stealing the gold leaf from the Christian frescoes.

Templars are still under the roof of free masonry and the rituals are similar.

The purpose of Masonry: to eradicate religion and to establish a humanist and godless world where the concept of man will be held sacred, where people will deny God Who created them, and take themselves as idols.

The crusaders are still after the dome of the rock as we can see from the slaughter still ongoing in the east. Save your rambling for someone who is brain dead. I fully suspect the only thing you have inherited is a pinched frontal lobe.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. 'The Fool', I have said what I will regarding Dublin Mick. As you show an interest in the Templars I will cast some light on their past, I believe this is a spiritual subject and sort of on topic-ish; with quick glance in Les’s direction – if I may continue... As a full-time exponent of Templarism I can tell you that we study from over 140 scriptures (or ‘manuscripts’) and counting; there is in the KJV Bible approx’16 to 17, truly. The term that has caused most confusion and is an indicative to my Brothers and me that someone lacks genuine knowledge and therefore is not to be engaged but educated is; “Frere’s Maison” – this term translates loosely as “My Brother’s House”. These brother’s houses were used as an escape route for fugitive Templars, this escape route facility was created to ensure the safety of the manuscripts in their keeping, not the individuals bearing them. The obvious corruption of the term is “freemasons” – this corruption as a manifestation of contemporary reference is not a coincidence; the tribe thrives on confusion and chaos – while we are at odds with each other we are incapable of effective resistance. That there are two rites inherent to freemasonry, ‘york’ and ‘scottish’; so there are two wings of centralist ideology – fabian socialism and communism (I do not use capital letters where no respect is intended, ignore the typos.) communism being the aggressive plundering militaristic style of world domination and fabianism being the insidious academic and intellectual style of world domination through social engineering. One and the same raison d’etre.

end part 1/..

veritas6464 said...

The modern gentile freemason is a glove-muppet of the b’nai brith; this nest of vipers are the same evil conniving frauds that are stealing The Palestine. The b’nai brith IS freemasonry and the exclusive club of the tribe – they have co-opted the minds of gentiles (heathens) by establishing a sham ‘fraternity’ of businessmen and Craftsmen, or Tradesmen. There is a women’s ‘sorority’ called the co-masons – of which the much propagandised ‘mother’ teresa was a 33rd degree incumbent. Much false mystery surrounds the masons and their allegedly painstaking traditions and the years of devotion to the study of esoteria to achieve their degrees. NONSENSE! All of it is disinfo’and propaganda.
There are three Degrees in Masonry.
A 3rd Degree Mason may choose to join another related organization. There are two primary ones, one is called the York Rite, the other is called the Scottish Rite. A Mason might belong to either one, neither one, or both. Confusing? What they amount to, is two different schools of thought on how to study and apply the lessons learned in Masonry. Each one has its own unique structure.

In the Scottish Rite they call that structure degrees also, and number 4-33. (Scottish Rite Degrees do not equate to a rank structure however) The 32nd is the last degree one can "earn", as the 33rd is strictly an honorary degree given for long or exceptional service in Masonry. (90% of all Scottish Rite Masons earn the 4th-32nd degrees in a single 8 hour class/lecture. it is really no big deal.)

“From the days of Spartacus and Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played, as a modern writer, Mrs. Webster, has so ably shown, a definitely recognisable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.”

Winston Churchill, "Zionism versus Bolshevism", Illustrated Sunday Herald (London), February 8, 1920, pg. 5

That there is a resurgence of Templarism is no coincidence.

‘Fool’, I hope you found some of this entertaining if not informative.

Nameste to ALL.

Les... as ever, Salaam.

A Temple Knight.

Anonymous said...

Do carry on. From my research I see they invented the skull and bones and fractional reserve banking also.

Do you see anything here you disagree with? Of course I am using a link. It is one of my weakness, links and books. You can paraphrase and use your own thoughts but thsese tiny blocks on google don't allow for that very much.

I found this very interesting.

Japanese Freemasons claim their links with Western Freemasons go back to ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian times but, I have not been able to verify this.

The earliest verifiable links go back to when the Khazar empire was destroyed by the Mongols and the Russians about 1,000 years ago. At the time their elite class fled with their treasure into Europe and China. The group that fled to China then fled to Japan as Kublai Khan's armies conquered China. That is why the Star of David can be seen in 1,000 year-old shrines in Japan.

The original Khazars were fully assimilated by the Japanese elite over the ensuing centuries but certain Freemason/Khazar influences became a permanent part of Japanese culture.

After Admiral Perry arrived and forced the Japanese to open up their economy, the Rothschild's man in Asia, Jardine Matheson, sent an agent to Japan. His name was Thomas Blake Glover and his mission was to create a new arms market by starting a civil war in Japan. The ultimate aim of this war was to prepare Japan for colonization. He managed to sell some battleships and weapons but in the end, Glover's plot was uncovered and he was driven into bankruptcy.

By this time, learning of the association with their long lost cousins, the Freemasons decided on a different approach. A different Rothschild Freemason agent, Guido H.F. Verbeck, started a very successful Japanese franchise. He is the man in the center of this below photograph.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,... Dublin Mick please demur. Les; That this unwarranted attack, cease and desist forthwith is my wish. That I have, as part of the Rule I have vowed to live by, expressed my respects to Dublin Mick is now apparent. This pacific intention is based entirely upon the chivalrous law of Noblesse oblige. (The literal translation from French of "Noblesse oblige" is "nobility obliges ", or the Nobility in me recognises the Mick in you; grin).

What a shame this is not at Petri Dish; “..what laughs Copperfield, what laughs..”

Oh, by the by, I think he is referring to xe, formerly known as blackwater security and the 'knights of malta' - a jesuit organisation and entirely a device of the tribe. Nothing whatsoever to do with The Knights Templar. That Salá'hudin granted The Gaza to the Templars, as a symbol of the treatised pacification of the Holylands has also eluded ‘the one I oblige’(grin). That the Templars established and have to this day a connexion with Islam as a result of negotiations with Salá'hudin, has also eluded him, ‘he that is obliged’ (heh heh heh).

So much eludes him, this 'obliged one', perhaps he should study more and rant less? Gold leaf ? “..pacifism usually associated with Christianity..” Which Christianity are you talking about? Please share; I am not familiar with this ‘pacifist Christianity’, an interesting concept though.

Snippets of irrelevant information do not an argument make 'obliged one'. Perhaps the W.C. is vacant, or P yew U as it may be(grin); why don’t you go read a pamphlet or some other institutionalised zionist propaganda and crib some more for your archive of delusion.

I recognise the ‘obliged one’s' privilege to comment however his persistence with matters he is not fully educated to espouse, as evidenced by his erroneous nonsense, is becoming the butt of puns and as such a lost cause. Rub-a-Dublin Mick: “Ye verily I piss myself laughing in your general direction”.

‘Rub-a-Dublin Mick’: If I may be so informal as to use a term of endearment? Pay no offence lest we take ourselves too seriously, I’m sure you mean well, old chap, again; enough said.(grin)

Anybody seen the white donkey I rode in on? Oi vey, always so persectu'ted.

Go in peace all,

brother Visible...


Anonymous said...

Any news on this?

The people around him are the founding fathers of modern Japan and the senior members of the original modern Freemason lodge. They set up the Meiji emperor as their symbol and modernized Japan.

The Japanese masons were given full assistance by their English and European counterparts and were thus able to defeat the old Khazar nemesis, Imperial Russia, in the Russo-Japanese war.

In later years, confronted by Western racism, the Japanese Freemasons decided they needed to conquer and modernize all of Asia. Their ultimate aim was to prepare for a final show-down with the West and make Tokyo the capital of a world empire.

They allied themselves with the Baron Rothschild (known to us as Adolph Hitler) and were badly defeated by the Rockefellers.

After the war, the victorious Rockefellers arrived in Japan to survey their new possession. Negotiations on the new post-war order took place mainly inside the Japanese Grand Lodge (it is a hidden underground facility next to Tokyo Tower). Every Japanese Prime Minister since the war has been a Freemason. To the Japanese it is common knowledge that their secret rulers are David Rockefeller and his nephew Jay Rockefeller.

The old Rothschild connection still exists but, since the Rockefellers were victorious in WW2, it is the upstart Rockefellers who exert the greatest control.

To this day Japan remains a vassal state, making huge annual payments to their new masters. In theory, they can cash in on the $35 trillion in worthless paper (official data put the number at close to $5 trillion, secret data at over $35 trillion) they have been given in exchange for 60 years of supplying Americans with radios, TVs, cars etc.

In reality, any Japanese Prime Minister who tried to do this was killed or deposed. More recently the Japanese have been threatened into submission with powerful secret weapons. Using former Prime Minister Koizumi and Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka (a Henry Kissinger prot'g') they also engineered a semi-secret take-over of the Japanese commercial banking system.

For example, Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ bank's new logo is a Masonic eye.

Visible said...

New Smoking Mirrors up-

The Ever More Pervasive Darkness of this World.

Visible said...

I can't really comment on any of this because I just don't know. I do know there are probably a lot of fine Masons and member of all kinds of organizations who engage in public service and charitable work who have nothing to do with and precious little awareness of those at the top of the food chain.

Just as there are public servants who actually do their job and try to do the right thing who have no connection to the mind sets of their ultimate superiors. The same goes for The Catholic Church and many another section of a similar focus.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. excellent work Dublin Mick, as you can see the arbeit-macht-frei-masons have nothing whatsoever to do with Templarism, the tribe have just co-opted a term and manifested a Title and organisation, as usual. To lawfully and legitimately use the acronym for a chivalrous Title or transliterate the Title itself on an official or legal document or personal letters; a Christian Temple Knight must have his (or her name in the case of Dames) written into the Registrar in Jerusalem. The Registrar is a nominal fellowship governed by a Star Chamber of Senechals and Commanders and has not to this point been usurped or infiltrated by the tribe. (This fact burns them deeply). arbeit-macht-frei-masons have no such discipline or requirement, why? Because they are just manipulated luciferian toss-pots. The Gran-poobah of which is a zionist crypto-jew. Anyone can co-opt any name, moniker or title they like; being the genuine article is entirely different. The Knights Templar are entirely independent of the tribe who are their traditional enemies by definition and have never and will never associate with arbeit-macht-frei-masonry. The text you provided could be helpful to anyones' quest for knowledge about the tribe and its many faces, however, it will not provide you or anyone else with a jot of information about the real Knights Templar.
I will make the time to read this information, thank you Dubster. It will no doubt be checked for its veracity and then possibly archived. Unless of course the original source is that fool fulford, in which case it will be binned.

Just one small point, the original khazars are NEVER fully assimilated into any society, that they operate as sabbatian jews, is an under-cover ruse they have used for as long as they have been trying to take over the world – “by way of deception make war”. War on Christ's children: Us!



P.S. DM. What 'this below photograph'? Bottom of first part; you really should read throughly and edit where necessary for accuracy if you are going to cut & paste, if only for the sake of continuity. Sometimes good stuff begs a rush-job, this happens to all of us, hence unintentional typos by quite 'literally capable' folk. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Veritas call me what you like rub a dub mick is fine, fool or you can use your other term Dublin nigga I think it was. May I call you papa? It has been a constant source of mirth for me observing you use this term.

I don't normally get to riled up over internet exchanges. If you wish to continue to delve into the mysteries of the masonic order perhaps it should be done in the petri dish.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. Dublin Mick, for f$#@-sakes grow up, I didn't start this and I have tried to make light of it. I know as much about schmasons as I need to. Get a life mate, I have explained why I use the term 'Papa' once already, go through your archive and see. It is not important that you know why. It is not a big deal. PLEASE take your Meds and get over yourself! You are acting senile and making me look like I care to bandy words with a selfish old bore, which brings me down, please "Press on" and mean it this time.

I wish I had the temperament not to submit this sorry all,


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the lesson. I have to say I have looked at the affects and outward action of freemasons and not so much the system itself.
Without this brotherhood we would have lost much of the ancient world gifts.
Within many humans orders, other factors and goals can be hiddden or misleading? Im not suggesting you are duped or not understand what Dub was saying man, I just hope you keep your inter eye open to all images and occult systems?
Please take this info and focus on it.

"The purpose of Masonry: to eradicate religion and to establish a humanist and godless world where the concept of man will be held sacred, where people will deny God Who created them, and take themselves as idols."

Im not saying Dub is right or this is the only reason for Masonry, thats your job to work out, but he isnt saying this to hear himself. He is trying to help, really?

I think I see you point and I wish people would understand how important Masonry is to the modern world. But again look at Dub quote, you might see this happening around you today without seeing Masonry anymore? That make any sense? Much of the modern lifestyle is about making the body a temple or PS3, or all wheel drive cars, or building? The mixing of the flesh with other objects is the unhealthy part?
Thanks man

The Fool

veritas6464 said...


"he was the one swing'n a shovel your honour, I was just tryna givím a hug".




gru said...

Cosmic Consciousness displays itself in billions of ways – beyond the capacity of the intellect.
Our true nature is Wakefulness.
There is NO awakening. To imply that there is, is just the dream perpetuating itself.
The Cosmic Consciousness is complete just as it is.
“Be extremely friendly with this consciousness”.
“Make Ishwara your God”. If you must worship something, then worship that ‘life essence’ that you are.
Give it every waking moment……….recognize it is everywhere.
Be warm towards yourself. Stop beating yourself up with concepts. They have no substance.

Visible said...

I hate to point this out to you but those are all concepts and to say there is no need to awake because you are already awake is sophistry.

Anka P said...

Hey Les,

Bless you. I love you. It gets lonely at times. But today I remember what I am seeking when I call myself a seeker. Thank you.

Anka P.



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