Monday, April 26, 2010

How we Weave our Spider's Web

We’ve talked a little about sexual force and its applications in recent days. All the force in the universe is a modification of the sex force, from the magnetism of the planets in their passage to the programmed operations of ants as they go about their business. It’s one force in our world that can express itself both as freedom and bondage and produce clarity or confusion. It can propagate a species and is a medium for both mortality and immortality. It can make you stupid and weak or it can make you wise and powerful. It’s all in the intentions and what it gets turned to.

Everything we have in this dream world is a representation of what we have in the real world; our parents, our family, our lovers and our friends all exist there. What we are here, we will be there. No one goes anywhere and suddenly becomes enlightened and free of all concerns. You go as you are when you leave and you go to the place that best represents what you are in environment and company. If you don’t get it done here you won’t be getting it done there. It’s the sex force that can elevate you into the real world or thicken the density of your dream.

The major problem with nearly every major religion is that they present God as something apart from you; above you, beyond you and not possible to be understood by you. This puts the priest class into the position of being required to interpret it all for you to the financial benefit of the church and its representatives. As a result, scripture has been rewritten in such a way that it conceals instead of reveals and renders the most important and telling truths into forbidden zones and corridors of evil. Number one on the deliberately misinterpreted list is the sexual force.

I have to get a little autobiographical again because it is from personal experience that we are best positioned to speak on something. I’ve read a lot of books and I’ve found things in my life that reflect what I have read in books but personal experience has proven to be something more than I got from books.

On the night when my kundalini awakened at a cabin in the Virginia woods, I had no idea of what was happening to me. I thought it was witchcraft at the time; not that I knew anything about witchcraft either. I could fill a book with what happened that night so I’m going to stay within the parameters of the sexual side of the equation.

The first thing I noticed was that the force was female. I also noticed that my entire body was silhouetted by a green electric aura. Was this just the color of Nature manifesting or was it the visible evidence of my particular ray? I don’t know. The power of this energy was astounding. I could tell some fantastic tales in this regard and there were witnesses there but I don’t think that serves a purpose in respect of our subject matter, except to say that we generally have no idea of the amount of force that is contained in the kundalini.

For the next three years my body was clenched in a state of dynamic tension in order to contain this wild energy. It made me very strong and it made me very strange. This female energy is raw Shakti; the energetic side of the Shiva/Shakti interplay. It is a devouring force. It is a consuming force and you can think of the serpent swallowing its tale in this regard. It is the source of the power exercised in certain forms of magical practice. It is the fire of immortality. It is a Hell bitch if you can’t ride it, which is why it has to be performed under the control of a master.

On the manifest plane, if it is not properly channeled it will look to express itself sexually and there’s not much it won’t do, given the opportunity. It will certainly drive you mad and that is a necessary feature. It will consume your former identity and everything you were and knew will be gone. There wasn’t any me after this happened and... there never had been. After this I noticed that whoever I was around, it was their features that I felt in my face. Telepathy came as an automatic accessory.

One either learns to control this force or one is in a whole lot of trouble. Individual destinies are just that so there is no predicting what will happen to anyone in such a situation. You might say that one of the most identifying features of this force is its unpredictability.

This force can go in two directions and each direction is composed of levels. Expressed outward it manifests as progeny and also as the forms of magic that create and manipulate the illusion side of existence. It often goes in both directions and that accounts for people with power from one direction employing it in another. This is what you see in operation with world leaders and powerful public figures but more potently so in those who are controlling them.

When we are sexually attracted to someone on the manifest plane we are actually being attracted to the divine. There is a Hindu teaching which has to do with the inability to see Rama because Sita is walking between the observer and the god. One cannot see Krishna because Radha is walking between. One of the biggest dangers of the world is glamour and it is in a defense against this that causes certain elements of Islam to carry things too far; Christianity as well. Balance is always the key. Passion is of critical importance in gaining the attention of the lover but passion is also the key problem in maintaining balance. It’s confusing and this essay may not be helping (grin).

Basically it comes down to this. Everything- absolutely everything- is composed of the divine and therefore everything has divine qualities but they cannot be seen unless one has the power of the eye of the eagle. Otherwise the scorpion will simply sting itself to death. Every living being is an expression of the divine. Everything that is and is not is composed of the divine who also interpenetrates it and is apart from it but still connected to it.

Everything that is manifest or which can be perceived as something apart from something else is a lie and a form of bondage and all of this is engineered by the sexual force. Liberation is achieved when one can focus their attention only upon the divine as everything and concealed in everything. You must think of god as your lover because what else will you do with your physical passion? All your energies have to be drawn up. The world will surely draw them out and that is why one should marry if you can’t send the whole thing top side and why you must see and celebrate the presence of the divine in every one; even in the seemingly most evil among us. The point of this is that you are then contacting the divine within them and their power to perform evil upon you is removed. The idea that you must love everyone has connotations to it which are other than what is generally implied and usually misunderstood. It’s actually a form of spiritual self defense.

Sexual fluid can be considered as having the same composition as a spider’s web and with the same efficacy. Things like prayer, chanting and various austerities are mechanisms by which the energy is drawn up to illuminate the higher centers. The material world is the alternative magnet for this force and in certain times (like now) of omnipresent materialism is can be a rough go to swim against the prevailing tide.

One thing I notice whenever I am eating around other people is that I never see anyone saying Grace. I always say Grace and not just because I am grateful. The reasons that we do things and the reasons we have been lead to believe are the reasons that we do things can often be something different than we think they are. Especially in these times, we are not motivated or inclined to look deeper. We’re more likely to be engaged in a masturbation extension with our cellphones. It’s all sex.

Look at the practice of sex in the insect and animal kingdoms. Observe it in the human kingdom and notice that the sex force refined expresses itself in more and more articulate forms of love. Art is a good example. Service to ones fellows is another. Take it to the next step and imagine what this means in the higher realms above this one.

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Muffed it said...

Love it, Les.

That's Amore!

And wwwhat's more?

The clamour of the glamour is blindeafeningly hard to overhear, see?

Anonymous said...


Thank you. That was a major help. Still workin all that out. You sure give me some great focusing points! I feel a release of something, and Im soo thankful!

Say a little of topic, but if I say grace, I dont get heartburn? It helps us take in the light?

The Fool


Hi les
your discussion about kundalini is quite appriciable
but people reading the might get the impression that kundalini realease a kind dark ritual bordering on occult
as Kundalini in inherent all the creation and kundalini is inactive most of the humanity as it is supposed to at this time and age(Kaliyuga)

And the awareness of kundilini and chakras is very critical
at the present time as we are so close to the end of the cycle and kundalini realease is nothing to be feared about and each individual has completely different experience
and it's realease is sometime invoulantry and some times through injury to the tail bone or trauma and extreme stress so it's very important that awareness is more widespread and it will help people deal with the unexpalined changes happening to them better and
the fact is most of us will have our kundalini activated
and more so at this amazing time we are in

I wish I can express as well as u do ... I have so much to say but i find this process of comunication(typing) cumbersome and slow You take lead guide them


Visible said...

I'm referring to the pool of the Kunda which is inactive in nearly everyone. The every day kundalini (grin), although the same thing in essence, is a more pedestrian expression and shows itself in all movement and activity.

There are also degrees of this. One might imagine those followers of Osho shaking their heads and moving frenetically with small amounts of discharge, facilitated by the environment.

One might consider The Shakers of early America.

Kundalini manifests and expresses itself in many different ways without it bearing any similarity to an atomic bomb and being more like small gunfire or fireworks.

It's a raw force and it's activity has a lot more to do with what window (chakra) it is coming through than the power itself. There are garden hoses, fire hoses and pressure washers. There are lasers and there are flashlights. Concentration is the secret.

It's a tricky thing to talk about. Even more so when one is using a brief medium like this. The point here is just that people should think, inquire and consider. People should cultivate inspiration and what they need to know will speak to them in a language they can understand.

Anonymous said...

living being
living all
deep down peace
open school
universal wide
in every tongue
the truth within us
life bringer brung
nature springs
rise to life
like an eagle
taking flight
through the sky
into the place
where all is one
the truth is based.


m_astera said...

What came "easy" to you, just happened, I had to work very long and hard for. I'm only writing this for those who might otherwise be discouraged and think it can't happen for them, while wishing it would.

For me, it took a lot of years of study and a lot of side roads. When I finally found a teacher who knew what I wanted to learn and was able to teach it to me, he had many students, most of whom were far more talented than I. I was a drudge. They performed the disciplines and exercises easily and joyfully, came to class as if they were going to a party. For me it was just work, and to be honest, I dreaded it. Like trudging up a steep mountain with a heavy pack, every step another struggle. Nothing, and I mean nothing, came easy. Sitting in focus was like being in a pool of fire from the agony in my hips, legs, and back. It took me two years to find a way to sit that wasn't pure pain. While others completed the tasks and achieved the proof, I went almost two years without completing the simplest, and I was trying with everything I had. I had already paid the price, all I had and a little more, but the rewards were elusive.

But you know what? I didn't give up, because what was there to go back to? If I died trying well that was how it goes. Wouldn't be the first death, and at least this one would be for a worthwhile goal.

You can probably gather that this wasn't about sitting around the ashram on a cushion. It was active and often dangerous, cold and pain and heat and hunger and sometimes blood. And always being pushed far beyond what I thought was humanly possible.

After five years of such failure, within a week or ten days I finally did it, brought that energy up. Sheer will and the power of the breath, center by center, the heart, then a few days later the throat. Then the sixth, and I understood why the Pharaoh carried the shepherd's crook. I found myself walking behind this body and watching it. I kept on forcing the energy up, sheer will and the breath. When it dropped I grabbed it and forced it up again, assailing those gates. I could force it to the seventh, but not hold it there. I was very tired and it was almost time to go back to the world; I was happy enough, look what I had accomplished, finally, in such a short time. I had no energy left for any more assaults on the mountain peaks. Lucky for me I had a good teacher. The last night before going back into the world, all exhausted, time to just wind down, he called for the dance, late at night. The dance and the amazing blasting music, and I danced, and brought the energy up again and again and again with all I had, and what do you know, it blasted right on through that seventh seal and out through the top, that fountain of Shiva, all resistance gone, and surprise! The seventh seal wasn't a place to get to and experience, it was only a doorway to be pushed open so the energy could flow without resistance, right out the top of this head. Those who aren't familiar with what I'm talking about here, go find a picture of Shiva.

Don't give up. You can do this; if even a drudge like me could do it, you can too.


nobicycle said...

Whilst Visible's information on kundalini is correct, I agree with RASOOL ELLORE
"people reading the might get the impression that kundalini release a kind dark ritual bordering on occult"

I recommend readers to look at the late Gopi Krishna's work (about 20 books): "kundalini is a natural biological and scientifically verifiable phenomenon"

Peter said...

Wonderful stuff Les. Thank you. The last few of your posts have been treasure filled.
We are on the cusp of great events. I can't tell if we are about to be extinguished on the physical in order for our souls to make the leap into the next level .... or we have to transcend things on this level first. My intuition tells me that much is stll to happen in this physical world - wonderful magnificent terrible events - before the mass ascension. I wd be interested for some of your thoughts on that at some stage. Wonderful wonderful stuff Les.

Anonymous said...

Hi All! :-)

Les, please congratulate yourself for me, for the wonderful work you've done and are doing.

I am just here to expand in agreement with anonymous 9:56.

I understand that praying before a meal is a very old healing tradition with the intention of balancing the energy between body and food so less energy is used in consumption.

You can make a glass of water fill you up and even make microwaved food edible!

Touch your left thumb and forefinger together to make a circle, put the right thumb through the circle and touch right forefinger so you have a chain link, next fold the rest of the fingers on your left hand down, then the right fingers down to form a dovetail.

You should see a hole in the middle. Hold the hole above your food/drink and visualize sending light to the food - praying/thanksgiving optional!

When healing low vibrational food - i.e. micro-nuked food - you will feel a kinda 'ping' (like a decompression chamber) after a minute of two when the energy is balanced.


Visible said...

A couple of things;

First, the definition of 'occult' is, hidden. Occult and the subjects associated with it is neither good nor evil. People bring that with them when they come. So, certainly kundalini release can be a (kind?) dark ritual bordering on occult". Although I don't think bordering is the right word.

My personal position is not too paint this in a safe and rosy light, nor to be in agreement with any number of new age positions which make it appear as if it were a simple process without any attendant dangers.

Kundalini is NOT a friendly force and it is not a self disciplining force. Think of it as a fiery power that turns on a variety of different lights on different floors and which also powers all sorts of abilities and comprehension capabilities which would necessarily vary depending on who is doing the experiencing.

My position is to present it as something to be wary and respectful of and not to toy around with except under the guidance of a teacher and we all have one and asking about anything that might be of interest or concern to you is going to bring some kind of a response even if it isn't seen.

In the course of my course through this 'present' visit here I did not encounter many people as reckless as I. This included visiting graveyards alone on major acid trips as well as walking into the desert and other locations to do the same. This is not the recommended way but for whatever the reason it is the way I took. I was in a hurry and I was getting there one way or another. I have paid major costs for this (and am still paying to some degree) and I have reaped major benefits as well.

It comes down to how much you trust the ineffable and where your karma is. It also depends heavily on your intentions.

There is a book called "The Serpent Power" by Arthur Avalon which has been around awhile but which has a lot of useful information. You won't likely be reading it in the window seat in the term of an afternoon.

What I say here is based on the level of my ability to see and understand. There are definite limits to this and I do what I can within them. What I see and understand is subject to change and when it does I will probably make mention of it.


Michael (grin), nothing has come easy to me and given that reincarnation is a stone cold fact there's no telling what went down beforehand.

I should also mention that my master, teacher, guide had a lot to do with what occurred in place of my childhood and having the living shit beaten out of me physically and psychologically was part of the yoga of this life. I've referred to it as 'tenderizing' and 'tempering'.

My ashrams were mostly located up the street from The School of Hard Knocks and from where I sit today I can see that it was all a necessary part of the trip.

I'm being given to believe it is soon to become much easier for me and a great deal more surprising but that will prove to be one of the rare oasis's that I have been granted on the way. It could be this period will be more extensive (I hope) but I don't know.

I can confidently state that I never even had a life, such as that is understood to be. I don't regret it, seeing what I've seen of what people call life and it does make it easier to leave (grin).

In anyway, to encapsulate the affair, it wasn't easy.

Visible said...

A very brief search of the web turned up this page- The Serpent Power. which I am linking here because there are a number of very short texts that explore the subject matter under discussion.

This one in particular- Yoga; Kundalini. treats with some of what I mention.

Visible said...

I thought i would add a commentary on the last link. Although the writer's conclusions are full of shit and although the writer is obviously coming from a fundamental Christian position, you will note how closely some of what he says parallels things I mentioned and things that can happen.

When one doesn't know what is happening to them there is no telling how they will take it. Also, even when one has an idea of what is happening to them they are seldom prepared for the actual experience of it. The presence of a teacher would of course be of much help. I was lucky in that respect but... as I've said, there's always a guide around.

Visible said...

Here is yet more which details Gopi Krishna's experience which, you can see, was decidedly unpleasant.

It also becomes clear how very complicated it can be. All of these features were taken care of by my master so I was not required to possess this information nor required to perform these things. However, some of the complications of my lack of knowledge and discipline remain.

Hopefully some of this adds to a greater understanding all around.

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Poetic Justice in the Kingdom of the Blind.

Neko Kinoshita said...

The more of these things I look at and the more of it I see, the more it seems that I already KNOW.

I know that sounds presumptuous, but it seems more like remembering, than like learning.

Does this make any sense?

Les, reading about both your experience, as well as that of m_astera, I hear a voice in MY head say “time is not yet.” So I will continue and hope that the time will come.

Perhaps I will fine more to say after I think about both this and the new Smoking Mirrors.

Anonymous said...


"The more of these things I look at and the more of it I see, the more it seems that I already KNOW."

Yes sir! Ive been looking back to my younger days, around 7-13, and I played around with much of these ideas before, not knowing I had much of this info given at birth? Many years and events have taken me from that first doorway. In many ways it really does seem as if Im just rememebering stuff, I once knew?

The Fool

Anonymous said...


The piece done by Dr. John Ankerberg and Dr. John Weldon was off base to me but still well worth reading, thanks.

I have found that my relation to this energy is both as a force acting on me and a force I create within?

If I go fast at it, or hope to answer a question all at once, a force outside me will help or affect this energy? If I just chill and let go, and "fold" or turn myself inside out and sit, I find a different affect? I have no way of explaining what happens then, but it seems to come from within and not guided? The demon idea is somewhat true,if you ask me? If I "want" or "watch" in ways, whats happening to that energy, a force I might not understand comes along to play withing my senses? If I just stay in a clear mind state and find the "gray matter" in my head, this doesnt seem to happen? In this way, feelings and "vibs" are created and not images? Looking back I can find images to suround those vibs, but this too seems to be mislead by outside forces much of the time? Whatever?

The Fool

JR said...

Hi Les,

I think I am addicted to pornography and masturbation.

I can summon the necessary will power to abstain from these activities for a certain amount of time. But all that seems to do is "back things up" - then the next thing you know, I'm right back where I started - seemingly more entrenched in the habit of porn than ever.

I'm intrigued by these ideas of a "sex force". Since learning about these and other tangential ideas, I often consider them before I'm about to do the deed, but still, it doesn't make me stop.

Do you have any advice on how to deal with this?

(Normally, in the past, whenever I've felt the urge to comment on one of your posts, it was because I wanted to just say that I agreed with you, thereby making myself look good (or at least feel good). Like, "Yeah, what this guy says. Yup yup. He's dead on. See everyone I'm just as smart as Les!". Lol.

But that has never gotten me anywhere.

I don't know if I know anything about anything. You seem to know more than me. That is why I'm seeking your guidance on this issue.

I appreciate what you do on these blogs.


Visible said...


Let me ponder that and I'll have something to say later today.

Visible said...


although my day has been a busy one and one impaired by certain gifts given out of the blue, so to speak; I have kept you in mind, especially so considering that I have been brought low by similar things.

As I said earlier, the world is completely sexual by composition so... your crack pipe thing with pornography- or what you seem to want to call pornography is not surprising to me.

It appears that you are asking for a way out of the self abuse via images of beings that you want to be closer to, without those beings actually being what you are enamored of.

The first thing that occurs to my mind is that if you actually caught one of those you would run away in horror of it. The second thing that occurs to me is that the masturbatory angle is more about distance than anything else.

I would say that it is really about expressing yourself at a distance adulating something that damn well is not what got you excited in the first place; otherwise you would fuck it in person.

Being as I am someone who has fucked all sorts of entities in person and being as I am also someone who has chosen to make my image of the beloved something that is not pornographic, I have to ask you; what is your definition of pornography? I guess- my take is- that pornography to you is what cheapens your idea of it in the first place.

This is a critical point. When one finds themselves wasting their essence on an image of something that doesn't accurately represent the focus of their passion to begin with begs the question... are they deceived? What are they deceived by?

My friend, I'm just as worked up about it as you are with one small difference... and you can find similar things occurring in gambling areas, political arenas, separated home living spaces and childhoods devoid of love.

When you understand why it is plaguing you in the first place it will not plague you again; clearer than this I cannot be.

JR said...

Thank you so much for your thoughtful response Les.

There's a lot there for me to digest, and, I'm having a hard time doing so - solely I think, because these habits of mine are so deeply entrenched and such a big part of my life. A part of me, no doubt, DOESN'T actually want to get to the bottom of this issue of mine and really understand it. Change is scary.

Anonymous said...


Been there, dont that. This could help?

Henry seems get the porn thing pretty well?

I worked this loop, you speak of, off by watching myself in third person? Being able to "leave" my body and view it from another angle helped me see what I was doing? Still a sexual drive stay with me, much of that due to far to much masterbation?

The Fool

Anonymous said...

That is a tough one and I am hesitant to offer advice as I have found a way to make an enormous amount of the mistakes that can be made in life.

I will say controlling the loss of vital current is foremost but not easy. If it were I would be a learnid master by now.

The mind wants to be in control, it will try and convince you the intellect is all there is. The mind can make you a slave if you allow it.

The question is do we want to be the horse or do we want to be the rider in life.

McKenna Fan said...

I was severely addicted to pornography, too.

But I`m really not anymore, and I miss it.

I have no idea what fantasies ya`ll have, but I was always into performers who resembled, physically and/or spiritually, friends of mine.

This is cheap, and horrible, I know, seeing as how it disregards the contributions of the actual women I`m looking at.

I always knew that someday it would come down to me acknowledging them, and thanking them.

Thank you, Tera. Thank you, Lisa Marie. Thank you, Mika. Thank you, Suzi. There are really too many to name here. And so many do not even have names, seeing as how it`s become a mad free-for-all.

I am grateful that these women have created a space that is safe for my off-the-wall sexual feelings.

I am grateful for the sacrifices they have made, as well.

I am reminded of some thing I heard once: in Aztec myth, evidently women who die in childbirth and warriors who die in battle go to the same place.

Far from being an argument against pornography, the herpes, drug addiction, abusive pimps and HIV dangers are all part and parcel of the fight that is underway to clear the path for a more humane sexuality.

It is war, and they are fighting, and there are casualties.

They are soldiers.

Their fight will be finished when full depictions of people fucking will be acceptable in any movie or tv show.

Only then, when it has been fully integrated, will "pornography" disappear.

Until that time, we will still be "addicted" and they will still be obliged to fuck under conditions that are less than ideal.

I can`t get out there and make love, but I can sure lend my spiritual support to the endeavor.

We have to accept the situation.

Talking monkeys need lots of sex.

Oh, how I miss the days when I was "addicted."

Unknown said...

jr...lighten up are not at least in boys own sponsered jerk circle,.. aye?you will be just fine and dandy...keep on checking into this site and bob will be your uncle.

Anonymous said...

Love the article. Many of us are those spiders moving back and forth from Earth to more expanded realms. The expansion process can be tough for sure. Just a suggestion to look into Huna. Can really help energetically, as well as bring awareness. The process of this spiritual path is not for sissys for sure for those that have experienced any type of expansion. I am writing SLOWLY on my blog about information on Huna, if that helps spark anyone interest. http:/

Thank you so much for your time and sharing!♥

Anonymous said...

Here's the answer, though it is a dirty word most everyone avoids like the plague. Perhaps this one superlative word is too simple, not so philosophical or self adulating enough to consider. This word is itself pornography to those whose false ego rules the day, and everyday.

TAPAS. (gasp)

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up

Lloyd Blankfein, Vampire at Large.

m_astera said...

Hi Les-

This is a test post. I've posted three or four others to your blogs over the past week that haven't shown up; wondering if it's the new computer I'm using?

"Easy" in quotes was not a good choice of words. Spontaneous would have been better. I realize that you didn't spend your time sitting around ashrams on a cushion any more than I did. The rising of the power happening spontaneously as it did to you is also potentially more dangerous; I probably knew a lot more about what I was looking to experience, probably had more info on the concepts in my late thirties than you did at what, twenty one?

I'm not even going to say that what I experienced was the rising of the serpent. I can only say that I experienced the seals/chakras opening and the energy flowing through them along with the differences of perception that each one provided, and that they have remained accessible even if not lived in all the time since then.

The point I was trying to make is that perseverance furthers. If the gates of the citadel don't open as you approach, you can always lay siege to it.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, could somebody tell what's wrong with masturbation? I mean, I have read that something around having sex is harmful, but every source I get fails to explain why is it harmful? which are the spiritual consequences?
Thx for any further guidance.

Anonymous said...

Amerikagulag said:

"You must think of yourself as the lover"
Ahhhh...Rumi: The Love and the Beloved
"Footprints but come to the ocean shore. Therein no trace remains"

Nice stuff Les. Keep growing in peace.

m_astera said...

"Hi everyone, could somebody tell what's wrong with masturbation? I mean, I have read that something around having sex is harmful, but every source I get fails to explain why is it harmful? which are the spiritual consequences?"

Check out Mantak Chia's books.

Trademark Solicitor said...

I think this is such an interesting interpretation, I keep hearing about these ideas of God not necessarily being a separate force to us, and the more I hear it, the more it makes sense to me!



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