Monday, March 04, 2024

"Boarrrd!!! All Aboard The Train... All Aboard The Train... to a Higher Plane. People Get Ready... All Aboard The Train."

God Poet Transmitting.......

This guy really lifts the lid on how it all came about and is sustained...

FOLLOW THE MONEY!!! Klaus Schwab really believes he is The Emperor in The Empire Strikes Back... or else... why would he always be wearing that Darth Vader leisure suit? It is happening right before your eyes, my friends. No! I don't mean the part where they are TRYING to take over The World. I mean the part where... those that God intends to destroy he first drives mad.

I did not want to talk about these people today. It is Visible Origami, after all, so... let us trend toward the metaphysical aspects. We can still mention these people, because they do play a role in their own destruction, for... The Purpose of Demonstration. However... let us impart no greater amount of power or cachet to them. They are the maggots... in the afterbirth... of a dying organism... that was born to consume itself, and did so... before it could walk.

This is why it steps all over everyone who gets in its way, not necessarily because of intention. It is just very clumsy. It's not very good at playing Dr. Evil. It never is. There are several personas fighting for control within each individual body of evil, and it is much harder for The Thing to pay attention to where it is going. Everything... and everyone... that moves at cross-purposes to The Way... eventually gets pushed out of the way.

The Way is The Way, and what does not move in accord with The Way... is dispensed with... according to the destiny its resistance results in.

It is hard for the ordinary person... who is caught up in the spectacle... to be able to see what is actually going on. Add in the factor that mortal existence is brief, and... you have a general state of self-perpetuating confusion going on... from cradle to grave.

There is a point and a purpose to it all, but The Big Picture cannot be seen from the perspective of The Mortal Mind... so it all seems unfair. Which of us is in a position to see someone live and die, and then return for the follow-up... to what they started in earlier lives, AND... continued in... for whatever their reasons were.

How long do you think Klaus Schwab has been at this venture of ultimate public self-immolation? He has been crafting this moment of enduring humiliation for many lifetimes. He might well have once been Oliver Cromwell. As his insanity picks up speed... in every appearance... he looks more and more like Dr. Strangelove. Does he not see the comic irony here? How is it that so many smart people... who at least know how to make money, and... intentionally fuck people over while doing it... cannot see what a ridiculous figure he cuts?

These people have zero self-awareness, BUT... it comes with the territory. When The Divine wants to make a point, he often does not include the actors in on... the plot of the film... they are acting in.

This all brings me to the key issue of existence... that is always hiding in plain sight, and which often gets talked about... without most people paying real attention to the conversation because... people don't want to think about things they can't do anything about OR... don't want to do anything about. I am talking about parenting. I am talking about the influence exercised over all of us in our most vulnerable period of life.

I say parenting... not parents... because our parents are only one source of influence. They may be the strongest of influences... or they may have had little influence at all,. BUT... someone or something will definitely pick up the slack. There is, of course, the characteristics of heredity and genetic transmission. It's a complicated area, BUT... the principle is not complicated.

Someone or something has raised every one of us, and it can be a strange affair on occasion. Look at Macron who is president of France. His wife is 25 years older than he is. She was a teacher at the high school he attended. Heh Heh... it was also a Jesuit-run operation. Her son... at the time... was 3 years older than Macron. She was... and is... his handler... his parent; whatever other parts she may have played are incidental.

She was/is his Yoko. These people do not come out of nowhere. These are trained operatives. In the posh sector of English schooling, many of the professors... besides being accomplished pederasts... work for British Intelligence Services, and they have an eye open for any peculiarities that The Deep State can use. The same watch-wardens are in education systems around The World. It is the same process as recruiting from the prison system. The State is always in need of psychopaths for various tasks, and they know where to find them.

Many leaders of finance... religion... politics... well-known celebrities... are sociopaths AND... on occasion... psychopaths. There seems to be some confusion in academia... about the difference between these two states of being. I think my explanation serves; that a sociopath might make you wish you were dead, BUT they don't USUALLY kill you. However, they are indifferent to the consideration of whether you live or die. Psychopaths... on the other hand... will kill you... given the opportunity, and do it with great relish.

An example of what I am talking about is demonstrated in the film, “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.”

I assure you that there are any number of more remarkable stories than that one. It is even more remarkable that it was George Clooney who directed it, but I leave the implications of that to those of you with The Physiognomy Gene.

In Times of Material Darkness... these personality types appear more and more... due to the depersonalization... created out of the pressing anonymity of crowds... pressing in upon one's individuality. People are groomed constantly from birth in times like these... intentionally... by people with a set agenda for you OR... indirectly due to the pervasive force of... enforced... conformity.

This grooming and controlling is going on at every level of existence. Some of it is cosmic modification over The Long Haul, and some of it is YOU... in any of your permutations of separated-self... having come into the hands of certain forces because your Karma took you there. Who is shaping you? Look at what you are after, and... where your intentions point, and you will see whose hands you have fallen into... even if you can't actually see them.

It behooves you. I don't know how to give the necessary emphasis to this... writing in ALL-CAPS with exclamation points run wild (!!!!!!!)... putting it in Bold text... these all fall short. You MUST be attentive to who and what is influencing, and... parenting you. You have had little say... earlier on. You may have had to endure extensive telepathic invasion. Your blood-speaking may be exerting an unfortunate influence. These can ALL be dealt with... if... you... choose... to.

For many it is a lost cause... where only prayer remains... as a possibility for assistance. Many have opaque samskaras over their eyes. Some get partial light, and the fortunate and industrious may be hindered... only by gossamer transparencies... that have a lesser effect on inhibiting true form... and... letting in true color, and true light. In most cases, it is more like having to explain an elephant to one who is blind.

One can jump horses in mid-stream. One can reject the parenting of The World, and its many influences, and... beseech The Divine to become one's parent... in a direct fashion. Karma is also a parent... a harsh taskmaster on occasion... or a delightful guide through levels of refinement thereof.

Wise masters will tell you... should you be fortunate to hear it, and... even more fortunate to be listening, that you should take all your burdens (karma)... troubles (karma)... hopes and fears (karma)... and... whatever (karma) and lay it at the feet of the All-High... for his wise and kind resolution to whatever ails you. (karma).

Boarrrd! All aboard The Train... all aboard The Train... to a Higher Plane. People get ready... all aboard The Train!

As we have stated here MANY TIMES... this is an apocalypse, and that is a spiritual stage of existence... that includes a remarkable opportunity for a quantum leap in one's spiritual status. I am in no way engaging in hyperbole or wishful thinking. This is a part of every apocalypse that comes around, and this one happens to be a Grand Apocalypse... which is why so many people are here, whether most of them know this or not... the conditions and opportunity for a quantum leap remains!

It would behoove any and all to heed this. You can jump across the span of many lifetimes... in this present lifetime... should you be so inclined to do so. Everything you see in this world is the result of parenting... both good... bad... and indifferent. No matter what your previous or present state may be... you can go to The Almighty and ask for the influence of The Almighty to become the exclusive influence in your life... to even... literally come and live its life in you.

This is The Great Sacrifice that is spoken of in spiritual texts. It consists of laying down your personal existence so that The Almighty can live its life in you... however that is defined according to your present status as this... that... or the other thing, BUT... not necessarily in that order. (grin)

Consider this a call to action OR... a call to inaction... depending on how you understand such things. The Eclipse Demarcation Line approaches, and... a good time will not be had by all.

End Transmission.......

Links there be at GAB= (I hope... Grin)=

I continue reading this book at lunch.


I am presently around page 100. It is an engrossing experience. It does wonders for my faith. I know such people exist, BUT... one tends to forget as The World intrudes upon one's thoughts. I love being reminded. My greatest reminder is The Sun, who is proving to be a dear friend indeed.

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Some thoughts on Chia seeds and this is a good site for information on what you eat... that is...
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0 said...

Bumped into this video of this lady running down the BUILT SYSTEMS in use today. Shes interesting to listen to. Dunno how apt it all is.

Will go read todays blog post.


Visible said...

Thought you might appreciate this=

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I read psychopathy is a brain anomaly. They're missing something. Can't be fixed. Sociopathy is more likely to be environmentally induced.

Parenting. Huh. I turned out the opposite of what the 5 years my psycho (Probably pathic. The bitch could act, though. . .when it suited her needs.) incubator envisioned for me. With sperm donor, I was a latchkey brat. I got to raise myself. In its weird way, my former god of Star Trek (Original series.) kinda kept me outta the worst kind of trouble. I later graduated to a few ghosts. William Blake was one. Tiger, Tiger ended up triggering a total obsession with writing, both poetry and prose. To a lesser degree of influence, there were, Oscar Wilde, Percy Shelley (Masque of Anarchy is my favourite poem.), Vergil Maro, Durante di Alighieri, that pedo-rake George Byron, not to forget Aurore Dupin. I want to meet them all. Byron may have been an arse, but his poetry is divine.

I was contemptuous on how the word worked from a very young age, so. . .

Another NOSTRILS TO THE SKY post as are all but 2 or 3 you ever made in my opinion.

0 said...

Hehehehe yeap, that be I. Cracks me up still.

Curiously with the current various burdens, I found myself alone with the music cranked up and dancing in my little 1 car workspace a couple times over this past weekend. Guess I had something to burn off.

As to the video I shared and its systems it talks about, its all based on signal strength. The strongest signal for self comes from within, and one can get no closer than from within, so build ones will/focus/concentration, and it doesn't really matter what systems they bring to bear. They can't override the signal inherent in self unless that will isn't developed which is usually the case for the obedient and the religious.

Thanks for sharing!

0 said...

Getting to the good part past page 100 in that book.

Wish there was more discussion of the levitation but the "miracles" of life shared there seem to stoke the fires of Effort.

Evidently the Pora tat sanga! burned down in 1998 and was rebuilt bigger and better. Might be fun to go check out a Kumba Mehla, think you had noted you did that once.

Did you ever see the original battlestar galactica series? there was an episode where the commander of the good guys was sitting at a table playing with his mental powers to move something across the table from himself to himself.

There where potentials act as levers and currents act as carriers, for the ones who perhaps learn how to focus and concentrate, can such be engendered to act as oneself wills. Tho frankly the powers seem like they'd induce one to lazyness once gained/garnered since they could be applied to preclude manual effort. I don't care much about the abilities so much as the understandings had from comprehending such. Why give oneself means to short circuit ones growth.

Thanks again for the references!

Visible said...

I never got to Kumbha Mela. I very much wanted to. The most inexplicable series of events overtook me there... having to do... in part... with certain Western pretenders who did not want me there. I seem to have carried a persona non gratia mark on my person that I was not aware of until much later on. it caused a series of mishaps for me in different locations. I thought I was cursed for a while, and... possibly a bad person as well, BUT... now... considering how things have turned out for me... after all... neither of those much apply.

Sometimes we are simply meant to suffer certain events... with no explanation given... until further along. That has turned out to be the case for me. I bitterly regretted some of it and carried that with me for a time. Now I see that I was incredibly blessed. Oh well. (grin)

0 said...

Ah gotcha, yeah I remember you sharing some of those things from that trip to india. When I read the old books from there, it is an attraction to me. Course all old things that feel like ones discovering something new always seem to incite the spark of exploration in me. I was always happiest as a kid when I was alone down in a creek away from people exploring it all. I can't remember the last time I actually Did that with myself.

Looks like the next book of interest was listed at the end of the himalayan masters book. Finished the masters book yesterday, will start in on this one next.

Kundalini, The Mother of the Universe
by Rishi Singh Gherwal

It is curious huh, how many varied paths there are to be-coming. Its nice when the all is recognized enough to be allowed its play in ones experiences.

Take care pal,

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"The Truth is a Combustible Agent... if Agent Can Be Used as a Descriptor... for What Cannot be Shown or Described."

0 said...

Has anyone noticed they have created a new DOLLAR that is issued by the Treasury as "treasury dollars" which are the backdoor CBDC for the fed gov?

Ironically it was created in March 2020, at the same time they kicked off the scamdemic and its Created 1.5 trillion dollars already... but WHO HAS treasury dollars? ;)

The act notes that its a 1:1 ratio between fed reserve notes and treasury dollars, with the main difference being supposedly no transaction fees for using treasury dollars via the fed govs app. They'll leave that in place till enough people get on it then start in with the tyranny.

It had been bugging me for a few weeks since I saw it called out differently on the under the money generation. I went digging for details today but its pretty well scrubbed from the internet. I only had one hit and it was for the act that was evidently put in place without telling anyone.

I wrote it up at the bottom of this substack post here.

I guess the Great Replacement theory is more fact than theory.




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