Tuesday, March 12, 2024

"Raise your Sails to Catch The Winds of God. Sail Across The Ocean of Birth and Death to the Shining Lands Beyond."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Those bottom-feeder attractions that are ever-present... for the truly clueless... who are attracted to Money... and Power... Celebrity and Fame... who are awash in Carnal hungers... who seek the flickering entertainments that flourish in The Dark Splendor... are ALWAYS doomed. These are the real Fatal Attractions. They do not... suddenly... or at any time... turn in some other direction. They ALWAYS lead to the same Hellish locations. It is in the nature of the forces demonstrating in these particular fashions.

Let's talk a little more about these forces that have been loosed... by The Divine... into The World. Most of the time... when times are not apocalyptic... or in periods of awakening that trouble the dreams of The Sleeping Classes; when one mentions forces loosed in The World... the implication is that they are of an infernal kind. Occasionally... HOWEVER... Heaven... seeking dramatic change in The World... will loose forces of its own; Celestial forces.

These forces operate in the long and the short term... instigating different changes for different time periods. On many occasions, they will appear as something diametrically opposite the surface indications. Here is a prime example. Surely... you have noted the impact of Soros-installed district attorneys... whose efforts to destabilize law and order... are readily apparent?

Actually... this is part of a pattern of shifting power... from the hands of those causing the problems... into the hands of those... incapable of wielding it... for any length of time... so that it might then fall into the hands of those it was intended for, from the very beginning.

This is how Evil serves the interests of Good... while being completely unaware of it. Evil... which trends toward disorder and chaos... has a very short life span. The conditions that it creates cannot last for any length of time before order... is again restored.

I have said that I am not a Christian, BUT... it is important that I add that I AM a follower of Jesus Christ, and I... ALWAYS... WILL... BE... in the spirit of The One who comes in all colors... in every variation of The Undiluted and Unqualified Light, as it expresses for the benefit of every culture in which it appears... through the prism that brings the spectrum; in every sense of possible meanings.

Truth has no country or religion. Countries and religions may follow after... in its wake, BUT... it precedes these vehicles of manifest life. It is unspeakable and eternal. Raise your sails and catch The Winds of God that they may bear you... across the ocean of birth and death... to the shining lands of The Great Companions... who dance on The Shores of Evermore.

A reader sent in a revival concert clip (I will include the link at the end of the post) that has real power in it; especially demonstrated in the faces of the people who were present for it, and also in the faces of the musicians. It was very moving.

At the same time, I am detached from getting... suddenly... caught up in a spirit of emotional abandon... (even if it did take place years ago- grin) because... I saw what happened to the Hillsong organization. They presented a real sense of The Spirit at work. However... people at the organizational level had feet of clay and were prone to bad behavior.

Satan's elves are always around where there are large crowds caught up in anything... because... there is money to be made and power to be wielded. It is the reason they control The Music Business... where a lot more than 30 pieces of silver are exchanging hands at all times. I did not get the sense... in the moment... that this presentation was being run by The Nasties, but they lurk.... they burrow... they deceive, and often... seize control. It happens.

Please... let it not appear that I am denigrating the fine work of so many righteous souls... who... sincerely... are seeking to inspire others... to be lifted and moved. I am not. I am saying... as scripture advises... be wary... because The Devil is going about like a raging lion seeking whom he may devour. You see this in The 700 Club Hypocrisy Shuffle... you see it with Joel Osteen. You see it with Benny Hinn and John Hagee. These are scoundrels of the worst (and first) order. BE... NOT... DECEIVED.

They are why I am not a Christian... or a member of any religion. I worship at The Altar of The Sun. I worship in The Adytum Cathedral of my body... where The Divine is palpably present. I worship directly, and... not simply on specific occasions at the mercy of uniformed intermediaries. The Lord God is not interested in part-time lovers.

I do expect The Spirit of God to sweep the planet at some point while cleansing it at the same time. I am looking for The Power to rise in the hearts of humanity, and... one of those loosed forces... deals directly with this. It is removing the barriers in the human heart and will cause it to burst forth into spontaneous song at some point. God is coming in human form(s) to bear the message far and wide. Everyone will hear it... in some fashion, and some... some will listen.

It will spark both joy and terror within... depending on where you are standing, and... what you are standing on... depending on where your treasures are... there your fate will be also. Those who see the prizes of The Material Plane... will continue to go deeper and deeper into Matter... Heat increases in Matter in direct relation to its degree of density. Those who seek The Gifts of The Spirit and live a life of devotion... WILL BE transported to ever-wider and more soaring dimensions of being... into ever-greater densities of Light.

Gang leaders in different cities are saying... if something isn't done about the illegal immigrants... all Hell is going to break loose because... wait for it... they are all in gangs! Mexican cartels are opening fire on the people crossing the border who are not using them to make the crossing. Evil destroys itself and it won't be long before all the factions go to war against each other. This is how it always is. Civilization collapses because men get weak and women faithless. Unity crumbles. Warring tribes appear.

Then... civilization... is rebuilt again. New generations arrive to do the dirty work... the hard work. The Family Unit... once again... replaces the decadent mockeries of The Family Eunuch. Men lampooning women by pretending to be them... find there is now a bounty on them. Some things CANNOT stand if civilization is to continue.

Who is it that has been seeking to destroy The Family Unity upon which civilization rests... and without which... there is no civilization? Who is it that has used... sexual depravity... as its most powerful weapon to this effect? What demographic contains the bankers and lawyers... who financed the hijacking of the educational system... so that perversity could be taught in elementary schools? Is this the same demographic that is pushing Communism?

Who is it that Jesus Christ said, is of their father The Devil? This isn't rocket surgery. Temporal force gives the APPEARANCE of power. Divine Force is... the actual power. There has NEVER been a time when The Divine has not been 100% in control of EVERYTHING!!! There is ONLY the appearance otherwise. If you are uncertain of this, then... you have reasons to be. I would consider deeply why one might think The Divine was not in control.

Soon The Citadels of Darkness will tumble. There will be madness running loose in... those... places... where madness is directed to run loose. There will be all those ills... appointed to their specific locations of industry. There will be places of sanctuary. There will be peace, AND... there will be war. It is a dream, and... waking up can come in many ways.

Those who do evil for the sheer joy of it KNOW about some of what is coming because... they are the architects of it. They hope to wield chaos while standing apart from its effects. IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT!!! This they will discover to their deep dismay.

The scripture that I read... that has not yet fallen into the hands of those... who have rewritten it to their advantage... clearly states that those who serve The Divine will never suffer harm. THEY tell you otherwise... hoping you will cut a deal with them. THEY had better start looking to their own destiny that grows more uncertain with every... passing... minute.

There will be no New World Order... One World Government. There will be no rule by The WEF... or The UN... or any of those alphabet agencies or... internet hydras. A force... precipitating into embodiment... is coming to set The World in order. It will be built on the ruins of the aforementioned impostors and pretenders.

End Transmission.......

A brief tale about King Janaka
(one of the good guys)


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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky. Anyone else wondering how many Marines being sent to Haiti are gonna end up ON the dinner table?

0 said...

Yesterday I moseyed on over to youtube and started browsing the short clips as I ran out of news to read... I came across clip after clip of people being pulled over or harassed by police who then stood up to them and forced a dialogue instead of just Obeying. It made me smile.


M - said...

"There will be no New World Order... One World Government. There will be no rule by The WEF... or The UN... or any of those alphabet agencies or... internet hydras. A force... precipitating into embodiment... is coming to set The World in order."

What you said. 👍

Missing Munich said...

Such a hopeful and promising post ("vielversprechend" -guessing at the translation here...) - Thank you!!!

Much love all around!

Missing Munich

0 said...

Good tidbit in that Janaka link.

""Thus Atmic wisdom will flush the dawn of the final birth. For where shall one seek the lustrous bamboo pearl, but in the bamboo clusters? For in these blessed ones, nobility, love, benevolence and clarity of intellect find residence, and these qualities of Atmic wisdom draw to them the people of the world like the melodious flute brings rapture even to the hearts of kine. "Two paths lead to liberation. On one, the faithful following of the precepts laid down by a Guru shall let delusion fall away, to be replaced with emancipation. Peace shall come either in the immediate birth or in a succeeding birth. The other path is open to one whose mind is already bulwarked by knowledge, and who will, by meditation, cultivate the fertile seed into the full blossom of wisdom."

Good stuff.


0 said...

"Victory is mine over the mighty adversary of mind, who despoiled me of Atmic wisdom, and pain has ceased its affliction. I have attained the life of sustained peace. Great wisdom has rolled back the ponderous door to freedom; my adoration is thine.'

"Thus did King Janak rest motionless in Samadhi, having controlled the fluctuation and vacillation of his mind. After a long period of Samadhic bliss he looked anew upon his world, his vision cleared of the fog of desire. He reflected that he had no objective for which to strive in this world. His clear sight scrutinized the world for illusion and found pure wisdom.

"'I know nothing,' he rejoiced, 'but my immaculate divine wisdom, the realization of my Self. I shall neither seek nor turn from any object in this world. I shall remain constant in my divine Self. Events will transpire as pre-ordained.' So saying, the King was enveloped in Brahmic bliss.

"As the warm sun in the sky, without volition or desire, causes the growth of seeds in the ground, so King Janak performed the duties, which arise daily without exultation or longing. Giving heed neither to the past nor the future, productive as such cogitation is of discontent,. King Janak met the present serenely, with an undivided heart and mind."

That was a good read.


Anonymous said...

Les... I have become a devotee of your writings, my friend. I was born and raised a Roman Catholic, but since the passage of my teen years 40 years ago, I have evolved similar respects for all honest peoples, cultures, religions and mores. I like to refer to my own religion as "Jiminy Cricketism". What is that, you ask? Well... I've always believed in that Pinocchio character's adage, "Always let your conscience be your guide". To me, my conscience is the voice of God. It doesn't speak in any verbal language. No. It manifests in the form of intense inner feelings. If a thought or potential action evokes feelings of guilt, then I know it's wrong. If a thought or potential action evokes feelings of pride (the "humble" pride), then I know it's right. Following this dictum has served me quite well in this life. I was faithful to my wife and children before either existed in my life because I followed that inner instinct of fidelity. Now, I have a solid and unbreakable nuclear family and love for my wife which only grows with the passage of time. That's just one example. But, I am far from perfect. My greatest sin is feeling anger at Who you would refer to as The Ineffable (I love that). Sometimes I curse Him, usually through misplaced aggression and anger aimed at His supposed tolerance for all of the evils in this world, and then I immediately feel the pangs of guilt afterwards. If you have any words of wisdom on how to quell this demonic impulse, I would love to read them.

Anyway, God speed to you and all of your great disquisitions. I appreciate them all.

Visible said...

My Friend; I cursed and screamed at him like you wouldn't believe. I imagine you can guess how sardonic and caustic I can be. I tore into him on occasion with all the articulation driven by anger that I could imagine. I've lived through some pretty desperate times and he whipped me in ways that beggar description. He was shaping me. I didn't know. I was confused... and at the edge of madness for so long, and it wasn't till only a few years ago that he let up on me, and it's been golden since then.

As for what he does and doesn't do about The World. Believe me. No one escapes appropriate justice and he will be demonstrating that on a grand scale at some point... simultaneously with passing out the rewards. Be in line for the rewards rather than the punishment... without seeking after either one. The joy is in the presence, and this world... has always been as it is. Set your sights higher. Everything is just as it should be. Pray to be given that understanding. It takes all the anger and hurt away. One day you will be able to bless and save humanity. Set your eyes upon that.

0 said...

A different take is that having things happen to self that cause you to swear at god is perhaps just God taking an interest in you and you taking an interest in the all.

The other end of it is accountability. Gods not the one taking Actions, thats individuals. They choose, Act then enjoy the consequences. Blaming God for individuals actions is one way to go but you then let the individual off the hook.

The All is Nothing if not Accountable. Hehe what a funny sentence that was. Nothing being accountable, to the all produced from itself. Usually as oneself starts to hold oneself accountable, the all starts to look out for self. It helps to start seeing all the little Good things as also because of God if one wants to keep asserting that aspect. The light turns green as you pull up to the intersection, Thank you All. You turn into a parking lot and a space opens up for you, thank you all. little things that benefit one should be treated the same as the little things that anger one. Swear at God, but Thank him when something works to your favor.

God doesn't care about how angry you get, he cares that you Understand, so things will pete and repeat till you catch on and shift the one variable you can change in any context you find yourself in, your own choices/actions.

Or at least thats all my experience. Maybe it helps, maybe not. If not discard and keep on with what works. Viz's methods are good too, caustic or not.

The one thing I'd caution against is making Bargains with the All. Oneself might be hard pressed to keep ones own end of whatever bargain up. But one made a deal, so one gets the consequences. That aspect was what put me off religions, cuz they all make a deal where they will be good if they get a reward when they die. The reward was an iteration of form to be-come with, but they were to busy being good or bad and making deals to use the iteration of form to be-come realized. I do sometimes wonder if all the "great masters" in the himalayas in samadhi ever see our worlds realities in their own worlds they persist in while anchored in form and if they then act in concert to help correct course. Tho thinking about that tends to take me to the scene in "the imaginarium of dr. parnassus" where they have the monks telling the stories of the world and the devil comes to tempt them to shutup, and he seals their mouths so the stories stop but the world doesn't end... good flick that one.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"This Involves What... We at Visible Enterprises Call The Possession Game. It's How You Can Really Get Your Freak On."



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