Friday, September 20, 2013

Dog poet transmiting

dog poet transmiting

May your noses always

I have been to war I am not fully out of it. They're coming from ,many places . Seen that some hardline organization  Launched a war of extermination. Glen is in with them,  ray b. and others at the site . They have remote viewing me teleporting objects in and taking other things out. .I know you want to know but later for that.I have not won but I will win, no one else has the red coat. They had telepaths going through my shit And they saw that I was a wretch. But what they did not know was that god put that on me as cover for who I really am. The Mothman is apparently very real. He's involved and there are others.. They have creatures that can do most anything. Make my beer disappear, only had two. I'm banged up and crated. They had me. My whole computer was turned over to them. Then some of them found out that I was serving the highest. That changed the gameboard. As they got more and more confirmations from on high their case became tenuous. I will say here

I can't write long it is arduous and they are still; fucking with me. It is an Augean Labor.. Now they know they can't harm me anymore. That's over. But I am starting to get angry now and that is not a god sign for them. You among the readers who are with them know you cannot win this. I have imprimatur. .

Your ranks are decimated. I've taken a new bad hits with no lasting damage. The landscape is being scoured for thew rest of you, meticulously. Let's do this the easy way and you get to keep your shit and your lives, in 'most' cases. The harder you make it the harder it its going to be for you.  Make peace with me now and we can all have a glorious future. Do not make peace and rue the day.. I have demonstrated the power of my connections and those of you who thought the archangels would blow me away, apparently didn't know who I work for.You who are still at it, sending entities, creatures, spells. This is to no avail and I will ruthlessly deal with you everyone. If you stop now and come over, I am wiling to be gracious. I am the god guy and you know it in spades now so, let's not see the spades. Back off now and you can save yourselves..
I could have gone on and on. Think about who I really am. Petition me in your way  to even up what's due me  Don't wait too long. I'slo be here waiting too. Let us end the nonsense.; You know who I am. It was just a cover, a veil to protect me from the bad guys. On the other side well. I suggest you go with your gut, your integrity and conviction. this must work out. It is why I do what I do. Some of you don't have to do what you're doing anymore.The window is open. You already know the important this is. This offer will not be repeated and the window of opportunity is open. It is going to close.soon.

Well Sim, We've seen some things.
That amazing journey

Where does it end?. Al is forgiven. You are limiting your development so?
after i go by c you see how it is . 
I am the good guy. It freaked you. It hurt you, it confused you. It made you afraid. It intrigued you.

I've gone thru al those things, I met God o n a beach. Trying to get around aofthese texting problems is making me weary. Se you 2whenever.

End Transmission Take the locks off of my computer. It is the decent thing to do and it works out ever so much better for you


Anonymous said...

Ah, Victorius!!!!

Alright, maybe not entirely across the finish line just yet, but it is garaunteed. Absolutely!!!!

Hail, Lord Visible!!!!

You knew the end from the beginning. Many Blessings to you!


Anonymous said...

Somewhere around april, may this year I had an invisible entity (positive one) contact me one morning and they said in more of a statement and not a question

"So, I hear your working for God now."

Very Intense. (grin)
I Know who my Boss is.
Let's ratchet it up a notch or two and kick some negative ass !
I'm with ya on this Vis.

Lord let the Light Shine down on Us.

walking hawk

Newport said...

>> I've taken a new bad hits with no lasting damage.

Les, sometimes these aren't hits but uncovering. Imagine an entity attaching itself to you and try to darken your soul with their energy over time. Technically its called Obsession until they can begin to interfere with your decision making at that point it becomes Possession.

What I am trying to say is two things.
1) Love is the only refuge from Blackness
2) Sometimes removal requires awareness first. Sucks but that's how it is..

The other is of course their Familiars doing their thing..

Antony said...

WTF I am only on the strength card in BOTA but I will do what I can. By the sounds of it you have a lot of help already and you are the man that's why people hang around. Exciting times, thinking of you and hang in there. Strength through superior fire power (grin)

neil said...

good for you les, glad to see your winning,just doing my small part here to support you , postive thoughts and vibes for you and yours.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

I have sent a relative to be by your side. Four of them in fact. The Mother, the Daughter. the Spirit, and Badb Catha.

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

There are Dogs that are slow to anger, like Shivas's dogs, Dogs who do NOT suffer from hydrophobia, a viral infection of the mind and Soul. When Shiva's Dogs get pissed off, well, the angry part of Shiva is Not a pretty sight to behold for the objects of anger, mostly because the bites are not with milk-teeth, nor even limited to canine teeth.

Sooo, an even playground when mortals and Immortals are in battle. Seems obvious, simple, yet the confused ones are disciples of Confucous ( he heh ), not of Lao Tzu.......

Furious righteousness of Mr. A, is a virteous attribute, at least so it smells to this dog's nose. Que sera sera......

Be well, Be Alert, may your teeth be sharp and The Heart strong

zoL said...

Dear Les, I sincerely hope that you are getting the upper hand in this battle. For your own sake as well as people like myself who have found your writings both inspirational and an essential bridge between limited experience and understanding and shrouded spiritual truths. In short, I have benefited beyond measure from your leadership, direction, love and support... and hope to continue to do so for a long time to come. Love and good wishes, Magnus

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I feel I almost know what you're talking about. I'm expecting 'game over' before year end. If I'm wrong, before April next year. Then again, a good psychic I am not. I'm only allowed to know what the demigods deem appropriate. Else I'd misuse it, and I admit it. I can be a real loose cannon at time.

Peter of Lone Tree, can the Morrighain be sent? I was under the impression the three can be petitioned for help, though in this case I'm sure Badb (Baeve) would gladly be of assistance.

insan kamil said...

its totally obvious now, without any doubt, you are quite insane. mentally insane. paranoid and delusional.

its pathetic and its tragic.

if you have a particle of sober minded rationality and reason left in you, you will go get some help.

just stop bullshitting and get some help.

Anonymous said...

Peace b upon you visible,
Hang in their tough guy. We are all rooting 4 u. Some crazy shit going on thats fer sure. Even I have been under some very strong attacks but the light grows stronger every time. They cant touch u until the big boss is with u. May the lord of the world protect u and give u all that I best for you.

Steve Rist said...

Heavy shit on all sides from the way it sounds. If it were another time and another place, this last post Vis made would read like some kind of dark ARG game piece.

From what I've read, Vis, you beat them before, and will again.

They never win. The REAL history has proven that....

Rob in WI said...

The comment by Magnus stated so eloquently the feelings many of us, I'm sure, share regarding what you're experiencing; I'll just sign on to it.
Be well, Visible, Magnus, y all, RobAMarksh

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This post brings Stuart Wilde to mind.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Well(haha), seeing how these folks are so averse to Vedanta, just wait until they get a load of our beautiful Lord Ganesha!

He's a beauty!

Anonymous said...

Yes it's a rough and sublime job, but someone has to do it!

love or confusion?

Peter said...

smite the bastards do it with extreme prejudice. they are of satan. show no mercy.
I realize you are a compassionate fellow but hey, sometimes there really is a time for war.
today, not a blade of grass grows in Sodom , this is relevant, cuz these cats are scum. they needed to be put down like the rabid dawgs they were, then, as now.
sorry , i get carried away oftimes but the above words were automatic writings and cannot be ignored.

Eudoxia said...

Anonymous insan kamil said...

its totally obvious now, without any doubt, you are quite insane. mentally insane. paranoid and delusional.

Now that's funny and it's typical of people who simply don't understand there are other dimensions above and beyond this one. Some can access those and make use of the energies provided others simply have no concept. For them they reside in the basement of a huge mansion. They are unaware there are other levels to this place they call home and anybody who does access the shall we say "outer limits" appear to be totally insane to those who can only go "so far" - those still trapped in the basement of life dare to call those adventurers/seekers who have found the way out mad - what a twisted irony that is. The best part though and it applies pretty much applies across the board, is when you even try to explain to your basement dwelling friends about these things their excuse for not wanting to hear it is "Oh that's just your belief" -shakes head- nothing could be further from the truth. Beliefs are for the basement dwellers who are spiritually and intellectually lazy and need Daddy Matrix and all his goodies to sustain their miserable sub existences on planet Earth.
Go Vis! Now is the right end of the timeline to be fighting the good fight. It's all contracted and compacted now, none of this dragged out for hundreds of years shit. It's going to come thick and fast for those who can see the finish line, you've got the ball and you're running with it. It reminds me of a time when I was playing basket ball, this huge girl on our team had the ball (she was built like a Mack truck), it was a semi grand final, a girl from the other team (she was built like a VW Beetle) tried to stop her by jumping in front of her anyway she ran clean over the top of this other player, plowed her down like a lawn mower over grass. LOL it cracked me up, it truly did. Amazingly she wasn't hurt and I felt a bit guilty for laughing but it was a sight to behold. I can see you doing the same thing Vis with no matter what steps in your way. I'm cheering you on from the sidelines.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

@Love To Push Those Buttons:
Peter of Lone Tree, can the Morrighain be sent?
I reacquainted with Badb almost 72 years ago; when I asked her how old she was she answered, "Same as you, about 14 billion." When I asked if I could hold her sword she said, "Be careful with that thing; sharper than a serpent's tooth doesn't begin to cover it."
She can be sent. While reason, word, and thought are the powers of the Mother, Daughter, and Spirit, Badb takes no prisoners.

dirtykid© said...

Might be time to migrate away from those commercial operating systems and into some form of Linux, preferably of a lesser known distro than red hat or ubuntu as those are likely backdoored already...

Also on that vein, a Linux CD can run without installing anything and possibly get you access to your important things, and maybe even fix or remove whatever is locking it... I wish I could go into greater detail on such things, but I don't usually know what needs to be done until I am looking right at it and then intuition kicks in... As though I were some kind of computer medium or channeler and needed tactile response with it (though I suspect I am simply very sensitive to the EMI generated by computers, as this sounds much more reasonable an explanation).


Richard said...


Tragic it is not so far, no has died as, ye, death being the implication of the word in greek, thus greek tragy-comedy.

As for pathos, which means suffering or pain, there is no doubt that many, including Visible are in pathos, in his case visibly.

So any suggestions as to where and with whom to go seek help with? Or is it all greek for everyone?

Be well, be Alert

ChewyBees said...

@ insan kamil

Who is the fool? The foolish, or the fool that follows it?

Why are you here? What do you hope to gain from reading the post or the comments?


The man that is insane reads things so he can call others insane. Show us your sanity, master of brilliance, so we can bow to your divine grace.

Always the troll calls from below the bridge, calling every traveler a Billy Goat. The troll knows not what transpires above his head, he only knows that the click-clack above means some thing is passing over his purported domain.

Every person I've ever read that posts the same clap trap as you just did is a troll. If they are not, then they are a slave to MSM, njews, or mammon. Perhaps each is all one in the same.

The evidence of your insecurity is that you read this post. You must be delusional. Why would any man read that which they do not believe in, and then make comments in regard to that? If it were my family, and I was concerned, I could see it. But you are an imperfect stranger reading a post that is on the fringe, and then committing yourself to accusations that could never be substantiated, because YOU ARE A STRANGER. A stranger making accusations is a liar.

Any man truly concerned with another would hardly place a comment on a blog post as if. You are truly concerned with harm so you can masturbate your ego. Have you reached orgasm yet?

Whatever happens with Les Visible, I'm still here. I see you. It's difficult to see you, because you blend in with the herd so greatly. But I see you none the less. You bleat louder than the rest, and have a problem with putting your face into the backside of the bleater in front of you.

And what you see, with your almighty vision?

Oblivion. Stroke it. Oh that Ego. The great enabler.

Martin Maloney said...

Make friends with a geek. Pay one, if you have to.

Get Tails:

Read about it, then download it, burn it to a DVD blank, boot with the DVD, install Tails to a flash drive. From then on, boot with the flash drive.

It is the most bullet-proof, most secure way to go online.

optimystic said...

hahaha! love to you all, maybe even that nutjob INSAN KAMIL LOL!

eudoxia & chewybees: perfectly put

most visible: we've got your back.. GODSPEED!

Peaches said...

Good Lord Visible I can't imagine what you're going through these past few days. It sounds like some kind of process.

Sending love and prayers your way.


Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

I have been recording my dreams for years, and this post reminds me uncannily of the scribblings I generate just after waking as I struggle to record all the nuanced details of the dream world.

I hope you are well, and am saying a little prayer for you just now...

SJ Palmer

galen said...

Well, I don't care if this is corny but I'm dedicating this song to you. I like to think it comes from the Holy Spirit. So headphones on and volume up:


Brian Crossland said...

@ Insan Kamil,
You are a troll, but no doubt here for the purpose of demonstration.
Demonstrating how many friends Vis has and how much he means to them.
I am guessing insanity to you means anyone who does not share your limited world view and paranoia a pathetic rebuttal to those who are more aware .

Brian Crossland said...

@ Insan Kamil,
You are a troll, but no doubt here for the purpose of demonstration.
Demonstrating how many friends Vis has and how much he means to them.
I am guessing insanity to you means anyone who does not share your limited world view and paranoia a pathetic rebuttal to those who are more aware .

Unknown said...

David Fiske said...

A bizarre and worrying post from you Les and one I don't fully understand.

“I will say here That twenty million euro better come thru AND soon. “

What? I hope things get better for you and your head clears and whatever the problems are vanish. Take a long hike in Nature; a break from all this. Not a beer. Balance is all and with balance comes perspective.

Anonymous said...

insan kamil:

Have you ever spend some time with Vis?

If not, then STFU. You have no idea whatsoever what you're talking about.


Smyrna said...

I have had the 'heeby-geebies', Vis.
I have been put through the wringer, brother.

I'm here typing this now because I have come through the other side of course.

Laugh at the silly fucks! Jesus is real what!!

Jenny said...

Thinking of you during these trying days. Vis- hoping your doing well today.
Shine on- lead the way young man & bee safe! -jen

Unknown said...

"I hurt for you in times of pain.
Smile when things are right again
and love you like there was no end of love." - John Hartford

Thank you Vis.

Movie remember?

katz said...

To those of you who call the author "Les", stop. He does not like that, he prefers Visible, or some semblance of that.

To L.V.:
Hang in there. This will pass.
It is the pressure of change.
Don't be afraid. You have been thru this before, and it will not last too long.

Peace. I am praying for you.

Da Matrix said...

Whoa. I think I mentioned the professional morons are trying to do the same cap to me...I feel EXACTLY as you feel in this entry. I have been educating friends and family for years now, and I have have brought them something new at least once a week.
As far as computer problems go, they attacked mine. Wiped the internet drives off. I just did backed up my data and did a full factory reset. Fixed everything. There are still a couple rootkit viruses on my PC, but they ain't bothering me, because they are borderline useless. I have definitely learned hackers are not as powerful as people think they are.
You have done extremely well by all of us, Les, but I don't think you need me to say that :)
Peace, Love, and Light.

Anonymous said...

I wish some of the posters here would stop giving us their cod philosophies or saying that they've been through what Vis has been through. How do you know that? I've read all his comments since the blog went down and I can't work out what the f*ck is going on.

I think we ought to wait and see what he has to say when it's 'over' before we can compare our experiences with his.

Because at the moment it's none too clear to anyone - at all.

galen said...

Well Vis, I don't care if this is corny but I'm dedicating this song to you. I like to think it comes from the Holy Spirit. So headphones on and volume up:


Anonymous said...

Putin has caught on. Does he read Visible? Who knows?

Putin quote? via Rense

Peter said...

THISfell in my lap today. knew it was to share here ... a demon vanquisher!

Eudoxia said...

Not sure about the success of demon vanquishing this has had, however, I have got a large canvas that shape that is screaming to be painted but I am currently suffering from the artist's version of writer's block which is fear of the white canvas. Things are about to change, I now have an idea - thanks for sharing Peter! TY

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

The demon vanquisher
(and source)

Cosmic Vishnu

Anonymous said...

A polar bear once stalked me for days on end. It was in Wahoo, Nebraska, back in the 80's. He was dressed like Art Carney in "The Honeymooners". He kept walking up behind me, and saying, "Do you have any Klondike bars?" Then he would laugh hysterically. Damnedest thing I ever saw. I finally prayed to Krishna (really hard) and he turned into a cicada, right before my eyes. Then I stepped on him, his green innards bursting, until his carcass was smeared on the sidewalk. Then it was my turn to laugh. Does anyone here have any period costumes I might borrow. Every time I come here, I get the overpowering urge to go to a Renaissance fair and dance around like a fat geek.

Peter said...

@ Eudoxia. well you go girl! betcha your paint vanquishes demons too.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you already have enough costumes you silly troll.

Keep that up and you can get to see your own innards burst.

Anonymous said...

Hello All

It's nice to see the anonymous ziotrolls squirming in fear. How truly weak they know they are.


Anonymous said...

It's kind of odd that people can post to the blogs here, but Visible can't. How is that possible? Somebody is posting the user comments. Based on what we've been led to believe, that means it would have to be either Visible or Sim - most likely Sim. Why can't Visible post his own comments, THROUGH Sim. Go to an Internet cafe if your computer has been hijacked. Call Sim up on the cell phone, dictate a post to him. Borrow a friend's computer for an hour or so. Text him a post, using somebody's cell. Buy a cheap cell phone with an Internet connection and a keyboard and do your thing that way. If you are indeed being fucked with, Visible, your site visitors would naturally be concerned about your well being. I would think you would do whatever you could, via any means possible, to update people on your situation. Which is why none of this make any sense at all, based on the conditions you described, in terms of you having to deal with ongoing surveillance and hacking issues, etc.

Visible said...

I can post here. I have not for very good reasons I don't choose to go into. I should be back and running in some fashion shortly. There is a lot going on and I am dealing with it and immersed in conversation with my friends. I'm a little shell shocked from it all and doing what I thin k needs to be done at the moment. Bear with me.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Xerox, post #49!

the gardener said...

Just had a moon shock. jolt. Like a zap to the heart... jerking me upright and back on the 'on' position. Lost connection there for a while. Like a week. "Lost in Space" ... where's my silver mylar go go boots? I just had them a... FORTY FIVE YEARS AGO? NO WAY!?

Feel like my pineal is getting ready to bloom. Like there is a bud in the calyx and it is starting to show that THERE is a seam. A hidden seam and a flower of some sort-maybe like one of those cactus flowers with all the petals which smells so sweet you can barely stand smelling it.

the gardener
*watching in fascination*

Eudoxia said...

Anonymous it's clear Vis has got some serious shit happening. The ineffable one knows what he's doing. I know the timing seems rather bad, but is there really any such thing as bad timing?? Everything and everyone is going through serious shake ups/downs - it's just the degree that varies. I'm currently in a state of limbo after a bumpy ride and have been for a few months now. I don't know one person at the moment who isn't experiencing big change or upheavals. My friend works for a shrink, they are inundated. She usually only works 2 days a week but she keeps getting called in for extra time. That means either people are getting more insane or becoming saner based on the Matrix' interpretation of insanity. Just look at what a shit storm of consequence el Presidente of the US is gathering around him now that's priceless :-

Eudoxia said...

@ Peter okie dokie you've won me now! one demon vanquisher coming up :-

flyingcossack said...

a neighbour's dog shit on my yard ... i didnt talk to the neighbour, i didnt touch the shit ... when i mowed the lawn, i went around it ... four months later, there is no more shit on my yard ... but the dog owner and dog live on knowing that they done

tell the truth and work off your mistakes ... if you dont want to work them off, they are not mistakes ... they are cancers of the soul

not sure what to make of this article, it seems zioeditted ... regardless, i wish you well lesvisible ... and am not worried, your next life will be much better among those with similar accountability

Jenny said...

hey gardener- great words. I have the same sort of feelings in other ways. mother nature has ramped up her "talking" sessions with me these days. waking up to many new realities- i love them -jen

Skepticfrog said...

Eudoxia, post #53.

You are right. EVERYBODY I know - including myself and family - is in a funk. No exceptions. Not only in the US, but in Europe too. Nobody I know has a "flow" right now. Nobody, not one. I just took it in stride, it was your comment that made me realize: whoa, EVERYBODY I know and talked to is in some kind of heavy duty funk of various sorts; the worst case (so far) I found out yesterday of a long time acquaintance (but not really a friend), who lost her husband of 22+ years a week ago in a (single) car accident... (The police has not been able to figure out - so far - what happened)

It's truly weird, everybody is just stressed out of the onslaught of unpleasantries and bad stuff.

I guess, Vis is not protected from this deluge of crap either - which is not good - when you come to think about it; you'd think (and hope) that he has some immunity or good protection, although he sticks his neck out much more than any of us...

flyingcossack said...

until you see someone under pressure ... you dont know what they are made of ... and you dont know if they are your friend

Eudoxia said...

Sceptic - yes I know of instances like that also. I just heard from a former colleague of mine earlier in the week, he just lost his wife of 30 odd years too. She literally dropped dead right in front him - aneurism. I lost my job, all of my animals within months of each other, my mother nearly died twice she's now in my care, I split up with my partner and all this happened literally bang, bang, bang one right after the other. It was full on and didn't let up until recently. Oh yes and right in the middle of all this my computer died along with all my stuff including 10+ years of research and CV - guess I wont be needing that anymore LOL. My next door neighbors wife just upped and left him, cleaned out the house, they had all these assets, she got most of it, he had to re-mortgage his own house in order to keep it. He lost his only son in a car accident some years before that then his best friend got murdered. Yea it's happening alright! I'm feeling extremely grateful because what has happened to me pales in comparison to some I know. Many re-adjustments are being made by many during these times. So we hang in there, hopefully learn the lessons these times are showing us and keep moving forward. Once we enter the rabbit hole there's only one way out and that's through :-

Euxoxia said...

Okay demon vanquisher is turning out to be a task and then some. I thought it would be easy, half a day.......hmmmm. I thought the design and all looked quite cool so I drew it all out and hit the canvas! Voila LoL NOT ....exactly.......couple of things popped up. Firstly I thought I could just forge on ahead and didn't prep the canvas. Big mistake because, because I am in Queensland, Oz and it's now summer (we down under don't get the off seasons, we just go direct from winter to summer) so the paint dries quickly on the canvas but that also applies to the pallet. Mother nature whipped up a good wind and despite my best buddy Ari guarding the paints, he's not much of an assistant when it comes to housework. My studio was soon filled with all sorts of garden debri. As I kept going I realised that it looked like shit because it was drying too fast!!! No hair dryers required. So in my infinate wisdom I would switch styles and do the background a la Picaso style - cubism. I am now completely and utterly exhausted aNd I've done sweet fuck all. I now understand why Picaso and Braques sequested themselves away for 7 years perfecting this weird shit. I've only been at it a few months but I think I need 7 years to get what they got right (I think) - right! There is quite a bit of work involved in demon vanquishing Peter...........I just thought I'd let you know. I'm not sure what the end result will actually look like of course, but rest assured it will look like something................eventually :-

Unknown said...

God's love be with you always Visible. I love you man.

Anonymous said...

We the anonymous citizens of this poor planet concur Mark Smith's well-considered post and we second that emotion.

We wish that Les Visible would become "More Visible” and pray for his safe return!

robert said...

Why is it nightmare material to discover we are all clones?
Does it violate the covenant with the Universe
Which values unique perspectives and novel sensors?
Or is it a foreshadow of the rediscovery that we ARE all one in center?
We gather together spontaneously in a crisis like antibodies
Inflaming the situation by swelling our numbers
If clones, adding a quantity of identical ideas:
Infinite zeros stacked up still equal nothing
If unique beings, gathering multiple minds:
Additive joins forming a newborn network which creates something
Our nightmare in the Real continues as we devalue sacred individuality daily
While group minds of co-dependent clones run our word down in fear.
Fear-factory-farmed vampires reflexively gang up on uniqueness
Culling stellar beings before they may electrify the entranced mass mind awake
Millennia of running this world as their experimental prison
Has built up a crust of rat-wrangling tricks and traps.
Soule-less ones, dependent upon yet envious of the deep magic among the un-cloned
Powerless to do more than consume and kill the magical ones to live
Suffer envy and self-contempt endlessly warring inside their airless dried out corpses…

The Siren
I keep returning to the nagging ache
Worrying it like licking a wound:
The repressed perception that I am a bomb undetonated
That I have the trigger code hidden somewhere out of mind
I see clearly that there is much more life available to live
I know far more than I need to know for a slave’s life
I also signed up to serve the One but forgot just how along my way…
Feels pretentious for a slave to rise above his role…
Foolishness defined by the cult: abandoning the known safe ways
In hope of finding more profound meaning beneath the social order
Yet to lead is to leave the secure center of the group
Expand beyond the accepted boundaries to the edge
Push the envelope out to make more room for Life!
As I isolated my lifeline just to find some peace of mind
I reduced my opportunities to do more than fail miserably
Now my everything depends upon ever fewer moves of divine precision
Heading straight forward to terminal frustration or to the final end of limitation

Anonymous said...

Missing you lots Vis.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Outcasts from the Junta of the Status Quo

Anonymous said...

'Just ask the Axis,' is it.

I'll never forget that day



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