Thursday, July 21, 2022

"Now They Have Switched to Their Latest; the Pederast's Lament of The Funky Chicken Monkey Pox... Ha Cha Cha Cha!"

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The ex-wife knows who killed Jared Bridegan. Ricky Martin's nephew's false claims, sure do accelerate his celebrity. Flooding social media at all times are the low-jinx of the ravening celebrity vultures. Brad Pitt got talked into wearing a dress. Everybody wants to be an influencer. The Fame Virus is a real pandemic, so is The Treasure of Sierra Madre Flu. In the links, there are the footprints of false flag swastikas. Deception is rampant in every theater of The Material Culture, BUT... celebrity and weaponized personas seem to be the big thing of the moment.

The World Wide Propaganda Machine loves... deeply loves, (insofar as it can be called Love) the creation of celebrity, the maintaining of celebrity, and the slander and death of celebrity. One might say that the whole world is more affected by celebrity in these times than by anything else; thus the overpowering presence of Social Media. It is a vast cathedral of darkness. Millions of parishioners sit in the pews hunched over their radiating cellphones. Perhaps they are actually INSIDE The Tower.

It is not a cathedral after all. It is an Escher drawing.

The fear of COVID snatched the minds of the schools of mindless fish. Then... fear of the Killer Vaccines came next. Near instantly following, a war was instigated in Russia by The Usual Suspects, and... their International bankers... who want the Black Sea area, including Crimea, for their next port-o-call. They have worn out their welcome in The Middle East which they turned into a Porto-Potty. Conditions are rapidly changing and they have no friends there. The balance of power has shifted.

They also want Russia's resources... VERY BADLY. The chess game being played at this time is fascinating... truly fascinating. Remember... at all times, this is an apocalypse. This is an apocalypse. This is an apocalypse.

Now they have switched to their latest; the Pederast's Lament of the Funky Chicken Monkey Pox... ha cha cha cha! Also in The Warmer, and waiting for the customers to get through the appetizers, is the next iteration of Name that Plague. This new one is faster... sleeker, more wily, metrosexual, and... urbane. It might even get its own reality TV show.

This designer virus is running neck in neck with... woo woo food shortages... energy shortages... and crazy people, already... and getting ready to run wild in the streets. Let's just say there is all kinds of hoopla and reverse-engineered Boy Howdy, running across the telepathic internet, due to it having run all over the other internet, which... you are probably more familiar with.

These are the big waters that you draw your Collective Undercurrents of Fear from. This is the Bouncy Castle Subconscious, out of which comes everything you see in front of you. For The Divine, to think it... is to materialize it. THAT... comes out of The Superconscious.

Whatever comes into The Mind of the Divine, immediately becomes real and precipitates into the environment; whatever environment that applies to. Sometimes that means a vast transformation in human consciousness, so it takes place in the environment of The Mind. Sometimes... it is waves of feeling that sweep from heart to heart, which also has its own environment. Sometimes it is The World itself.

Here is where it gets tricky. The Divine wants ONLY the best for us. He also knows that we want to go play and explore. So does he. This is why he does it through us, though he is not attached to outcome so... it doesn't affect him like it might those it is happening to (unless he wants it to), because... you see, humanity, given the means, AND a carnal nature, often tend to wipe each other out. Many do not operate in The God Mind. If you are averse to operating in The God Mind, it is USUALLY because your motivations are unlike those of The Divine Mind. Hunger is a wildfire that burns The World and obscures its beauty with the smoke of base desire.

This is where Free Will comes into play. You have the freedom to rebel against The Divine Plan; supplanting it with your own plan or... you can come into harmonic resonance with The Divine Mind and complement... often even get the credit for... The outworking of the Divine Process. We don't seek personal celebrity here. Neither I nor my associates give a hummingbird's fart about personal celebrity. All of us... in some fashion... ran into The Supreme Personality of God at some point previous. You pretty much cannot EVER take yourself seriously again after that.

You either serve your hungers or you hunger for God. Eventually... having exhausted every other hunger, and having suffered on a Promethean scale, you realize this. Some catch it early and their cure is quick. Everything tastes good... feels good... looks good, and sounds good when you are hosting The Supreme Enjoyer.

All of those people, conditions, and motivations... mentioned earlier in the post, concern the pursuit of celebrity by... any... means... necessary, enroute to The Purpose of Demonstration. I'm not saying that each and every one of the examples is the offspring of a direct effort toward celebrity. Some of them are cries for help in search of exposure. Some of them come with the territory. Some of them are the desperate last gasp struggle of something caught in a web of its own making.

You see, Mr. Apocalypse is the big gun in the room at this time. He is a forerunner of The Avatar. He sets the stage with The Spirit of Awakening and calls those angels into the service of either archetype.

Mr. Apocalypse is the persona of Revelation. He has to do with revealing on the plane of The Senses AND... in The Heart and Mind of Humanity. The Spirits (angels) of The Great Awakening, operate in these locations so that The Revelation of Mr. Apocalypse can be comprehended by those experiencing it, which... would... be... all... of... us.

Now... there are two basic ways to react to being awakened to things you haven't seen before. The crazy sexual pathologies, the social derangements, and revolutions in the street... exhibit one area of response. There is another area of response where you are changed within. You accept what you see and grow in the understanding of it because it is being revealed to yourself by yourself. The first reaction; the one that seeks personal gain and celebrity (because the intoxication has completely taken over their minds) leads... to destruction. This is observable fact, if... you... happen... to... be... looking.

The other reaction also leads to destruction of a sort. All that is unreal about you is melted away. All that blocks the inner light is faded away. The force of The Coming of God is so great that ANYONE who puts themselves in the way of it, in the service of it, in... these... times... of... apocalypse, stands to benefit from a windfall much greater than anything that has come around in a long time, in... spiritual... terms.

Think it through. Yes, at some point you either accept that there is a Divine Being or you have decided that you are that being. It can get convoluted because... you... are... that... in... essence. Not in the way the deluded imagine it to be, but, ultimately... because... it is something you grow into, in the process of it being revealed... as... having... been... there... all... along. If you want to play The Sorcerer's Apprentice, you are free to do that. Even though you are free to do anything, everything is... still... under... control. I would say that bears thinking about, given the Purpose of Demonstration being what it is.

On the troubled surface... of the tempest-tossed waters of this time, the appearances are disturbing. Deeply disturbed people have been shoehorned into positions of power for The Purpose of Demonstration. You see the fallout from it every day in The News. Nearly all media is a propaganda arm of Globoctopus. This is a combination of Vampire Squid and Crocodile Swine in search of world domination. It is ALSO... the passing of The Old and the arrival of The New. It is hard to tell what the outcome might be, given how disturbing the appearances are on The Surface.

Unless you are in command of yourself... someone or something else is. You can't see what that might be... directly. It is indirect... as if operating through shell companies. This is the way Legion does business. Misdirection is the maître-d' at The Restaurant of Lost Souls. They are living it up at the moment. They have just come from an awards show. They have a grand opening or a fashion show with product placement every... single... day. They still have time for their yachts and ♫ lazing on a Sunday afternoon ♫

It is the Titanic writ large. It is a world in transition, AND... those seeking an atheistic, trans-humanist future seem to be holding all the cards. Fortunately for them, the dumbing down that has been employed over recent decades... has assured them of a block of blockheads they can remote control to do or say anything at any time. It is a fairly large number of minions at their disposal. It all seems to be going well; don't you think?

I love the smell of The Purpose of Demonstration burning at any time of day or night. It does indeed smell like Victory, and... the award goes to... Love, and its supporting cast of those expressing it. Too bad for the schemers, the bad dreamers, and the suicidal moths. Soon Gabriel will blow her horn, and the Sleeping Class will awaken; like it or not.

End Transmission.......

Some links=

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I am soooooooooo glad they are handling this intelligently.
Here's what's going to happen. Problems are coming that will make AIDS look like athlete's foot (for a different form of athletics) and entire segments of the perversity centipede are going to detach from the main body=

HAHAHAHAHAH!!!= This is what the ZIO-CDC told the United Fruit Community=

"The CDC says people might want to reduce skin contact as much as possible by having sex with clothes on or after covering areas where the rash is present."

Via Fox News
Uh-huh. There is a slew of these stories coming out of late=

There is no such thing as bad publicity... unless you are Amber Heard=

Ricky Martin

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You'll get no argument from me=


Via Fox News
Private stupidity is something that begs for public stupidity and usually finds it=

Via Breitbart
Well now... I wonder who did this.
Ah... no... actually, I don't=

Via Breitbart
(stop it! said the abortion)=

Via Breitbart
Events of a feather occur together?=

Via Yahoo News
Heh heh... Yahoo News is to the left of HuffingandPuffington Post (is that possible?) They are therefore even more ridiculous. who would believe anything like that? Don't you have to be too stupid to read for fantasies like this to appear credible?=

Via The Vigilant Citizen
You can almost hear the heavy breathing because this is a new kind of porn with a new crowd of appreciators=


Anonymous said...

the Fame Virus... yes indeed. Everyone simply is trying to get fame, go viral, get attention, posting on social media. To become invisible to everyone else so that you're only visible to God... seems like a much safer path. Yesterday had a dream where it felt like God's mercy was pouring into me, and healing me from all of the pain of the past. God is the only thing that matters.

Visible said...

You nailed it in one.

Visible said...

Darn, I keep forgetting.

Thank you

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Some of the analogies you used about had me rollin' on the floor. Me thinks we have months to wait now, as opposed to years. Of course I could be wrong. I usually am, but there's always a 2nd or 3rd time.

Nostrils ter (to) de sky!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the last paragraph even though "Gabriel blowing her horn" took me by surprise.
Still God can be male or female depending on particular perspective.

Visible said...

Most certainly can, and... though I don't actually know, I suspect it depends on the job needed doing and the human agency involved; how the angel appears to that specific individual. During all of my experiences in altered states when the finer realms came into play and I could interact for the time in which it was happening, the angel that appeared to me, again and again, was called Gabrielle. I did not put it together with Gabriel until later on up the road.

Anonymous said...

"Muhammad's first revelation was an event described in Islamic tradition as taking place in AD 610, during which the Islamic prophet, Muhammad was visited by the angel Jibrīl, known as Gabriel in English, who revealed to him the beginnings of what would later become the Qur'an."

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"A Child's Mind Does Not Sit and Worry About the Coming Night. The Child Dances in The Sun, Alive... in... That... Moment."



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