Wednesday, November 15, 2023

"The World is Seen Through a Glass Darkly. It's a Venus Fly Trap Plant and a Glueboard... Quicksand Taking its Time."

You can really see Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening working in concert now. The Whole World has woken up to the fact that Israel is running The World through intimidation via the international banks. Their Genocide of Gaza... long hidden away and always explained as Israel defending itself is now exposed to The World as a vicious lie. The World knows now, and The World sees and Israel will not last much longer.

It was put together to operate as a criminal banking syndicate under the aegis of nationhood, which gave it the right to conduct business any way it saw fit, cause it had the big guns in deep debt, and blackmailed to their eyebrows. It was meant to be The Kingdom of Hell on Earth, and it has functioned as that for some time. Now... that kingdom is going to be thrown down and not one stone will stay atop another.

It will not return again for some time. Of course... Evil can never be eliminated. Like Sauron, it reemerges somewhere else, once it has licked its wounds for a time in The Darkness.

Here is a very telling little video that speaks to the downfall of The High and Mighty.

This war that Israel engineered to justify its Gazacide and NAKBA... The Final Chapter... is to be its downfall. It has become a stench in the nostrils of God and The Whole World. Its hour has come round at last.

Israel knows it should back off. It sees what The World sees, but it can't help itself because it is driven by its long-standing motto; "if it doesn't work, use force. If that doesn't work, use more force.” Now they have engineered a big demonstration in Washington DC to garner support for killing women and children, and any other fucking thing they want, cause if you don't like it, they will crush you just like The Palestinians. Except... that's not going to fly anymore. Their run is over.

To quote Lao Tzu in relation to Israel's run at the crap table; “those who miss after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning.” Everyone who EVER set out to conquer and control The World has failed.

Now comes the long fall. The slow descent that picks up speed as it goes, at 32 feet per second... per second. Destiny and Fate are written in The Stars. As the prime agency of darkness crumbles to ruin at the hand of The Avatar... The Golden Age forms in his tailwind. The Avatar must appear before The Golden Age can begin, as Evil proceeds to destroy itself in the opening act. Shakespeare wrote the process in many different ways, even if it was Sir Francis Bacon in a mask.

Now we are coming into the clarity of identifications... as The Dark Side... absolutely confident in its power to crush everything and everyone that stands before it... takes off its mask and shows us its real face... the face of merciless intent... the face of the demon that lurks in that space where once humanity lived, and resides no more.

A day comes when... for whatever the reason... a person takes a deviation from what they know to be the right and proper course. It is a small digression... perhaps only a degree or two, but... as the person proceeds, the gap widens... the gap widens between the original way and the new direction, and... soon enough another variation is required to serve some new need, and it is easier this time, and then... the gap becomes wider still, and wider, and wider, till all sense of the original objective has been lost.

This is what happens in life. If you possess the borrowed sight of the eagle, you can see it everywhere. Many of us started out bright and fresh in the morning of life, and at some point... it started to go wrong. Some of us had gone so wrong the time before that there was little left to be bright and fresh about on this next occasion, and it gets worse and worse OR... it gets better and better.

At any point along the way, one can have an epiphany, OR... it just gets too painful and hard to continue in the way you insisted on going, and this can happen on either course because the right way takes sterner stuff, and times of material degeneracy make the other paths so much easier to walk. It explains, falling by the wayside. It explains the unmarked graves along the way... where the best parts of yourself were interred... in deference to the shouting mob within.

♫ I want it all and I want it now ♫

You either find your way or you get lost, and there are degrees of Certitude for the former and Uncertainty for the latter, and those degrees are exactly the degrees of the diversion from your own true north. If the first floor is out by a quarter of an inch, it will be out two inches on the second floor. That's what having a firm foundation is all about.

I've been lost... more than once. I have awakened not knowing where I was or even who I was; not that I knew who I was in the first place... but I kept on going and proved the maxim... if a fool persists in his folly he will be made wise. I used to flinch when I thought about that because there is a darker side to the import of the statement.

Somehow, I stumbled upon cogito ergo sum. Somehow... I understood that my mind has created all of it, and could just as well create something else. That is The God Particle that was invested in me by The Supreme Authority itself. I was given a mind, and I could do with it as I pleased, and the consequences of that belonged to me as well.

Once I caught on, I was a fairly quick study. I saw that I could continue in The Separated Mind OR... I could surrender it to union with The One Mind; not as easy as it sounds, and... not a sudden... certain... and permanent fix. One bounces off the unity for some time before the merger is completed. Some of us have to be beaten into submission. Life... inevitably... will tenderize us... like it or not. However... all of our resistance along the way has served to make us stronger. Nothing is lost... if you could only see this.

The separate self... that egoic persona... insists upon autonomy. Free Will is the right to resist Heaven OR... to voluntarily go into harness... to yoke up. That is ALL there is of Free Will. It is your choice to have it wear you down under the grinding wheel of Time OR... make you immortal otherwise.

Here is a profound tip. Some will get it and some won't OR... perhaps I should say... some will desire to get it and some will not. When things go wrong... when you hit a rough patch... should your body be sending you signals of disquiet and dis-ease... empty your mind AND your stomach, and... let a course correction set in. It will AUTOMATICALLY occur if you do not resist it. We are ALL drawn inexorably to Heaven. Only our resistance hinders the process.

If you can quiet the howling mob in your head for just a moment, you will see what an auspicious time you are living in. This is a rare... rare period that comes around very seldom. It is the reason for why The World is going batshit.

A few days ago, one of Heaven's communicators said to me; “Visible! What did you expect? You spend all this time scrolling through The X-Files and of course, it is going to depress and alarm you. You forget that I am in absolute control of everything!!! Step away from The Machine. It only takes a moment to clear your head. I told you, I'm here now. You don't have to concern yourself with any of this anymore. You never did.”

We do it to ourselves, my friends. The World is a whirlpool of swirling distractions... The World is seen through a glass darkly. It is a Venus Fly Trap plant. It is a glueboard. It is quicksand taking its time. Watch your step! Mind how you go! As Lao Tzu said...

“Long ago the land was ruled with a wisdom
Too fine, too deep, to be fully understood
And, since it was beyond men's full understanding,
Only some of it has come down to us, as in these sayings:

'Alert as a winter-farer on an icy stream,'
'Wary as a man in ambush,'
'Considerate as a welcome guest,'
'Selfless as melting ice,'
'Green as an uncut tree,
'Open as a valley,'
And this one also, 'Roiled as a torrent,

Why roiled as a torrent?
Because when a man is in turmoil how shall he find peace
Save by staying patient till the stream clears?
How can a man's life keep its course
If he will not let it flow?
Those who flow as life flows know
They need no other force:
They feel no wear, they feel no tear,
They need no mending, no repair.”

End Transmission.......

Ka-Pow!!! Take a moment to hear this beautiful and courageous woman speaking. I think her name is Laura Aboli. It took a lot of digging to find her name.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

32 feet per second is well under terminal velocity. Not fast enough fer my taste to get rid of all the 'Veruca Salts' in the world for me.

Nostrils to the sky.

For those unfamiliar with Veruca:

Reminds me of BLM, Antifa, politicians, pharma heads, general looters, shooters. . .

Oh well. Nuthin' laster ferever, thank the gods.


0 said...

Enjoy this Mockery of Schwab and the WEF.

Al said...

Good stuff as usual Vis and many thanks once again.

One thing I would like to pass on via the birds I speak with, they tell me Creator has our health in control and will always heal those who's hearts lead their way home. Something about a higher vibration being the only thing that will save most from the embedded nanotechnology most are yet to discover that now pervades within the blood of even the wildlife of earth.

Second half of this video should bring many up to speed and note that nothing being tried is breaking down the self assembling nanotech complete with fibrous clots. I have not seen the wildlife falling down in spite of the fact that they have no remedy's to use on their contaminated blood.

The virus thing has always been a hoax but there are bacteria, fungi, parasites, toxins and lack of nutrition to do plenty of harm. Natures pharmacy has us covered there.

Visible said...

Gene! That video is outrageous. I'm going to have to put that in tomorrow's post. Thanks a ton. There are so many laugh out louds there.

0 said...

Was poking around the US debt site today and noticed they have a Future outlook listed on the top left for 2027. Curiously some of the figures are at odds with the clock for Today.

I wrote up a little article about it as I hadn't seen any forecast type sites looking forward in time. Thats here:

32 feet per second per second is an Acceleration checked by the atmosphere which produces terminal velocity as the max speed one can fall at due the atmosphere at those speeds pushing Back on the falling object.

If Veruca Salts was coming down from above and reached terminal velocity just before hitting the ground, that berry would make a Splat. Now if only the seated oompa loompas acting as the unaccountable authority would feel whats coming for them and Self Correct huh.

If this was in a vacuum there doesn't appear to be any terminal velocity reached. Just look at the apps that track comets and asteroids which show them flying at tens of thousands of miles per second... as they approach our sun they slow down until they go around it and then they speed up on their way back out of the solar system.

Course its this same affect that checks inbound meteors that wannabe meteorites such that depending on the angle of intersection the meteor bounces off or feels the hard braking of the atmos gasses on its excessive speed which tends to cause it to break up or explode depending on whats internal to the object traversing that Junction Boundary.

Might be equated to an iteration of form and that forms Selves facets of being made apparent to the inhabitor of the form for what it is. I wonder what it takes for one to become luminous in terms of stressors applied to produce the sort of piezo type result huh.

And is it that stressor being held still by the occupant that causes others to act out ones intents? Or is that the All just making use of self to that end, as it needs a transmitter present in the Now to use as a conduit to affect the Now in ways that don't take an aeon to be felt? dunno.. but I wonder.

If I refer to your post saying we didn't need to pay any attention and it still would have worked out like it has, then that just reinforces the fact that our iteration of form is for our own benefit, not the benefit of the world since the only constant in the world at this level is Change.

Curious times.


M - said...

"Buy your fruits and vegetables directly from the farmers that grow them."

With the exception of areas where there are little to no Farmers Markets, I cannot believe this is so hard for people to comprehend. I keep pushing it in my posts. I keep saying it to people. Yet, many drag their feet. I just don't feckin' get it.

We've been going to the local Farmers Markets for over 20 years now. We've gotten to know many of the growers (some even get loaves of my Christmas Cardamom Cake during the holidays) and there are new sellers popping up all the time!

This last Sunday I purchased a cherimoya from a new vendor. All the items at her stand smelled wonderful. I was not acquainted with many of them, but I look forward to trying some of her offerings. Anyway, back to the cherimoya. It's VERY EXPENSIVE but I go crazy for them when I can find them. The custardy inside tastes like pineapple and banana. Heavenly.

Seriously, folks, support local and family-owned farms else you find the Zionist pigs have bought their land from under them, too. Put your $ where your mouth is.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: #3.

Heh-heh. Ayuh, thangs are a'speedin' up. Then again, parsec speed to travel the 13.5 miles home is too slow for the one of absolutely no patience. I WANT THAT STAR TREK TRANSPORTER, DAMMIT!

With my luck, an EMP would hit in mid-transport. Then again, according to my priorities, that's a good thing.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Sexual Force, Rightly Directed, is The Great Liberator. That Which Confines and Binds You is What Also Sets You Free."



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