Tuesday, November 28, 2023

"A Ticklish Thread of Irony Runs Through The Whole of Existence, and... It Sees to The Navigation on The Ship of Fools."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Globalists are racing against Time. They keep coming up with agendas that are associated with dates. They want this and that done by such and such a time. We know they've got a whole stable full of occult science whores who tell them when Penis will be rising with Moon in The Abyss. It transforms The Morning Star to morning wood when you got a hard-on for The World.

They came in here to take the piss and now their wine has turned to vinegar. I'm speaking in alchemical code, in case anyone finds this confusing.

If you want to know what this pack of deluded extrospectives are up to, all you have to do is reverse The Natural Order of Things because that is their game... to go in all ways contrary to Heaven. It doesn't have to make sense. They like it better when those seeking to please them go out of their way to find reason in the irrational.

It's like The Killer Vaccines. It is now impossible to deny that these are long-range murder tools. We know who it is that came up with them before the Scamdemic even arrived, AND... we know who manufactured and sold these hot shots in selective batches, to kill these people and give those people a pass.

Now... as if none of this ever happened, the hijacked government of America, and its propaganda arm, are all out to re-convince the terminally stupid to keep getting more and more killshots. They are convinced you are that stupid you will not believe your lying eyes and ears.

You can LITERALLY see the hordes of The Doomed getting on the railroad cars to Compost City. It gives too stupid to live even more meaning than it already had. Darwin Awards are now being mass-produced. It's really not as far to Tipperary as they once thought.

Like I said... they are on a schedule. What that means to me is that something is coming that is intended to oppose them and their interests. One might say that would be The Awakening, which shows no sign of slowing down, OR... it could well be something else that is intended to amplify and clarify the force of The Awakening. Of course, we've got Mr. Apocalypse pulling the covers off of everything. He doesn't seem to have anything better to do with his time.

The controlled digital currency scam is another kind of killer vaccine that is meant to isolate a specific group of people, just as those infected with a virus might be quarantined from the uninfected. In this case, it's the reverse. The uninfected are the ones being quarantined. Caligula's half-wit sister... who is now the governor of New York has already started her quarantine program. First, she isolated herself from the truth. The rest was axiomatic.

What's been going on here, and... at an accelerated rate over the last couple of decades... is a tenderizing of the consciousness of The Hive Mind. It's meant to soften up the incoming generations with the policy of Anything Goes.

Anything and Everything is now legitimate and deserves its own anti-discrimination lobby to protect its ongoing interests; sexual perversity across a complete spectrum of possibilities... Pedophilia normalized... lowering the standards on everything... poisoning the air... the water... and the food... in order to lower the collective resistance to opportunistic... death-dealing forces... casually unleashed far and wide.

They really are trying to kill you, and it seems like they must have some way to milk and store the suffering... because they are doing it in the most protracted ways, except when people simply drop dead, but that seems to be in the minority.

Catamite politicians... entertainers... other media personalities... social reformers... prosecuting attorneys... all of them seem to be compromised by either The Soros Machine or The WEF. Ramaswamy is starting to sound just like Obama. Crime is being encouraged in the streets of every Western country, and they are mass-importing an entirely new criminal demographic through the ruthlessly enforced Open Borders policies that are everywhere in evidence.

The Usual Suspects have deep pockets and they are intentionally importing men of military age from the most violent and least civilized countries on the planet; Angola... Somalia... Libya... Sierra Leone... The Congo... and sundry. I suppose that makes me racist for pointing it out but it is provably so.

♫ what's it gonna be boy? ♫ That paradise under the dashboard light is actually the nest of a Brown Recluse Spider. The idea is to make The World increasingly more and more dangerous, and then? They step in to protect you from it. I'm wondering if those 15-minute cities have anything to do with measuring the life expectancy of the inhabitants?

They stay in control for as long as they can keep us at each other's throats. This is precisely what they are engineering... all the live-long-day. They are purposely importing people from diverse cultures... to contend with entrenched cultures... in a survival of the most brutish... to occupy us so intensely with the fear of threat that we are no threat to them.

Diversity is a direct expression of Material Culture. Unity is a direct expression of Spiritual Culture. The whole fantasy of Inclusion is similar to what might happen if one were in a laboratory and began randomly mixing chemicals that did not combine with other chemicals... followed by the certainty of unfortunate results. Equity is another fantasy that says everyone should get an equal portion of life's goods regardless of the degree of effort expended to get them.

Creating a welfare state is one of the first steps toward creating a Communist entity. The Usual Suspects have been after this here for a long time. They went full bore in the 50s when The Red Scare was in operation. As you know or... as you should know... they favor Communism because people living under that political system have very little say about what happens to them.

Oh... we would be in a fine fix were it not for The Invisible Hierarchy that sees to all visible things by invisible means. What is really happening is that every... single... one... of... us is being put into a situation to see what we make of it. Do we mindlessly comply? Do we join with the oppressors for our piece of the action? Do we hunker down, hoping the ill wind blows over our heads, OR... do we resist the offenses being visited upon us and increasing by the day?

Now that Zelensky's retarded brother has been handed the reins of Argentina you can see how devious are the ways by which one says one thing and does another. The latter is yet to show its ugly face, BUT... it will. Argentina is where Patagonia is located; if that rings any bells.

The nogoodniks have access to the same soothsayers as the goodniks. Fortunately, they are about as accurate as the generic weatherman. Nobody really knows what's going on, otherwise, all the experts wouldn't be disagreeing with each other. The nogoodniks obviously know about the predictions for The Southern Hemisphere. I don't concern myself with advance planning for... What If? I get my marching orders when necessary. Otherwise, I march in place.

A Ticklish Thread of Irony runs through the whole of existence, and...it sees to the navigation on The Ship of Fools. You've heard about the planners who make God laugh. You've heard about the best-laid plans. You've heard that you should expect the unexpected. You've heard that there's a divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we will. You've heard of luck, which is a mask that is worn by Grace and previous Karma.

It seems there is ample historical precedence and inherent apperception... that indicates there is more to life than what others told us or we later told ourselves. That's the thing about existence. Half of it is always hidden until it shows up unannounced. Existence is a helix. It is why we can't see where we are bound on our departure or... where we came from once we have arrived here again. Wiser minds have long ago figured this out by listening to The Voice of The Intuition.

Higher Reason speaks clearly to our comings and goings, and... The Buddhists have maps and charts of the dynamic that would make Ross Perot blush. If you care to know, there is a great deal that you can know, so long as you are smart enough to keep it to yourself, and not ruin your understanding of it by yammering away to people who don't know a pearl from a peanut butter sandwich.

Listening is an art form of the highest order.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Gods, I wish all this crap ended yesteryear. The drawin' out of these annoyin' situations is a pain in the butt for one of no patience, and who blows a gasket or two every time they are detained from their objective for more than a nanosecond. And what's even more annoyin' is I gotta go to the hardware store to get 'em replaced on the way home. Next time, me thinks I'll stockpile.

Yet, NOSTRILS TO THE SKY on zee post.

0 said...

Its curious that the bushworld dynasty is making a reappearance in Texas state politics. Turns out Abbott is bushes bush buddy? He says the right things then goes and appoints shills to positions of authority where they have no actual aptitude. Maybe it was him indirectly gunning for Paxton from this years rushed Sham attempt to impeach him. Dunno.

I do wonder how long texans will put up with it tho.

Evidently this week is cop28 in Dubai. Pushing their 17 sustainable development goals. Along with the 50 in 5 digital identifications of 50 countries populations. I can't see that ending well for those who go along and get inducted into the system. Presuming they're even Told they're being inducted. Might be treated like the bastards in the municipal/territorial double incorporated overlay in the USA treated live birth certificates via hospital automatic processes registering the birth cert to create a securitization against the one born.

The fed gov needs to Go. Its clear its no longer Serving the American Public, and is instead setting policy to Destroy America.

Heres to the coming Revolution!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Money Doesn't Make The World go Round. It Looks Like it Makes The World go Round, and that is All That Matters."

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"Fentanyl Barbie Sways from Side to Side... in That Place Where Reason Must Once have Lived or... Am I Dreaming?"



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