Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Big Empty Wasteland of Indefinable Angst

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

The force and presence of the moment lately has been remarkably intense. Maybe there are people somewhere who can measure and gauge it or interpret it in a way that makes it understandable but that isn’t me. I’m in a cone of mystery, where nothing is as it seems and every approaching minute is around some corner wearing a fake nose, promising everything that can be imagined and delivering nothing. I can’t imagine a greater intensity that could make everything tremble and shake like this without making anything happen at the same time.

I awoke from sleep this morning to find dementia and delusion had backed off for a space. Coming into last nights crash and burn, I hadn’t slept for 3 nights and that can become seriously wack, so that the peripheral landscape shimmers and shines and vibrates with non existent holographic extensions that tell you that you are entering mushroom city, without actually having taken any. I’ve got varieties of psychedelics all over the place but I haven’t indulged in quite some time. Cue B.B. King and The Thrill is Gone. I remember going to see him one night in a small Washington D.C. club. It might have been The Crazy Horse. I was with John Hall and two statuesque, Amazonian blondes of the traffic stopping variety. After B.B. finished his set he came right down and sat at our table for the obvious reasons. At one point, my friend Douglas Hume, who had come in recently, turned to me and said that B.B. had his hand on my girlfriend’s leg. I had already noted this. I swiveled around to Douglas and said, “Yeah, but it’s B.B. King”. It was actually pretty funny at the time.

It’s interesting what goes on during certain periods in your life. When you’re a teenager, or in your twenties and even thirties, there are all these people around and some of them are really beautiful women. At the time you have no idea that any of it would ever change. You’re living in Surplus City. It’s probably not like this for everyone but it was for me. Then you arrive at some point like it was already marked on the clock and everything changes. All those people aren’t around anymore. Somehow your long hair has disappeared and when you go into a bar it’s populated with all of these unhappy characters and, if you’re in California or Hawaii, there are all of these hard eyed blonde surfer girls with serious sun damage and you can’t possibly talk to them because you’ve got the wrong DNA and you’re not unhappy about that because if it weren’t for that fact, that you were different somehow, you might have had the serious misfortune of actually living with one of them.

Time continues up or down the hard road of The Seven Ages of Man and now you notice that there’s almost no one around and you realize you are spending huge chunks of time completely alone but it doesn’t really bother you. For some reason you actually prefer that. You thought some point was going to arrive where you might get an explanation for all of the things you had been through and maybe even discover a portal or aperture that led into that world you always thought you would somehow disappear into but it hasn’t happened yet. You wonder if you took some kind of a wrong turn back down the highway. You can’t remember it having taken place. You don’t know if it’s just been strange or really weird. It definitely wasn’t anything like the things you noticed everyone else going thru. You’ve arrived at a place where pretty much everyone else doesn’t know where the door handle is and that is because things, objects and the material world had taken on critical importance without being worth anything at all.

Occasionally you realize that at some point you are going to die or disappear and you think there’s a strong possibility for the latter but you don’t know exactly why you feel this way, you just do. You have no sensation of aging in anyway like what you see around you. You don’t feel any particular age and your flexibility hasn’t been affected at all. You live in a small town that came into being around the eighth century and most of the residents are on rails and seriously depressed because of bad history and the absence of spontaneous merriment. You’re traveling through a dead zone of heavy atmosphere in a nation deeply in need of Prozac. You’ve given up telling them that everything they know about history is a lie and you’re already stranger than anything they’ve encountered at any point in their life before until now.

You know it’s going to be a lot worse in many other places so it’s not nearly as bad as it could be. These people are true libertarians and also sensible and frugal, so they can weather the storm a lot better than most places in the west. You just wish they weren’t so insular, dull and suspicious but that’s just how it is.

Sometimes you travel to different locations where you sit in restaurants, clubs or somewhere social and you study the world around you as if it were feeding time at the zoo. You never do get any kind of a handle on why you are so different from everyone else. You’re hyper aware of any number of people staring at you but that’s been going on for a long time. You have zero interest in just about anything that everyone else finds so important. In many ways, the world is some kind of Big Empty for you where there is no longer anything to pursue or desire. You know there’s got to be something more but you have no idea which cabinet it’s located in. You’re not unhappy or troubled. You don’t feel disappointed or left behind. You’re pretty sure you have no idea where you are going and you deal with that by not going anywhere. Something was supposed to happen at some point but it hasn’t happened yet.

Sometimes you think there should be a reason for you to be apprehensive, uncertain, confused, something... but you’re not, even though there sometimes seems like there are good reasons that you should but you’ve got those invisible friends and they’ve been telling you the same thing for so long that by now you believe them without question, although you have yet to see any sign of promised event.

It’s a funny crowded world for everyone else. It certainly isn’t your world. It’s a world of pot bellies and clown cosmetics that melt like a bad wedding cake in some Houston community center. You tell yourself there are few things as unappealing as when one of these women begin to cry, except maybe the reason for the tears. Every now and then you realize the air is heavy with deodorants, colognes, after shave, perfume and god knows what else. You haven’t worn anything like that since you were a callow youth. People are eating suspicious sausages that could have just about anything in them. Their iceboxes are stuffed with processed foods that have unpronounceable ingredients which can run up to sixty five letters. You can’t imagine how they can eat that stuff but you do know what the long term effects are. You have never really understood ordinary porn, tit jobs, facelifts or any of that shit. You can’t figure out how something like that would actually turn anyone on. It’s totally geared toward dehumanization and a calculated insult to all of the finer and nobler possibilities of the human spirit, even though you haven’t seen any of that for a really long time

Sometimes you sit and wonder about people who become lawyers, politicians, just about any of the things people put such an investment in. You can’t figure out how any of it became so important to anyone. You can’t figure out how these people manage to take themselves so seriously. You’re amazed at their capacity to drink themselves senseless for such an extended period of time. It blows your mind that they could have been married multiple times and stitched up with alimony, festering resentments and disaffected progeny, with money games going on like it was some kind of a heroin habit. You can see then dressed out in a box at some point surrounded by people who didn’t like them but are now forced to search with great difficulty for something nice to say.

You’ve never met them but you know that there are people out there that sell munitions, who torture animals and people and others who are making unpleasant decisions about people and digging the power rush that comes with fucking up people’s lives just because they can. You really cannot understand how such a large body of people bought into so many impossible lies or barbaric religions that engage in so many terrible activities against their fellows. Something’s not right in Wonderland and it hasn’t been for a long time. You can’t understand how they are going to find their way out of all of this and you suspect that they won’t. How can they voluntarily condemn themselves to such guaranteed suffering over such massive tracts of time? It’s a mystery is what it is.

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William Freeman said...

It could've have been me who wrote that LOL!
Thanks Les.
Thanks for reminding me of how I feel, I'd almost forgotten. Maybe it's something in the food or the water, but I've been living in a sort of daze recently. I long for a splash of something pure, cold and encompassing in the face.


William Freeman

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

Yeah, it's shocking when we realize that we are the intelligencia and the other 99% like to discuss TV commercials. Their minds cannot fathom when we tell them we don't have a TV. There's no point interacting with them beyond showing them exceptional politeness while staying safe and avoiding eye contact with certain groups. They do not know God or politics or quantum physics or any science. The so-called Christians cannot discuss the bible. They think it's OK to go into the military. They don't care about Fukushima or genetically modified food or fluoride. They don't want to know about aspartame. When they get to the Mansion Worlds, they will be on the bonehead heaven one. They're getting fatter and fatter. But God loves them and so must we.

Yes, they stare at us. It's OK though, just so they don't attack.

It's very isolating, but we almost learn not to mind, hoping this status quo isn't the end of it. We've got the Internet now and we've got God and we've got our array of knowledge. And we've got you, Les. You express it all beautifully and with humor and it's a great comfort.

Thank you.

Robin Redbreast said...

Well Les you've just written about my life - exactly - would only add that I try my upmost to be kind and break through with the people I encounter - only by setting an example and hoping they model me whilst I take the lead with love. The only other thing that wasn't me was - I do indeed wear aftershave- I always smell of sweet herbs and spices with a hint of cirtrus!! I find it covers up the smell of my smoking (roll up tobacco or Dunhill ciggs (less chemicals used - to ensure burning (they will go out much like a roll up if you forget you're smoking (grin). I'm always told how georgeous I smell (usually by the ladies ;) but I feel it allows others to find more of a connection with me - and smells cab be very evocative for memories!! Also I love to smell good ;)
Otherwise - don't know if you know the old tv show: "this is Your Life"? Well you've written a synopsis there (mind you without all the interesting bits!!)
Btw: I used to indulge in illicit drugs (mainly cannabis) as a way I think of self medicating (bipolar) after a long 15 years it took- as the song goes - for me at least (Robin!) "The drugs don't work, they just make you worse, but i know I'll see your face again......(Britpop from 90's but cannot remember the name of band).
So I'll stop going on and just carry on (regardless) being as strong and at peace as much as I can until something changes!!
I'll keep asking until somebody responds ..... Anybody found their way to Jem's path yet?
Love ya xx

Robin Redbreast said...

And another thong (grins stupidly;)
The interesting parts of my life (including my bipolar rollercoaster- but not exclusively this by any means!!) I am sure I will share with you one day - but at the moment they are what I have learned from the past - which is why I am where I am now and I'm just trying, to live day by day in the present (feel I'm succeeding somewhat - always room for improvement (grinning) so that the future is the best I can make it (for us all - wink wink)
Kisses ...

mayaseri said...

I woke up this morning to this wonderful post something I had been grappling with as usaul over the last couple of days before of course you put it into words-no surprise there.
Here is something I was reading and wish to share it's taken from Joel S Goldsmith's The Infinite Way.'This experience-which you are talking about Les-at first is like watching the world disappear over a horizon and drop down before us.There is no attachment to this world,no desire to hold onto it-probably because to a great extent the experience does not come until a great measure of our desire for the things of "this world" has been overcome.
A universal illusion binds us to this earth-to temporal conditions.The more fascinated we are with it the greater our desire for the flesh the more intense is the illusion.
The first glimpse into the heaven of here and now is the beginning of the ascension of us.This ascension is understood now as rising above the conditions and experiences of this world and we behold the "many mansions" prepared for us in spiritual consciousness-in the awareness of reality.
The entire human scene as you have said over and over is illusion-products of self-hypnotism that is the fabric of the whole mortal universe.'

Thank you ,

Anonymous said...

Ok so, this all exists for the purpose of demonstration. The demonstration of what not to do has become infinite. I humbly await the demonstration of the good, the honest, the loving.Will they accept it? I don't know but I sure will. It truly is a mystery on that I hope with all my soul will so be revealed, not only to me but all who seek it.
Mo visible
Consycol, what is required to BS the world

Anthony65 said...

In this upside down world the outsiders are on the inside and vice versa.

When people are getting hard to be around, there is always nature. And very often, when I'm close to giving up on people, life will send along someone, even a stranger, with a warm smile.

It's clearly a sign of healthy mind and body when the sugary fakeness of the modern world tastes disgusting and we long for something more real. When rejecting crap is rebellion then what a wonderful way to rebel. All those who make a stand, no matter what, for what is good, true and natural are helping to end the reign of the Fauxters.

Charles said...

Excellent Les, you hit it with perfect timing once again. Whilst reading, I felt you were speaking to me.. Is a small, though ever so slowly growing % of the collective human consciousness finally opening to a new awareness? I hope so - at times I barely manage to make it through the bullshit of each day. Whether it will open to a specific wormhole type of access point or similar, I only hope it - "the event" - arrives soon. The weight is heavy, and the wait has been going on for so long.

Robin Redbreast said...

Totally agree that nature is one of the ways to remain at one and help keep us in a constant sate of meditation ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Visible,

I'm sure many readers here can very much relate to these words.
this reminds me of reading Sidartha many years ago, Thank you again.

from a remote area in Oregon

Robin Redbreast said...

Just been chilling on the sofa for last hour(plus) with hoodie on (and I'm 35!) curled up in blanky chilling to BBC Radio 1 UK (I should really grow up (wink;).
Just let the chickens out - lovely girls have just given us anothe 3 free free range egss. Was gonna keep off this but thought I'd come around again.
Washing machine has just finished in perfect time with the son coming out (did you see what I did there!?!) So better hang this load of washing out, and take it from there.
PS. Pleased to see the bird feeders are being visited again (took since yesterday when I filled them up again). Of course my favourite visitor is of course the red red robin ;) he has a beautiful voice (and so much tosay (shut it Robin!) xx

Robin Redbreast said...

Bollocks - stop posting Robin (that was a note to self!).
In no way do I suppose I am psykick (sic!) but I keep hearing the question who is this RobinH - and I answer the question (to myself) with this: I have no bloody idea but have more of an idea than I used to, and am definitly enjoying finding the answer to those questions and the like
Right get that damn washing out before this freaky UK weather changes agin :)

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha agreed: Les, Machiventa, RobinH, mayaseri, anonymous, Anthony65, and Charles (so far).

Of course, Mr Prescient had a post already for me, as I knew he would *CHEERS* upon my arising from my sleep/think this morning... with my wake think on exactly the same subject matter-where did it/they all go? how did it happen so quickly? now what?

love you all-hang in there baby!

the gardener

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I'm not invisible.
Well, maybe a little..

Still, you are one of the very few who did not trip over me, Les prabhu.
Did not simply pass me by.
I try to return the courtesy.

A million times!!!

Hare Krishna!
Lord Ananta Balarama ki jaya!
Ki jaya Mahadeva!

Anonymous said...

PS-thank you for such a wonderful birthday present for my brother today. He will appreciate this one as much as I have.

the gardener

hahahaha and RobinH "And another thong (grins stupidly;) (Laffs out loud stupidly)

Anonymous said...

we need shangri-la.....neil

Anonymous said...

Awesome post,Vis. Mirrors my sentiments is reassuring to know that we are not alone in our feelings and our assessments of samsara. If one can get beyond the utter insanity there is a chance for happiness and peace. I have been listening to some podcasts by Robert Thurman and he is an articulate speaker on this very subject.
Always enjoy your insights, Vis, as well as the comments of your readers. Thank you for making this blog a reality in our lives.

brian boru said...

You have articulated exactly how I feel sometimes about present conditions. It's no wonder that so many of us are going mad. All the poisons in our life; the stupid cosmetics, the filthy food and the anti-art, anti-culture, anti-nature garbage that smothers our every conscious moment. I want to get to the reality behind the veil but there is just a blank wall for me now.

just me, Laurel A. said...

dang. les, you swiped my soul, you did. all 50 years of my silly life, you got it and were not writing about me, me, me? maybe i am not so odd as i always thought i was :))

Anonymous said...

whilst satan bombs libya
palestine just about survives
the colonialist mindset
deduces more crimes
the world like a wasteland
debased by loves neglect
divided within itself
spoiled in its prospects
sickness and devaluation
dominating either side
its best to go within
where the truth destroys all lies
most here know already
shangri-la our highest aim
to physically manifest
the open hearted true domain


Anonymous said...

How do you do that? It completely mystifies me. You realize that you are totally unique on the internet? You know that there is no one else who consistently operates at this level as if it were a step down? There is no other site where the comments reflect the same conviction and agreeement in terms of your impact and value. I would say more but I know you don't take it as an indication of some form of definite reality concerning yourself.


Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz:

You nailed it again. Baseball world series season and you batin 600 ball!

This angst shit will never make sense from an earthly perspective. Only from a broader cosmic quantumly integrated perspective does the present earthly chaotic picture come together.

There is what can be called an existence agenda, a reason and purpose of why we chose to come there to 3-D earth and do the shit we do. When a soul or a massive 7 billion souls deviates from that existence agenda by too wide a margin, it simply shuts down the game.


There are no victims, nobody is doing this to you…. We are doing this to ourselves and for very good reasons. To all those who sit on there asses refusing to do the self realization transformational work….. “you gona die bitches”.

What we are all feeling is the stress of a pre-consciousness implosion. No it will not be pretty but that’s the way it goes when nature reaches entropy limits and then seeks a new harmony balance that serves her as opposed to one that doesn’t. Pretty simple shit really, live with it or alternatively, learn about it and get on about it…. What’s your pleasure?


Anonymous said...

Les --

Your post reminded me of how it feels and has felt for a very long time now

I lived with them on Montague Street
In a basement down the stairs
There was music in the caf,s at night
And revolution in the air
Then he started into dealing with slaves
And something inside of him died
She had to sell everything she owned
And froze up inside
And when finally the bottom fell out
I became withdrawn
The only thing I knew how to do
Was to keep on keeping on like a bird that flew
Tangled up in blue.

So now I'm going back again
I got to get her somehow
All the people we used to know
They're an illusion to me now
Some are mathematicians
Some are carpenter's wives
Don't know how it all got started
I don't what they're doing with their lives
But me I'm still on the road
Heading for another joint
We always did feel the same
We just saw it from a different point of view
Tangled up in Blue.

Courtesy of Bob Dylan


Anonymous said...

we need shangri-la,and we need bho to come over and create a sri yantra on a big scale as he has done this before,we need to put a call out to all wise beings present that this is the physical manifestation of shangri-la,,and it is safe for them to materialise and speak clearly the vast knowledge they have in them....

am just thinking folks,these thoughts seem to be building huge energy within me,

one love...neil

Anonymous said...

Had a dream last night - the first of its kind.

I was walking thru a very large green meadow - maybe 200x200 yards -
and I noticed that whereas there had been people around on the perimeter of the meadow, I was now completely alone as I walked thru it.

I saw, in the distance, what looked like a clump of old tree stumps or maybe a brown bump breaking thru the grass.

It began to move - and 3 full-grown bulls got up on all-fours. I then realised that the others must have known of the bulls and therefore didnt go into the meadow - but just stayed at the periphery.

The 3 bulls started running towards me - I turned and ran for my life in the opposite direction
Even so, the bulls were gaining on me fast and I realised that there was no way I could make out of the meadow before they caught up with me.

I decided to stop, turn around and stare at my pursuers - trying to show no fear as I waited to be run thru. I caught the eye of the bull leading the charge - a white muscular beast with big horns and pinkish eyes.

I stood there motionless - just staring. When this white bull was maybe 7 or 8 yards away - with its gaze affixed to mine - it suddenly turned its head & veered off to my right. I turned to my right to follow its path. The bull had disappeared but there were now 3 angels, in white robes, standing there. I caught the gaze of one of the angels - she (or maybe "he") had the most beautiful, indescribable face... more beautiful than you can imagine - too perfect to be human. She didn't speak - but gave me a knowing look and a half-smile, as if to say: "Didn't you know that I'd be looking out for you?"

- Frankie

Chinese Sneakers said...

Enjoyed following that seven-seasons-of-our-self theme. And the use of the second-person--the you(1) speaking directly across to you(2)us, was really effective in getting over the gap.

The following piece literalized itself like no other:

"...clown cosmetics that melt like a bad wedding cake in some Houston community center. You tell yourself there are few things as unappealing as when one of these women begin to cry, except maybe the reason for the tears."

Now i believe they've paid Paul Aster a lot of money to try to approximate that kind of writing, and he rarely does.

Oh, speaking of books--?

Anyway, thanks again.

Anonymous said...

There is comfort in knowing my thoughts and feelings are shared by all of you.
I insist on thinking 'this' has to be going somewhere. For better or worse I don't know but surely it cannot stay like this forever.
Oh yeah, it doesn't matter because it's me that won't be here forever.
I'm just passing through the landscape.

Visible said...

Chinese Sneakers, that is really kind of you to say that. I can't stand Paul Aster or Nick Hornby. There are some writers that just piss me off. Dean Koontz is another and so are many of the mass market crime and fiction writers because there is no way that there is any justification for their work to see the light of day.

Of course there are some writers out there that are really entertaining and fun but it cost me four or five witless, no talent hacks for every Michael Connoley or Cormac McCarthy that I run into. Actually the comparison numbers are much greater.

I don't know if something similar to success is coming to me. There's some kind of cloud canopy that is operative in making it a non issue, not that I care in the long run.

The other night we had some people over. One of them was a remarkable guitar player. He played and I ran the gamut of all of the vocal, extemporaneous and percussive possiblities that I am capable of and it more or less rocked the joint. All I could think was that we could have done that anywhere on any stage, no matter the exclusivity. I mentioned it to him but he was so insecure and hung up that it was impossible for him to recognize the value of the exchange. I didn't even consider acting in terms of his handcuffed confinement. I just went away so that I could process it and shook my head in wonder.

Until very recently there has not been a single occasion or project where the very worst did not happen as if that were not only everything that was desired but the absolute best possibility as well. It's a good thing I'm not attached to any of it.

Robin Redbreast said...

Me again
Beautiful sharing going on today - thanks
I'm just......
Just ascending and descending into a present meditative state.......
Full moon is coming....

Anonymous said...

You nailed the heart of those who listen this time. You were so much describing my world and the world of so many here. There must be something to that.
I sit here looking out at a beautiful fall setting as winter approaches. It is going to be a winter like no other. The forces of good and evil (Lord of the Rings-ish) will meet on the field of reality soon. Next year it will be for those who are still here, like seeing the battlefield the day after as the morning sun rises. Victory always comes with a price.
I know well the feeling of being different. The non-connection to most of those around you as they look at you with averting eyes. You scream for them to wake up as they sleep walk towards the cliff. It is not that they can’t wake up, they don’t want to, at all. There want more of that false reality, like a heroin junkie. The price they pay is their very soul.
I may never escape this US of Insanity. The doors are closing, which most still do not see, and the gas is getting ready to be turned on. Even the ‘occupy ____’ are being herded to a cliff. They awoke to late. Like waking up on the Titanic when the lifeboats are already gone.
Yet, I say rally on! Showing courage in the face of death is a very honorable act. Far better than hiding in a basement. The trap has been set. Enjoy the bait.


Tom Lowe said...

When you've got it down pat, you can let go of the world and its things instantly, and reattach as needed for practical survival, etc.

Lots of people have it down pat. It's not a big deal for a human being to master, but most are never told to try, and hence don't know.

Anonymous said...

Um,....Mr. Visible,,...Les? on observations.. welcome to intellectual aging,...the world gets stranger, yet stays the same,
....does it not?

The Porch

The circle of life gets smaller,
closing in as we get burned.
Age can take us by the hand,
harshly,teaching what we’d learned.

Lessons learned, but not applied.
lost lives of vagrant intent.
Hapless souls running around,
seeking blame, on someone to vent.

Curtains dropping, on oh so many,
in lives of hand-built regret.
Gambles we made to help us through,
probably, not a great bet.

Isn’t that what life’s about,
the wager of our choices?
Outcomes left to idiot chance,
circling, smaller, quiet voices?

All of that, it does amaze me,
still, so many want to stay.
Fight the odds, and stick around,
as if there’s still something to say?

How many souls even get there,
so joyously, when looking back?
Knowing the path to get here,
was it always the right track?

End it now, or, linger on,
what way does it really matter?
Lives of hope, scattered about,
damaged souls, deeply shattered.

But isn’t that the evil thing,
never knowing what’s to come?
Today may be corruptly fucked,
tomorrow, brightly lit for some.

To never see around the bend,
to know little of our chances?
Life complete, knowledge with age,
our life clock slowly advances.

Sitting on the damned front porch,
mainly,.. what I’m good at now.
Life was fun, I had a good time,
perhaps the porch is my final bow?

RJ O'Guillory
Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

Visible said...

You brought something to my attention Amicus and I would be at fault if I did not provide a continuance.

What you said about rising against conditions no matter the appearance has always been the means and manner in which I have addressed it but there's more. At no time has the divine ever put his/her own expressions into anything where it was not germane and relevant to everything coming and going.

At no time has the divine ever allowed or created any conditions that could not easily be blown out of every fucking window from here to next Friday. Whether or not the characters so engaed realize or react in any number of useful or inconvieniet ways is something else and guaranteed business as usual when it comes to the Kali Yuga.

All of these things are for the purpose of trying and justifying faith, tempering the metal and making the usual vehicle sufficient to the needs of the hour and the day and I can assure you that this is absolute in terms of action and appearance at any and every time. Just cause just about everyone doesn't get this is their problem and has nothing to do with what may or may not be at hand, or the overpowering and unassailable reailty of it.

Anonymous said...

Re: I just went away so that I could process it and shook my head in wonder.
Not everyone has your/our aspirations Les. As I tell my beautiful daughter, you can't make people do as you would wish; as frustrating as that may be at times.
Look at how wonderful your communication skills are. With all of that power behind you, your efforts only resonate (to pinch a word much used in these comments) with the few.
Humane nature gets in the way. It is said we are 'different' from the (other) animals, they being 'hard wired', I wonder some times.


Visible said...

See what I mean? I wrote what I wrote without seeing the last two comments that came in and you tell me what's going on with that.

Lee said...

The Visible Matrix

Spot ON, brother.

Now I understand the meaning of "Smoking Mirrors".

This forum shares news and views of our personal perspective of the world. We see the world with blinders removed.

The way the article is written, has almost the same script line as "The Matrix" where Morpheos tells Neo,

"...Let me tell you why you're here. You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I'm talking about?".

Neo: The Matrix.

Les, you are The Real World, Morpheus.

Lee/Naj Tenoch-itlan
*transmissiani fin*

Chinese Sneakers said...

As far as that cloud canopy goes, that mostly belongs to the so-called elite intelligentsia of the tribe--as i'm sure you know; and, any body who declares independence from them (great piece, by the way) is not likely to find himself richly rewarded, no matter how well s/he writes. Most definitely, though, the tribe will have had you profiled from way back when; and no doubt, they know all-too-well how hard it is to control the divine in you. My guess is that they'll keep trying their damnedest to find a place for you--if you want it.

Though i, too, despair of all that is lost or missed in the realm of the arts; the muses who live there are ladies that will not abide by us doing anything lower than the best that inspires us. Very much like how you described the behaviour of Lady Love, the goddesses of the aesthetic world are prone to seize up and fly at the slightest hint of practical intentions or production. It seems like 'collaboration' is something that really raises their guard all around. Which is probably the way it should be, in my view, anyway.

Be well.

Anonymous said...

Man, I can relate, Les. I went through a decade or two when I tried to blend in. I ate their frankenfood, drank their swill and had my hair cut short and felt like shit. I didn't see me when I'd look into the mirror. I now grow what I like and eat all I want and have lost my fat gut and the gray went away from my long hair. It feels good to be back. I guess I'm not meant to be a lab rat. Nature took me back and I'm so very thankful.
Peace to all, from Minnesota

Visible said...

Actually we are not different from the other animals, only by degree and only insofar as one can judge that the objective is superior to the instinctive. By way of proving or affirming what I am trying to say; when was the last time you saw any animal engaged in mass murder or torture for entertainment, besides a house cat who has that predisposition from hanging around with test subjects even more selfish and self involved than it is?

Like the animal, the human expression is only a stage, there's no completion going on at either level as far as extended and definite success goes. Of course, I could have phrased or demostrated this in ways that would actually concur with the other but it wouldn't be accurate.

There are a lot of things I wish I could say and observations I wish I had been more detailed and explicit with but I learned some time ago that no matter how you attempt to position yourself with a campfire or the wind, for some unknown reason you will inevitably find yourself pissing into it.

Richie (Dana) said...

RJ at 5:58

Smooth rendition of your tune here.

I thank God everyday that I am one of the insane ones. After all, what else can you do. You did nothing to deserve this, yet there it is.

Thank you Les.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you are hyper aware that many stare...because they are looking for someone to lead them out of the endless, boring circle, into a new direction. And you don't look like a follower of conventional directions...just a hunch.

And heck Les.....I love sausages...that's why I always make my own: don't have to be suspicious about what's in it if you make it yourself.

Life is good. Alone? You don't have lost friends, family, still a major part of you? Betcha you do...if you let them speak....and you listen intently enough....

Illicit drugs...who labels them such? Should we place any credibility in their opinions?

Good to ingest, good to lay off of at times....moods and circumstances...moods and circumstances.....situational altered states at our age.


Anonymous said...

The olives on my trees look good this year All is well

Suzanne said...

Thank you for putting down how I feel and have felt.

So many things in my life right now should be making me feel anxious, stressed etc. but instead I am getting the notion that I am in that 'Buddist' detached state. Been in this state on and off all my love but the last few years it has been on more than off.

I have been bored most of my adult life and now I too, am waiting for a different world to show itself.

Good to know there are others who feel as I do.

Visible said...

farang; family has not been a factor or an interest in decades. Lost friends, by definition cannot be lost. As far as ships in the night go or the reflective cycles of natural change and the separation of affections due to shifting values, currency of treasures or all of the false importance put on identity and it's corrosive atmosphere of self worship, I would say that's not a feature either.

These and those are not the things that make me awaken with need, desire or regret in the small hours of the night. I can honestly and affirmatively say that not a single event in this life or what I can't even remember, recall or find about any other life can hold the space of the world's smallest candle compared to even a short period of time in the presence of the divine. There simply is nothing to compare to it.

Anonymous said...

I am not shocked. I just realize that "they" are just "us" with different priorities.

We're in this together. Why do people get away with such horrors?

Because we allow it. It has nothing to do with religion or money. It's just us. We worship the green grass on the other side.

WE did not care about Fukushima because it wasn't in our backyard.

WE chose religion or science or money to turn our heads away from what was in front of our faces.

WE thought we were special or unique by DNA, God, or affluence.
We're not special.

The happy,loving, metaphysical bunch smiles down on the poor morons with soft compassion while gleefully thinking how badly we're going to need them to grow, ascend, change our awful selves.

Bipolar people are just people. Thy have different mind chemistry-that is all.

The healthy,clean,shiny folks smile down on us dirty folks. I mean obviously their cleanliness for themselves(which happens at the expense of their "dirty" neighbors)just shows how "awful" the dirty ones are. This happens as they enable shady neighbors with "organic" lifestyles.

The philosophical types will reason it all away until there is no air left. The writers will continue in emetic fashion.

There is no they. There is only we.

We are humans that actually think we can control Mother Nature or, for the "need science" folks-a living organism(Earth) that we have no true idea of its capacity.

We are bored because we will not stare the obvious in the face:

We made this global mess by indirect or direct action and we have to clean it up-or die trying.

Robin Redbreast said...

Should I add some reality check so no one goes too mad;)
Just brought in my laundry, and have had to hang it up to air on coat hangers (smells fresh from blowing in the wind....did I just say the answer my blowing in the wind??!!
Awaiting on my man to finish cooking our starter: mussels in white whine (!), shallots and garlic yum yum
Beautiful sky tonight
Love this life
No fear for the future

Later: thought this had sent but I'd cocked up again (smiles)
Mussels were beautifully cooked not too long, not raw, perfectly balanced ;)

Whatever will be will be
The futures not mine to see....
Bollocks there I go again (wink)
With love to you all from the beautiful view here of green lush Welsh Vale here

Visible said...

You know Robin, you are starting to sound like you work for someone and you are pushing the envelope at the same time; word to the wise.

In the meantime I wanted to put something up and found that my usual html hotlink space got compromised but I thought just about all of you would appreciate what Jackson had to say here so, if you have to cut and paste I apologize

Anonymous said...

a draconid meteor shower
a talmudic new year
a broken darkened core
of shriveled inner fear
a spear aimed by the ancients
from the future through the past
everlasting compassion
through the moment chants
the sunlights potent forces
devised upon all peace
by depth of earthly paradise
the lightning wind and sea
the sun the moon the stars
brush across the sound
of leaping inner unity
to centre of the crown


bholanath said...

Have to join the chorus today of those who hear you speaking their own minds'/beings' thoughts and feelings.
So precise and in the moment.

Just watched the documentary film "Buck", and it demonstrates that truth of which you speak about our illusory 'difference' from the other animals. All through it the horseman speaks of the deep sameness of our sensitivities and emotional qualities (as the non-humans), and how simple it is for us to relate correctly with the 'others' by understanding that fact. The difficult part is seeing our own shit, dropping it, and coming to a place of authentic acceptance of who and what we are at the core, and relating to the rest of natural creation from that place.
"Buck" is well worth the watch.

Thanks again for this wonderful post.

Robin Redbreast said...

Vis - not quite sure what you mean by your comment ( should I not post for a few days??) I work for the nhs seeing as you asked(did you or are you making assumptions! I dunno!). Perhaps I'm one of God's workers?- is that my upaid voluntary job? Not sure what you're on about - I'm not offended or bothered (actually) but don't get your point? You saying I'm too in your face? and I should shut the f*ck up or what??

Visible said...

I can't believe you are making me go through the trouble to say this. In brief it comes down to whether you get it or not. If you do we are not having this conversation. If you do not then there is not conversation possible that will make it understood.

Anonymous said...

it radiated outwards
filled the body of all things
reached through every difficulty
life has heavenly wings
contained within the instant
fusing all around
in ancient patterns from the future
the earthly sense of centered crown
streams and rolls and glistens
sweeping through the air
stares the living universe
through hearts that truely care
the rarist of all flowers
through truths the only way to see
and when that moments touched
liberation new born breathes


Anonymous said...

no robs you have to atune and speak,thats all.....neil

Robin Redbreast said...

Perhaps I'm just stupid
Goodnight all xx

est said...

that didn't take long

i already had to skip
over your posts - robin

it's not that i don't care
your gay [i don't] it's that

i'm already tired of hearing
about it

it's not that you get off
with men

it's the fact that you think
anyone gives a fuck

and herein lies the rub

come on back
when you figure that out

i only speak for me here
or maybe i speak for us all

Anonymous said...

welcome back o guillory
and est we need your fine tuning tuner,it tunes things,I dont know how but it just does,its always good to see the poets turn up,opens the atmosphere,allows the easiness to take its rightfull place and them deep thinking fully embedded comments to come through from everyone......

I love that....neil

Anonymous said...

wow dude it's like you were looking over my shoulder the entire past 30 years :P

Sim said...

Robin; my own wild guess is that no one reading these comments - yourself included - really gives a flying fuck about your mussels, your laundry or other minutiae of your day to day life.

That, combined with your ceaseless whoring of some undiscovered musician or minstrel whose name has escaped me already has done naught (IMO) but conspired to lower the collective IQ within this comments area.

Perhaps a little (self) moderation regarding your comments would not go amiss.

Robin Redbreast said...

'Cant believe you're making me go through the trouble of saying this'??
Not making anyone do anything - I'm not that powerful ;)
I dont have delusions of grandeur - cant speak for others
(wink). Perhaps we're all not had enough sleep recently and reading too much into not very much ;)
Def off to bed xx

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post Vis. An exceptional homer hitter for me as well, as so many others have said. What's up with that.

Bholanath, thanks for reminding me about Buck. I knew I wanted to see this movie. Had forgotten to order it.

Hugs and love to all,


wv: demen hmmmm

Richie (Dana) said...

Seems to be about a frequency or possibly a better description would be vibration.

The scientific validity of vibration can be easily verified by looking at the work of Rife.

The vibration of God transcends all others. If one wishes, the answer can be quite simple.

Let go of all bullshit, thus making room for something much better.

I do appreciate you Mr. Visible.

Did someone say the Eagles?


Anonymous said...

Hello Les, Thank you for using your unique genious of language (use) to express, so perfectly, what this odd, (in the best possible sense) bunch of 'fringe' dwellers, are feeling. Translating the 'inner' experience in relationship to the 'outer' experience; giving voice to our shared 'knowing' that are valued by 'us', but not by the 'world'; urging us on in this seeming 'wasteland of angst' because we do see a different dimension that is invisible to most of the planet...all of these are your true gifts to us. This is easy for me to say, but, if you had become a famous musician, we would (selfishly, she says,) have missed the opportunity of having your wild words give definition to our (often) alone, unaccepted and (sometimes) wordless paths. I must quote you here: "I can't imagine a greater intensity that could make everything tremble and shake like this without making anything happen at the same time." That is an amazing sentence which speaks volumes. Entire books have been written attempting to say the same. It brought me to tears. But, then, I have not slept for many nights and am vulnerable to spirit observations...kundalini is in high gear &, this time is not feelin' so great.
Love, M.

@Mayaseri: Ahh, Joel Goldsmith. He really understands and expresses the Infinite and 'speaks' to me. I love how he says the same exact thing over & over, in slightly different ways, because that is ALL there is to say. Sorta' like Les. Smile.

Thomas said...

Hey Les,

Such a pleasure and inspiration that you keep it on!

(and please, don't ever be disheartened by imagined "inferior-to-yourself" efforts - you are always wonderful, even on your sad days, in my humble oppinion)

Times are certainly tensing, tensing. What I'd like to point out, from my view, is this:
God is not gonna show up, save THROUGH us, AS us. If we want light in this shadowy place, it must come from our insides. We are That Divine Oneness, clothed in many layers of dirt and delusion. Sometimes, we are pure, almost, pure, and so fucking strong and bright and Lovely and Beautiful we are in that state. Then, once again we fall into states of drunkeness, sleep. I guess you know what I mean. There are invisible friends, certainly, they are beings who have realised their own divinity long ago, and who help us if we ask for it (and probably also even if we don't ask, sometimes). And, as you also know, I'm assuming, they speak to us if we ask them for advice. But again, God is not somewhere outside of us, but inside, as our most pure being, or Essence, or Real Being. To me, the "God-feeling" is a deep and utterly flooding and resonating Joy just to Be, with no sense of either body or mind or time. With it comes Love for everything, because I know it to be of me, to be One with me (knowing of being, not of mind - still, my mind does not believe/understand, but I Know/Feel it to be so).

Perhaps, and maybe, I don't know what I am talking about, or I'm just parroting words, but I have been in that pure state (at least, somewhat... probably nothing in comparison with what is possible, but it's enough for me, haha), and try to attain to it daily/hourly, with some degree of success. The illusion is heavy, and it's a constant struggle, but I don't need to tell you that :)

We are the Saviours, of each other, and of ourselves. And, thank God/Creation/Us that there are helping hands, "angels", on the move also.

A cliché, but it's always darkest before dawn. I'm guessing it will be a dark and sinister ride, and we will probably need all our strength to get through. So, we see what we are really made of :)

I hope everyone has found themselves, inside. I hope everyone is well, and have beautiful and pure thoughts ready to replace the negative ones that are almost constantly sent our way. Don't feed the fire! And don't listen to me, I'm just a crazy fool, often.

Thank you Les. Thank you. This is an oasis, here.

Love to You All, fellow Divine Beings. Brothers and Sisters. I wish you happy and bright times :)

Richie (Dana) said...

Or this is fine as well.....He he


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

maybe the wrong pidgeon hole for this but something might come out of this research into the lost city of Khazaria
(or its disinfo in the making, noting where some of the money is coming from).

I had a chance encounter with an Echinda (Australian spiny ant eater) yesterday. 2 meters away I sat down for half an hour to observe. therepeutic for me as I had a few years ago inadvertently killed two that got caught up and stuck under the electric fence.

as for the way things go round and round and desires thwarted, Nirvana's 'Something In the Way' is close (albeit melancholic)

ta for Jackson Brown. (akin to Skyhooks Whatever Happened to the Revolution (♫we all got stoned and it drifted away♫), or not stoned enough some might say.


wv: conglo. glowing happy smiling people (R.E.M) from worthwhile human congress.

Susan said...

I had put it down to the menopause (when I started to 'see' with blinding clarity). Christiane Northrup said this is what happens. But, actually it started earlier than that. Who knows what makes some of 'see' through them, around them, and up and down them. I've left most of my friends behind (what the hell's wrong with them?). I prefer my own company, than being with people with whom I have no common understanding. It's less lonely being on my own, than being with them.

I come here, to be with like minds. Thanks, Les.

Love, Susan

Anonymous said...

dear l.v.,
i have been reading your blog for about a year
without commenting,for reasons that are too
convoluted to explain....but mostly due to
severe health problems and the attendant lack
of energy .Your blog is the first thing I
look for in the morning and it is for me
a spiritual and intellectual haven .
I only interject myself into the conversation now because I am seeing an obvious attempt to
lower the bar of discourse on the part of some
dubious newcomers with scripted superfluous
Canst not these arriviste drones be sent packing somehow..or if not then simply ignored by the established community who by this time
must know who they are ?
Sorry if I am being obtuse- net etiquette is
baffling at times...but to paraphrase a line from the film "Dead Man " ..
"The eagle never lost so much time as when he consented to listen to the crow ".
Enough said.
God bless you.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Until very recently there has not been a single occasion or project where the very worst did not happen as if that were not only everything that was desired but the absolute best possibility as well. It's a good thing I'm not attached to any of it."

Wonderful words. Especially that last little short sentence which in itself is a culmination of a lifetime of success.

I hope people dwell a bit upon these after the fact remarks you offer to expand upon the gist of the subject, which quite often is the example of your life; past, present and future.

That your comments to other comments expand on the original essay and in some instances surpass the essence originally offered is to me a metaphor of Who you unfailingly ultimately give credit to.

(I peeked at the end)

I get it, I enjoy it and thanks so very much for sharing this with us.

Anonymous said...

Sideshowcharlie [retired]
I hear you bud, my favourite colour is blue and sometimes it seems like a beam and all conspiracies lead to it. but for now I will go fishing all my crazy ramblings get taken down by clowns but that is always the way. I like your stuff you are nearly a crazy as me, some days you just have to work at it. sometimes I feel like a fish that got tagged but then the tag didn't work no more.

Anonymous said...

This was quite eerie to read... large passages of it could have been written by myself about myself, only not as succinctly or eloquently. Affirming... thanks.


Kathryn said...

Thank you,Les for expressing your thoughts so beautifully and honestly. Many Blessings.One Love.

Anonymous said...

Hello Les-

I knew that sooner or later you would write something that would describe me to a T. That's really not fair. A few years back I asked the Universe to open my eyes. What a mistake that was! Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is pain in a world that worships stupidity.I am everything that you just described. Ignorance IS bliss. And as for women? The thrill really is gone.


Anonymous said...

You are ALL aware that, although "TRUE", this post and comments are very depressing, which of course is THEIR goal. I too feel almost exactly the same as written Les with the exception of reasoning. Depression is their goal. Why else use fluoride and torture? The trickle down effect is effecting us all? Fighting air here!

Anonymous said...

Bloody accurate on all counts.



RT HICKS said...

Having written almost exactly how I have been feeling....
Is it nice knowing I am not alone?
Evil is overwhelming us in mass creating depression. Isn't this all going along just as they planned? A voice (yours Les) of hope, leading the fight being emotionally redirected.... and we all concur? They are not all "US"... They have been planning this for a very long time.
I don't feel any better but at least I am not alone.... and this is NOT a good thing.

Fighting Air

Desire only need
Need only silence


Awol said...

My sister above, but she has red paint
She died at Wounded Knee like a Latter Day Saint
You got the big drum in the distance, the blackbirds in the sky
That's the sound that you hear, when the buffalo cry
Robbie Robertson Ghost Dance

We will all come together when the noise stops.


Terrance said...

The further we go the stranger it gets! love

Robin Redbreast said...

Thanks for the advice people
I shall no longer recommend music that has inspired me (note to self to take off of homepage)
Will no longer mention normal everyday activities such as laundry or eating good food (that does not help ground people - note to self)
I will not mention my partner (see I've got rid of the sex of my partner already)
Will not take to heart (haven't)
Thanks for the advice people - glad people on here do care and do not make asumptions or judge others by their own rules (sorry but come on).
Anyhow shall leave that for now - have some things I need to do (see no mention).
But: There We Are Then.
No hurt or discomfort intended - admit I am still trying to make my way on my own path and am grateful for any guidance given.

Anonymous said...

it rumbled through the distance
piercing through a cloud
wolves howled a charging buffalo
a torrent of running sound
like a tiger chasing
fearless in pursuit
predatory demons
left savaged by the truth
the eternal everlasting
engaged in loving mind
carving truths in through the moment
the heart in ever kind
in defense of all thats living
evil always falls
by a turn of loving everywhere
through a heart thats called


Anonymous said...

the flame rose in an instant
an electrifying force
the thunder called the winds
the south the east the west the north
and carved a bolt of lightning
from the truth that was prepared
that rode a charging lion
a moment signed upon the air
it stared into the darkness
of hells crushed down below
blew the trees the birds and feilds
chanting buffalo
and glowed the everlasting
filled a man inside
from the future through the past
to where the presence shines


Jason Ellis said...

To be happy in the world such as it is indicates a dull or sick mind. I don't believe "they" want us to be depressed. I believe "they" are doing everything possible to keep us happy, entertained, or at least distracted. Happy mindless drones are easy to milk, and don't cause much trouble.

Perhaps I will be happy one day, or maybe in another life. My detachment has served me well since I stopped trying to enlighten others, and it's true that even when I don't try, I am the strange/intellectual one. I have been ignorant of TV-culture since the Cosby days, when I was a child. I think that this is one reason why people find me so indescribably odd. I think that TV viewers adopt a certain culture, and they easily relate to other TV viewers. It affects everything from their consumption habits to their view on politics to the actual way in which they use language.

Many people here seem to be authentic, and I enjoy reading the post and comments. When I read this post, I too felt as if it were about me. Eerily so in fact. I remember a time when authentic people ruled the internet, but now we get drowned out by the masses, and it is a rare gem like this blog where we find that we haven't disappeared yet. It almost inspires me to find my voice again, and start illuminating once more.

Visible said...

Robin; I was trying to spare you that. I knew it was coming. Don't take it as any indication of being unwelcome. All of these things tend to sort themselves out as we go. The thing is that people have very strong opinions of things and get irritated very quickly given the right ingredients. A flexibly adjusting awareness and lack of investment in the demand for acceptance and understanding is usually the more effective route. It might not seem fair but that's seldom the criteria for what happens in this world.

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Condo Dwelling in Perpetual Hamster City.

JLOC said...

Wow There are other people like me!
Suddenly I don't feel so alone.
Thank you Les

Anonymous said...

Jason Ellis,
something to chew on.

It will take a lifetime and fun isn't the word.

Hendrix said it very well...
"not necessarily stoned, but beautiful.."


Books | Bhaktivedanta Vedabase

Anonymous said...

As I read the posts I was nodding and agreeing until I got to Robin's..then I sensed a diseased energy..and now I know the source of it..a diseased mind further distorted by his homosexual practice..there IS truth in the mixed up world regardless of how much lying and insanity exists..

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

A beautiful message...and so many wonderful comments that show how the divine within us does NOT lie...for we tell of the same experiences over and our own expession...

this dimension is fragmenting into two realities...those awakened and those asleep...even more amazing it can be wife and not husband...sister and not brother (or visa versa)...the division is cut deep...but, once awakened there is no turning back...

i read here that many of you are not is very important...during sleep you restore parana (life force)...make sure you rest or at least take cat naps or meditate...when your parana is low you can be open to attacks from negative energies...

i saw BB King in a small night club in Houston called fact i worked was like going to an intimate concert every night...with some of the biggest names in music industry singing to a group of no more than was a beautiful thing...

i have always felt i am not of this world...and that this is my last time here in this dimension...

to truthfully observe this dimension it is abvious this is no longer a divine dimension and hasn't been for eons and that we live in a criminal society...the takeover by the evil demigod has been a complete and utter failure...evil offers nothing to life...evil supports insanity, death and destruction...this is why it must and will be transmuted into primordial energy...

Best Wishes Always

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Robin the fact that you have found you way to Judge Viz’s court (an oasis’ for some big spirited entities) is an accomplishment it itself. The easy thing for you would be to run away and sulk for not being appreciated. You have to know that we do appreciate you and the space would be Les (pun intended) if you were not here.

You remind me of my little sister. She had a good mind and followed me into engineering and was a good engineer, but she never learned to use her mind as it was designed and intended to be used.

This was a time in my life where I was doing intense sweatlodge journeys into the eagle’s domain and she kept bringing me a new bible every 5 or 6 months saying each time, this one was the real truth. But sis you said that last time you brought me the last bible version, to no avail.

I had all these bibles on my book shelf and my sweatlodge friends would kind of look at me with WTFUWT on their faces. You see I grew up an altar boy in the Catholic Church and can say that no single group has done more harm to the indigenous (many beautiful earth connected spiritual beings) than the Catholic Church.

I know that this Christ guy was a great teacher but these diabolical nuns and priests have spent the last two thousand years wielding that crucifix as a blunt instrument of subjugation, dispiriting these entities and know that for me and most of the indigenous peoples of the world, he is now nothing more than a “Victim on a stick”.

And before all you lurking Jeeesus freaks start jumping on me you can go fuck yourselves in that none of you practice what this great teacher taught. “Know thy self”. You don’t know shit about yourselves.

Do you know that until your brain chemicals are secreted you’ll never achieve that so called Christ state of consciousness?

If you are interested in a brain mapping conversation in accessing your pineal gland or pituitary gland, then we have a conversation.

So little sister Robin, you might consider being a little more mindful of the wisdom here in the court and the opportunity for you might be to learn from these significant entities. They’ve learned from most of the mistakes that can be made as an entity and certainly all of the ones you are making now.

Chin up and get to work Sis.

Anonymous said...

'A universal illusion binds us to this earth-to temporal conditions.The more fascinated we are with it the greater our desire for the flesh the more intense is the illusion.
The first glimpse into the heaven of here and now is the beginning of the ascension of us.This ascension is understood now as rising above the conditions and experiences of this world and we behold the "many mansions" prepared for us in spiritual consciousness-in the awareness of reality.'

Keep this in mind. We are becoming less and less attached t o the 'world' although not necessarily to the Earth. So Les- indeed- we may soon 'disappear'. The school of thought that says the Earth will soon divide in myosis, creating a spirlt based Earth and leaving a physical based Earth to contain those focused on molecules, suggests that those of us less concerned with the daily grind(and it's associated obsessions) are going to be taken into the Spirit Earth's energy to live soon. See ya'all there!

Anonymous said...

Urban life is rubbish, meaningless and empty.

I've read this before and its boring, because it sounds like the limbo I'm living in.

We'll forget that of course.

Welcome to the future, its called mediocrity. And there is the felling that I get, like some kind of warm and soggy blanket that this is the best that I'm going to get. Well, there is no instruction manual and if you screw it up its your own damn fault. So lets drink and be merry and decadent and forget that there are other things out there because man we have already Made It!.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

..Hope this is not a repeat, brain-damage makes it hard to recall sometimes,...but,..I still think it is in line with your observations, your essay, and the emotions which lie behind...


RJ O'Guillory
Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

Search the Darkness

Standing silent,on the edge of life,
alone amongst the crowd.
As laughter lays against my soul,
and the terror screams out loud.

Ride the banshee of loss and despair,
briskly into the cold, dark rain.
Let loose the reins of the beast of Hell,
ride firmly into the pain.

Search the heavens quick and fast,
uncover the depths of Hell.
Prepare to ride, accept the costs,
for it’s yourself you will have to tell.

Stories lost, old tales left behind,
from a record you’re afraid to start.
In a library mixed with pain and fear,
in a volume called your heart.

Your soul screams out, an endless cry,
from the quiet darkness it calls.
“Come to me, end this journey,
for in life you have seen it all.”

But in our journey of life on earth,
false prophets trade in soiled goods.
The pain and horrors of the journey we take,
need merely to be understood.

RJ O'Guillory

Anonymous said...

been away for a spell. hope you apologized to 'love your life'. musta been a bipolar moment.

he was right, by the way, about victimless (consensual) role playing ... in the end.

"not saying that I've seen the plan. turn and walk away if you think i am..."

Visible said...

Your comment, being anonymous and narrow focused to the exclusion of what I was actually objecting to leaves me unaffected by what you had to say. The item you cherrypicked was incidental and not even remembered by me. This makes you disingenous and probably other things but I don't even feel moved to spend anymore time on it. Loveyourlife is usually full of shit and constantly negotiating himself into a position where whatever he has to say, regardless of any connection to real truth is done only to support his adversarial and sanctimonius pontification of things that hold that kind of behavior in abhorance. What I feel like saying is go fuck yourself but I'm better than that.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm ...

Just double checking. Never mind.

A virtual treasure, you are, just a little thin skinned on the incoming.

Disingenuous is as disingenuous does.
Will continue to cherry pick between the two, only quietly from now on.

Visible said...

If something is appropriate or correct I have no problem with it. It is impossible to grow without criticism but... when the point being made is without validity and ignores the point that was being made in the first place, I have to wonder at the intent.

Anonymous said...

Precisely. You make my point more succinctly than I ever could, which is of course why I favor this site.

Although the best defense is often a strong offense, one needn't a shotgun to shoo a flea.

Right or wrong, on the original issue of dismissive condescension, on this particular point you'd have to be looking up. (grin)

(Ok. My bad. Back to my vow of silence.)

Visible said...

A vow of silence is not necessary. Possibly part of the problem is all the comments I got that I didn't post from that particular source. The history of this person goes back several years and I just took it and took and tried to be reasonable and tried to understand, if an where he was correct. Finally I'd had it. I should have said something 'before' he pushed my buttons to the point that I reacted as I did but it didn't work that way. Then I publicly state that I wasn't pleased with how I handled it AND THEN I had to hear what I heard. Anyway, forget about it. I'm moving on. Hopefully I can find some new and creative way to fuck up next time.

Anonymous said...

thanx for the context. johnny come lately to this program. loose caboose in my own right. shoulda looked for the tone back during my absence ... before the leap.

if i didn't like the edge, wouldn't be here anyway. language of the realm is in short supply any more. doubt anyone appreciates it more.

onething said...

If your essays were bound up into a book it would be one of the best books I could ever own.

Visible said...

You are possessed of true charity. Thank you.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

I posted the following comment on the article "Socialists Exploit OWS to Push Millionaires March" on the Alex Hones Infowars website.

"Many people have falsely accused the Occupy Wall Street movement of lacking any clearly defined ideology or agenda. When some people learn that the members of the OWS movement do have a clearly defined ideology or agenda, they then criticize the OWS movement for having a clearly defined ideology or agenda.

From their very beginning, the goals of the OWS movement have included:
stopping the Banker Bailouts and other government subsidies of big business,
ending the Federal Reserve,
increasing taxes on high income individuals and corporations,
increasing oversight of stock market manipulations,
supporting small business and prohibiting monopolies,
using government as a resource to increase employment and support public education, health, housing, and welfare,
ending the US wars of aggression and US Imperialism,
ending the Police State tactics of the US government,
and prosecuting and punishing government and corporate offenders for political and financial crimes, including the 9/11 false flag attacks.

Indeed, many of those goals are Socialist goals. The OWS protesters chant "We are the 99%. The 1% has got to go!" That is inherently a Socialist agenda.

Many Alex Jones readers do not understand the difference between Socialism, communism, and fascism, and they lump these three together. The fact is that socialism, communism, and fascism are not the same thing and many people lack the knowledge of political theory to understand the differences.

If an individual or a group of individuals want to have a clearly defined ideology or agenda to go forward with, they must choose an "ism." You may like it or you may not like it, but the OWS movement has chosen Socialism.

Bruce Hayden said...

This is one of your great ones Les!
It surely resonated with me! You do have your finger in the cosmic light socket most days. I too feel that there is something unseen that is "incoming" and would shout it out if I knew exactly what it was, but when I thought about it further I realized some of us have been shouting it for quite some time!



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