Saturday, May 12, 2018

In Times of Material Darkness, May The Love Protect and Guide You Always!

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Something has been bothering me for a bit. I don't want to take sides on the matter because I think I understand it; better than most and not as much as some (I have to say the second part, regardless ((grin)) if I'm going to risk saying the first part.) It has to do with this whole vituperate argument being waged by certain angry women, incapable of satisfaction and maintained by unrelenting Neanderthals. Let's call them man-haters and drunken wife beaters. The origin of the term is what you would expect. That doesn't cover all of the bases, some were Lesbians and some were latent Homosexuals, though they might still be the same.

I'm going to clarify what's what, according to my understanding. We are in the age of Aquarius. Aquarius is a male sign. That is why it is referred to as The Age of Brotherhood and why (I say) the Second Coming of Christ is going to appear in the human hearts prepared for the experience (like 'yours' and 'mine'). Mr. Apocalypse is here and he is so PRESENT and ON THE SCENE that we can't see the forest for the trees. Look at all the exposures, acrimony, betrayals and lies which are and will be getting exposed when the time comes. All those men are NOT harassing all those women but... some of them are. The rest are craven opportunists. Due to this being a time of Material Darkness, the level of integrity and honor among the common soul (uncommon souls either have it in spades (grin) or absolutely not at all) is abysmal. This is a grave disappointment to me. Integrity is the number one shining star in my firmament (it is what I look for in my friends) and pretty much anything else of value comes along with it automatically.

For whatever the arcane reasons may be, this is the age of the return of the Divine Feminine. It's been a long time coming for her to be restored to her rightful place in the hierarchy. She has been sorely missed. At the same time there are shortcomings and drawbacks to the feminine side, as there is to the male, especially in Times of Material Darkness; especially when Integrity has gone missing. I know I already mentioned this. I am mentioning this again. That is how important it is.

Because of the return of the Divine Feminine; or rather the recognition of her deserved place, there is a great deal of confusion in the sexual theater. Especially since we are in a Time of Material Darkness and so the culture is imploding and we are getting what we got in Ancient Rome and other locations. Sex is the basic dynamic of interplay on the material plane and more subtle planes as well, though it falls under a different definition/characterization, as it moves up and Love shows its shining face; moving through ever more refined levels of celebration and adoration, into the ecstasy of mystics and saints.

Because of the profanation of the sacred nature of sex. Certain prohibitions are common to most all religions and not by accident and we are going to address that as it manifests in Times of Material Darkness.

Human nature is weak and it becomes 'negatively feminized' when materialism proliferates. Nature in the raw is Nature and a mall... a city... the world of television and movies, are nature profaned if that is the course given and the nature of materialism seriously inclines in that direction. So... in a way, you could say that homosexuality is a 'natural' extension of materialism (grin). You could also say that so many of the things we see are also a natural outgrowth; everything from Charlie Manson to Marilyn Manson, as well as alcoholism and drug addiction are acts of negative defense against the pain of living in Times of Material Darkness. One can experience some serious eye openers should they research the use of alcohol during the decades around the turn of the 20th Century; life on English sailing ships and the old west... there are plenty of periods when it was far worse than you might have imagined; far worse.

The defense of 'alternative' sexual behavior is directly connected to the Satanic Gospel; discord, confusion, a house divided and most certainly, guilt and shame.

All this said; to the point- the sun is a masculine power. The moon is a feminine power. There is a great deal of carping about Patriarchy and such. Patriarchy and Matriarchy are cyclopean. The direction they are pointed in defines them. If you allow yourself to get bent out of shape about the masculine you will be, bent out of shape. Male and Female are here to stay in the manifest. If you throw it out of balance, you will be out of balance. My explanation of the gay meme is that, quite possibly we all have to pass through it. It's a phase that appears when you are out of balance. What happens when your 'out of balance' state reaches critical proportions? You can answer that. Subsequently I do not judge the phase. I judge the political applications and pressures placed on the pre-pubescent.

Here is an absurd argument where a hammering redundancy and psychological arm-twisting is employed. Here is a similar effort where the argument is shoe-horned into the political realm and lost in the hyperbole is that this candidate hasn't a chance whatsoever of winning the election. The slant in both articles is embarrassing to a moron.

As Mr. Apocalypse and I come into a closer relationship I am noticing some very interesting features. I understand better why I am personally closed out of the area of artistic success. “Can I have another Sir!” (bet you didn't know this). There is a book out about how things got their name. I do not know the title but one of you can find it. You can learn a great deal from the stories about how things were named. Here's a small collection. From an occult Hermetic source I was told that Adam means, “namer of things.” It certainly seems to be the case. Certain sources say it means, “human” or something else.

Back to Mr. Apocalypse and I. Last year, I think it was, I was reading a Stephen King book. He used to be a gifted writer. Now he's a hack. In the book he was performing fellatio on Israel. It was a shameful affair. In recent times I have seen in book after book (novel after novel) the usual lies about 9-11. It is so common that there is no question it is arranged to be so. The publishers demand it (what is the general native origin of publishers (movie producers, record company owners, international bankers, holocaust fantasists and all sorts of niche players in particular industries?)? I am not trolling here. I am not speculating. I am stating. Prove me wrong! You can't. It's all through the Doug Peterson and Lincoln Child books. It's all through the Lee Childs, Jack Reacher books. These are some of the cutting edge novelists of the day. They can't be that stupid. It is everywhere apparent. It is everywhere a lie. Israel and their enablers orchestrated and carried it out. They are masters of deception and Satan is the Father of Lies. They own most of the large publishing houses and for very specific reasons. This plan has been a long time coming and Mr. Apocalypse is extant because of this plan and various other 'best laid plans of mice and men' that end in Aft Gang Agley because of Mr. Apocalypse and his source of being.

Keep this in mind, “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.” Is there any need to explain the implications of that statement? Unless you are a full blown tard, a member of the enemies of humanity, employed by them or afraid of them, you get the gist of that. Let me however, illustrate what it means to me. If you set out on the road to Kansas City, the ineffable was resident at the inception of your journey, prior to the thought entering your head and before engaging in the thought process that was created by the original thinker, who in the manifest realm would be symbolized by The Sun. All along the road to Kansas City and every other road that is, or has been, or will ever be traveled on, the ineffable is before and after and within the traveler. At the end of that road or any road that has ever been, the ineffable (or some relevant permutation) awaits. In the beginning of the world and anything that may have preceded that, the ineffable was resident. At the end of the world, the ineffable is resident and then the ineffable gathers all of creation back into itself(?), himself, herself. This song expresses Visible's sentiments on the matter.

My friends, we pray that some clarity has managed to intrude upon the continuous confusion that has been the hallmark of these Times of Material Darkness. No doubt it could have been said better and with a finer articulation and no doubt with greater brevity (greater brevity? Is that a conflict of terms? Grin).

We look forward to engaging with you again when the opportunity arises, as it no doubt will, in concert with tomorrow's radio broadcast. In the meantime, we wish for you the most wonderful possibilities and experiences of good fortune, whether it be material or spiritual; accent on the latter and may the divine bless you with all requisite wisdom, enabling the greatest enjoyment there can be for you and everyone deserving thereof.

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Ray B. said...

Strong synchronicity today! (And a great column; thanks.) Speaking of the Divine Feminine:

This morning, I woke up with Higher Self (I thought) going-after someone 'in the distance'. Okay. That has happened before. But after a long period had elapsed, it started to feel wrong. Long story short, it wasn't my HS. I was being overlighted in some way. Not ugly, but not me. It took a long time to find my way 'free'.

Once I was connected-up with my HS, it started Cleaning this very high being (110-ish level, for any interested) - right on the edge of being archetypal. As this being was Cleaned, (down-shifted) phrases like "Did I do that?" started to come out. Contrition was evident.

Then, this being - feeling 'soft' now - pointed-out another same-level being who had 'done this to her'. My HS went over and started Cleaning it. A more hard-edged being. Among (down-shifted) phrases that came-out of this being as the Cleaning progressed - amidst screaming and ranting - were, "You promised to show up, and you never did!"

Toward the end, something surprising happened (grin). The second being 'reached-out' to the first being with - unmistakable - Romantic Intent!?!? Higher Self and I had waltzed into a higher-level lovers' spat! And now, with the old pain gone, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine started re-bonding...

(A very strange and whimsical episode, but appropriate on the eve of Mothers' Day!)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Hanging Upside Down and Bat Shit Crazy in Soft Stool Guano Land.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Beginning and end. IF there is no time, and the' illusion' of linear time is just that. . .an illusion, and if the concept of time is circular, and any point can be accessed at any point at any (non-existent) time, and past, present, future being one, isn't time technically without a beginning or an end?

Can't wait until this era is deader than Hypatia to my state of consciousness (since in the Cosmic Scheme of things, every nanosecond of time divided by infinity is eternal), though me thinks it deserves a worse fate.

Visible said...


You are a trip. Hypatia? I miss her.

Anonymous said...

great post.

homosexuality is the natural expression of materialism!!

i love it!!

how did you not come up with this ages ago??

short bus

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Oh What a Wonder it is, When Heaven Begins where Your Feet touch the Earth.



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