Thursday, May 18, 2023

"I Notice that The World Makes All Kinds of Noise While I Am Passing Through It and... It Waves Colorful Scarves..."

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I have been reading Patanjali's Sutras since they came my way; three times a day- three times a week, and two times a day- four times a week. Let's open with the 35th Sutra from Book 3=

“The personal self seeks to feast on life, through a failure to perceive the distinction between the personal self and the spiritual man. All personal experience really exists for the sake of another; namely, the spiritual man. By perfectly concentrated Meditation on experience for the sake of the self, comes a knowledge of the spiritual man.”


“The divine ray of The Higher Self, which is eternal, impersonal and abstract, descends into life, and forms a personality, which, through the stress and storm of life, is hammered into a definite and concrete self-conscious individuality. The problem is, to blend these two powers, taking the eternal and spiritual being of the first, and blending with it, transferring into it, the self-conscious individuality of the second; and thus bringing to life a third being, the spiritual man, who is heir to the immortality of his father, The Higher Self, and yet has the self-conscious, concrete individuality of his other parent, the personal self. This is the true immaculate conception, the new birth from above, “conceived of The Holy Spirit.” Of this new birth it is said: “that which is born of The Spirit is spirit: ye must be born again.

“Rightly understood, therefore, the whole life of the personal man is for another, not for himself. He exists only to render his very life and all his experience for the building up of the spiritual man. Only through failure to see this, does he seek enjoyment for himself, seek to secure the feasts of life for himself; not understanding that he must live for the other, live sacrificially, offering both feasts and his very being on the altar, giving himself as a contribution for the building of the spiritual man. When he does understand this, and lives for The Higher Self, setting his heart and thought on The Higher Self, then his sacrifice bears divine fruit, the spiritual man is built up, consciousness awakes in him, and he comes fully into being as a divine and immortal individuality.”

This is not a very big book. It can be carefully read in a couple-few hours. I'll be reading it for some time through every day to come. I have been reading The Bhagavad Gita every morning for much longer. I find direct cross-references now. I have also been reading from the works of Omraam Mikhail Aivanhov for even longer... so it is that I have just about completed the reading of everything presently published. I am finding direct cross-references there as well.

It seems that ALL legitimate books of Ageless Wisdom are saying the same thing, using different words and perspectives. None of these books are necessary once The Intuition... The Inner Conversation... has been awakened, BUT... it comforts me to read them. I am on an extended journey so I study the maps of the countryside that awaits me up ahead.

If I were going somewhere else... somewhere other than where I am headed, I would read different maps. I would read about other sights and sounds that await in the various locales, BUT... I am not going anywhere else. I am, of course, passing by or thru these other places, BUT... they are of no real interest to me. I've seen them all before. They weren't all that exciting the first time I went by them. They are much less exciting now, and... they seem a great deal more dangerous too.

I notice that The World makes all kinds of noise while I am passing through it. It waves colorful scarves before my eyes. I suspect it would like me to tie these scarves around my eyes, BUT... I am done with Samskara. That sounds like an eastern city from out of the history books. .. like Samarkand or Timbuktu... places with an air of romance and adventure out of the-long-ago.

I suspect there was a time when most cities had a vital and thriving mystery about them. Cities... like people... grow old and jaded with time and... the varieties of non-religious experience; to sorta paraphrase William James.

It seems like I might be on a train because I am not doing the driving, and the vehicle is not rolling from side to side or traveling high above The World. I don't know and it doesn't matter. The destination is the important thing. I've heard it said that it's The Journey and not The Destination. I'm sure there's some truth to that, BUT... context is important too, and... in this context that's not important. (grin)

I know I have said that one is either driven or driving, and... that might seem to conflict with what I just said. Once again... context is important. God is consciously resident in me so... if he's not doing the driving, then... I am going... the... wrong... way. So it is that one can say one thing at one time, and quite the reverse in another and both of them can possess equal degrees of relative truth... if... relative truth... is your objective.

Relative truth is not my objective, BUT... I do enjoy commenting on the scenery as it goes by. Whatever you may discover of lasting value is something you will discover on your own with help from above/within. Some of my observations may prove useful to you, and some may not. At the same time... different people get a different take on the same thing... and sometimes have no interest in one thing, but a great interest in something else.

You might think of being at a Sunday market when you come here or... in an orchard with all kinds of fruit trees. You will... no doubt... prefer apples to oranges or... oranges to apples... but you don't usually find them in the same native location. This won't be going on here in the same way forever. Times change... circumstances change... and people change.

By now, I suspect, most of you know that some things hurt much worse than others... that some things are unpleasant initially, and then become very pleasant over the passage of time, and... the reverse is true as well. Don't EVER let yourself become discouraged... resentful... bitter... or let doubt find a home in your heart. The glorious Kingdom of God is a reality. The clouds pass over The Sun and The Mind can grow dark, but... at the risk of sounding simplistic... clouds pass, so do difficulties... wounds heal (if you let them)... times change.

We are... presently... at the shit end of a vile passage through some of the worst that a deluded humanity can manufacture... in its search for distraction and self-indulgence. Humanity is not doing this on its own. It has help... if you call that help. It is all part of The Rites of Discovery. Not everything we discover is worth the encounter, but all of it is meant to teach us. It is meant to teach us to sort carefully, and not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

We are ALL brought low by appetite and desire. It is all due to a state of continuous mistaken identity, BUT... it is the only way we learn, and WE... ALL... GO... THRU... IT... so, holier than thou is not going to cut it except for appearance's sake. All have fallen into error and come short of The Glory of God. Every master has a secret life of shame. We have all crawled out of the murk in search of The Light. Even though we may have been perfect in the beginning... that was a long time ago.

The Fall into comfort and convenience... into material expression... into errors of judgment... into The Sensitive Life... was unavoidable. If woman was the fall of man, it was for the purpose of God's entertainment... that far-reaching television show he watches and ALSO performs in. It is only fair that though the fall of man may have taken place through the agency of woman, it is ONLY through woman that he will rise again. If you reflect on this... thoughtfully... you will see that it is so.

Consider yourself VERY FORTUNATE in... these... times... to be seeking a higher order of being. It is not going to go well for those who are not. It... never... has.

However... in these times, the possibilities of rising and falling a great distance... are exceedingly great. The degree of difficulty is... difficult. So too, then... is the degree of opportunity. A quantum leap in spiritual advancement is present for those who will take advantage of it. Such contingencies appear at extremely rare intervals. Do not let it pass you by.

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M - said...

"Don't EVER let yourself become discouraged... resentful... bitter... or let doubt find a home in your heart."

Words to live by. Thank you, Vis

robert said...

Easy to Namaste Visible!

How wonderful to commune over the electrified-extended world mind!

To choose to see through our delusions into the One Mind who makes sense out of the senses that were made by the One!

All have fallen into error and come short of The Glory of God. Every master has a secret life of shame. We have all crawled out of the murk in search of The Light. Even though we may have been perfect in the beginning... that was a long time ago

How easy it is in human form to lose focus, spin out of balance and veer away from the mothering life force.

In these times, even a single breath away from peace of mind brings instant emotional consequences
To remind us to repent, return and realize how far the temporal entanglement took us while we were looking for love in the wrong places!

When we recover yet again from our failure to communicate constantly with our One Heart, we cannot sustain any delusion about our flickering nature of consciousness.
We KNOW we require the love of the One in every moment!

We need to reset our minds, minute by minute, do the math, find the error and reduce it back to zero

Step by step, breath by breath, emotion to emotion we serve the higher being within us by relating

Relating to the real
Relating to the only reality
Relating to our true nature and cutting away our false creations of the mind

It is only fair that though the fall of man may have taken place through the agency of woman, it is ONLY through woman that he will rise again. If you reflect on this... thoughtfully... you will see that it is so.

It is not the embodiment objectified but the capacity of its nervous system to flow unopposed

The capacity to nurture and birth is divinely designed to have an open ended capacity for energy flow

The simple biophysics of the embodiment is the base for continuous emotional power to flow where it is needed

This is intuitively sensed and endlessly fascinating to the limited sex.
What happens if one directly faces into twist of a hurricane?
How pleasant is it to bask in the gentler glow of a happy being?

Power uninterrupted is a model for our true nature, unimpeded by our identification as limited personas
We are here to relearn to love unconditionally, better represented throughout most death cultures by mother-love.

We followed the vortex down to earth
We will ride the vortex up out of our emotional bondage into our perfect heritage again

We can learn from the eternal feminine, even if the heavy mental bondage has invaded even the sanctuary of female hearts and collectively sold them a mind game of outer distraction.

Both embodiments have been entranced in the death cult's mind control
However, the earth suffers more from the sabotage to female emotional continuity

Breaking up the fire with constant hosing down with Judas-minded mental causes to pursue which are "mental"! (grin)
Dimming down the higher frequencies of the heart's desire to flow love with demented division from labor

The aim of the tyranny/tranny attack on women specifically?
To block the unstoppable rise of spirit when femmes throw off the shackles and become free to feel from the inside out again!

When we see that the primary delaying tactic against planetary spiritual awakening has been the movement to force woman out of the castle and into the machine to be ground down from queen to pawn...
To replace intuition and emotional literacy with the thoughts of industrial nonsense
To separate women from their children to be trained by the death cult to be self-consumers

Putting mothers lower on the intersectional hierarchy than mutilated males?
This is the new feminism?
Or merely the new boss of the new trans-humanism?

When we relearn to see with impersonal eyes we see the fountains flowing in the feminine embodiment
We emulate the rising flow, leaving behind the compulsion to harness and take an unearned ride upon it!

When all hearts rise to the key of joy, there will be free rides up for all!

Sunstrider said...

Take what you can use discard the rest.
Always giving thanks for being around at this time.
The prophets smile as the evil materialist forces run wild...for awhile.
Most are just not that into the spiritual and they get uncomfortable if you bring it up.
So it is best not to bring it up with them.
Holier than thou is always bad form and I would expect a lightning bolt to strike with that attitude. (grin!)
It is pointless to try and wake up the sleeping as only God can provide that awakening.
Just a sinner in the flesh trying to get through hostile territory.
The breaking of the old self is mandatory if wish to zoom into new awareness and always giving thanks for that breaking no matter how traumatic and terrifying it was in the bowels, Thank You God!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Right Back to Those Huddled Masses Yearning to Get Back-in-The-Saddle After Karma Threw Them Off The Horse."

Anonymous said...

Just loverly Vis. Are you on fire or what! Merçi buckets, am



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