Monday, June 26, 2023

"Evil Can Never Prevail. It is a Temporary Departure from Righteousness for The Purpose of Demonstration."

God Poet Transmitting.......

What an experience it was for me on Friday evening to see direct examples of what we have been talking about in recent times, and generally for a while... as well. For about half an hour, just about everything I encountered had to do with an upsurge in the efforts of Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening.

I know that I shouldn't be surprised. I have learned to implicitly trust The Inner Voice. I am confident by now that all I am being told will come to pass. Still... there is one thing that gives me hesitation, and that is God's Timeline and my Timeline. This is one of those occasions where we are in the same time zone.

This is why true prediction and prophecy seldom... if ever... align with the dates of those who imagine they know. ONLY God knows The Hour.

Rothschilds and Bankers and Ships oh my! What a lot has come out about them suddenly! Yes... Rothschilds and Bankers are the same... in the way that Velociraptors and Roadrunners have very similar characteristics... only their size is different, but... that's a big difference.

All that one gains comes through one's desire to possess. All that one knows comes through one's desire to know it. This is the essential meaning of, “by their works, ye shall know them.” Everything is broadcasting its intrinsic nature at all times. Those who can see into things can see past their camouflage. Desire is the agent of God's Will.

Remember Jacob wrestling with the angel? You cannot fight your higher nature and expect to win. You cannot fight God and expect to triumph. Every law of Nature that we know about has God as its author, and we only know about a few of them and... every law we think we know about is controlled by a higher law that is controlled by an even higher law.

The pieces on the chessboard... the animated kings and queens... bishops and rooks... knights and pawns? They think they are controlling the game. They do not realize they are only pieces on the board that are being played by forces they can dimly guess at.

Gravity and every other force... the force of the planets above AND within us... were all set in their courses by God... long... long... before we rose up against him for... the... purpose... of... his... entertainment, AND... our instruction.

So... The Titanic didn't hit an iceberg. It was a bomb planted by Banker-bergs who wanted The Federal Reserve to prosper for their profit and control of The World's economies. Now we find that David De Rothschild was on the board of the company that owned the conveniently imploding sub that the Rothschild Coven does not want investigated.

Apparently, the hull of The Titanic was reinforced steel like that used on icebreakers... an iceberg could not have sunk it.

Now... in all the state-owned press, where the bankers own The State, we see wishful thinking, wrapped in gratuitous lies, concerning what was going on with Putin and Prigozhin... and all sorts of other lies ancillary to the theme.

It's no different at Breitbart and Fox than it is at the Washington Post and CNN. There's something for everyone. People find the lies they prefer to believe in... at their chosen vehicle of lies.

That which is hidden will be revealed, and... this is an apocalypse. God's CONSCIOUS representatives on Earth maintain the course of events under his direction. The chess pieces think they are controlling events... and then the events lead to conditions they did not intend.

The World is not as we are told by the people who think they are in command of it. They are not even in command of themselves. Everything that happens is allowed to happen... or directed to happen... for The Purpose of Demonstration.

We are here to gain an education... whether we are... momentarily... Good or Evil... regardless of appearances... both hands of the body... work for a common purpose to a specific end.

The Good seeming and The Evil seeming... are changing places all the time, as the one falls to the wayside through machinations of The Separated Mind... the other changes through an awakening instigated by The Dweller Within; just as happened to Paul on The Road to Damascus.

Evil can never prevail. It is a temporary departure from Righteousness for... The... Purpose... of... Demonstration. God is both Life and Death... AND... the keeper of Immortality... AND... Divine Luminous Wisdom. How can the pitiful minds of those in pursuit of personal gain... the big frogs in the little ponds... prevail against that???

Even those dancing briefly upon The International Stage... these witless performers... are only permitted to perform there in order to be an object lesson on mortal blindness and overloaded Pride.

Why is it that most people cannot see the obvious fact of a Supreme Ruler? They are not permitted to. Their karma blinds them from The Truth... which they will discover on long roads of suffering ahead. Heaven laughs at the absurd arrogance of those who try to seize the reins.

In an instant they discover it is beyond their power to control... and they are swept away by cosmic forces in the guise of horses... into The Dark outside The Road of Light. It is Krishna-Christ who drives The Chariot and... no other.

This is why you must first keep The Commandments and The Rules OR... YOU... WILL... PROCEED... NO... FURTHER. All this sexual nonsense leads ONLY to Perdition. All carnal desires lead to Mortality. All mortal ambitions fail. All excesses come at a cost.

God was kind enough to show me this AND... take the cost of it upon himself; “Well... Visible... I did put you through it for a reason. I can't expect you to pay the end charges. You suffered enough in the process of paying the freight. I don't charge interest (grin) but I do pay interest.”

Love God with your whole heart and mind. Let this be the direction of your separated will toward Unity and you need do nothing else. You have only to Love God with all your might and your world will be filled with light. ONLY Love can lead you to The Temple of Wisdom where Divine Truth is enshrined... where The Living Truth is self-luminous.

All of this already exists on the plane it exists on. However... if you do not make an effort to go there... you will not get there. You think of it. You desire it. You move toward it. You arrive at it. All of creation can be understood in this simple process of thought-desire-action-manifestation. It's what I call precipitation into form. We plant conditions to come in our own bodies. We need to become more careful gardeners.

Why do people not get this simplicity of focus? Something intrudes between them and realization. Sometimes it is ignorance... carnal desire... willful insistence... selfish intent... AND... a lack of gratitude and sincerity. Those last two are big... BIG ticket items.

God doesn't become your good buddy because of what you do in public. God... incrementally appears within you... because of what you do in private. God monitors The Planes of thought and emotion at all times. He knows what it is that drives our actions... regardless of what we might tell ourselves and others.

You might be able to lie to yourself for whatever period of personal embarrassment you choose to get into. You cannot lie to God... ever. You want his help? Do... His... Will. God is ALREADY going in a certain direction. You can come aboard... or you can go contrary to it.

If you go contrary to it... you drift further... and further from The Light... from The Source of All Good Things... from The Blessings of Heaven... and so forth. Surely you can imagine what the result of that will be?

If you surrender The Personal Will that exists in opposition to The Divine... all that is true... righteous... and wonderful is added to you. That's how it works! Don't like it? Well... that's just too bad. Heaven won't... and never has... come around to that way of thinking. You are either in order... disorder... or somewhere in between... and on the way to one or the other.

I made a great many mistakes in this life by thinking I knew what I was doing. God knows what errors I made previous to that, BUT... once you realize you were wrong... and the necessary adjustments are made... you are no longer wrong... you are right; just... like... that! Keeping in mind that Good and Evil are only the sinuous back-and-forth motion of The Life Force on its way beyond them.

Before... The Wind was against you. Now The Wind is with you. Let God set the course and carry you home. There's nothing worth having here, except the freedom from wanting any of it. We are here to demonstrate the quality of our convictions OR... the lack thereof. Time will tell, and... you... most... certainly... will... see.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I am under the impression the ones who live the 'KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID' life and keep their obligations to a minimum are the only ones who aren't gonna be whacked by what's here, and what's a'comin'. Oh yeah. It also helps to live for the next world, and not this POS we are currently imprisoned in.

Nostrils to the sky.

robert said...

Appreciating Visible evidence of things not yet seen by mortal senses, coming into view of nascent supernatural nerves.

I made a great many mistakes in this life by thinking I knew what I was doing. God knows what errors I made previous to that, BUT... once you realize you were wrong... and the necessary adjustments are made... you are no longer wrong... you are right; just... like... that! Keeping in mind that Good and Evil are only the sinuous back-and-forth motion of The Life Force on its way beyond them.

Before... The Wind was against you. Now The Wind is with you. Let God set the course and carry you home. There's nothing worth having here, except the freedom from wanting any of it. We are here to demonstrate the quality of our convictions OR... the lack thereof. Time will tell, and... you... most... certainly... will... see.

The mystery of human personality:
Why do we resist the flow of life?
Make it harder than it already is?

Are we trying to prove that our separate consciousness is worthy of remaining separate?
Or to prove it worthy of union, of being a beloved lover of the One?

Ironic that we struggle against our true nature to prove what is false, all to relearn what we once knew in the beginning!
Do we get more attention from higher consciousness by demonstrating stupidity in ever more detail?

That appears to be the mission of the spiritually defiant retards following the dark polar opposite of the One...

The separation of consciousness from continuous communion has the weight of time
Ages of suffering piled on to give ballast to our leaden feet of clay
We walk this way to stay anchored to our personal sense of self
An identity we built up of mud and our own feces and the stones of our hardened hearts

What a dead castle we make out of living matter?
All to stay aloof from nature and our divine nature?

We believe that we can only avoid pain by being in control, the control we programmed for ourselves

Our adult mind, designed for ego command and control, orders us to our early graves
Our death cult parades arrogant intellectual yet idiots as genius and suppresses the followers of the true genius, the Spirit of the One free to move!

No surprise that we cling to our self-centered sinking ship rather than learn to swim in an ocean without visible shore lines!

The mystery is: once we begin to get a clue, that WE are the limiters of love causing our own suffering by asking life for a penny,
how does our own mind reveal itself as our worst enemy, willing to kill itself and us rather than relinquish its illusion of command and control?

More poignant mystery: why do we allow this inner adversary to beat us down when we are One with the Almighty?

Why are we still ambivalent about being more than meat robots consuming ourselves to death to serve the shadows?

Conditioning over lifetimes
Momentum of madness
Habits of living as slaves, not responsible to higher feelings
Herd instinct, to stay in the center of mass for "survival" however short-term
The avoidance of being targeted by the zombie/vampire mob mind

Now that we know enough to be better, all that is missing is our will to align with Will and the heart to persevere

Our programming to demoralize our hearts, takes the desire our of our sails before we even raise them!

Unless more power is brought to bear our burdens, we return to mindless matter

Are we there yet?
We are there now!
We are here where forks are poised for our conscious choosing

Fork wisely!

Anonymous said...

Hey Visible, how are you keeping in such good shape for a man of your age? Also, are you also heat tolerant? I can't stand hot weather so that means exercising less.

Visible said...

The Spiritual Will sustains me. I stay active, not just physically but in all other areas except those in which I remain still. Given the excesses of my former life, I should be afflicted with all sorts of maladies. There are none. God is real.

There is a thing called the renewing intelligence. One sees it in Nature. It is not often practiced by humans in Times of Material Darkness. One is fed by secret springs, and one is repaired by The Love of God, should the proper doors be open instead of closed, which is too often the case.

Thanks for asking. (grin)

Anonymous said...

That is interesting, that method certainly seems to be effective in your shoes. It certainly beats paying for a gym membership. I used to be able to tolerate being sweaty from heat or exercise but now I feel as though I need to immediately take a shower after every time I do and those showers add up in cost and time. Sometimes having a body as good as it initially may seems ends up feeling burdensome. Today was excess of 90 degrees which I know isn't that much but it really made me wonder how people used to survive without AC before electric.

David Spoey said...

Love your writings!
Have for a decade now!
You are right that
God is Real and
That fighting Him
Is a terrible mistake.

LBW said...

Your writing is more important than ever at this time. "Let go, and let God" is the best advice I,ve ever had, but the most difficult to maintain. Still trying though.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Double-Speak is The New Lingua Franca. Then Esperanto... Then Desperanto... Then... Grunts and Threatening Gestures."



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