Wednesday, June 21, 2023

"Personally... I Prefer a Pat on The Head to a Kick in The Ass. Both are Always Available and... Waiting in The Wings."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I recently mentioned the Temperance card from Tarot. The Rider-Waite deck shows an angel pouring liquid from one cup to another. This has many meanings that we won't be going into because we do not use that deck for our studies, though it is the most popular deck in circulation. We use The BOTA deck, which shows an angel with one foot on Terra FIRMA, and one foot on The Fluid of a pond.

I could spend all day going into the arcane meanings of what is present in the card (a picture is worth a thousand words); much of which I have forgotten because I rarely reference the cards these days. They were a stage in my journey that has now moved to other methods. However... there is one thing that keeps returning to my thoughts and... I'd like to get it said.

You will note that on the angel's right is a crouching lion and on the left is a standing eagle.

BOTA Temperance Card

The angel is pouring water over the lion and holding a flaming brand over the eagle. The lion represents (among many other things) the fixed fire sign of Leo. The eagle represents (among many other things) the fixed water sign of Scorpio.

What is seldom mentioned; at least I've not seen it in commentaries that abound... is that there is a by-product that comes about when fire and water are brought together. That would be Steam! Remember that we mentioned the quality associated with the force that Temperance represents? We said it was... Wrath?

Transpose this into the human emotional body and consider the state of a person who is steaming. This is the result of pressure; something contained that wants to get out... often associated with...Anger. Anger and Wrath... of course... have a close association. The body is a container. So are all the more subtle bodies that encapsulate our physical form... and all of them can steam in the container, and... steam up the windows through which we see.

It can cloud our perception.

Life in Times of Material Darkness is under great pressure. These are also times of great change... for good and for ill, but all... for The Purpose of Demonstration. You could say that life in the big cities exists in a pressure cooker.

You can interpret this in the emotional climate of a single individual... trying to harness their rage, or... altogether incapable of it, and... you can apply it to an entire culture... a country... a planet. The whole planet is steaming at the moment and that pressure has to go somewhere. It goes into rapid transformations of all sorts... seemingly good and seemingly bad.

The steaming pressure generated in times of advanced Materialism causes people to act impulsively... rashly... without due consideration aforethought.

Each of us is VERY familiar with acting without thought. This is especially the case when alcohol... drugs... emotional distress... and fight or flight come into play. I am no stranger to this in former times.

Now... I find there is another way. There is more than one of us in each individual body. There is at the very least... The Personality and The Individuality. The Personality is that which sets you apart from others. The Individuality is that self we share with all others. In Times of Material Darkness, The Personality is usually pushing itself forward with no thought for The Individuality... and is probably completely unaware of it.

This is especially true when we lose our center... our balance. CATCH IT RIGHT THERE!

The Devil made me do it? I don't know why I said that... I don't know why I did that... I guess I have poor impulse control... such is the way of things... in Times of Material Darkness... and in all times of personal darkness.

If our parents fail to discipline us properly. The World will discipline us regardless. The willful... separated mind... is a blind man drunk in a crowded bar... and looking for trouble. It doesn't know what it is doing. It often doesn't know why it is doing it. Behind this pushy... arrogant fool... is the patient Individuality that is the potential common unity with all life.

This Individuality is God... also known as The Higher Self. It is right there... within you this very moment. You would not be alive otherwise. You cannot die... not the real you. The false you is dying all the time... constantly being changed by experience and time... via the aging process. Change is death. Death is change.

You are not who you were even a short time ago. You might not see the changes. Usually... they are subtle... but you are not the same person stepping into the same river twice; if that makes any sense.

ALL... WE... HAVE... TO... DO... is allow... permit... The Individuality to act through us. This requires the harnessing and restraint of The Personality. The willful self... the separated mind... does not like this. It rebels against the constraints. It is an old story that goes all the way back to The Fall from Grace; a story that is egregiously misunderstood.

Yoga is a form of this harnessing of The Personality; yoking it to The Individuality. It's like a good dog... a well-behaved dog... a trained dog. You are that dog. Personally, I prefer a pat on the head to a kick in the ass. Both of these are always available and waiting in the wings.

Life is all about the combination of these two possibilities. ALL... YOU... HAVE... TO... DO... is to not hinder the passage of The Individuality through The Personality. The Personality is no stable thing. It is changing all the time. A criminal personality learns to adapt to necessary hesitations in their actions, based on previous failures of effort. (grin)

How do I do this? I don't know where this Individuality is located! How do I know it's that and not some trick of The Personality operating through a new camouflage? Simply restrain The Personality and The Individuality will show up. For this, you must have Faith. You have to have Certitude in its presence within you, in... the... first... place.

It all takes place in The Mind. The Carnal Mind is The Devil... who is God the way The Wicked see him at that level of cognition. Try casting every thought out of your head at all times. Don't bother sorting them in the beginning. Empty the airport. Stop all incoming and outgoing flights. Eventually, The Mind will empty and what has been there all along... and can't be thrown out... will announce its presence.

It has been announcing its presence all along but you haven't been able to hear it because of all the other noise from all those planes landing and taking off. This is closely associated with the breath which is why I use the snorting technique until... clarity ensues. You do know how your breathing changes when your emotions get worked up? You do see the change when The Mind moves into certain areas of consideration?

The Mind gets worked up when it concerns itself with a future it has no real knowledge of, BUT... it should at least know a little something from past and present behavior. Oh well... maybe it will be different this time. Sure... Buddy. It also gets worked up when it contemplates the badly remembered past. All of this is easily handled by The Individuality... The Indwelling... Higher Self.

Isn't meditation about this sort of thing... controlling the breath? Letting the breath proceed in an easy... effortless way... not tossed about by winds generated by the fire of desire? The Sun creates wind the same way. The Sun is the visible personality of God on the material plane. There is also a spiritual sun that looks black because it is too bright to see with mortal eyes.

As for The World we are present in... as a pinball... a conscious observer... or a focused participant... Here's something from the sutras, “Unity is the hallmark of spiritual things and Diversity is the seal of material things. That kind of says it all, doesn't it?

All these changes passing by your window, are temporary adjustments and adaptations. They are relevant to those who find them relevant. The screeching... cannibal crows of political correctness, and cancel culture... are a passing phenomenon, a bad dream someone is having... with many other programmed dreamers... who are about to be shocked into silence and awe... when they are forcibly awakened without warning.

Yes... until now... awakening was as much a matter of choice as anything else... a response of the hearts and minds of those with a greater sensitivity. Woke was a helpful adaptation for those who wanted to keep sleeping. The time WILL come when awakening will be visited upon those who have been resistant, and their hair will stand on end. It is always better to be ahead of the curve... so you don't wind up round the bend... metaphorically (and literally) speaking.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

greetings viz

thank you ; ]

you are not the same person stepping into the same river twice; yup... well said Sedwell!

yours truly

Anonymous said...

Did you hear about that 12 year old student who got arrested because he drew a picture of Hitler and wrote "I do not appreciate you" under the pic and then handed it to his Jewish teacher?

Visible said...

Here is an enormous article written by one of their news portals about that shrinking violet. This REALLY sounds staged=

Striding Scorpion said...

I love that scene in Gray Lady Down where Charlton Heston as the submarine commander says...sometimes I feel like a one legged man at ass kicking contest.
The submersible down by the Titanic refused to hire any old white guys and fired the one who warned them not to trust the carbon fiber materials.
Only Pappy understood about not being able to turn the mind off and the other day there was a great cartoon of a flying bird saying what's this, no thoughts for a moment, that felt good.
The control is a real problem for me after the conveyor belt transformation and family says I went over to the dark side!
Never! It will have to be harnessed and controlled or it won't end well.
Rushing right in has always been a feature for me and there are the scars to show for it.
We'll all be criminals under the one part rule uber alles that is here now.
Even dullards can see the two tier just-us system of the flaming fading bathhouse banana republic...or can they?
Another side of the family will support the CPUSA (D) no matter what and there is a tweet by the overrated Stephen King that he would vote for them even if they had child orgies.
You can't help or coexist with these people.

Visible said...

One of those people who believes his own bullshit... and... he's riddled with hatred. I guess all that money and fame didn't bring him much of value.

Anonymous said...

you gotta admit, Les, you laughed out loud when you read about that 12 year old giving a hand drawn picture of Hitler to his Jewish teacher..... with the caption "I do not appreciate you".

Visible said...

Actually, I thought, "Oh... this was all arranged."

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"There's a Frailty of Being on This Plane of Coincidence that is Simply a Catch-All that Lies Beneath What Remains to Be Seen."

Anonymous said...

That 12 year old has nothing on Mark Meechan, lol.

0 said...

The way you described the pair inhabiting self reminded me of the oahspe and its father fragment. Its written to be sorta churchy which I find tedious to read, but it has interesting ideas noted. This url has some detail similar to what you note.

I'm also reminded of vimalanandas reference to being more spiritual causing a less physical being and being more physical causes a less spiritual being. Yogananda echoed the ideas in his own way.

From the angle of Electricity, the idea of two opposing forces united in a form as initiated out of phase with each other, must be brought into phase so that one is the same self in spiritual things as in corporeal things. I imagine most people oscillate in their ability to adhere to being consistent thru time. Some are born who do not oscillate in such fashion. I remember being a kid, and I'd get teased because I never spoke more than needful and always answered in single syllable answers. It became a game with the people at church trying to get me to say more than a word. Oddly it sort of came up again last weekend at my parents who reminded me of the churchers doing that to me and I explained why I thought I was like that. A lack of Guile and ambition towards taking advantage has kept me from announcing contexts that put me at a fulcrum of advantage against they such is being shared with. Not Framing the context to include me as a variable keeps me from pretending I'm more than I am. I don't do things for personal gain, I do things because they need to be done and I think its Right Action. (tho I do get short with my kids now and then, again its right action given the lack of their action to push them to some action.)

Maybe it plays on the pearl of great price as well, where that pearl has been Tempered by the contexts its experienced during its iterations of form. It is wholly integrated and no longer able to be Faceted by external forces, tho it, itself, may refacet itself to experience Other Contexts should such be desired, but I can't see myself desiring to experience anything other than what is needful for Greater Understanding.

Curious stuff. Tempering metals is hot/cold/hot/cold, the cold sets the metals lattice, the heat allows that to relax, followed by more cold to again force its constriction, and thru such is Tempered so that it won't just shatter when it strikes something Else of equal hardness. Oddly I was re-reading the dotto ring details on rexresearch and found a few sentences that spoke to thermal disparities applied to oneself as a means for resetting the bodies Energy potential. Made the folks who do that polar bear dip in the winter seem more apt. Wim Hoff too. It noted you needed at least a 45degree F shift, tho he noted it was from 25c to 0c in under a minute. In F thats 77F to 32F. If one had a walk in freezer one could do this treatment easily. I ordered some peltier devices which I'll use to set the Thermal disparity on my attempt at replication of the dotto ring. They claim a max thermal disparity of 66 degrees, which should be plenty. This would be the diametric opposite of the lean sprink glow discharge kvdc setup that I think increased my rate of change and caused my back failure. A pure current at 10s of millivolts but 10s of thousands of amps acting on the thermal disparity that my iteration of form is within Ambient. (ie the bodies at 98.6F and the ambient temp is usually some number of degrees less than that, inferring we bleed heat into ambient most of the time.) Dottos explanations are pretty interesting, as well as his idea on how magnetism works. Thats all over on rexresearch for the curious.

I guess we'll see if we go nuclear over the weekend huh. Sure seems like they're setting the stage for it with the idiot fed gov goons pretending russia will destroy the nuclear generation plant in ukraine, and claiming that means war. So false flag potentially inbound.

Stay Frosty/Hot/Frosty huh. :)



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