Tuesday, June 13, 2023

"How is it That They Seek so Desperately to Transform Themselves into Fossilized Dung Dipped into A Candied Glitter Shell?"

God Poet Transmitting.......

If it walks like AIDS. If it talks like AIDS, and it kills like AIDS, it must be AIDS.

COVID Monkey Pox

Yes... visible... that is a tad misleading. Back in the day... the usual disinformation specialists were saying how HIV came from green monkeys... when we can now assume it was some kind of pre-COVID... Dr. Strangelove... early days... underground laboratory thing... done up by the people who now head The World Health Organization... The WEF... and The CDC poison-mind-meld... rubber-stamp people.

So... it's official. It's been official for years now... in the minds of those who can put two and two together without furrowing their brows. They are officially trying to kill everyone too stupid to catch on... and smarter people who can't run very fast. They are doing this. It's official.

As the nation stands transfixed by all the wanna-be Buffalo Bills (Silence of the Lambs character) shaking their prosthetic flotation devices on The White House lawn, we SHOULD remind ourselves that everything we see in The World around us is what has been thought-into-being by minds so disposed to it. Everything you used to see... that has been replaced by what you presently see... was thought-into-being.

It should then be a reasonable assumption... that everything yet to precipitate into form... will be thought-into-being.

All the mass collectives that comprise the populations of Chicago... (♫ a Hell of a town ♫) LA and New Yawk... Kiev and Shanghai; all those metropolitan melting pots... they got thought-into-being by the people resident there. The people who were there, but are now presently somewhere else, even... if... you... can't... see... them... anymore, thought themselves out of there to somewhere else. It's all thought-born.

The World entire is... The Field and The Knower. The Field is a mental projection of The Knower. This is what you get when a whole lot of different people play God, and have a different take on how that is supposed to go.

Here is the unfortunate factor concerning this dynamic; you can't tell anyone anything. It would be the same as speaking to them in a foreign language. Whaaaat? However... some of you reading this know... (by now) that this is so. We all live in a world of our own creation. It is the mind that performs the magic Shake & Bake ritual that arranges the external furniture according to its own desire.

It's all dependent on whether we are operating out of The Carnal Mind... or above and behind A Mind in righteous harness. You have a menagerie... a zoo... inside of you. The principal players are The Monkey Mind, and... The Dog of Desire, BUT... all the rest of the animal kingdom is represented there, and... (hopefully) submerged (and caged) in The Subconscious... unless passion or appetite initiates a jailbreak, and then you have to clean up after yourself unless The Forensics Department gets there first.

If undesirable conditions appear in your body... which is your immediate field... you thought them into being. You can think them out of being too... and it doesn't even have to be a spiritually directed thing. I know about people who got all kinds of things to show up or happen by chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. Hmm... I guess you could say that's spiritual... kinda. It's just not my kind of spiritual... and that's another example of how we get into different worlds in the same world.

One of the most powerful aspects of my mantra; I don't know, is that it negates the part of me that creates bad shit in my life. It provides for The Higher Mind to do the knowing in my case. Of course... if your, I don't know, is a surface-based... intellectually apprehended, I don't know, it won't be nearly as impactful as one that is visceral.

Often we get visceral knowledge through trauma or... some other shock to the system. That brands it into our consciousness in a telling and lasting way.

One classic example of how we think things into being is when our fears manifest. This is the offspring of the intercourse between The Mind and Negative Emotion. It's a child you gave birth to. I knew about a woman who was deathly afraid of dogs.

One day a German Shepherd slipped up behind her and started licking her hand. Heh heh... that's what's called a transitionary moment. She wasn't afraid of dogs after that. I guess it could have gone a lot of ways... including sideways... but it didn't.

If you got a problem; ♫ take... it... to... The... Lord... in... prayer ♫ Seriously... if you are serious and sincere, YOU WILL BE HEARD. Action will be taken. It may not be what you were expecting. It will certainly be what you need. How do I express The Power... The Beauty... the Glory of God? I do not, of course. I can scarce hint at it. It is well beyond the several forms of communication that exist beyond words.

There is NOTHING that God cannot do. NOTHING!!! There is plenty that we cannot do... heh heh... (sigh). I feel such sorrow when I see those in temporary possession of some tiny fragments of power... strutting about like peacocks in rut. They have no idea... no idea at all of what real power is... including staying-power.

I sat before The Altar of The Sun this morning and a presence came upon me. I could feel the physique and the dimensions of the being. Oh... my... God! This is why I pray each day to be made into a habitation of angels. I KNOW God will grant me this, IF... I permit him to make the necessary changes in me, in order for that to be possible. How is it that people settle for less than this?

How is it that people contend with each other for fossilized dung dipped in glitter? How is it that they seek so desperately to transform themselves into fossilized dung dipped into a congealed-candy glitter shell? It's like some bizarre process at an infernal Dairy Queen.

Obviously, they are blinded. Obviously, they have thought into being... an unreasonable facsimile... of something they have no real perception of. I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. Sometimes I am on the verge of both. I remember... years ago... when I realized that I was not the one who was crazy. It was The World that was crazy, and I only became crazy by trying to fit in.

Now we are seeing just how lunatic it has become under The Heat Lamps of Materialism... under The Grow Lights of Desire... under the focused attention of a mind corrupted by the force of wanting... rising through the pressure channels of the fire down below.

It's not going to get better this way. It's not going to fix itself this way. It's like a man hitting himself in the head with a hammer... in an effort to knock some sense into himself. What do The Israelis say? Use force, and if that doesn't work... use more force.

By way of deception is what they first practice on themselves. This stupor of self-deceit would have failed long ago, had God not routed it to a further Purpose of Demonstration. Well... you'll see.

Everything in its time by Heavenly Decree.

I realize that In Times of Material Darkness... the idea of an all and ever-present God has been pressed to the margins of thought. Time comes when the image of a living God is something to be mocked and ridiculed by the ravening mobs. However... God is real... and God is not mocked... not for long. They are what is not real. This they will discover when that rock and the hard place press in on them without respite... to make that very point.

There is a way that leadeth unto destruction, and... there is a way that leads unto eternal life. It can get confusing in the bad weather dance of magnetized dust that was formerly sunlight.

May you know his mercy before his judgment comes upon you.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

"As you think, so you are."

You said this, did you not?

"Where the focus goes, the energy flows."

(I think you said this one, too, Vis.)

Wise words to live each day by.

robert said...

Visible, Vielen Dank!

Deep satisfaction in tuning our minds into your word stream of consciousness NOT generated from intellectual vacuity sold to materialized miasma and filled with dumb dung!

Now we are seeing just how lunatic it has become under The Heat Lamps of Materialism... under The Grow Lights of Desire... under the focused attention of a mind corrupted by the force of wanting... rising through the pressure channels of the fire down below.

There is a hook here for the intellect, which our intelligence can get us off of, IF we see through ourselves.

Any wanting our intellect attaches us to is from a mental state of limitation

Only a perception of lack can motivate our mechanical mind into a plan to manifest

At our deepest perception, we are complete as we are, as our consciousness proves to us.

What is key:

Distinguishing between the Desire of the Great Spirit we are in the process of hosting and our mini-mind's attempt to correct perfection by wanting particular things, experiences, adjustments

How to be transparent, adjustable and growing all the time in conscious cooperation?

Let the temporal perception pass away, to be replaced with a more complete and comprehensive awareness
After realizing in our viscera that the projection of reality is not it, we want only one, only the One to be our world

We want nothing but accept a state of the One wanting more expression through us.

To want anything else is a trap we spring on our own fall
To believe for more than a painful moment that we are at core lacking, incomplete, less than totally loved is a perceptual problem and a pure phantom of the opera one at that!
We stare our thousand yard stare until reality dissolves before our lying eyes
THEN we see how and why we have wasted our effort chasing delusions into doldrums, without reason!

We may then channel our joy, un-siphoned, and let our being transform the energy flow into a higher perception for all

To be is to be free
Not to be is slavery to the endarkened perception, worshipped only by the company of miserable points of view

0 said...

My back still hasn't healed to the point where I no longer am aware of it being an issue. I was laying in bed a couple nights back... and the patanjali ideal materialized, where I saw gold rays of light shining on me from every direction. I wasn't emitting, but was bathing within. It was an interesting visual.

I also have a tooth ache thats cropped up a couple times now over the last month. I may have to go see a dentist, tho I'd rather it heal on its own if possible and will have to have a word with the All about it to see if such can't be made to be the case.

Its difficult to want to heal this iteration of form with the current trajectory the objective world Appears to be on. I suppose its a measure of balance, where staying may or may not win out over going. In both cases I leave it to the All to sort since I trust it knows best for me.

In my 30s I used to wonder if I'd reach an age where my familial duties would be completed and at which point I could wander off into the woods or caves to never return. But it seems if one created a family, such duties don't end till one exits the iteration of form. Kids don't grow up like they used to. They seem to stay as permakids always needing their parent for something or other. I still hope my own will meet me at the peer level at some point, but that may not happen in the time I seem to have left. I suppose, as always, it is what it is.

Hopefully the return to accountability happens or we enter the second american revolution.

Take it easy!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

The idea of a living god, or a living divine force, is more accepted now than ever before in history. It's the so called religious people who mock such an idea and cling to their false notions of God as an angry judge sitting in the sky watching you.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Jot and Tittle... Each Separate Hair on Your Head... is Measured and Known... and... Every Falling Leaf and Sparrow."

Steiner Strider said...

LV! Some great downloads from the other night and one revealed the Heavenly Jerusalem Project for Southern Ukraine with Kiev as the new spiritual capital of the world.
In the images of Putin with his rabbi, he looked unhappy at the noticing in some.
Another one said that the stacked executive orders of all presidents since Johnson will hand the former USA over to the global soviet Trojan Horse UN with the next emergency.
This is why they no longer hide all of the plots and schemes.
I agree with you, there is no filling of God's shoes by the works of man and there will be a reckoning.



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