Thursday, June 08, 2023

"The Devil is The Separated Mind... Dancing Outside The State of Resonating Unity, Where Every Conflict is Resolved."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Surely... by now... anyone who chooses to... can see the evidence of spiritual warfare... close up... or at a distance... or in some cases... both. One can see it in the external sense. One can also see it in one's own mind... where that applies.

Some of us have been fortunate enough... over the course of a long haul of lives... to shut down the wheedling... threatening... whining... urging and cajoling menace of The Carnal Mind and its vehicle... the unregenerate personality. Others still wrestle with The Beast. Most are less than blissfully unaware of it altogether. That will not last. Things change... regardless of the level of one's resistance to that cornerstone of manifest existence.

I can only speak for myself. Perhaps the effect of conditions and forces are different for others. I have 3 sources for what I know; my own experience... the legacy and records left by others... and The Intuition. I have many sources for what I do not know... brought to my attention by The Separated Mind.

What is the point of being rigorously and ruthlessly vigilant... concerning the operations of The Separated Mind? It is because that is the force that empowers assumption as a defining source. The Separated Mind cannot possibly... ever... know certain things because it cannot detach itself from itself in order to assess and analyze itself. That has to occur from another level of perception.

Some things can only be known in Unity, and they cannot be spoken on unless the unity is broken for the purpose of discussion. There is little difference between the chattering of chipmunks and squirrels... and the chattering of humankind. It all seems reasonable within the parameters of shared experience. Take it up a notch or two and it sounds like nonsense.

That is one of the valuable things that psychedelics taught me. You can learn things in altered states. Such experiences can be as valuable and illuminating as they can be dangerous and deceiving. What is true is that such insights can only go so far. This is something I have learned personally as a former psychedelic traveler of many... many hundreds of excursions. There is a limit to what you can discover on mind-altering substances.

It becomes a looping process within boundaries that you can neither get through nor around. I did not want to learn that this was true. I had big investments there, but it was true... and it is true. Certain levels and areas of perception are closed off to such intrusions. They can certainly be gateways to states of realization, but one must put them aside to go further on.

At every stage of transition, one must leave something behind in order to continue. Sometimes it is more than one thing. You cannot rise unless you become lighter. Like someone in The New Testament said... “you must put away childish things”. As is consistently the case... scripture has several or more possible meanings with every statement. This is why people argue about meaning. Those who argue have missed the point. There can be no argument in a state of unity.

It is always the foolish ego... the calculating mind... and the willful personality that continually insists upon or argues against something that life proves to be wrong or irrelevant... sooner or later. This is why THE doors close behind you after you pass through them;

31. Through perfectly concentrated Meditation on the light in the head comes the vision of the Masters who have attained.

The tradition is, that there is a certain center of force in the head, perhaps the "Pineal gland," which some of our Western philosophers have supposed to be the dwelling of the soul,—a center which is, as it were, the doorway between the natural and the spiritual man.

It is the seat of that better and wiser consciousness behind the outward-looking consciousness in the forward part of the head; that better and wiser consciousness of "the back of the mind," which views spiritual things, and seeks to impress the spiritual view on the outward-looking consciousness in the forward part of the head.

It is the spiritual man seeking to guide the natural man, seeking to bring the natural man to concern himself with the things of his immortality. This is suggested in the words of the Upanishad already quoted: "There, where the dividing of the hair turns, extending upward to the crown of the head"; all of which may sound very fantastical until one comes to understand it.

It is said that when this power is fully awakened, it brings a vision of the great Companions of the spiritual man, those who have already attained, crossing over to the further shore of the sea of death and rebirth. Perhaps it is to this divine sight that the Master alluded, who is reported to have said; "I counsel you to buy of me eye-salve, that you may see." It is of this same vision of the great Companions, the children of light, that a seer wrote,

"Though inland far we be,
Our souls have sight of that immortal sea
Which brought us hither,
Can in a moment travel thither,
And see the Children sport upon the shore
And hear the mighty waters rolling evermore."

32. Or through the divining power of intuition he knows all things.

This is really the supplement, the spiritual side, of the sutra just translated. Step by step, as the better consciousness, the spiritual view, gains force in the back of the mind, so, in the same measure, the spiritual man is gaining the power to see: learning to open the spiritual eyes.

When the eyes are fully opened, the spiritual man beholds the great Companions standing about him; he has begun to "know all things."

This divining power of intuition is the power which lies above and behind the so-called rational mind; the rational mind formulates a question and lays it before the intuition, which gives a real answer, often immediately distorted by the rational mind, yet always embodying a kernel of truth. It is by this process, through which the rational mind brings questions to the intuition for solution, that the truths of science are reached, the flashes of discovery and genius. But this higher power need not work in subordination to the so-called rational mind, it may act directly, as full illumination, "the vision and the faculty divine."

Some will read these words and gain some intellectual perception of their meaning. Some may get flashes of the moment... through which a greater insight is given. Some may later experience an enlightening flashback... due to working out a deeper meaning... through the agency of The Subconscious. Some will find their eyes glaze over; probably lacking in eye-salve. (grin)

The Devil is The Separated Mind... dancing outside the state of resonating Unity, where every conflict and contention is resolved... where self-importance has no place because ONLY The Higher Self is important OR... real. It is there... where there is no strife... no suffering... no sense of alienation... no despair... and no fear.

The World is a theater of dynamic tensions personalized for The Purpose of Demonstration... where the elements attract and repel in their magnetic polarities... and seeming antagonisms. It is here that you find peace, BY... THE... GRACE... OF... GOD. Otherwise, you will find it nowhere else; and you will keep returning here until you do.

The World is made visible by the separations and conflicts that ensue in the dance of opposites... slower and faster... higher and lower... easier and harder... depending on you.

The World is the place where you get everything you thought you wanted only to find you no longer want it now that it is yours. It is the place where EVERYTHING falls short of the promises it made to attract you. The point of it all is to compel you to look within. You... yourself... are everything you seek in a world where missing pieces spin in an eternal... electromagnetic helix.

It is wanting that forms The World you exist in. It is not wanting that reveals The World you truly seek.

End Transmission.......

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0 said...

Calcining the facets of the Gem of Self into the Pearl of great price, by discarding those facets that serve to produce division internal to self. Consequently the pearl of great price has the shape of a sphere or bubble which then can rise to the level where it agglomerates with that which is most like itself.

Retaining facets one retains the levers that bind self to desires which go sated yet not understood.

Curious stuff huh. Intuition is great once one becomes specific in their ability to form the questions to put before it.

Reminds me of the monty python sketch about "not wearing enough hats" ie. increasing the facets of self instead of decreasing them.


Visible said...


Sometimes I think the combination of our two minds could either create a renaissance man or... a menace to society.

0 said...

Hehehe... yeah... To True. Someday we'll just be dancing and having some fun. Maybe not in this iteration of form, but in one to come for sure.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

NOSTRILS TO THE SKY! No snark today. Solly. (Hey! I work at a CHINESE resatrant, OKaaaaay?)

robert said...

Gracias Visible, for reminding, refreshing, reliving our journey of longtime!

We have time still in the center of our being
We can rise to the higher calling of the divine desire to harmonize creation
Or fall to our own inner victimizer and take a detour for millennia

The choice is forking us over ever with ever more contrast!
Anti-life agendas have dropped their cloak of invisibility
Lovers of life are standing up against mindless minions

What is the point of being rigorously and ruthlessly vigilant... concerning the operations of The Separated Mind? It is because that is the force that empowers assumption as a defining source. The Separated Mind cannot possibly... ever... know certain things because it cannot detach itself from itself in order to assess and analyze itself. That has to occur from another level of perception.

Rigorous metaphysical analysis, for those who wish to pay attention to eternal verities that is!

Like the operational conceptual tool of depth perception:

Is perception coming from deeper than superficial sense reports and mind's crude approximation of the senses' construct?

Where is the word salad flung into the air coming from?
Someone's self-bruised subjective personality cluster-fuck?
Or from deeper soul, spirit moving through the One mind?

Sorting truth unmoved by time from fictional fantasy becomes easier when depth measurement becomes instinctual.

To clear the debris from our mind's eye of what is temporal projection from the true implicate order, makes it possible to see the beauty of the One Idea radiating reality into all being

What may look and feel real collapses into nothingness when we play the reel forward or backward in our imagination.
How imagination has been disparaged by equating it to the fantasy machine embedded by cultural conditioning!

The imagination is our reality birthing mental womb
hijacked by media-infested fantasy viruses, taking up all the space to prevent true creation to work unhindered.

While we give our energy to parasitic projections of fear-driven fantasy, we have less room to dream the bigger dream of our spirits and manifest them for the glory of all

Even sexual fantasies are driven by irrational fear, the nagging sense of a hunger that we cannot quench in any other way than to consume our body's life force for nothing

Must have a clean empty womb in the mind to imagine unlimited visions
and keep them free of vermin for the new creation to pull itself to together from Nothingness
Which is really something else we just cannot see into by ourselves

At every stage of transition, one must leave something behind in order to continue. Sometimes it is more than one thing. You cannot rise unless you become lighter. Like someone in The New Testament said... “you must put away childish things.”

At this stage of materialism in dementia, it is not just the physical things which are hard to part with, but all the mental and emotional things to which we cling!
It is the ideas driving the rules of acquisition that are hard to jettison because we carry them with us unseen:
the insecurity, the inadequacy, the self-loathing that we attempt to palliate by acquiring things that really drag us down, even after we clean house.

At hollow core, we are automatically filling our void by replaying the process by which our bodies were formed

Fill the void from dimensions within, cut loose all partial truths, disempowering beliefs and emotional traumas we horde as trophies of who we think we are!

Those last are tough things to put away:
We paid traumatic prices in emotional experiences to find out who we think we are and we resist dropping them in our wake without another identity to slip into

When we grasp where life and all things come from, we learn to trust that there is always more to create and experience, once we clear the holodeck!

Be a reality generator along with aligned with the One
No more a passive fantasy consumer going nowhere but somewhere else

Namaste every body!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Restaurant. Look before I post.

Then I wake up.

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Within the long process of coming out of hibernation, as grizzlies , with all their subtleties, (or lack thereof), a comment, if so permitted... in the back of the mind is the place of 'concience'... a truly Human property.

truly one of your best, of not 'th'e best poetries in prose, in my esteem-ation !!! Thank you !!!!!

and no it is NOT the Pearl of 'great price', but a Pearl of 'No price- price-less'... that is, it cannot be bought or sold.... hmmmmmm
As for the Pearl of Compassion, Lao Tze, does indicate the path to it, as do Padmasabhava, Khibr, and many others, in the written remnants of the Oral and Mental traditions in this labyrinth.
off to salmon, honey and coconut oil.... maybe even some i'scream , phonetically, of course...

Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear hug

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"When The Conditions of Life go South, You Get All Kinds of Poseurs Playing God. You Can Expect The Usual Results."

0 said...

Most people misunderstand whats meant by Pearl of great price. Growing up it was just a book of scripture the mormons make use of.

Most think of it in dollars or assets. The Great price is nothing to do with that. The Price is all the parts of self one discards to become the SAME under any circumstance/context. That is the Price one pays to calcine self into being Like the All, so that one, hopefully, ends up colocated with it in a relatable iteration of form at some future iteration.

It cannot generally be bought or sold, as it is Self, tho some ones do such by getting paid for their help and likely induce karma for having meddled in the affairs of others for a buck.

There are better payments than money, assets or control of others. True freedom lies in not being bound by ones preference or desires, which act as levers for others to manipulate and control.

I suppose thats why I like Aghora best of the varied types of religion out there.

All good tho, everyone can see things as they are for themselves.




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