Tuesday, December 19, 2023

"Like a Scone that Failed to Rise, a Mountain Worn Away by The Wind and The Rain; Pressed Down by Gravity and Time."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Surely The Reader has noticed the gradual, and then more, and more expedited rate of insanity that is a constant feature of The World of the Moment? It is also noticeably apparent that it is affecting every strata of society. It is clear that people like Bill Gates... Klaus Schwab... Satanyahu, and a host of others... in The Temporal Ruling Class... have gone insane. Many in the social orders beneath them... do not see this as it actually is... because of their greater desire to be like them.

Most everyone dreams of being successful... rising above their peers... becoming exceptional or... being recognized for already being exceptional. With The Rise of The Influencers, people engage in behavior of ever-increasing risk... more and more often at the cost of their own lives, and the lives of others.

The rich often take similar risks in order to be super rich, and we hear about them now and again when they run afoul of the more and more selectively enforced Laws of The Land. The desire is to be ever more famous... ever more wealthy... ever more desirable and exclusive; the best part of being desirable... it seems... is to also be unreachable, and then... untouchable... unless you want to be touched.

We have used the image of The Spindle and The Record before. Now that vinyl is making a comeback, perhaps it will register better. One should think of this spindle as a magnetic pillar that radiates an attractive force. The closer you get to it, the more certainly it holds you in place. Like a record player, this construct has several speeds. Let's call them, The Slow Lane... The Regular Lane, and The Fast Lane; ♫ Life in The Fast Lane, surely make you lose your mind ♫

That is where and how the speedy success of the energetic is made possible.

Then there is the centrifugal force that is barely perceptible the closer you are to The Spindle, and... which increases in power... the closer you get to The Edge. Beyond The Edge is The Howling Unknown... utter darkness... Death and Destruction. No one knows exactly because no one who has ever spun off The Record has come back to talk about it. Some people who were rescued... while hanging from The Lip... report having received visions, but... that's about it.

In one particular way, The Record is not like a regular record, It rises toward The Spindle and drops away toward The Edge. (The Edge and The Lip are the same place, by the way) It's like a scone that failed to rise or a mountain worn away by The Wind and The Rain, and pressed down by Gravity and Time.

Existence itself is like this and one's thoughts, words, and actions have placed them at wherever it is that they are located. Did I mention that The Record has its own weather? This is a large record. It even has Flat Earth People on it. Speaking of Flat Earth, I thought I would include this little diddy here.

This is not the same record producer Diddy that likes to bugger and humiliate The Talent. Of course, all Satanists are required... by the force of that which has taken up residence in them... to engage in certain reversed Kundalini sexual practices, but... I digress.

By now, you should know that The Flat Earth Theory is a CIA invention, so is much of the other horseshit you hear every day, and the sound of what you hear intensifies the closer you are to The Edge; but... I digress again.

We were talking about the weather on The Record. The area around The Spindle is like The Eye of The Hurricane. It gets louder and wilder the further you move away from The Spindle. All round The Edge of The Record is what I call, The Vision of Material Culture. This is what pulls one away from The Spindle.

As the pull of Material Culture intensifies... the speed of The Record increases. It gets harder to move toward The Spindle and easier to move toward The Edge. It explains the increasing amounts of insanity that one sees more and more frequently... because one's sanity reduces commensurate with one's distance from The Spindle. One seldom notices that they are growing insane because everything that surrounds them has a similar perspective.

Perhaps... by now... you are realizing that this record exists in multiple dimensions? It's like The Fibonacci Spiral... Sequence... as seen by someone while peaking on Ayahuasca OR... The Golden Ratio as viewed by someone having a bipolar episode. It's obviously not something you can talk about with any hope of being understood. I've had to deal with this my whole life, but... it hasn't stopped me from trying, of course. (grin)

People on The Record have one major concern and that is the pull of The Spindle relative to the pull of The Edge. They also have to maintain themselves wherever they are OR... think they do, even though Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like whatever the Hell he was talking about.

Here I should point out that The Spindle is a conscious agency; a direct material representation of that which is not material, and which... thereby... logic would insist... does need a material representation. It is possible... in fact, there are laws to that effect... which state that one can activate The Spindle to increase its attractive force, like a tractor beam, and cause it to act on anyone who is in distress or fear of being pulled yet closer to The Edge if... one makes the effort to contact it.

I should add here that crying out for help will also... possibly alert The Predators, so... one should do so in a quiet and interior fashion. If you are already resonant with The Spindle...if you are in sympathetic accord... like a tuning fork... this dynamic warns The Predators Away. It's like a spiritual version of Invisible Fence which works to keep things out, whereas the regular Invisible Fence works to keep things in. This also happens on The Etheric... Astral... and Mental Planes.

You could be in Most Protected Status by being resonant... in sympathetic accord... with The Spindle. Your being is... potentially... a sanctuary that is inviolable. Malign entities are unable to enter in.

One accomplishes such a state of being through the practice of certain disciplines, like meditation. Meditation... properly performed... raises your vibrations above the range of inimical forces, and... keeps... you... there. The Mind is a mirror. If the health of The Mind is not attended to, in regular fashion... it will be impossible to see a reflection in it because dust particles will accumulate until the mirror is completely obscured. This is the case with most people at this time.

Most people do not know that they are slipping toward The Edge of The Record. They might sense that something is wrong, BUT... not know what that is. Surely you have seen people exhibiting nervous behaviors... tics... acting out in strange fashion, AND... getting worse if not attended to? You have certainly seen them doing so at a distance or... over the internet.

If it were not for The Spindle, all would be lost. If it were not for The Spindle, The Record would not even play. There would be no life. The Spindle is a direct extension of the ineffable Mind of God that contains and controls all things. Even The Insane are controlled according to whatever their Purpose of Demonstration might be. Once again... one has only to raise their vibrations.

Everything in existence... seen and unseen... is vibrating at a specific rate, and that rate accounts for the content or form of whatever it might be... seen or unseen. It is by this process that some can turn Lead into Gold. Unfortunately... at this time, and due to the force of reversed Kundalini... among The Temporal Ruling Class... many are effectively turning Gold into Shit... causing a pandemic of Monkey see... Monkey do... Monkey winds up on a stick.

These are times of trial and tribulations. The Satanists who trouble The World are Hell-bent (well... that makes perfect sense) on driving us mad because they are being driven mad. Their time is at hand and they are going to fall for a long time, and... not be seen nor heard from... for a much longer time afterward. It is how it is.

Evil destroys itself. That is The Nature of Evil. One must not contend with Evil lest one gets tangled in the snares of Evil. The Divine sees all and knows all. Rely on The Divine to the exclusion of all else, and... all will be well.

End Transmission.......

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0 said...

Good analogy on the spindle and record. I might add that each individuated consciousness perhaps has their own spindle and record, and how one be-comes, determines how harmony or discord between ones own iteration of form interacts with the Alls iteration of forms.

It might also be worth adding that unless theres a tension going the way of the crowd there wouldn't be possible the ability to go against that tension to reach the spindle. Alot like a fish in a Stream which darts Upstream against the current instead of trying to swim with the current and in doing so loses rudder and propulsion.

It does seem like we're seeing more accountability around the periphery of things, so perhaps we have turned the corner and the forces unleashed are at work doing the needful. Course the future map of the world is still a thing, that seems to be the aim of the current chaos, if they can manage to resurface the world it will be alot easier to assert a New order on whats left standing since no currently existing boundaries would be left intact. (sorta like what you see in the secret window on the usdebtclock.org site)


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky.

Visible said...

That was the implications of the multidimensional aspect.

Anonymous said...

With your wisdom can you help give practical tips for people wanting to align themselves with God's will and to stop with sins against purity. I'm wondering if abstaining from caffeine and alcohol would help. Is that focus too narrow? Is the only solution to take all of your problems to him? Talk it out with him and listen?

Visible said...

None of the paths recommend alcohol. They all condemn it, but it really depends on the spiritual state of the aspirant. Some can get away with what others cannot. Some have a spiritual dispensation... some do not. Purity is more a matter of what passes into and through the heart and mind, and... what is allowed to remain... what is passed on to others.

Certain forces ignite certain fires; aspiration... Higher Love... Devotion... various forms of letting go. This is more how Purity and cleansing are accomplished than by giving up tobacco, caffeine, and other things. I've seen VERY HIGH beings smoking, but... once again... it is a matter of one's spiritual state.

I don't concern myself much with the policies of priests who are often stone-cold hypocrites. I don't follow Religions in any dogmatic way. I take what seems reasonable and leave what seems excessive, but I am no model for others. It is simply what I do.

I recommend to love The Divine with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength (will) and all your mind. This is an unbeatable method. And the second commandment as well; "to love others as I have loved you." That one can be difficult in the extreme, so... personally, I apply the same tactics as The Sun. I try to shine impersonally on all without getting bogged down in the details of their PERCEIVED offenses because... who am I to judge?

Manifest a personal relationship with The Divine. Nothing can beat that and be determined. I have been at it my whole life and it has only been in more recent times that it has all come together. when you become unstoppable you are unstoppable.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"Neither of These Are Going to Work Now, In This Next Phase, Which is Steaming Round The Curve in The Continuum."

0 said...

To Anonymous. I'd offer Right Action and Accountability along with self discipline and a constant Seeking for that which you are after till you exhaust all sources of information and are left with a wide understanding with holes in it, which makes the holes easier to identify and makes sorting potential futures for oneself easier to attempt. That said, there is never a Solid, I know THIS or THAT, beyond Knowing that the All favors ones efforts and starts to look out for that one who is consistently Doing such.

If you are making effort the All is more forgiving of whatever other things consumed to allow one to continue on the path. If you are just indulging, one enjoys the less pleasant consequences of such. Usually just dissipation and inability to apply self discipline and be-come but thats up for oneself to determine for oneself.

My 2 cents...prolly worth a haypenny. :P




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