Friday, December 22, 2023

"The Land of Hidden Lakes and Exotic Landscapes, of Wonder Opening Upon Wonder into The Everlasting and Beyond."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Yesterday was The Winter Solstice, that natural demarcation line that signifies The Birth of The Light out of the dark womb of winter. It goes from the womb to the tomb of The Spring Equinox; where it rises after a different fashion. I'm not going to get into the whole Rolodexing (is that a verb?) kaleidoscope of the changing seasons... repeating themselves ad infinitum... or at least so far as the mortal perspective can tell.

This is The Land of The Blind here. It is the place where the one-eyed man is king, BUT... perhaps that is a reference to, “if thine eye be single,” and not to some anomaly of one guy having an eye left after everyone else has lost them both. This is The Land of The Blind because of Carnal Vision that sees everything through a heat signature, and what is seen... obscures the cool land of hidden lakes and exotic landscapes... of wonder opening into wonder... that awaits beyond it.

It is this same blindness that obscures the presence of The Great Companions... who live in The Land of Hidden Lakes and Exotic Landscapes or by shores of that land which exists beyond The Ocean of Birth and Death. Cold Mountain rises into a crown of mist... out of the seemingly endless forest that surrounds it.

Those who live in This World are the many who have refused to die to it, and must... perforce... die in it... while living and dying over and over there. The Master said something about dying to This World so that you might live forever in another, AND... I think that all sums it up succinctly and nicely; n’est-ce pas?

So... the whole point of this Season of Giving, as some people term it... is to celebrate the gift that The Divine gave to all of us... being born into This World as The Living Light, AND... showing The Way out of it. He lived and died... just as we SEEM to do, and then rose triumphantly above it, into the limitless light of immortality; setting the tone... as it were... for any of us to follow, should... we... be... so... inclined.

Yes, This World can be a harsh place. There seems to be no limits to human suffering for those who... for reasons of their own... insist on coming and going here because they think... imagine? Believe? I suppose the reasons vary. However... it does appear that they have convinced themselves there is something to find here, and... once they do... then everything will be alright, and... peachy keen.

Everything will NEVER be alright here BECAUSE... everything is temporary... everything changes... everything passes, and it goes from one state of being to another. It is true... in some cases... that there are those who... temporarily... have a period of 'most favored' status, BUT... then the favor runs out. Somewhere a buzzer or a bell goes off, and one is... once again... in The Land of The Midnight Pumpkins.

It is likely that what has happened before... will happen on the same timeline that it did the last time, and the time before that... because the traditions of Religion all follow the seasons. Once the teachings of The Christ were established, they were grafted over the traditions that preceded them, just as those traditions were grafted over the ones that came before, and before that, and before that, and before that. The Trismegister was followed by Serapis... then Christ arrived.

I might not have the sequencing right but that's not my department anyway. I don't keep track of who did what... where... or how much Peter owes Paul. I keep track of what has always been here and never left. I'm not concerned with what new face replaced an old face, I am more concerned about The Face that is Too Bright to See, and which The Sun is an indication of... an indication of what shines in The Land of Hidden Lakes and Exotic Landscapes of Wonder Opening Upon Wonder... into the everlasting and beyond.

My concern is not who said what... where, and whether anyone heard him. My concern is not whether what he said is what they now say he said. My concern is not whose head sits under all those hats, but... what was in the head... that wore the hats... that The Heart informed... because The Soul came into resonance... with The Spirit that informs all things, on... the... level... they... are... present... at.

God is always here... invisibly or... otherwise... anonymously. You don't get to think about him until after he is gone. For the time he is among you, you are under his banishing spell, where he makes The World go away... for long enough to break the trance you were operating under, AND... because Understanding is a cumulative sort of thing... it can take a while coming around.

God has worn a lot of hats, and outfits. Most of the time when he is present, he dresses like everyone else... he looks like everyone else... he is... in fact... everyone else... as they are when they are themselves again with yesterday's ten thousand years; as Omar The K once put it.

Once he's been gone (even though he didn't go anywhere) the bean counters and pencil pushers come around and put together an operating system... that milks the public... like they were a never-ending herd of dairy cows; thus saith he... begetting this and that... wherefore unto you it is given (and taken away)... that the shiny things in the temples of your mind... shall be to you like a television... before they got around to that. Some kind of hoo-doo jingle-jangle that approximates the measurable degrees of The Dingle Dangling.

Therefore did everyone making bank (nearer the trough to thee) get better than well.. sleek as otters... Jabberwocking the laundry lists... of the rituals and routines... that put you to sleep... until your pocket is picked and their privates get licked. So it has been, so it will always be... that the sheep get sheared, and the land gets cleared... by those who are not permitted to live on it. (I could do this all day, but I won't)

The seasons come and the seasons go, and every now and then... at a great remove... The Living Light comes here from a place where there is only one season, and where darkness cannot enter. Yesterday was such a day, and today it is dark and gloomier than I have seen in many a day, and the rain is falling. It might be premonition of something... soon to be followed by a midnight clear... with angels bending near The Earth, and so on... and so forth.

The Light is always birthed out of The Darkness. They say (whoever They were) that all was dark and void previously... before The Great Hammerer into Shape came around and said, Let this be this, and let that be that. Few they are who know how it all went down, and fewer still are those who understand it... because they haven't got anything to say; not being deceivers (or they would have no understanding) and knowing beforehand that everything they did say... would be taken out of context and shrink-wrapped for the shelves of The Department Store Mind.

Just as in the backrooms... of that club... where you and I are not members, there is another club where they are not members, AND... a great many more of you would be much better off if you were not yearning to be a member of their club. You wouldn't like it anyway. They don't like it themselves, but... they didn't know that going in. They only got the bad news AFTER the door was closed behind them, and then locked and chained. It explains why they are so mean to the rest of us.

This is a season of rejoicing for those who know what to be joyful about. Less and less of us have any recollection of the whys and wherefores of the reasons for rejoicing... because the din and noise of bullshit... have reached such a level of volume... that you can no longer even hear yourself speak, but... no one is listening anyway.

It's meant to get like this, to test the Faith... Certitude... and Determination of those who are still...hanging on for dear life... to the idea of something beyond all this folly and heartbreaking sorrow. Well... I am here to tell you that it is EXACTLY on days like this that The Light returns again. You can rely on that. It is a certainty.

Grace and The Palpable Beauty of God also have their seasons, and the time has come round again for us to celebrate what most have only given cleft-lip service to... during the protracted dimming of The Light, as so many hearts closed the door on that fairy tale. However... it is no fairy tale, my friends. It is realer than real. It is going to warm like the hearth in the room behind The Candle in The Window, AND... it is going to burn like fire where cause is given.

Do not despair. It never... went... anywhere. It is ALWAYS there. It must simply be rediscovered. It is not something you find for the first time. It is something you remember, and that will be made crystal clear when you come upon it again. Merry Christmas, my dear and faithful friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End Transmission.......

Strangely enough, since I wrote that post about the machines on the fairway, I have seen none since. That is even more weird than the manner of their synchronized showing up previously.

And another shorter treatise upon things obscure.

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I do not know if this person is telling the truth or not because these days there is no telling. I post it because I have found Truthteller to be just that. (so far) HOWEVER, I wouldn't put it past a chain supermarket.
Keep your eyes open my friends!!!=


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Jabberwoking? LOL!

Seasons. Where I live are two. Wet and dry, and I don't like the dry. The heat is insane sometimes, especially where I work. I HATE AMADOR VALLEY! Wish I could move to a place where there is a constant comfy season, but Uranus is a bit far. How cool it would be to live on a planet where one of the poles faces the sun, though opinions may vary. More satellites would be awesome, too. Like 12 or 13.

I've had first nostril experience with some of the things in this post (Links included.), and it's a nostrils to what is mentioned in your title, today.

Epic post!

M - said...

I've read a couple of books by Masaru Emoto on how water is affected by words. Amazing stuff. Words are more powerful than one might imagine.

AL said...

Felt nice reading this today Les.

Many thanks and Merry Christmas Brutha!

Sukh said...

Smoking Mirrors:
May You Find The Eternity of The Spirit that Exists Outside of The Parameters of Time. May You Find Your Way Home



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