Sunday, September 20, 2020

"George Soros is a Cultural Haboob. Wailing through the Ranks of the Prisoners of Nightmare."


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As we await the coming Earth Trembles on the further coast, let us turn our attention to another matter that is a puzzle indeed. We ALL KNOW that George Soros is PROMOTING AND FUNDING all of the Antifa and BLM associated violence in The United States. We know that there have been news announcements concerning various investigations to discover WHO is financing these organizations. We have seen and heard mainstream media, dance around the essential truth of the matter. We also KNOW that he is one of the principal forces and sponsors of the migrant invasion of Europe that continues to do incalculable harm to Western Europe. We KNOW that Soros is the Frontman for the Rothschild Cartel. We KNOW all of this and other things as well.

WHY... WHY??? Why is it so difficult to SAY HIS NAME out-loud and on the air? He is the number one IDENTIFIABLE Scourge of Humanity, upon all that, is decent and orderly. What other conclusion are we left with than that this DEMON runs on HEAVY HEAVY FUEL? Since all those, with something to lose, demonstrate their cowardice and simpering genuflections to the Prince of Darkness EVERY DAY; let us, who none of them pay any attention to and who are blocked out of all mainstream currents of ACCESS and PRESENCE at this time, SAY HIS NAME!!!

His name is George Soros and he is the financial and ideological force behind the wave of chaos and darkness, moving across this land like one of those Middle Eastern dust storms. I believe they are called a Haboob. Metaphysically, Haboobs are the result of the activity of powerful Djinns. You may not be able to directly see them; your spiritual senses need to be activated for this perception to be possible for you, BUT there are those who can see these entities in action. I have seen and experienced similar on several occasions, while under the influence of powerful psychedelics.

George Soros is a cultural Haboob. He is a dark force from the toxic underbelly of Nature. He is the very definition and Poster Boy example of a Satanist.

Over the years I have heard more than a few times that “you don't know who reads your work, Visible.” On top of that, I have been told the same thing by the angels that attend me on my course. That being the case; that there are those who do not reveal themselves because of who they are (in the positive sense), I would like to ask a favor of ALL THE READERS.

I am guessing that many of you saw the outraged bottom-feeders howling, “Burn it down!” in reference to President Trump getting a new Supreme Court justice appointed. Various of these nutjobs work in media, are entertainers, college professors, and the like. They are making terroristic threats of what might happen if the president nominates someone to replace Ruth Baader Meinhof Ginsburg BEFORE the election. I do not want to detail all that was WRONG about Ginsburg and I suspect she is not getting the same degree of veneration that she is getting here, in the place she is now resident in. I WAS NOT fond of her, but I no longer feel the desire to express Anger and Fury concerning this person. Let me just say that I am a Phrenologist and a person's face is a tell-all about the inhabitant behind the face. If you will just take a look at her face, it will tell you all you need to know about her humanity or the lack of it.

The favor is this; Each morning, around 6:00AM during my meditation period I say a prayer; “Lord, Please AWAKEN Humanity. Appear in their minds in a profound and powerful way. Show them the CONSEQUENCES of their actions in these times and where they are headed. Show them this and then show them what could happen if they change the course they are on. Dear Lord... also expose those who seek to enslave and murder Humanity and those presently doing these very things. Reveal to them WHO the predators are. This would transform existence in a remarkable fashion and the enemies of Humanity would no longer be able to carry on as they have been. I pray believing, Lord. Thank You!!! Amen.”

I am asking the readers to individually and collectively repeat that prayer once each day, using your own words to make the statement, or repeating what I provided in the last paragraph. If enough of us engage in this prayer, I feel VERY confident that it will move Heaven to action. I remember when I was in Italy, I gave the readers the Exorcism Chant, which translates as, “Out Demons Out” In Hindi it is expressed as, Om Raksha, Raksha, Raksha Pfat!!! Many of you intoned this each day and many of you wrote to tell me that it had been effective in your lives.

I don't want to have to get hammer and tongs on these people who are screaming “burn it down” if Trump should nominate a successor to Ruth Baader Meinhof Ginsberg. This includes AOC and a passel of others. I don't want to rage in fury anymore. I don't feel the anger these days. It just makes me sad. The passion is still there but it is of another kind now, so I just want to pray that the Lord will move in his usual mysterious way and dramatically wakes these selfish and godless fools up. Please join me when you can because the more of us who do, the more likely it will get paid attention to. The angels of God will carry this prayer to him and he will answer it

With each succeeding day I am seeing more and more clearly what is likely to take place when President Trump is reelected. If these WOKE Dreamers are AWAKENED, they will change their tune as quick as immediately. The POWER of PRAYER is amazing, as all who sincerely apply it have discovered. I have certainly seen it in action. Nothing is gained by shouting back at these prisoners of Nightmare. Given all the evidence that has presented itself to me in recent days, we are assuredly headed for Civil War. This potential drama CAN BE changed dramatically if those sleeping in selfish dreams are awakened by the hand of God. We are, any of us, and all of us, unhorsed when The Truth comes knocking.

Please join me in this effort; 'we are not here, we are everywhere.' Yesterday I told my friend about this and my friend agreed wholeheartedly with me about the force that WILL BE awakened, if we collectively petition the Divine Court with our appeal for positive change. I sincerely believe that God is in accord with this very thing and that is why Mr. Apocalypse was sent down here at this time. Revelation, Exposing, and Uncovering are now the order of the day AND it is going to get far more intense than it is at the moment. We ARE God's hands and senses in the manifest realm. Speaking to God in our hearts, about this critical concern, is guaranteed to impact upon the minds of those caught up in Delusion. I cannot communicate the level of Certitude that exists in me, in respect of so many people completely out of control coming into contact with this DIVINE INTENTION.

As Materialism has made the people more and more selfish and indifferent to the humanity of others and to their own humanity as well, the impetus toward ever-increasing madness is accelerating. It is bombing down the highway to Hell in reverse Kumbaya. Positive Change is on the menu; ask about The Daily Special!

It is altogether possible that there could come an immense and contagious transformation in the heart and mind of humanity. It DOES NOT have to descend into utter chaos. The force of Cosmic Love can instantaneously put the majority of us on The Road to Damascus. For so many of us to PRAY a common prayer might well cause the Train of Destiny to switch tracks. I don't know why this idea came so forcefully into my mind but come it did.

To pray sincerely for OTHERS to see the light makes the response of Heaven a fait accompli. The Director is weaving the disparate desires of all of us into harmonic accord. This is what Heaven does and one has the right to decide whether to be wheat or chaff. Heaven's intention is NOT in accord with the intentions of The Enemy of Heaven. In a twinkling, in that space between one breath and another, something exceptional and miraculous can occur. “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” We DO NOT have to be physically present with one another for this to happen. Virtual also works.

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Thomas said...

Jesus mentions the power of prayer in the Sermon on the Mount - "and pray for those who despitefully use you, and persecute you" - and He demonstrated it on the Cross! - "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do". Yogananda mentions it, too.

And why not? Why should sincere prayer not have a real effect, seeing that we are spiritual beings, and those whom we pray for are also that?

I think it is a good and noble suggestion - to pray for the world and those who are wayward.

(How Vivekananda is brilliant! - a fine mixture of deep devotion and rigourous reason! - No wonder the Holy Ramakrishna was fond of him.)

Anonymous said...

I’m 100% on board with your prayer request, Visible. It will be an honor to pray with a virtual gathering of your readers and I humbly commit to doing same. All power and glory to God forever and ever, amen.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the 'prayerful' column.

Vis: "It is altogether possible that there could come an immense and contagious transformation in the heart and mind of humanity."

In my experiences, that would seem to be the way it will happen. Someone/something at a high level gets Cleaned, and whatever unfortunate Ways of Being which were being held start to 'unravel' from high to low. Just today, a fairly-high-level Cleaning resulted in multi-dozens of "Dones" (meaning shut-down, concluded, stopped) ringing-out in separate occurrences. I presume those effects will work their way down and just change things...

I do wonder whether those semi-awake will be able to note the 'differences'. In one Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, an advanced Being called Guinan (played by Whoopi Goldberg) noted that something all-of-a-sudden "Felt Wrong" about reality. She convinced the Captain to pursue a course which 'corrected' reality. Afterwards, she seemed to retain a memory of the not-right reality. Will some of us?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Sonik Cat said...

Doin' a ritual mostly of giving thanks tomorrow. I'll throw this in, along with a couple of other STO requests.


In all seriousness, I'm happy to be back at the restaurant.

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

"To pray sincerely for OTHERS to see the light makes the response of Heaven a fait accompli"
Simply said, profoundly...

"This potential drama CAN BE changed dramatically if those sleeping in selfish dreams are awakened by the hand of God"

This true statement applies to all of us and always has.
The use or misuse of consciousness by the collective mind of humanity, under thrall by the inhuman, has created the this mess and the living must will the mess away, as our minds clear of the fog of separation.

Pain can clear the fog but love in action does it faster.
The pain IS growing in the short term as the madness peaks, making the choice in every moment very stark: Embrace the pain to die and embrace the will to love and live

Pray without ceasing that we outgrow our little selves in time to marry the True Self coming...

"It is altogether possible that there could come an immense and contagious transformation in the heart and mind of humanity. It DOES NOT have to descend into utter chaos. The force of Cosmic Love can instantaneously put the majority of us on The Road to Damascus"

The possible is here, improbably!
We must select it over the mass mind's delusion.
The fraction required to redirect the zombies is less than a majority, just firm enough in conviction to sway those who follow anything that moves.
From moving images of the media Matrix to moving hearts in motion toward a Heart-filled present.
Our baggage drags us down so we cut it loose.
Our spirits lift us up so we grasp it tightly

Those who have suffered for being true to themselves will be healed

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"Tomorrow it All Begins FOR SOME and... FOR SOME, Tomorrow is the Beginning of the End."

Kray Z8 said...

Greetings, Dog Poet!
Count me in. Love is the strongest power in existence and purposeful prayer directs it. I would gladly do this just because you asked, but it's also the right thing to do. I can't for the life of me detect a downside! Thank You and The Ineffable for all you do.
Love, Life, Liberty! NAMASTE



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