Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Real and the Ever Changing

I wonder often about how people are feeling in America and other locations. I wonder if the pressure I have been feeling for over a year now is a common sensation or whether other people’s lives remain unaffected by this.

It came to my attention yesterday that a period of crushing pressure is on the way for the mass of humanity. I had known about this already because, for me, the signs have been there for awhile. I was told that this thing that’s going to hit is not going to hit me (don’t worry, I’ve already gotten a good share of this sort of thing) due to certain protections I have. This is also something I’ve known about for awhile.

Each of us, as particular souls, has relationships with entities beyond the physical spectrum. In our travels back and forth from the visible to the invisible, lifetime to lifetime, we form associations with personalities, beings and powers. This is such a complex area that I’m not even going to get started talking about it. I bring it up for the reader to consider this and to point out possibilities of action that can be taken if desired.

We’re all familiar with stalagmites and stalactites. They’re created at the same time. The stalactite drips from above and the stalagmite forms from below as a result. Over time, if the process is not interrupted, they will form a column. This is a good metaphor for the union of the individual soul with the divine. There’s a long process required in the ‘ordinary’ performance of this spiritual process. This process can be accelerated and the speed at which that happens depends on the determination and intensity of the one involved. It is not without pain and the dreadful awareness of inertia and all the elements of the material plane that work like gravity upon us; insistently and with varying degrees of weight.

The weight at this time is pretty heavy. The impact of artificial life- as opposed to natural life, or life in nature- is very surround sound. Many people are deeply engaged in it. It’s a temporary thing. During many periods this isn’t of as much concern as it is at the moment. At other times a particular dream is moving through the common mind and people live and die in it without it changing too much, generally. This particular time is different. This is a time of dream transition. It is also a time of transition outside of the dream altogether. This is why a certain amount of people are seeing the lies that hold together the fabric of illusion. This is ‘an’ Apocalypse. This is the time of unveiling.

For those who can see what is being revealed, there is liberation from the general hypnosis. It’s being put out there for everyone. Some are seeing it. Some are seeing portions but ignoring them. Some are not seeing anything at all because they are getting their perspectives and perceptions from the official spinmeisters.

The fact is that much of what we collectively believe is unreal. This is about to be pointed out to us in a big way. For those who believe only what they have been told and for those who are ignoring what they are seeing, due to degrees of self-interest being in charge of their thoughts and actions, there is going to be a collective wakeup coming into their lives. Depending on how asleep one is, or how engaged in self- interest, on that depends the degree of pain and suffering.

Those who are seeing and accepting and changing are in a position to shed what needs be shed with much less discomfort than the others. The fact is that you have no choice about what is coming. The choice you do have is in how you respond and in your willingness to change. Some of us are changing ahead of time.

Some of us have been suffering for a long time when everyone else wasn’t suffering much at all, except in the usual ways. Of course, large portions of the world could be said to exist in a constant state of suffering but that’s the nature of karma. I’ve attempted to explain (in my limited way) how karma presents itself to me. I wasn’t very successful with that. Let’s leave it at this. Karma does exist. You can scarcely go anywhere and not see it. Some of us have different eyes and can see things that most people cannot see. This is often because they aren’t that interested. They already have their primary interest at work, self interest.

We aren’t made special because we are drawn to uncommon interests and have profited from our inquiries. The sun will shine on all without favoring anyone. But we are advantaged by the work we have given to esoteric interests. We form alliances and make friends. These are the sort of friends you are not going to meet in the marketplace, the schoolyard or wherever people gather. Some of us have friends like this. Some of us have made associations with powerful archetypes that we can call upon and sometimes not even need to call upon.

Powerful people in the temporal world have all sorts of people they can call on for a variety of services. Oh, they can get anything that money and influence can provide and that covers whatever there is in the manifest. There are a number of things they cannot get, no matter who they call. These things do not belong to the royalty of the temporal realm. They do belong to the royalty of other realms and they are, for the most part, freely given. The key is to know ‘who’ to get them from and ‘who’ you have to be to get them. There are certain qualities and characteristics that make such acquisitions easier. It’s always best to seek after these qualities first because they often insure the acquisition of these other things. One might say they go hand in hand.

In the false lit world we dress a certain way to attract a certain interest. We do all sorts of things to get the attention of those whose attention we seek. It’s no different in the other world. One who has no faith in this is not likely to even be curious enough to penetrate to where they need to go to see these things. For those who do, some are going to move much quicker than others. It depends on your personal urgency. Magnetic attraction operates on all planes.

A wise course of action in these peculiar times is to set forth to discard what is outworn and of no consequence ahead of time. Change ahead of time. You’re going to be changed anyway.

I’m going to digress a bit here in closing. Whenever I mention Christianity in anything close to a negative light I am always getting reactions from members of that community as if my comments had something to do with Christ. Christ is a friend of mine. He’s a friend of anyone who wants to be. I choose to be. Christ is more actually a station, not a person. Jesus is a person. Others have become Christ since he was activated. One might learn a great deal by pondering the similarities between the names Christ and Krishna. All avatars come from the same source. All legitimate teaching and traditions are of the same author. As long as one makes the mistake of thinking that their way is The Way they are missing the point and they are assisting in the unfortunate behaviors we see before us.

Individuals at high levels in the ‘temporal’ Christian faith, in tandem with Zionist provocateurs are engaged in the spread of vast misery across the planet. Of this there can be no doubt. The false specter of terrorism that is manufactured by the very agencies designed to protect us from it, is in league with these temporal false Christians and materialistic Zionists. They desire to shape the world to their own ends. Unfortunately for that scenario, the world is a sacred vessel and will not be so suborned.

This does not let the similar temporal representatives of Islam or any other religion off the hook. The same dark and demonic currents run through portions of them all. Religion is the business end of something that is unseen. The business end of the God factor is none of my business. I want no part of it.

I don’t mean to demean anyone’s faith but I will tell you this much. The great transformations that are upon us are also upon these religions as well. There’s a new schematic on the way. Better for you to seek it now; it’s not just coming in terms of physical transformation. It’s moving inside each of us as well. It’s right there, right now.

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Richard Welsh said...


Anonymous said...

The coincidences are at times overwhelming.
Just yesterday I hung over a chapter of Helena´s "Isis Unveiled"
Part II - Theology, reading about the term "Christos" and its grecious respectively sanskrit origins.
I am with you as always
In Truth

kikz said...

'But we are advantaged by the work we have given to esoteric interests.'

"If you've done six impossible things this morning, why not round it off with brunch reservations at Milliways' restaurant at the end of the universe'

...front row seating on the event horizon of 'now what' :)

Richard Welsh said...

I don't thin the trice born do very well -- and as a mere mortal I'm not interested in the cosmic "implications."

Visible said...

When commentary starts to get bizarre, redundant, excessive and such I'm not going to post it so this is basically about saving your time. That's operative as of now.

Animadverto said...

I wanted to highlight, re-quote some of the pertinent lines in this revelation for newer readers but I could not do it. All of it is one big quotation:

- all 1486 words
- all 8197 characters
- all 17 paragraphs
- all 133 lines

I wish I could send this to those I know, but they would not understand what was said. This approach is for those who can already see. At times, my postings can be rather crass; of their intentions, for those who can't.

brobry said...

good stuff. people are feeling it. people i know who as recently as a year ago seemed "out of the loop" are now starting to get it. they are saying things that make me believe they have a better understanding, or at least a clue that something is afoot. i do not see much change in people's behavior, tho. i wonder how many will know something is happening but not make the effort to calm their minds to hear more, or will not act on the message that is being sent to us.that is my greatest concern. to know and do nothing seems a greater sin than to simply not know.

The worm that squirmed said...

Brilliant vibrancy, Visible!
Les, facet: You are a gem, Sir.

My quill, though not nearly as keen as my dull wit, wrestles with this

Karma must be a bit of a bureaucratic bother, indeed - judging by how long it takes for results to drip or crash through with more or less delay and with little or no relevance to present events.

And how is one supposed to learn anything that way anyroad? - not forgetting that one tends to forget previous, if any, re-packaging deals.

K n R blah seems like other religo-mind control mechanisms, or any kind of belief - hypothetical at best.

Btw if there is any après-life what makes any punter confident it should be less corrupt than here? Or more or less prfect thanything else you care to name.

All roads lead to Rome, Holmes no sweat, Holmes - is a nice, well-used platitude, too - in which case that would make the seekers a bunch of dreary old hens tryna get back to the roost asap by the shortest route whilst everybooby else is having a party and will get there eventually whenever - and if anyblubby starts whining about how the losers get to sit and chow down at the table the same as the early birds there'll be some fabled loud parable talk and you'll be back to square one starting out from scratch before you know it. Maybe even as an earthworm this time around the merry-go-round, swings and slides etc. Oh well, win some, lose some.

Thasswot keeps em coming back, see?
The worms.
Cos thair ooked, see?

Richard Welsh said...

Het Deadman --

Oh-vey my aching back

Anonymous said...

Les, Smiles and more smiles, you have rebounded from the weight with this one!!!

Each of us, as particular souls, has relationships with entities beyond the physical spectrum
It is not without pain and the dreadful awareness of inertia and all the elements of the material plane that work like gravity upon us
The fact is that much of what we collectively believe is unreal.
The sun will shine on all without favoring anyone.
It’s always best to seek after these qualities first because they often insure the acquisition of these other things. One might say they go hand in hand.

Thanks man

Raven Maven said...

Les.... I was drawn here by the grace of the Universe. Read about you (Dog Poet) on the web bot reports (yes, you are the one) and on the urbansurvival site. I now flock to your site(s) for anything I can get my eyes/ears on. You have touched me in ways I cannot describe. Your words resonate inside of me; frankly this brings tears to my eyes. You speak nothing but pure and unfiltered "truth" to my soul and thus, my heart bleeds for those who cannot see what those of us can. Your words will have a ripple effect across the globe, this I know. I thank you for your brilliance and please continue to work your magic.

Much peace and love to you.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking around and appreciating everything I see for in the near future it may be changed. that includes looking inside as well.

There will be ascension soon. The story of man is coming to a climax point. The ebbs and flows of history, some of which take hundreds of years, are now coming to a point that was destined.

the supposed grandmasters who think they pull the strings behind the scenes will be the most surprised of all.

Heard today that Princess Diana was a Rothschild. hmmmm...

John said...

I have been thinking about ages and avatars and such.

I didn't write this stuff. It's googleable...

Most interpreters of Hindu scriptures believe that earth is currently in Kali Yuga. Some, such as Swami Sri Yukteswar, David Frawley, and Paramhansa Yogananda believe that it is now near the beginning of Dvapara Yuga.

Sri Yukteswar, after many researches discovered a mistake in the Hindu almanac. He said that there is an equinotial cycle of 24.000 years through which universe's evolution unfolds. Each sub-cycle is called "Yuga". Evolution unfolds from era to era like a circle. "Kali Yuga" is the period of ignorance, lasting 1.200 years Lion of Bengala( more or less from 500 a.c. to 1.700 a.c. ). Dwapara Yuga is the electrical age, lasting 2.400 years ( more or less from 1.700 to 4.100 a.c. )

(Thoughts in my head include:

Avatar of War

The origins of the name probably lie in the Sanskrit word "kalka" which refers to dirt, filth, or foulness and hence denotes the "destroyer of foulness," "destroyer of confusion," "destroyer of darkness," or "annihilator of ignorance." Other similar and divergent interpretations based on varying etymological derivations from Sanskrit - including one simply meaning "White Horse" - have been made.

Krishna, while explaining his omnipresence, names the most perfect being, mortal or divine, in each of several categories. While doing so, he says: "Among generals, I am Skanda, the lord of war."

Skanda, Iskander, Alexander, Alex...just some names.

The dream continues.

MUD said...

I felt that crush of pressure recently too and know that things are changing(as always). Sometimes I wonder if that feeling comes from "knowing" too much and then having too many "ideas" about it.
I keep thinking about the Moon Bomb on the 8th and the vaccine on the 15th. They already found the fricken water!.......and what about how moon cycles relate to human health?
Organized religion works for some people as long as they understand it as a gateway to loving everyone regardless. My grandma is an example.
Thanks for another thoughtful post
best-- MUD

Anonymous said...

By faith shall we remain steadfast as multidimensional transformation overtakes any ego-based mental constructs. The Christ of Now in each of us is the catalyst. Accept the profound power penetrating through all of your being from realms far beyond any senses except for faith-ful consciousness. Your samadhi is instantly and timelessly shared by the entire universe. Turn on this light and it rolls off a warm glow that even the ignorant can feel.

estebanfolsom said...

drank from the sky
the gentlest rain

soaked through my roots
gave me life again

the slightest breeze
filled my chest

i rose up and
ended my rest

drove towards the sun
my only vocation

seeds‘n dirt’n
flowers‘n fruit

my sol fascination

so now i’m sitting
in a root cellar some where

in stasis at the ready
i haven’t a care

i’ve got a feeling
i’ll soon be a meal

but that’s ok
that’s when it
get’s real

i’m put over a fire
mixed with all
sorts of things

i’m seasoned
beyond reason
till my heart
has no strings

and next thing
you know
i’m fuel for
a human

i’ve given
‘my life’
the best way
i can

Unknown said...

Skipping through your sites weekly to unravel the diamond's new facets is like a walk in the forest, hopscotching from the stretches of light onto the next, under the thick leaf cover...

What if we are all but fragments of the one soul?

(On a mere practical note, I have been meaning to ask you for a while if it would be okay with you, if I translated some of your gems into french, and if so, how-where would you like them eventually posted? email incl.)


Visible said...


That's a wonderful offer. I'm not sure where I would put something like that. I guess there could be a French Origami and they could go there and be linked from the other sites.

You're very kind to suggest something like that.

Unknown said...


Yes indeed, I think you could put up a french blogger page, though, at this end I would maybe translate-mix texts from the three sites into one more general approach. On the french site you could make categories - maybe by using the tags??? That's your prerogative....

Another suggestion I would make is that I sometimes translate, and post in a site that has 2k to 3k dailoy traffic, and we could post them there to get the message out? Site is at:


So if that's cool, I'll do 3 texts and send them to you in .pdf, and then you have enough for a page, and if you're okay with posting on News Of Tomorrow, I would post one a week there? That would definitely get some exposure...

Good to hear from you, and some fun time for me...


daniel guimond

Visible said...

Wow! News of Tomorrow sounds great. We'll see how it goes.

Hank said...

I understand these things Les, and I think you know I do, even though I don't articulate or convey them nearly as well as you do. But you also know, as do most here, that I never know what thoughts or feelings your words will inspire in me. I know that sometimes my responses seem quite non sequitur, and today may be no different.

Over the last year, reading your work, I have gone through a tremendous period of introspection and spiritual growth and understanding. I have become keenly aware of the vastness of what I have yet to learn, and I believe I'm in the process of some vital lesson now.

Do you ever get the feeling that the universe is fucking with you, and you can hear god laughing? Just asking.

Anyway, I find myself in the midst of some kind of duality, where I feel like I'm at war with the temporal world, or maybe just temporalness, and yes I know that's not a word. I have sought and found much truth, that has caused me differing degrees of dismay and or comfort. I have sought a higher plain of spiritual existence and in some respects have found it. I feel the impending changes, and even though they may be of a cataclysmic nature, I have little concern for myself or my spirit.

Enter the dilemma. I have, over a relatively short period of time acquired 6 grandchildren, to whom I have found an attachment I did not know I was capable of. Their welfare has come to mean more to me than I am able to communicate, and it ties me to the temporal world in a way I did not think possible.

I don't believe in accidents, so I have to believe there is a reason for the introduction of these little wonders into my life. There are many reasons I can think of, but you know me, I want to boil all the water out of the pot and find the fundamental lesson in it. The thing is, my temporal self wants to just let them play on the beach of life, but my spiritual self knows there is a tsunami coming, and I don't know that there is any safer place on the beach.

My spiritual self know that their spirits may be more ancient than my own, and need no tending, but my temporal self is driven by instincts provided by the human condition. I don't really know what any of this has to do with what you wrote, but it's what came to mind, and I hope you don't mind me speaking my mind. Actually there's a lot of heart in there as well.

In any case, I will continue to grapple with the dilemma, while the universe pokes me with a stick....and am I the only one that hears that laughing? Peace to all.

Anonymous said...


Les has been a gift that I havent found anywhere else. If not for Les and his love, I would not have a home to visit, on my path. You are a gift too!! I feel as you do, and hope to share with the wise mind you use. Thanks


Unknown said...

This post in french -


There was just a small edit, at the end with the paragraphs referring to previous blog posts (...)


When in doubt network!!! As opposed to when in doubt Invoice!


Visible said...

You're a cool guy Daniel. You don't let any grass grow under your keyboard. I'm the same way.

Thank you immensely. I lived in France thru the ages of 8 and 12 in Paris, Ciel St. Cloud, Triel, Evequemont and other places and have a great appreciation for the French. I remember with great fondness being a street urchin who ran around through the Montmarte, the Louvre, the Palais De L'enfants and other places.

I hope some day the French get to hear this song that I dedicated to them Vive La France.

and so on and so forth.

Visible said...

I have got to re record that. I must have had my elbow on the reverb button when I was mixing it. It was a lot of fun doing the dueling clavinets which felt very French to me (grin)

Visible said...

Not actual Clavs of course but guitar through effects and filters.

Mouser said...

Hank -
Thank you for your words of the heart.

Zoner said...

I wanted to comment to Hank, that your dilemma is shared regarding the youngsters. I have 2 small children myself, and sometimes the fear for their safety is almost unbearable. The only thing I can think of is to give them tools to view their place in the world in a different light than what the world tries to show them. This has meant no television, forget the cellphone, read some books, work on your art, and always, above all, know how much you are loved and appreciated.

Having a family medical emergency has given a great excuse to pull them out of school. I don't know if they will return, as ways to make this trip permanent are formulating. Is there anything we can "do" to protect them from whatever is to come? I wish I had some certainty about things, but this ride is always tossing in new curves, isn't it?

I suspect that your concern and obvious love for your grandkids goes very far. I hope you are well tended, and please know that I stand with you in spiritual support for all the innocents that surround us. I don't know anything for certain, but I cling tightly to the notion that "everything is under control". Thank you Mr. V, and thanks Hank and everyone else for sharing your thoughts.


Visible said...

There's a new offering in the Petri Dish.

The Greco-Roman Polanski Method.

Annsie said...

I tried posting earlier today but it didnt seem to get here.Dublin Mick I doubt you are Irish.I am from Dublin and I want to answer the question regarding Ireland voting no on the Lisbon Treaty..You said we didnt vote yes and that it was those Diebold machines...Wrong..We use paper ballots here.The government purchaesed some electronic voting machines a few years ago but there were so many problems they scrapped the idea,,The reason the yes vote won is because the general public were being terrorised with posters about how we will be isolated from Europe and all sorts of dublious threats.Unfortunately with our economy in crisis and everyone losing their jobs, Bank bailouts costing us a fortune and so on.. fear and the dumb masses prevailed..I voted No again but only one third of the country thought the same..I am really pissed off with the result as we have just given them our freedom without a single shot fired,,,So Dublin Mick as a dubliner myself...How come you didnt know about paper ballots and the reasons why the IRISH SOLD OUT



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