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The September, Visible Origami Radio Show.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Greetings Earthlings and welcome to another pod-cast from the Visible pod saucer hovering above the benighted landscape in a direct link-up with The Mothership from Sirius. The Dog Poet is howling across the tundra in concert with the dying gasp of the materialist psychopaths whose grip upon the matter and minds of planet Earth is loosening by the hour. Light is breaking through the walls of darkness and we must all remember that these walls of darkness that have served to enslave the human mind did not go up overnight. These walls of darkness are the perimeters that limit faith and imagination to the playing fields of material enterprise. Those days are ending. Those days are ending. News Flash... those days are ending.

Some readers have taken me to task lately for my certitude and statements that positive change is upon us. One reader says that she has been hearing this for decades and it just gets worse. Let me point something out here that may assist in understanding that things’ getting worse is a sign of things getting better. Negative realities need to run their course. They need to expose themselves in the most dramatic fashion for the lesson to take. It is all about lessons here on planet Earth. This is a planet of war and conflict in which we are given the opportunity to resolve these things within ourselves to prepare ourselves for residence in other worlds. We are not allowed entrance to these other worlds when we still have so much of the world’s conflicts within us. The door is barred for good reason.

Earth life is composed of an uneasy balance between four elements at war with each other. Peace on Earth is a pipe dream except within the being of those who have made peace with themselves or... during the rare golden ages. We are not in a golden age at the moment. We are in a dark age where the underworld rules in ‘apparent’ triumph over the destiny of people and events. This is all about whether you give in to the illusion that what you see is all there is or whether you reject this lie in favor of what is far truer yet more difficult to see.

Things’ getting better does not mean you are soon going to have a large bank account and a McMansion in a gated community. It is not an Ozzie and Harriet heaven filled with whirring conveniences and blemish free children. It is not the very thing that so many have died for in other lands so that the smaller portion of humanity might wallow in excess. Things getting better means things being exposed for what they are and this means that things are going to get much worse and much better at the same time. For those inclined to let go of their attachments to the big cotton candy illusion of instant gratification in temporary satiation, things of a more enduring nature are going to be revealed.

I suggest both the reader and the listener familiarize themselves with a few basic and inflexible truths and that might serve to lessen the stress being endured by the residents. Life on Earth is change. Just as Mercury makes far more revolutions around the sun in a given period of time than Pluto does, some changes are rapid and recurrent and some are long term. This is what allows traditionalists to actually have a time span in which traditions can exist for long enough to be believed in, even if they do pass in their time along with everything that is manifest.

Those who cling to traditions which may have been young and vital and which are now old and corrupt are victims of a kind of anal retentivism. Those who embrace each passing fad as the template for hedonistic experience and the preening vanity of a disappearing youth are victims of another sort. We are all the victims of what we believe to be real and since none of it is real we are all victims of one sort or another.

Across the spectrum of historical event, time moves differently depending on the period it is passing through. Time is moving quite rapidly now and that is the source of much discomfort, although those experiencing it do not usually apprehend the source of their discomfort. The ages of Faith, Reason and Enlightenment and all of the names given to specific periods of existence change into each other without actually reflecting the deeper meaning of the terms used. Mostly it’s just a change in wardrobe and a general movement through stage sets that are being built and dismantled with a fixed regularity. There is no permanence here. Ergo, wiser minds accommodate themselves to this from the get-go.

We are not here to become concert violinists; war heroes, parents and children, bank robbers or FBI agents. These are roles whose purpose- all roles- is to reveal that they are not real but only temporary dreams of misplaced identity. The purpose of being here is self-inquiry and only that. Ergo, wiser minds engage in this as their primary pursuit and are rewarded accordingly. Every other pursuit, no matter what it may be, dead-ends in confusion and leaves one, once again, at the gates of self-inquiry should one so choose... or they pick another outfit and off they go again to the next dead end.

An insightful mind would be well rewarded by studying the planets and the meaning of the names given to them by the ancients. It would repay the student well to consider the length of the courses of the planets in relation to each other and what the meaning is of oppositions, conjunctions and all aspects between these planets and how they affect the lives of those who contain these very forces within them. It is not necessary to study astrology- unless you have the gene. It is not advisable to read the predictions of morons who write about horoscopes in the newspapers and whose banal, generalities cover half a billion people at a time. The key is to investigate the palpable actions of forces within you that are mirrored in the heavens. It is possible to gain intuitive awareness of this interplay and learn how to surf the real waves of existence.

As with Alchemy, the point is not turning prima material into gold so that you can frolic about in what is basically a sewer done up as a trendy nightclub. The point of alchemy is to turn yourself into gold and become the divine currency which is accepted in far more locations than Visa or Diner’s Club and to far greater advantage. The wider world has things upside down and backwards and you are advised not to proceed in that direction because, well because it is another dead end.

It’s hard to persist in doing the right thing because the right thing is not honored in the world at large. It is considered foolish and annoying. You have to swim contrary to your own mortal nature as well as the mortal nature of everyone around you. The right thing in this world tends to result in your being canon fodder dressed up as some, ‘just add water’ Theseus, early sword in the stone guy, or Jason who locates the Golden Fleece at Wal-mart only to find that it’s made out of polyester and won’t stop a bullet or even keep you warm at night. It is impossible to locate the things of value in the marketplaces of the world. It is not available there. You should know this. You are carrying these things around with you to begin with but they cannot be activated until they are discovered and they can’t be operated until someone who already knows how to use them shows you their applications and purposes. Understanding what that last sentence implies is a good beginning and a good beginning can be effected on your death bed in the moments before your last gasp.

This is a way station, don’t treat it like it’s the destination because it isn’t. Truly awesome changes are upon us. Regardless, it is better not to focus on that aspect because truly awesome changes are potentially taking place within us as well and these are the more important changes. What’s going on outside is just weather.

Will you make the quantum leap in consciousness that this time period is providing? That is the big question and the biggest concern. Depending on your degree of comfort in the cruise ship and depending on your association of reality with the operations and courses of the cruise ship... on that depends your proximity to the ship when the ship sinks and sink it will. Study what happens to the flotsam and jetsam in the water when a large object sinks beneath the waves. Remember, this is less a matter of physical location than it is of your prevailing mind set... in this particular instance.

Either you make the jump or your attractions for what is being recycled will recycle you at the same time and you will be sent to the wardrobe department on the moon for a new series of lifetimes in the next cycle. Hopefully you will exhaust your need for impermanence on that next go round. Some people and groups of people are perfectly happy here. Their spiritual currency and their ruling authority are of this plane. They are the ones who actively work to keep you here. A little study of the historical record will reveal a great deal.

So ends the written portion of tonight’s broadcast. Those of you listening will now hear the rest of the transmission.

Tonight’s Radio Show


Searcher said...

Great stuff Les.
This IS just a way-station and not the final destination.
Thank you for your encouraging words.

Anonymous said...

Les that was a great comment on astrology.. THANKS SO MUCH.. I do have the genes and I know that not everyone can do that type work.. But everyone can and should learn enough about it so they can ask good questions from those who can do the work.. Life is soo much less a mystery when the randomness is seen as a little orderly. The times ahead will be hard enough even knowing the way the planets are lining up.. not knowing anything about it seems to me a terrifying way to live..

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

I just found your site- I LOVE IT. Wonderful, powerful positive message. Would you consider yourself a theosophist?


Visible said...

No, I am not a Theosophist. let me say that I am not a member of The Theosophical Society but, I have a great respect for a number of people who have been.

According to Gurdjieff (who I do not agree with now and again) and Krishnamurti (whose comb-over really annoyed me) there was much off about the society but I have gotten many good things from individual members.

I don't belong to or follow anything specifically but am a student of that thing called, 'ageless wisdom'. I belong to a particular school and have a particular teacher but I couldn't really tell you what it/they are called. A lot of that sort of thing is hidden from me for reasons that are also hidden as well (grin).

To the person with the astrology gene; how proficient are you? My recent astrologer (who is quite well known among a certain set of professionals) has proven to be extremely unreliable.

Anonymous said...

Jyotish, the science of light...

Robert Koch (Patraka das)
( (

Shyamsundar Dasa Phone 352-332-3931

Sanjay Rath

Anonymous said...


Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Negative realities needing to run their course. This is where I think Israel which being a chosen name for a country for a reason, is a creature which was doomed to failure. Had the area which is Palestine retained the name, and the peoples of Palestine fought to control, and create their new country, it could have been a new country regardless of the name it would be known as. Israel was a name for this area in the minds of fiends before the country was invented. Israel as it is to-day is a mish mash of peoples from all over the world, trying to live in a stolen land. It is a place invented to follow old laws in a new time.

There are I think people of satanic beliefs who would subvert those laws, whether those laws be good or bad, and they will use all and every means at their disposal for their own world order. The people who think they are working to their NWO are being controlled by something far more evil than an elite who would support a world order. The satanists who guide the NWO need much to gain their ends. For want of better explanation I would call it, the coming Messiah, the Temple Mount, and the New Jerusalem, and Nethanyahu being just another patsy.

This is where I think Netanyahu is the man of our times. He has been nurtured for the times which are upon us. Biden, which I think could be the new king-pin for the thrust in the last hurrah, in the event of Obama having an accident. There are many, many players in this mix. They are known by many names, but The Father of Lies will control them all. The odd one out if you will, is The Creator. He too is known by many names, but his power is us, his creation. His power is drawn from us as we think, and do his will. I suppose this could all have been said in two words. Good, and Evil. I just like scribbling.

The children of The Father of Lies are now at a pivotal point in their doings. They are ever watching, and altering their scheming. With some few leaders not quite up to par with the schemes, on account of not believing the lies, they could still be beguiled into playing the game. With the US being an almost spent force, it still has potential to nudge other players. Possibly the new power for satans lot is the EU. This however has to be a solid block for to control the masses, and the Lisbon Treaty is to play a big part in this. So the "Venetian" experiment in Ireland still has a part to play.

Les, I still think you have info on the doings at hand, and it is most remiss of you to not give us all the heads up. That way your loyal following could perhaps find a hide-e-hole when the poo starts to fly. This way you could have had a loyal fan club, (including naysayers) before, during, and after those epoc making times.

Anyway you stay safe.


Anonymous said...

I think James Traficant was really paraphrasing A. Solzenitsyn when he said you had to have been in a country's Prison System before you could really know about that country.
Les & others have certainly revealed enough that you _should_ be looking for a hidey hole & taking precautions, forewarned is forearmed. Who wants to go back to the Gulag? Most ignore Alex Jones' bullhorning anyway. Clueless white sixty something teabaggers in spandex pants and teeshirts who look like they could use some healthcare! Don't waste time on that bunch anymore. Howdy Doody and Heidi Hillary Doody and Double Biden His Time Doody are the marionettes.

Zoner said...

"You are carrying these things around with you to begin with but they cannot be activated until they are discovered and they can’t be operated until someone who already knows how to use them shows you their applications and purposes"

Thanks for pointing the way yet again, and most importantly today, for the deep laughter resulting from your ever-sharper wit.

But where are the teachers? To me, "someone" implies another human, but who to trust and where to look? Does self-inquiry reach a conclusion, requiring outside assistance at some point to further the process? I think you used the word Guru recently to indicate this, no?

Looking forward to the audio half of this message.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Les,

Another very insightful, and very truthful look at the way we need to look at life. If one is to reach that next level of conscious transformation, humans must understand that its not about materialism.

Humans must change the way they look at themselves first, then by their true inner heart, the vibration that created this vast universe will transcend them into a much higher place amongst the cosmos. For it was the purest of thought that created all the cosmos.

One must clear the mind first of all the clutter and access baggage that has put up the walls so humanity could not reach the next level of heightened awareness. If humanity would just understand this, which Lao-tzu as you know, wrote about some 500 years before the birth of Jesus.

The fuse has been lit, and their is no putting it out. When the flash occurs all of what we know of this dimension, and the current plight of humanity will fade at the speed of light.

As you say, it will not matter where you are, only what your inner conscious state will dictate whether you will be re-entering this reality for another go around of Earthly delights, or be entering the next eon of existance that will eventually find humans journeying throughout the cosmos and gaining the infinite wisdom that awaits us.

The true meaning of wisdom is not the being consumed by knowledge, it's being connected to this wondrous blue planet called Earth. We were given this beautiful planet to become connected to its riches of life, oceans, trees, rivers, mountains. It's unparalled beauty sends off the truest of vibrations that we need to connect to, so we can be a complete spirtual being. It's part of us as we are of it, and the rest of the universe! The ancients new this, and passed it along to humanty. For our seeds were put here by beings of much greater wisdom than us. They have been here millions, if not billions of years. One day we will travel throughout the cosmos as they do, teaching the purest of heart wisdom to other infant civilizations, as we will be taught by them.

The time is very near, but one should not fear what is to come. Humans are in their infantcy. Humanity will begin to go from crawling to baby steps into the future where anything is possible.

It's all about the journey, not the finish line. Humans needs to take a quantum pause and wait for the greatest of shifts to occur!

Thanks Les for being one of the truest and enlightened voices of humanity!


Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Truthseeker's Imprisoned in Rothschild Castle.

Visible said...

Addresses don't just go out in the mail. Timelines and other factors must precede such a thing.

Anonymous said...

Les, a master piece of words today, thanks.
I tend to see the stars and planets as the inside of me turned around for study? The moon and sun are super sized faces of my own world.
You have sent me on a little trip, thanks, I needed to get of the beaten path for a few! Im thinkin about making my own cloths and shoes. No reason to share but it seems new and rewarding.
I have come to understand the harder a thing is too deal with or work within the more power and joy I get from it too. I cant but help see the changing world and the danger to come as a gift larger than Ive ever noticed before?
Still I know the end will be much like the start of this life, naked and without wordly concern, and for that I still need time to walk away from things(bad word). Someday a winters morning will seem correct but till then Ill seek my gold with hands and acts?

Anonymous said...

as always Les brilliant stuff,what would you suggest is a good place to start...peace neil

Anonymous said...

Another string of pearls to thank you for.
"The purpose of being here is self-inquiry and only that."
Is it not also to act in accordance with the result of that self-inquiry?
Which result should lead to the single truth that we are all the products of the One Consciousness, Mind, Imaginer, Author, Creator, What-have-you, and therefore, we should not only recognise our origin but the Single origin of all there is, including (this is hard to take) those who carry out unpleasant, cruel, wicked deeds.
Like the proverbial four blind men and the elephant, different traditions seem to focus on different aspects of the search for the One Elephant, some focussing on early necessary steps, like self-enquiry, others on the result of that enquiry, and a few on the obligation of acting on that.
These traditions which take up the obligation of each of us to act on what we lear or recognise as the truth, describe those who give up the personal blissful existence (whatever that is) which they have attained or earned, to take on human or other form and suffering again, to help those who are staggering and flailing about, or comatose, out of their Compassion for their co-created beings, co-dwellers here.
Is it not the case that if each one of us can cover the whole bit, from enquiry to knowledge to right action based on that knowledge, in one round on this beautiful planet, (which round also includes much ugliness, unbearable suffering, wickedness, etc), that the whole vibratory level of everything on the planet will go up, and the path or course be made just that wee bit easier for all?
And one's guru or teacher does not have to be a physical human, but can be writings or sayings (credited to humans from any age, including contemporaries like yourself) and non-human co-creations on the earth. Not everyone can find a teacher or guru in person. For one thing, there aren't enough to go around.
It's the insight, the lesson learned, after the deepest probing self-scrutiny, and the softening, lubrication, or illumination which leads to the "thinking heart or feeling mind", that are required.
I'd tweak the common saying and state that when the student or searcher is ready, prepared, primed, anything can open his heart. As Hamlet said, "The readiness is all."

Anonymous said...

planetery forces,dimensions of sources,resources refined when woken to courses,inner mind states are effected altered,some energies are nausious,some cautious,and some make the spirit race like a thousand horses,depends on the time,depends on the mind,one thing I know its sent to refine,each mans lessons are sent all in good time,all the shifts all the phases,adjustments in line,but other than that myself I dont know,so later on tonight I will have a look make my inner mind grow...peace harmony

kikz said...

aftn les,

well done on the mirrors column today..
and fyi.. mike's got it linked from the 'comments page' w/the orig post expanded... so there is no place to leave commentary... so if you're numbers are down.. that could be why.. i had to back out and come in again from my own bkmrk for mirrors.

still can't leave any commentary on mirrors.. hav tried the workaround *shrug* so, that's why i'm leavin word here..

Anonymous said...

Hare Krishna Hare Rama

This is transcendental sound vibration. This is transcendental sound vibration, and this will help us to cleanse the dust on the mirror of our mind. On the mind we have accumulated material dust. By our manipulation of materialistic activities, there are some material dusts which are accumulated on the mind, and therefore we are unable to see things in true perspective.
So this process, this vibration of transcendental sound, Hare Krishna Hare Rama, will cleanse the dust. And, as soon as the dust is cleared, then, as you can see on the mirror the nice face of yours, similarly we can see our real, I mean to say, constitutional position, “what I am.” And as soon as I understand that “I am not this body, I am spirit soul, and my symptom is consciousness,” and that consciousness, as it is purified by this process, the whole material miseries will be over."

Srila Prabhupada

Anonymous said...

Wauw, this is really great stuff. It gave me new deapened insights in what I thought I knew.

Thank you very much.

The Hague

Anonymous said...

Kilaya here
Awesome post, Les. And, as a student of the Ancient Ones, the Nyingmapa, I am in total agreement with your statement "You are carrying these things around with you to begin with but they cannot be activated until they are discovered and they can’t be operated until someone who already knows how to use them shows you their applications and purposes. Understanding what that last sentence implies is a good beginning and a good beginning can be effected on your death bed in the moments before your last gasp."
That statement is precisely in tune with the idea of turning a seemingly bad situation into pure gold. With the right knowledge a negative phenomena can be used for positive transformation and that is why one needs a teacher who can transmit the knowledge of how it is done. So, to all the dear readers and contributors to your blog, I would like to say, don't despair during this time of transformation. What is transpiring must take place in order to effect a positive change. And, change is inevitable and constant.

Anonymous said...

Srila Prabhupada says :
"Chanting Hare Krishna is the easiest process by which to become purified, especially in this age, when people are so dull that they cannot very easily understand spiritual knowledge. If one chants Hare Krishna , then his intelligence becomes purified, and he can understand spiritual things."

"We have seen it practically. Even a child can take part in the chanting, or
even a dog can take part in it."

What have you got to lose?
Give it a try.

Anonymous said...

I can't get the radio to work for me. The quicktime comes up and it is blank?

Visible said...

Click on the downward arrow to the left and it should download in a short period of time. Double click the file and the same thing will happen. I just did this to check for you and the file works fine. Perhaps it has already downloaded and you do not see the file because it downloaded into a folder or, well, there could be a few reasons but most people will find it downloads with no problem. If what I mentioned does not work for you you should let me know again. you can right click the file and then click 'save target'

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"Some readers have taken me to task lately for my certitude and statements that positive change is upon us."
Positive change perhaps:
Rockefeller & Co CEO dies in apparent suicide.

Visible said...

There is a new culture burbling in the Petri Dish.

The Most Dangerous Virus in the World.

Anonymous said...

With utmost respect for all:

Although I mentally chant and speak in tongues in my mind, I do this to drown out the noise -- outside and in.

To receive the infinite joyful SILENT JOY O LIGHT is an operation of symbol and light.

Here is the simplest one I know:

Stare at your computer screen--
Then turn away from the screen and close your eyes. The first thing you will see will be your computer screen made up of light. Stare through this until it disappears -- about 30 seconds. Then stare for 30 sec to a minute more and the image will return only this time the edges are faintly illuminated and the screen has disappeared.

Now stare through this true darkness for as long as you can.


Anonymous said...

Utmost Respect Pt.2

Sine I'm dropping hints -- here's one I learned from a Sufi master of ancient lineage.

This works best if you can assume a full lotus position As the master simply stated -- the perfect lotus floats on water.

Exercise. Get in a swimming pool, lake etc. Assume the full lotus. Let your self fall backwards.

The miracle -- you will begin bob like a cork. No breathing or balance problems.

Do 7 times a week until you can do it 33 minutes non-stop...

Anonymous said...

Nobility is defined by ones actions.....Robin Hood



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