Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Thought Born Universe in the Undisciplined Mind.

I notice that tensions are running high these days. That usually means confusion and uncertainty are at 1 and 2 in the post position. Things we grab at seem to be melting through our hands. Uncertainty seems to have some effect on solid objects as well as the plans we make concerning them and ourselves. People are moody and a lot of them are brittle. When you can’t find the source of your anxiety it seems that whoever is closest will do for cause.

I have no idea who I am. I am supposed to know maybe, but I don’t. There are some peculiarities about my state that I have never encountered in anyone else. It’s a lot like my saucer which has all kinds of features but they aren’t operative. The lights are on but the power is off. That doesn’t make any sense but that’s how it is.

I used to sell everything I had and then fly across the country on what I imagined was some errand of mercy but which always turned out to be just coming and going. I thought it was my job to fix things, help ease the crisis points in the lives of those I cared about but I couldn’t find anyone to fix me. Spiritual masters would give me funny looks like there was some kind of inside joke but I never got let in on it. The amounts of chaos and confusion that attended me were like bad drunks that never shut up. I didn’t know what anything meant, I just went through it.

Once I was on one of my routine, ‘sell everything and fly somewhere’ scenarios. This time is was to stay with a friend who was dying. He had rich parents and they had bought him a beautiful home in the woods near a famous town. He couldn’t do much by this time and his lovely expanse of lawn had become pocketed with leaves from the large deciduous trees that stood at various points around. I was asked to see what I could do to fix the situation.

This was a large area of lawn. It was less than an acre but not by much. I got a rake and began to remove the decomposing pockets of leaves and I saw right away that this was going to be a long affair. There wasn’t anyone else who was going to do this. It was clear that there were many long days of work ahead of me. If I was to focus on this factor my work would have been far more arduous than it already was. The awareness in my mind of how big a venture this was would prove to be every bit as taxing as the actual effort involved. So, I emptied my mind of the work in front of me and just went from pocket to pocket until I was done. One day I was done and it surprised me that I had actually accomplished it.

I wasn’t paid for this, not in ordinary coin. Later, after my friend has died his parents, out of gratitude for the various things I had done, left me certain of his possessions. A few months later when I went to claim them, his materialism-worshipping younger sister would not allow me to and sent me on my way.

I’ve had other situations like this. For a long time I used to do common construction labor for minimum wage. It was sometimes very cold and I was ill dressed but I did it anyway. A point came where I told myself that I would never work for less than three times what I had been getting and, just like that, I got paid that amount. A point came when I told myself that I wouldn’t drive anything but a new car anymore and that happened too. Today I have a new car and an older classic car and the conscious power within life makes sure that I have what I need when I need it, even though I don’t actually have anything beyond the tools of my trade and some books and clothes. I’m fine with that.

What I’ve learned is that it’s what’s going on in your mind that determines the meaning of what is going on outside of you. Physicists have proven that the universe is thought born and that everything is composed of mind stuff. This is something that metaphysicians have known since the beginning. We cause everything to come into being based on what takes place in our minds. This world in which we live has been thought into being by our collective thinking, fueled by desire. Each individual world differs from the other based on the degree of organization and intensity- whatever the personal objectives are- within each of us.

On the many highways of life some of us drive without incident. Others are accident prone and some numbers die in transit for whatever the reason may be. Some of us are often stopped by the police and some of us never are. I used to encounter the authorities all the time and, for a time, they were chasing me all over the country as an enemy of the state. These days the authorities don’t even see me. Customs officials and all the rest of them just wave me through if they see me at all. In America it was very different. In America I set off alarms just walking down the street. A vibration in one place can mean something very different in another place.

I’ve said what I’ve said so far for a reason. I don’t know if I will manage to make the point I have in my mind but I suspect most readers will intuit what I am trying to say even if I don’t do it very well.

We are approaching a critical period in human history. No one knows what shape it is going to take and I have a suspicion it is going to be far more dramatic and descend more swiftly upon us than most of us would anticipate. People believe various things about the cause of what is coming. The cause of what is coming is our collective thinking about the possibilities. The very idea of 2012 is a presence in the human mind. There is a self-fulfilling prophecy at work. If enough people expect something then something is going to happen.

In ordinary times there is a collective mind set that the ordinary will prevail and it does. The greater mind holds everything in place according to the general view of reality held by the majority. Mind is responsible for everything; the weather, social, political and economic conditions. All of the ordinary potentials are still there. There’s no less food and money than before but there is a much greater, pervasive anxiety about it. Good times, bad times are meaningless in and of themselves. They shift position for the purpose of a growth in awareness. Every event and condition in life has no other purpose but to increase our awareness and force us to grow. If we refuse, if we become unyielding, we die and that is growth too.

The intensity of the pain of growth can be measured by our resistance to it. We resist growth because it means the loss of what we have and what is familiar to us in exchange for the unknown. Because we don’t trust the process we fight it. Our fighting it doesn’t make any difference. It happens anyway. A wiser mind accepts this inevitability and thereby reaps unexpected blessings all the way along.

We are making all of this happen because something within all of us is unsatisfied with what we are and what we have. We may not know this but it is so. If we look at what we are facing it can be overwhelming and that is why it is best to address just a single pocket of leaves at a time. We see a course before us and imagine the most likely events that will attend it but it is never what we imagined it would be. Even though it is our imagining that brings it into being it never matches up with what we think we imagined.

It seems to me that the whole point of this pending and unavoidable exercise is to throw us into a helpless reliance upon what we have been opposing and rejecting in pursuit of various chimera. It seems to me that the sole purpose of life is to inform us of the presence of divine agency. The more willing we are to embrace this, the more easily we will pass through it with the least wear and tear. Otherwise you ARE going to wear and tear because there is no way around it. It will be in front of you no matter in which direction you proceed.

The thing we don’t seem to get is that the primary engine of all that happens to us is benevolent to us. It’s not taking us somewhere we don’t want to go and it is not tormenting us for its own amusement. It’s just that we- in our insistence of knowing better- oppose our own best interest all the way down the line and just make the whole thing a lot harder than it has to be. I’m going to have to stop here but the idea will continue on in the minds contemplating it.

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The New Shangri-La


Anonymous said...


the magic of your writing just keeps unfolding. The great change will be upon us soon. Some will ascend to higher vibrations, some will stay to play the same game over, and some will descend into lowly creatures of the swamp to start all over again.

got up early to say hello. Will return now to my slumber and rise with the sun to clean up a few piles of leaves one at a time.


ps: Isn't life the greatest movie of them all? But! Just like the movies nothing really happened at all. Just some activity of the mind(s). :)


Anonymous said...

Feeling moody and uncertain lately myself, sensing it in others around me too...
I was trapped in the materialistic mind set for many years, best thing I ever did was selling all of my 'Things'...all I have now is a few changes of clothes and my well used lap-top. I remember the line from 'Fight club' "The things you own end up owning you. It's only after you lose everything that you're free to do anything"...very true!
I like the fact that I can just get up and go at any time, it's very liberating.

Respects. (---_---)

Anonymous said...

Hello lovely Les,

I have read your blogs for a few years now and marvel at your spirit. You have an uncanny ability to verbalise feelings and's such a precious gift and I just wanted to share my appreciation with you for the first time.

There is an air of expectancy enfolding around's almost palpable.

I remarked last night the date today being 09.09.09 which is apparantly of some significance in the Mayan calendar. I felt that today I should meditate at 09.00 and focus my energy on the higher purposes of life..I will do so again this evening and shoot a little bit in your general direction :)!

Thank you.

Zoner said...

Oh well, another comment lost due to not properly jumping through the Google hoops.

I just wanted to say thanks and to remark on how this was yet another case of your post mirroring the things swirling around in the grey matter here. It gets so close sometimes it is a bit startling.

You seem to know how to push buttons very well, even if they are not illuminated.

My best to all. I'm sorry if that doesn't amount to much right now.


Anonymous said...

Very nice, very sweet intentions and results..

Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 5.3

jñeyaḥ sa nitya-sannyāsī

yo na dveṣṭi na kāńkṣati

nirdvandvo hi mahā-bāho

sukhaḿ bandhāt pramucyate


One who neither hates nor desires the fruits of his activities is known to be always renounced. Such a person, free from all dualities, easily overcomes material bondage and is completely liberated, O mighty-armed Arjuna.


One who is fully in Kṛṣṇa (God) consciousness is always a renouncer because he feels neither hatred nor desire for the results of his actions. Such a renouncer, dedicated to the transcendental loving service of the Lord, is fully qualified in knowledge because he knows his constitutional position in his relationship with Kṛṣṇa. He knows fully well that Kṛṣṇa is the whole and that he is part and parcel of Kṛṣṇa. Such knowledge is perfect because it is qualitatively and quantitatively correct. The concept of oneness with Kṛṣṇa is incorrect because the part cannot be equal to the whole. Knowledge that one is one in quality yet different in quantity is correct transcendental knowledge leading one to become full in himself, having nothing to aspire to or lament over. There is no duality in his mind because whatever he does, he does for Kṛṣṇa. Being thus freed from the platform of dualities, he is liberated — even in this material world.

Anonymous said...

Moods and feelings are getting harder to hide. I see this in people around me. The media is doing its best to keep the mood a programmed one.
Its so clear the people that look at actors and sports or the news and those that dont? Its soooo clear the words and ideas I cant take apart from others. If I do, I see death and fear of change in the eyes these people? I seem to be getting the feeling we are all in for a big flip, life taking and on the edge of known events? I think we all know this because we where all here last time it happen? Its the old question, what would you do if you knew the world was ending tomorrow. Thats the feared look I see this fall?
I have many well minded friends that just wont give up on the left half of the mind. They still need to share the same ground or fear being sweap down the river? Please Im of the nature now to just dive in.
Every time I get near her (white goddess) I feel the last part of my bodys desire burning off. She comes all the time now, at work while driving and what not. I falsly used others to replace her before. She has never not been there, why didnt I see before? Like you have suggested, I just let her in now. No need to think about nor wonder anymore.
I fear this too. I have never lived without interaction with others but see its time to leave peoples company? This would be a huge change for me? As we are all alone before oneness I will be too. Unclear why I need to walk this way but better it feels than setting on the banks?
Thank Les your guiding hand is much to be thankful for today.

Anonymous said...

"The things you own end up owning you".
How very, very true.

nina said...

Next time some impertinent soul asks "Who are you, anyway?" You can just tell 'em you are the Leaf Raker.

Nayon said...

Thanks again Les for those very kind words, it felt as if it was written for me. I feel coming truck loads of leaves right now, maybe I should just be jumping in them as I did when I was a kid and enjoy it. We are inded so small. It's a good thing to have brothers like you.

Roger Alpha Delta India Oscar said...

Les, your transmissions are cornucopian in scope and wit.

I may have my telemicrophones on back to front and mayhap clearly not recieving a single ping on my radars crrocectly - but I like what I think I see from this point of VuR unit, anyway.

Agreed, one must bear in mind that one's thoughts and actions or lack of such, attempted, failed (perhaps successfully in hindsight) etc. do tend to shape one's + each others' future(s). As time goes by all the individual and unique strands weave themselseves or are woven together in the most intricate and beauterrifically subtle of ways and so on and you get the picture.

Or whoever commissioned it or whatever.

Not necessarily a pretty one.
But maybe we're way too up-tight, close and personal and only seeing an infinifraction of it from the back with the lights out. And what if the original has been stolen and replaced with a forgery?

Oh well, it's only the end of the world (how much longer can they strectch it?) things are probably weirder than they seem so why not a spectrum of chit-chat-babble-noisey-ego-static (who me?... takes one to know one, eh?)to contend with unless you can dial a perfect frequency? Hi-Deaf and heavy rotation all day and all through the night. Hardcore, underground, grind, grime, rock, jazz, classical, chanting, praying, preaching, pillage, murder, madness - it's all pop judging by the statistics.

I hammy radio* - not an humanimal!

*Kurt Vonnegut tuned me onto this idea (radio brain) I wanna read all his books again right now!

Micro macro yin yang ping pooh pong. Are not all cells ingesting digesting excreting living dying transmitters/receivers? We are perhaps synapses in Big Bootass brain? What?...Oh, gastric lining, sorry! my mistake, fell foul of the folds, this explains everything

Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

protector,elevator,projector, waker,interceptor disciple of resurector of maker,star raiser,raise star from the heavens of creator,light weaver,weave spectrum of light to centre the space,river raw,weave river of love heart through jaw,nature door,earth mother screams ,feed the poor,our duty feed man cos most cant compute thee,, nature store will stop,if their is know stop to earth war,please listen the stricken live in material prison,advisers rule but dont know their mission,they cause division,politician lie they have no vision,they breed suspicion cause hells condition that we live in were hidden,getting driven,it must stop cos the clock tick tock,must be dropped,deceiver deceiving the flock,the block mock like a rock in the path we have just stopped,were shocked,locked,we just need to hop,and give over to our destiny,the place were meant to be,our ancestors said to we,they were'nt our enemy,they were our lesson exemplary,they viewed the message from the entity,the truth seeker beckons thee they yearn their free,please,just waken,reinstate what was taken,dont be forsaken,broken be awakened,straightened,show path to the creator,cos peace been taken,harmonizer,truth, riser,realizer,fuse wiser show guider to guide man from the fires...peace

Anonymous said...

you strummed on todays higher astral chordal riffage les. i felt and passed many of the same chordal riffage throughout my energy envelope in the past 24 hours. bless ya man.


Zellie said...

Umm...hmmm....Edgar Cayce, "Thoughts are Things." Rings in my ear, and I also hear: Jesus, "As you do unto the least of these thy brethren, you do unto me." Also, self will versus God's will...the eternal struggle upward...What's God's will? Manifesting the fruits of the spirit...what are they? Love, caring, patience, tolerance, kindness, long-suffering, etc. Manifest those traits/qualities/behaviors every single day of your life and one day, regardless of whether you are in the body or not, you get to take with you to the next life all the things you gave away in this life....EC again. Nothing you've ever done, thought, or experienced is ever wasted...In honor of Lobsang Rampa..."You Forever."

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up now-

The 9/11 Fish Head Flu Pandemic.

tim said...

"the sole purpose of life is to inform us of the presence of divine agency". I couldn't agree more, but that is so easy to forget. Life appears to be Mother Nature brutally eating her children. The suffering and injustice throughout history certainly makes it feel like we're being tourmented for someone's plesure. If life were constantly pleasant, we would never transcend anything. Thanks for reminding me!

Anonymous said...

Thank you again.
You have the gift of being able express profound truths in a fresh and telling way.
"It seems to me that the sole purpose of life is to inform us of the presence of divine agency." Is it as simple as it sounds, or does this informing unfold in layer after layer of meaning and experience, or simple and clear to some but with various degrees of complexity, shadings, turns, and twists for others? Please don't stop writing.

Unknown said...

Dear Visible
Salaam, how are you, it is a great effort that you are doing and I for one am thankful for this great work.
I have read through your blog and I came across this paragraph:
(The intensity of the pain of growth can be measured by our resistance to it. We resist growth because it means the loss of what we have and what is familiar to us in exchange for the unknown. Because we don’t trust the process we fight it. Our fighting it doesn’t make any difference. It happens anyway. A wiser mind accepts this inevitability and thereby reaps unexpected blessings all the way along.) This really stirred some old grey cells in my skull. We Muslims believe what the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have said in a famous hadeath: "I am amazed to a character of the real believer (Mo'min), if he was hit by a tragedy he would accept it in patience, and this would be great (in reward) for him. Also, if he was offered a good reward he would thank the Almighty for it and this will be better (in reward) for him. This is ONLY for the Mo'min".
The similarity in the concept that you have reached with what is a belief in our religion as Muslims astounded me and that made me write to you. I wish you well and good luck

psychegram said...

Not sure if everyone is aware of this but this week also marked the turning of the Tzolkin from one round the the next. Make of that what you will.

"The thing we don’t seem to get is that the primary engine of all that happens to us is benevolent to us. It’s not taking us somewhere we don’t want to go and it is not tormenting us for its own amusement. It’s just that we- in our insistence of knowing better- oppose our own best interest all the way down the line and just make the whole thing a lot harder than it has to be. I’m going to have to stop here but the idea will continue on in the minds contemplating it."

(Oddly enough copy-and-paste seems to be working again ... wonder if that's because I've switched IPs....)

I've been thinking a lot, just a few hours before reading this actually, about the things I've gone through ... not just the things I've done, but why I did them, the beliefs that led to certain motives and actions and reflecting that the meaning of those things was rarely (frankly, never) apparent to me while I was going through them (or 'doing them' as I naively thought at the time). It's possible that my understanding of their meaning is still imperfect, of course but, somehow, reflecting upon them in light of subsequent events (and changes in belief structure, alteration of life path, etc) seems to throw them into a sharper focus when their true, pared-down meaning and value, as experiences, is considered.

Hmm. That all seemed rather abstract. Let's start again: some time ago (lets say a year) I started consciously looking at everything that happens in my life as a lesson. I'll credit the Cassiopaeans with that, and while I've now parted ways with them socially I've continued to try and see the world as a school. Which means living with as much of myself in the moment, as possible, on the lookout for whatever lesson it is that I'm being asked to learn. I think of it as periodic tests, with various situations recurring in life in a sort of fractal fashion. You'll get some previews, which if you catch on quick to how to handle them, well, you'll have a much better time of it when life throw the big one at you. And it doesn't matter what the situational archetype is: one way or another, there will be a big one. Another way to put it is that the third time, God's reaching for a two-by-four....

I've been a student all my life but I'm new to this. Nevertheless over the past year, I've noticed changes in myself and the general tenor of my experience as a result of this practice. It's not that bad things haven't happened, hoo boy have they ever but ... I've dealt with them, and come out the other side a deeper, richer human being because I was paying attention every moment. Even when it hurt. Especially when it hurt.

psychegram said...

Now, well ... things are certainly sliding by a little easier. Every bit as amorphous and chimeric as you describe, V, and when I contemplate the ride ahead over the next year or so (starting sometime October if the Time Monks are right. Again.) I almost want to shit myself but then again ... taking it day by day ... moment by moment ... keeping aware and paying attention ... good things seem to come to me. Manifesting when I need them, with no reasonable expectation that they should be fulfilled and yet, at some later point in space-time, there they are.

There they are.

Almost as though the universe really is a giant quantum computer, a single atom super-imposed with itself and thus creating the holographic illusion of time ... the atom's vibratory essence the ohm of the All, and the flowering of possibility no more than the dream of the first being.

Well, that's how I rationalize the 'how' of it all to myself. Hard to say if I deserve what grace comes my way. God knows (for I know, and we're the same thing), I'm no saint. Then again I also know God doesn't give a rat's ass how much of a sinner I am. God loves rats and asses and Hitler and the devil who possessed him. And he will provide, provided you at least show a willingness to learn from what's going on around you.

Sorry to sort of just recapitulate your essay back at you ... think of it as my long-winded way of saying, 'yes, exactly, I've seen exactly the same thing!'

If enough others discover this, and undertake the disciplines and cultivate the mind as required, we can build a paradise.

piety piet said...

i did the fack and borth routine too but never sold nothin ... in fact i accumulated a blog of mostly paper and boy lemme plug this plug ... errant knight seeks destination, to be thrown from swervest of curves in the roverrunninrivulets of bloody battlehorse ease for coarcease ...

200 bananaboxes of books to be movin along within grasp of greatest possible definition youtube capable oyes

are you visitable visible?

just thought of letting the folks at Centrum Savita - Novy Zamek
Libejovice 88
38772 Libejovice

know bout yall since he complains about lack of participants (toeloop) in his newsletter before last .. but ... i now realize

a his site is in dutch
b his site is a windows live thing that requires no rigour but plenny reggery

don't see how i wanna get deeper into the monopolization of encryption, force etcetera than i already am but could do a fruit pick festival there some soon nevertheless no?

just got mad at that Rowan Berkeley for cussing out counterpunch again ... right after i find a link to the new linbaugh piece there via a thread of yours, hah!

he is another brave and lonely fool i would like to make an offer he cannot willingly resist and certainly not 'unaffected'(ly).

Visible said...

Visible is always visitable provided the visitor has been properly vetted. Visible is receiving a visitation this coming week and entertaining another in several weeks.

Visible will be in a very rustic location within several weeks and free for visitation depending on the visitor and will remain so for some months. accommodations are not five star but they are containing all things necessary for the support of life as well as a good amount of wild places.

Visitors are asked to bring some K but, of course, it's not a requirement.

piety piet said...

some K?
please send adress to poetpiet at gmail (like to find an alternative for that too really)

i am off to an open day now, at another fella who has a place in germany, all fixed up by volunteers (not voluntarizing inertia to guide it all the way into themselves through produce and all that but still, it is in Scherding or something. he does walks along ancients monuments and the like for a living.

Dick van den Dool grew up 10K from where i did. he is disallowed to run folks in and out of his former stables (in the family over 3 generations

powers of village and city hall as well as state keeping pace with perversions thereof as long as my Beckerath recommendations remain unheeded. Has anybody seen 'king of hearts'

media are more and more maddening and so i like to get rid of all my money in favor of handtools, last of the clean seeds, sheets of glass and hemprope ... now, what on earth could K mean. Kanubis? Kolloids King????

won't have web access till monday ..

Visible said...

J is for Jesus who once was around
K is for ketamine not easily found
L is for lesions of which I have none
M is for martyr I hope I'm not one
N is for nostrils of which we have two
O is for 'out of here' and my best to you.

Visible said...

Oh yeah, that's pretty magical the way you get around without web access (grin).

piety piet said...

watch that place in 2 days, it will be my 72nd galactic birthday and i am bastelling away on an essay that will appear there then

ps: no adress in the mail yet



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